Hekiyou Gakuen Kounai Housou #1

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Hosts: Togashi Misuzu, Honda Mariko, Horinaka Yuki
Date: 2010.10.09

“Hekiyou Academy Local Broadcast” radio show for the Seitokai no Ichizon anime hosted by Shiina Minatsu’s Togashi Misuzu, Sakurano Kurimu’s Honda Mariko and Shiina Mafuyu’s Horinaka Yuki. The radio show seems to have been pretty popular considering how unknown the seiyuu were :O.

– They comment that they’re glad to have had so much mail already, they weren’t sure if there would be many people sending in mail since they they’re new. They joke that they might have resorted to asking their friends to send in mail lol.

– From Togashi Misuzu’s self introduction: Misuzu is a fan of games and anime and stuff like that, she loved to do impressions of people and she decided to become a seiyuu after taking her hobbies and interests into account.

– Misuzu does an impression of a character from Anpanman and judging by the reactions it was really similar. I personally have no idea lol.

– Horinaka Yuki: She loves pink and cute things and stuff like that. Her reasons for becoming a seiyuu were similar to Misuzu in that she loves games, manga and anime as well, she’s also been interested in acting since she was young.

– The other two comment that she’s always wearing pink. Completely pink from up to down, including how she is at the recording.

– Honda Mariko: She loves drawing and she’s always scribbling random stuff. She became a seiyuu because she watched Chrono Crusade when she was in high school, and she absolutely loved it. She started talking about the final scene and how touched she was by it. She starts getting all emotional talking about it lol. Yeahh Chrono Crusade was great ;_;

– They decide on nicknames for each other. “Suzu” for Misuzu, “Yukki” for Yuki and “Marimo” for Mariko.

– One of the corners have them talking about a recent “first time experience” lol. Everyone acts kinda iffy with the wording until Mariko says “Ah the ‘First time experience’ part makes me excited” to which Misuzu scolds her for lol. They settle on saying that since this is their first radio, they were having a “first time experience together”. They kinda giggled at the way they said it haha.

– How they would describe their personality with one word:
Yuki: “My pace”  Someone who does everything at their own pace without minding other people.
Misuzu: “SabaSaba” Something like a crude, blunt sorta person. Or something like that…. I think? They comment that she’s kinda tsundere as well.
Mariko: “waaaahhhh” A really relaxed type of person. She adds “cheerful” into it and laughs at the sound effect to describe herself so she changes it to “Pikapika boke”

– What would they do if they suddenly received a lot of money
Misuzu: “Hmm throw it around?”
Mariko: “Put 2/3rds of it in a bank. Maybe give some to charity?”
Yuki: “Put it in the bank”

I really loved how well they performed in Seizon despite being completely new seiyuu(Oh I didn’t like Minatsu’s seiyuu work though lawl OTL), though they haven’t really had much more activity in the past year or so since Seizon :(.  In particular I liked Honda Mariko as Kurimu and have been a fan of her since. Interestingly enough, she’s been cast as the main character in KyoAni’s upcoming Nichijou anime which should be good for her career, perhaps she’ll be the next girl to be skyrocketed to fame and popularity by KyoAni? Lol.

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