Hanamaru Youchien Radio Gumi #7

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Hosts: Takagaki Ayahi, MAKO, Shindou Kei
Guest: Hino Satoshi
Date: 2010.03.01

“Hanamaru Kindergarten Radio Group” hosted by Takagaki Ayahi (Hiiragi), MAKO (Koume) and Shindou Kei (Anzu). All three of them aren’t always present though, most of the time it has only two of them decided pretty randomly. Hino is the first guest to come on the radio, on their 7th episode :O.

What I’m really interested in is the Hino x Rie stuff I’ve heard about the episode lol. I’ve always been a huge fan of Zero no Tsukaima Radio hosted by Hino Satoshi and Kugimiya Rie so I love the combination of these two, they’ve got great chemistry together.

Although I’m pretty sure they’re not a couple, it’s always fun to dream <3 lol

– From the start they were given paper to make origami out of.

– Hino recalls that Mako adlibbed quite a bit while recording for Koume.

– Hino got a call from his mum asking if he’s married to Kugimiya Rie ahaha. He said “No, we’re not even dating!” too bad Hino x Rie fans lol. He does say that they’re really close friends though.

I’m amused to see the rumour reach so far to the point of his parents asking him if he’s married to her haha. Seems like he’s been asked by a lot of his relatives and people he knows too lol.

HinoRie 終了

– Hino says “Unexpectedly, aren’t girls rooms more messier than boys rooms?” the other three are inclined to agree, but not completely lol.

– Hino notes that he used to play alot of games but hasn’t at all recently, he wonders if it’s due to his age lol. You’re only 32 Hino-chama!

– A listener asks if Hino and Tsucchi have much in common and the three of them ask “Do you like big boobs?” ahaha. He responds by saying he puts the shape and look of them in a higher priority than size! lol

– A listener sends in a mail asking if he was overseas while he was in kindergarten and how it might have differed from a japanese kindergarten. The other three are surprised to find out that Hino was born overseas. He was born in California but only lived there till he was 5 years old or so. He says he can’t speak english while he was there.

– They say “Hello!” to him a few times like they’re talking to a kid and he’s like “Are you making fun of me??” ahah.

– Hino says that they celebrated alot of events over there, such as Halloween and Easter. Interestingly enough the three girls didn’t know what the easter activities were and were confused when he mentioned “Easter eggs”.

– He also said that Christmas was different in that they went to other peoples house to have a home party, rather than the romantic couples night that it’s known for in Japan.

– Hino says he dressed as Superman and Spiderman for halloween and went trick or treating.

– When Hino mentions he has a little sister MAKO asks if they’re “rabu rabu” loool.

– When asked what happens to Hino when he’s drunk he says that he doesn’t really change much and he’s often looking after people when everyone get’s too drunk. He says that recently he’s been getting sleepy though after drinking.

Hino was tsukkomi’ing the three of them throughout the whole show lol. Fun fun! Also I’d like to add that Hino acted pretty cool this episode hah.

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