Lady Go!! (Thursday) #2

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Host: Okubo Rumi
Date: 2010.10.14

A&G+’s new radio show hosted by rookie seiyuu Okubo Rumi. Ehhh couldn’t they have used a more “THIS IS [seiyuu]’S SHOW” kinda name? Naming them “Lady Go!! (Day)” is so lame lol.

– Rumi’s voice is really similar to Taketatsu Ayana’s in my opinion :O

– Seems like she was really nervous last episode, this is her first radio show after all, but she seems more composed this time. She’s still pretty nervous though heh.

– Apparently Mikami Shiori(Wednesday’s host) was Rumi’s senpai at her seiyuu school.

– She makes fun of her smile in her Lady Go!! picture, mentioning how nervous she was, it being her first photo shoot event and all, and her smile turned out like that heh. I thought her normal smile was prettier than the photo’s when I saw it too =3

– For her Rumi Colle corner, where listeners send in “Girly things to do” for her to deem if it’s good enough to add to her “Collection” of girly things, as well as acting it out. Today’s theme was “fiddling with their hair”. Rumi then has to act out a situation in which the theme would be used in. She then starts pretending to ask for advice for what kind of hairstyle would look good with her while playing with her hair. <3 She looked so embarrassed while doing it and especially after she was done ahaha.

– Rumi forgot the “y” in “lady” for a little game where she had to shuffle some letters around to write the show’s email address “” ahahaha what a spot to miss a letter, also, it’s her show’s email address!

The show is actually pretty amusing, I’ll probably keep an eye on it as it continues. It did feel really short though, I’d say it was about 25 minutes all up minus the songs played during the show.

But Rumirumi is really cute =3

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