Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #64

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana, Gibu Yuuko
Date: 2011.12.19

The Tamuyura cast guesting on Iguchi’s radio, this was part of a project to have the cast appear on each of their solo radios. Asumi’s “Hoshizora Hinata Bokko” had Iguchi and Gibu come guest and Ayana’s “Taketatsu Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?” had Gibu Yuuko come guest. By the way each of the characters drawn on the title image was done by each of their seiyuu, the top left is Fu done by Ayana, top right is Kaoru by Asumi, bottom left is Norie by Iguchi and the bottom right is Maon by Gibu.

– Iguchi attended Takagaki Ayahi’s solo live concert :O

– Ayana greets everyone with “Uiui!“, her own radio’s [Taketatsu, Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?] greeting.

– It’s been over a year since the last time all three of them came on Iguchi’s radio to guest.

– Describe the good points of Tamayura:

Ayana: The atmosphere!
Iguchi: The character who appears in the show, Norie-chan! [Iguchi’s character lol]
Asumi: Takehara! [The place where Tamayura takes place]
Gibu: The director! [Satou Junichi]

– They try to position Ayana’s head and Asumi’s hand in a way so it looks like Ayana’s head is on Asumi’s hand on camera lol.

– Asumi says Iguchi’s name instead of Gibu…

Asumi: Iguch— No, I mean— *laughs*
Iguchi: Eh what?
Asumi: I meant to say Gibu-san!
Iguchi + Ayana + Gibu: Ahh!
Iguchi: What? What were you saying about me~? *leans in towards Asumi* What were you talking about~~? What did you get wrong~?
Asumi: Stop it! Stop it! *Swats Iguchi away*

– Their favourite episodes of Tamayura:

Iguchi: When Maon first meets Norie on episode six.
Gibu: Episode two, when they have their sleepover. Seeing everyone’s pajamas was great! Except I was in a jersey.
Asumi: Sayomi onee-chan and Pote-tan’s conversation on episode two.
Ayana: Episode one when Kaori-chan said “Welcome back!” to Pote. [Amusingly Gibu wails that she wasn’t in the recording for that episode lol]

– They talk about how they should dress in a Santa costume for the upcoming Tamayura event but they talk about how they’d have to get their agency’s individual permission before they can. Gibu is freelance though so she’s okay :O. Well we all know they ended up in Santa costumes for the event though :D

– They try to seriously organise a dinner night out with the four of them, Gibu says that if they’re all serious then she’ll plan it all for the three other “Popular seiyuu” lol.

Having Asumi and Iguchi sit next to each other was great :D The two of them were all over each other throughout the episode, tapping, poking, slapping, and leaning on each other at times :D

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #58

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka

Guest: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.11.07

My dream combination comes true!! Iguchi brings her fellow ROKYUBU members Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko on to guest! \o/ Interestingly enough, Iguchi had asked the two of them herself on short notice at a rehearsal if they were free to come guest :D

– Hikasa laughs that they look like they have beards in Iguchi’s drawing of them haha.

– Iguchi jokingly calls the three of them the “Adult Team” within ROKYUBU lol.

– Hikasa’s legs…

Iguchi: Kana-chan has mostly cute costumes but Hiyocchi has really sexy costumes!
Hikasa: Really? Are they really that sexy?
Kana: They so are sexy!
Iguchi: Really!
Hikasa: I’m really scared of how short the skirt is though… *laughs*
Iguchi: Yeah it really is short isn’t it.
Kana: Well you’re all about your legs though! *laughs*
Hikasa: What are you saying?! *laughs*
Kana: Hiyocchi you’re all legs!
Hikasa: “I’m all legs”?! Don’t say that!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: But really, your legs are SO pretty!
Kana: Yeah!
Hikasa: …Really? …Thanks…

– Iguchi’s costumes…

Kana: Yuka-chan has a lot of yellow costumes doesn’t she?
Iguchi: Yeah due to Maho’s colour being yellow and all. And my costumes have me baring my shoulders very often.
Hikasa: You’re pretty much half naked!
Iguchi: …What?!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: Say that again!
Hikasa: You’re h-a-l-f n-a-k-e-d!
Iguchi: Whaat?! Wait I mustn’t have heard right again! Say it again!!
Hikasa: It’s like you’re wearing a bath towel!
*The three of them burst into laughter*
Iguchi: As if I am!!
Kana: But she does have a point!
Iguchi: Well how about this! If Hiyocchi bares her lower body I’ll bare my upper body!
*The three of them screech in laughter*
Kana: Oi! Don’t do that!!
Hikasa: But really! When I’m next to her I’m thinking “Ah… Why is this person always half naked?”
*Three of them laugh*
Kana: You’re really thinking that?!
Hikasa: I’ve been thinking about talking about that during the MC portions.
Iguchi: I’m really getting embarrassed by this now!
Hikasa: It’s pretty much the exact same thing as a bath towel!

LOL These three are so close to one another~ It’s so wonderful to see a no holds barred conversation like this <3

– The three of them get pretty sad thinking about ROKYUBU ending with the tour and that they’ll really miss seeing each other for practice and stuff when it finishes ;_;

– The three of them dance to a ROKYUBU song there :D It’s really cute… But halfway through Hikasa stuffs up and she runs up to the camera and goes crazy while the other two follow ahaha.

– Kana brings in a magazine with a photoshoot where Hikasa’s doing a funny pose with a flower and the three of them laugh about it lol.

– Hikasa brings in a… Oppai/butt mousepad with Hinata’s character on it and the three of them laugh at how perverted it is lol. What are you doing bringing that in Hiyocchi?!!? Amusingly Hikasa brought it in because she thought the mousepad using the character’s butt instead of their chest was a pretty new thing ahaha.

