Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio #8

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri
Date: 2009.10.24

Final episode of Kanamemo Radio. Only 8 episodes? D:

There was quite a bit of yuriyuri material between Aki and KitaEri this episode; they joked about having a marriage ceremony on the show =3.

– Aki’s been accumulating Batsu Game points and she has to face the batsu game in this episode lol. She has to pull out a batsu game from a set of options. Some of them are really… Well I can’t see them happening lol.

e.g. Don’t talk on the radio; Add Kana’s signature line “Daijou’V'” to the end of her sentences; etc. lol. In the end Aki picked out the batsu game thought up by KitaEri, http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10796349. Watch this snippet to hear what it is lol.

– KitaEri’s impression of Mizuhara Kaoru’s character voice is really spot on. Really. :O

– Lol @ KitaEri yelling out “Love your life!”.

– They start playing sugoroku, (pretty much a board game like thing where you roll a dice, move your character forward and the square it lands on has instructions for what they have to do written on it.

– KitaEri gets “Confess your love” She asks for some echo and does it to Aki lol <3. 百合百合!

– KitaEri lands on “Tell a scary story” and while she’s saying it, someone’s phone rings in the background again lol. That can’t be a coincidence… Right? D:. Incidentally, KitaEri lands on the same thing next turn lol. Aki then lands on it on her turn as well.

– KitaEri gets the same batsu game Aki had to do at the start of the episode, except she sings a far smaller portion of the song. Pretty much all she does is go “BUAHHHHH” ahahha.

– KitaEri won the game and reached the goal first. Apparently she’ll be rewarded later outside the show.

Aki and KitaEri seem like really good friends, Aki in particular gets really relaxed and lets down her guard around her :D.

They mess around alot so there are many times during the radio when their conversations just dissolve into them making sound effects lol.

They’ve mentioned that they got to know each other well during Minami-ke’s recordings a couple of times and I do recall Aki talking about KitaEri from time to time in her own ChoRaji! Girls days a while back so it’s not really news though I guess.

Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio #3

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri
Date: 2009.08.01

Radio Hosted by Toyosaki Aki and Kitamura Eri for Kanamemo on August 2009. I love Aki and KitaEri is interesting to listen to so i’m surprised I took so long to get around to listening to it.

– Lol Aki makes some ero sounding noises while she struggles with math.

– KitaEri imitates Mizuhara Kaoru. She sounded really similar hah.

– They played around with more imitations but not really anywhere near as well as how well KitaEri did Mizuhara’s

– In one of the corners the two of them had to draw a picture and stick a ghost story on to it. The two of them kept screaming about how scared they were it was pretttty hilarious lol

Aki was sooooooooo cute in this episode. Seriously. fkasdjfkljasfl;ksdlfs

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