Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai。#01

December 29th, 2013 § 11 comments

oreimos2Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない。
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2013.04.11

The long awaited radio for Oreimo’s second season! Amusingly they didn’t announce the radio beforehand until barely before the radio had started airing… Or had it already started airing? I can’t quite remember but I do remember being so sad that there might not be a second season of the radio till it was announced at the last minute!

– Right from the start!

Ayana: Ka~na~-chan!
Kana: Yes~?
Ayana: *giggles* I just wanted to say your name!
Kana: Ahhh!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Kana-chan you try it!
Kana: A~ya-chi~!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Yes~~?
Kana: I just wanted to say your name!
*They both burst out laughing*
Ayana: What’s with this conversation?! *laughs* But our conversations were like this weren’t they~
Kana: They were~

Ayana: It’s been over a year and a half…
Kana: It’s been that long…?
Ayana: It has… Time really flies.
Kana: How old are you now?
Ayana: I’m 23!
Kana: Ooh~ You’re not a loli anymore!
Ayana: Thats true! I’m an ex-loli!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Ex-loli?!
Kana: An ex-loli!
Ayana: How old are you now?
Kana: I’m 24~
Ayana: Time really does fly by!
Kana: It does!! Well I wasn’t a loli when we started the radio though.
Ayana: Ah right, you were 22 at the time!

And we’re right back in this love dovey atmosphere <3

– Last season’s radio…

Kana: It’s been almost two years now.
Ayana: There may be people who are listening in for the first time as well so we’d like them to hear bits of the previous radio to let them know what it was like.
Kana: Yup, even we don’t remember what happened in the last radio season.
Ayana: Hmm? What do you remember from it?
Kana: Pafupafu! [I can’t remember if I wrote something about this but basically… Actually instead of me dancing around the explanation for this there’s a wikipedia article for this lol “Puff puff (ぱふぱふ pafu pafu) comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a woman rubbing her breasts in someone’s face”]
Ayana: Huh? Pafu pafu?? Oh something to do with boobs?
Kana: Yup! We were talking about it and I was like “What’s this?! I want someone to do that to me!”. I remember being pretty worked up about that.
*Ayana laughs*
Kana: I said something like “Ayachi! Do it to me!”… Or I think I did.
Ayana: Did you? You did!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Ahh! We got pointlessly worked up over that didn’t we!
Kana: Yeah— Wait it wasn’t pointless!
Ayana: Huh?
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Ah it wasn’t pointless!
Kana: It wasn’t!

– Taketatsu and people around her has been using the “tktt” abbreviation for herself, she mentions that a makeup artist she works with has “tktt Make up” written in her schedules instead of her name haha.

– The radio starts playing a snippet from the first episode where they introduce themselves to each other and they laugh at how shy and nervous they were!

Kana: That was the first episode!
Ayana: It was?
Kana: Yup.
Ayana: We really were feeling out each other so much at the time!
Kana: We got so close so fast in just two years!
*They laugh*
Ayana: We were like “I look forward to working with you~”
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: We were using formal speech!
Kana: Well that’s to be expected though! That was pretty much our first time meeting!
Ayana: I think we met once in an Oreimo drama CD recording and then this was quite a while after.
Kana: Yeah
Ayana: We didn’t get to talk much during the drama CD recording as well.
Kana: Yeah getting to know each other in a recording booth is hard.
Ayana: Yeah, it’s work after all.
Kana: Yeah…
Ayana: We had an interview for Oreimo radio right? How many episodes in were we when we did that?
Kana: Hmm I wonder…
Ayana: I think it was after a few episodes… I think I remember being in something short sleeved.
Kana: Ah you might have been! So it must have been summer!
Ayana: I saw pictures from that on the net recently and I was startled by how chubbier I was then!
*They both laugh*
Kana: You weren’t chubby!
Ayana: I was so chubby in the past! When I look back at myself then I’m always so surprised!
*They laugh*
Kana: Is that why you remember that you were in something short sleeved??
Ayana: Yeah I remember my skin looking really chubby! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* That’s terrible!
Ayana: It is! *laughs*

Ah poor Ayachi, but you were terrifyingly cute even back then Ayachi! It’s not a black mark on your history at all!