– For some reason Hikasa was given that mouse pad by the ROKYUBU staff and had thought that everyone else was given one… She then found out that she was the only one given one ahaha.

– The three of them start wondering if they could have this setup for Kana’s solo radio as well :O That would be greattt. It probably won’t happen though :(

– The three of them make fun of each others poses in the upcoming ROKYUBU photobook lol.

– Wow apparently Kana’s upcoming photobook was shot in Switzerland :O

I really loved this episode (*´▽`*). The three of them really are close with one another~ They really seemed like they were having so much fun just speaking with each other there <3. I really love the combination of these three, I want more!

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #51

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka

Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2011.09.19

Asumi Kana started off hiding underneath the desk lol. In the end Asumi stayed on for 30 minutes then she had to leave :( Incidentally the scribble was drawn by Asumi Kana, which was the first time they had someone other than Iguchi doodle for the show.

– The two of them attended Sphere’s live concert together the night before :D

– Asumi had forgotten her wallet on the night and had to borrow money from Iguchi… Which Iguchi asked her to pay her back for on the show lol.

– Asumi had just finished working on a radio show called “2h” which lasted over two hours and then…

Iguchi: Asumi had just done a great job with the 2h radio show so as a reward we let her come on the show!
Asumi: …I was forced to come here… ;_;

Asumi’s actually enjoying herself though and she seems to be in a great mood :D
…In fact she seems kinda drunk lol, I don’t think I’ve seen her this energetic before :O

– Iguchi about the Sphere live.

Iguchi: They’re just getting prettier and prettier! And they’re all so busy but the quality of the live concert was amazing! It must take so much hard work to do that! As a co-worker I really admire them for that.

– Marry me Asumi!

Iguchi: I was thinking this yesterday when we went out together but… I’d love to date someone like Asumi!
Asumi: Er… I wouldn’t…
Iguchi: But Asumi wouldn’t you want to marry me! Wouldn’t you??
Asumi: Huh?! What are you asking me?!
Iguchi: Wouldn’t you want to marry me??
Asumi: What are you saying?! …Do you mean like if I was a boy?
Iguchi: Either— I mean, if you were a boy. Or if I was a boy! I wouldn’t be that attractive would I?
Asumi: …Yeah.
Iguchi: Then as a girl!?
Asumi: *snickers*
Iguchi: *smirks* Wouldn’t you want to look after and care for me!
Asumi: …That would be tough…
*They both break out laughing*
Iguchi: *extends her arm as if to put her arm around Asumi* I’ve got a space available for you here~

– They mention that they’ve known each other for over seven years now, from when Iguchi was 16 years old :O

– A listener asks Iguchi which seiyuu she would marry if she could and she says “Asumi Kana!” to which Asumi straight out refuses lol

– About the RO-KYU-BU photoshoot in Nagoya

Iguchi: About Nagoya…? There were a lot of crabs! A LOT of crabs! That was really surprising! We were walking barefoot on the beach so when we saw the crabs we were pretty scared of stepping on them. And there was a time when [Hanazawa]Kana-chan was intensely staring at a crab on the side and the staff called out “Hanazawa-san look at the camera please” *laughs*

– Iguchi has seen and is a fan of Onegai/Please Teacher lol.

Asumi was really fidgety this episode heh, these two are wonderfully close <3

Random Radio Scribbles 1

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Random radio scribbles done for various shows that I didn’t end up writing a full post about.

Darker Than Black Backstage Pass #6

Radio for the second season of Darker Than Black. It turns out that Hanazawa Kana had a bad cold at the time of it’s recording, she had a mask on as well as that nose-blocked voice and emphasized to the other two, Hidenobu Kiuchi and Fukuen Misato, to stay far away from her so as not to catch it. Also I’m probably being a terrible person for saying this but… KANA WAS SO ADORABLE IN THIS EPISODE <3 <3 OTL

Hikasa Youko about Seikon no Qwaser from Saito Chiwa’s M-Serve Style

Talking about Souma (For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities[lol])
Hikasa: “Souma is… The overflowing power provided by the lovely girls in the anime!”
lolol OTL

Juuninin no Yasashii Koroshiya SideR #8

Radio hosted by Sugita at around late 2008. This episode had Fukuyama Jun as a guest.

– The first time Fukuyama Jun had met Sugita was when they went to karaoke as a group. At the time he thought Sugita was far older than him and spoke to him using formal speech. Throughout the whole outing he spoke to him this way until another person told him “Hey Sugita’s younger than you, why are you using formal speech with him?” to which Jun exclaimed “WHAT!? Why didn’t you tell me from the start Sugita?!” This was when they were about 20 years old haha.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #8

Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.11.12
Iguchi Yuka’s new radio which started a couple of weeks after her own ChoRaji! Girls had ended. The name comes from something she’s often done, yelling “Mu~~~n” with her arms open wide lol. Another reason why the name is Mu~~~n is due to the show being aired on Monday, which is written as “Moon Day” in Japanese(as well as English incidentally, a random bit of trivia: The english word Monday was derived from the Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday which means “Moon Day”) This is the first episode that she’s had a guest come on, I’m glad it’s earlier than her previous ChoRaji! Girls which had it’s first guest on it’s 19th episode. The three guests are here as a Tamayura special.

I know next to nothing about Gibu Yuuko; I know Asumi Kana has barely met up with Taketatsu Ayana before, and only during recent recordings; and that Asumi and Iguchi are really close friends but other than that I’m not sure how well the others know each other. Yuuko has guested on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls once as it’s last guest on 2010.8.27, a month before the show ended. Incidentally Yuuko goes on to guest on Asumi Kana’s own radio show soon after this episode.

Ayana, Asumi and Yuuko were jumping around in the window in the other room at the start lol.

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