A&G Request DigiStar #30 – Term 3

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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Oogame Asuka
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.10.31

This radio has been airing weekly since April 2009, what’s surprising about it is that the radio show goes on for 3 hours from 5PM to 8PM, with each hour separated into “Terms” meaning Term 3 is the third hour of the show at 7PM to 8PM. The show gets plenty of different types of guests varying from singers like Shimokawa Mikuni to seiyuu (such as Nakahara Mai, Nakajima Megumi, Nonaka Ai; seems to be a quite a variation in the seiyuu they get, but I don’t think they’ve had many, if any, male seiyuu come on), though each of them only stay for an hour. I can’t imagine how tiring it would be to host a talk show for over three hours OTL. I think there have been only two guests who’ve stayed for the whole three hours, Taketatsu Ayana and Yahagi Sayuri.

– Question to Aki:
What song do you often sing seriously at Karaoke?
Aki: “‘Don’t say lazy’ maybe?*smirk*
Hikasa: “OI!! Are you making fun of me?!?”

– Aki says she loves going to karaoke on her own and putting in her own songs or K-ON songs for practice to lift her mood and energise herself, such as before events and stuff. Hikasa agrees that she loves doing that too. Oogame doesn’t seem to like the idea of going to karaoke alone though lol.

– Talking about scribbling and doodling.
Hikasa: “Aki seems like the type of person who loves doodling.”
Aki: “Yeah, I do doodle a lot, I’ve scribbled your face plenty of times~”
Hikasa: “Ehhh Stop doing that”

– Hikasa and Oogame mentions that they went to the Sphere concert around this time :D

– Hikasa compliments Aki on her singing and she gets embarrassed, in turn making Hikasa embarrassed as well and it becomes pretty raburabu <3.

– Aki says that the art for the cover and booklet in “Love Your Life” was drawn by her. Well even if I write it here, I guess it’s public knowledge especially since she’s credited as the illustrator on the jacket.

Aki was promoting her new single ‘Love Your Life’ which was released 3 days prior to the show. This episode aired about 1 month before QuaRaji aired. Also if anyone keeps track of my Soup, this is the episode I mentioned that, after Aki left, they had Hikasa do a certain batsu game involving a convenience store and the purchase of a few “other items” lolol. OTL

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