– About listening to their previous radios…

Ayana: One thing I’ve noticed is that I was a lot more proactive in how I interacted with people on radio back then. It sounds like I was really putting a lot of energy into it because I wasn’t used to it at all!

Kana: Ah, really?
Ayana: Yeah… I can feel how different it is now.
Kana: Ah well you can tell since it’s yourself afterall.
Ayana: Now I’m more used to radio work so I’m a lot more relaxed.
Kana: Ah that’s two years for you…
Ayana: I’m starting to feel kinda sad now!
*Kana laughs*

I’ve actually thought about this before too with fresh Seiyuu in general, Seiyuu who are new to radio have a really fun and unstable atmosphere that makes it hilarious to listen to but as they gain more experience they calm down and it fades. Not that they necessarily become less interesting to listen to but it changes into a different flavour as they lose that unpredictable cute and nervous charm.

– After listening to a snippet from Kana’s birthday Kana tells Ayachi to do the same thing this year! …But her birthday just passed a couple of months ago lol so then Ayachi’s birthday…

Kana: Ah Ayachi has her birthday in a couple of months!
Ayana: Yeah about two months from now…
Kana: Then how about we do it then!
Ayana: Wait a moment! That’s my birthday!
*They both laugh*
Kana: For me!
*They laugh*
Kana: I’ll do something for your birthday so in return—
Ayana: There’s something wrong with that!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: What do you mean “In return”?!?!
Kana: I’ll give you something good as a present!
Ayana: Oh really??
Kana: So in return…
Ayana: …Huh…? I think there’s something wrong here!
Kana: How about I do the radio with you on my lap?
Ayana: Eh? On your lap??
Kana: Yeah that’s great!
Ayana: Then people will hear both our voices from the same microphone?
Kana: Yup!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: There’s something wrong with this!
Kana: There isn’t! And then you’ll whisper to me every now and again something like “Kana-chan, I’m not heavy am I?”
Ayana: Ehh?? But this kind of conversation feels really nostalgic! *laughs*
*They both laugh*
Ayana: But no I wont do it!
Kana: Why?!
Ayana: No!!
Kana: But it’s on a birthday!
Ayana: It’s my birthday!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: How about Kana-chan you listen to everything I say on that day! And in return… I’ll say one thing.
Kana: That’s fine with me!
Ayana: Really?
Kana: I’ll do anything!
Ayana: Then…
Kana: Like what? Want me to kiss you??
Ayana: Eh?? Yes!!
*They laugh*
Kana: Oi!

Ayana: Umm…! Umm! I want to go eat out with Kana-chan!
Kana: Oh, let’s do it!
*They both laugh*
Kana: People listening in to this are probably thinking “What is with these two…”

AHH THESE TWOOOOOO I’ve missed this sooo much ;_;

– The radio plays a snippet from the drunk Ayachi episode and Taketatsu gets so embarrassed haha.

– What we’ve all been waiting for…!

Kana: I can say these things because I have you in front of me Ayachi! Having you around pulls out all these things from me!
Ayana: Well you’re saying that but… Recently you’ve been cheating on me Kana-chan!
*Kana splutters*
Ayana: You’ve been saying all this “You’re cute! So cute!” to me but lately you’ve been with a certain O.Y.-chan…! [I don’t think I need to say this but Ogura Yui lol!]
*They both laugh*
Ayana: You’ve been cheating on me!
*Kana keeps laughing*
Ayana: On twitter people have been sending me messages saying “Hanazawa-san’s going to be taken away from you at this rate!”!!
*They laugh*
Kana: But really let me say this! You two have a different kind of cute!
Ayana: Different kind of cute?
Kana: Yup yup!
Ayana: I see…
Kana: You see, Yui-chan—
Ayana: You said her name!
*They laugh*
Kana: Well she’s in Oreimo after all!
Ayana: That’s true
Kana: O.Y.-chan—
Ayana: She’s Kuroneko’s little sister
Kana: Yup! How do I put this? She’s the type you want to protect! And look after!
Ayana: I know what you mean, like you want to hug her?
Kana: Yup, whereas in Ayachi’s case you want to touch her!
Ayana: …Huh? What?
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: What are you saying??
Kana: How do I put this?? Umm…
Ayana: Are you complimenting me?? *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* If I was a guy I would be all over you!
Ayana: Huh? What are you saying? Ah, I think I’ve been told something similar before…
Kana: Really?
Ayana: Yup, a.. A certain loli [Yuuki Aoi] told me that I let off sex appeal! *laughs embarrassedly*
Kana: That’s it!
Ayana: I have no sex appeal!
Kana: I wonder… Umm… Umm… But it’s good!
Ayana: It is??
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Well I guess we can just leave it at that.
Kana: Yeah— Ah I shouldn’t say what I was just thinking *laughs*
Ayana: What??
*They both laugh*
Kana: Let’s stop here! It’s good!
Ayana: Good??
Kana: Good! *screeches*
*They both laugh*
Ayana: It’s just the first episode and you’re acting up already!

I was wondering when they would touch upon this and it was on the very first episode!

And so the first episode of the second season’s radio ends! I’m sure you’ve already heard but the radio just ended the other day on it’s 18th episode :( I don’t know if I’ll end up writing about the whole series here but we’ll see!

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§ 11 Responses to Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai。#01"

  • vic says:

    The segments with ayachi trying to speak English has been pretty great too lol…

  • kamon says:

    No sex appeal?!

    Ayachi you crazy~

  • Dahh says:

    The season 1 radio was a lot better unfortunately :(
    Kana’s love for Ayacchi seemed lower than before.

    and s2 radio ends at 18 T.T

    • Ambi says:

      It’s got a different charm about it in my opinion, although the seiyuu yuri factor isn’t as crazy you can tell that they’re closer with one another this time round in the way they let down their guard and how relaxed they are.

      • Dahh says:

        Nope, (radio s2 end spoiler below)

        Seriously I can only imagine Ayacchi’s crestfallen face when she was rejected by HanaKana during the final seconds of the show. :(
        The 2 year blank of the s1 and s2 (radio) really did affected their so-called ‘yuri-like’ plays.

        The s2 centered more on activities that can’t be seen through the radio and mocking Ayacchi’s english.

        I was a huge fan of s1 but the sequel really did disappoint me.

        ps. I’ve been listening to HitoKana too.
        currently, Yui > Ayacchi

  • Mazryonh says:

    Did Saori Hayami appear on the radio show after the second episode or OreImo S2 aired? I’m under the impression that the second episode (where her character, Ayase, goes yandere over the prospect of Kirino having a “virtual girlfriend”) was a giant “seiyuu joke” where Saori Hayami was concerned, since her character in that episode is so upset about the virtual girlfriend, until you remember the fact that Hayami-san has already voiced one of the most popular virtual girlfriends on the market already, Manaka Takane from Love Plus.

    At least the radio shows are still entertaining. A lot of fans of this show are disappointed with the author’s choice of ending. Well, there’s always the “what if” games . . .

  • Ambi says:

    Haha I’m pretty sure that part of the character had nothing to do with the seiyuu =p

    • Mazryonh says:

      I think it’s more than a coincidence that such a plotline was assigned to Hayami-san. Love Plus has attracted more than its share of notoriety by “ronery” otaku who have been getting married to its characters, so having one of the seiyuus who is famous for one of the Love Plus characters play someone who hates the concept of the game in OreImo stinks of an inside joke to me.

      I don’t know if you’re still following Minako Kotobuki’s radio shows, but I’d like to know if she has done radio shows with Hitomi Nabatame for the DokiDoki! Precure show. I think something like that must exist, since that show is quite popular and both seiyuus co-star in it.

      • Ambi says:

        As far as I can tell there isn’t a radio for it…. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about much of a Precure radio, it might not have ever had one before.

        • Mazryonh says:

          That’s too bad. What about Minako Kotobuki’s own radio shows? I would think that she would be very likely to invite one of her more experienced co-stars to them.

  • yu3 says:

    Hi Ambi. Can you translate Mou~n! Episode wherein Haruka Tomatsu was the guess? I think you will have fun doing it.

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