MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #7

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Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Gibu Yuuko
Date: 2010.10.27

Ayana’s absent for this episode so they have Mamiya Yumi’s seiyuu Gibu Yuuko here to keep Hayami company. In case no one remembers her character, she’s the yuri(?), pink haired ero-massage girl.

– Gibu yells out “SHALL I GIVE YOU A MASSAGE??” right at the start lol.

– Gibu seems to have listened to a previous episode of the radio :O

– It looks like the two of them met and spoke with each other a couple years back when Hayami was in her first year of high school.

– About being Tatsukichi’s ex-girlfriend

Hayami: “That’s a pretty interesting setting isn’t it?”
Gibu: “Yeah! I can’t believe I get to play as Satou Rina’s ex-girlfriend!”

– They laugh at Mamiya’s massage scenes lol. And they dance around how ero they are ahaha. “Please check the uncut versions on the DVD!” ahaha

– A listener sends in a mail saying that he can hear the chair squeaking sounds on the radio. Gibu says that they aren’t chairs but in fact are the staff members ahaha. The laughing voices are actually coming from below! OTL

– They laugh that since this is broadcast on the internet, it makes it a global radio and they should cater to the foreigners lawl. They start saying bonjour and other random words in other languages as well as putting a gaijin accent on their speech ahahaha.

– Audio commentaries from Gibu’s point of view lol

Gibu: “Audio commentary! I know that, that’s that thing where I watch anime and say whatever I want and I’ll get money for it right?!”

Gibu’s a really funny personality so the radio takes a turn towards the hyperactive side with the two of them screaming and shouting far more than the usual MM radio episode heh.

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #6

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.20

NN corner on this episode! \o/

– Looks like the rules have changed a bit to help the two of them out for the NN corner. If they’re stuck on what to think of to say they can ask for a keyword to use to insult the object so they’ll have a direction to think in rather than making it up completely on the spot. Or something like that. In return for asking for the keyword they have to say a line in a really cute voice lol. Ayana tries to pressure Hayami into doing it saying she wants to see a Hayami say something cute lol.

–  This episode’s theme is “Rubber eraser”

– Ayana went first

Ayana:“What are you doing rubbing with your white body! And enjoying it! Stop spreading your rubber everywhere! That’s filthy!”

– Hayami ended up asking for the keyword and the staff gave it to her on a paper. She opened up the paper to find “Bad luck, try again!” on it and they laughed and screamed at the staff for adding dud keywords ahahaha. You can hear the staff laughing at them in the background :D

– Hayami’s turn!

Hayami: “Why are you so soft even though you’re made out of plastic?!”

She complains that Ayana took all the good insults already and she was originally planning to use the whole “rubbing” and “white body” sorta thing so she had run out of ideas when Ayana ended up using them first.

The two of them seem to have a platonic but friendly kind of relationship. They’re not extremely close but you can tell they’re used to being around each other and they’re really relaxed during the radio.

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #5

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.13

Hayami says licorice has a Japanese flavour, Ayana says it tastes more like Europe ^~^

– The two of them comment about how crazy the latest episode of MM! was again.

Ayana: “The latest episode was…. pretty amazing wasn’t it?”
Hayami: “Yeah it’s so crazy I really have no idea what to say about it.”

Ayana: “And Tarou… He kinda went BL”

This was probably the episode he got hypnotised lol.

– Ayana bought and is playing Pokemon White :D

– The two of them conclude that Team Rocket must be full of good people since they never kill anyone lol. Wait, why are they talking about Team Rocket on MM Radio?

– It looks like they always record the radio after the anime recording. They comment that it feels kinda strange and that they’re probably still a bit crazy from the stuff that happens in the MM episode recordings lol.

I’m not gonna make a comment about how short each episode of this radio is this time. Oh wait…

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #4

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.06

The anime series has just started airing it seems.

– Looks like the staff has them doing the NN corner again if they want to receive a sweet at the start this time ahaha. The two of them complain saying that the staff say that they’re M but they must be S to force this on them lol.

–  Theme: KuzuMochi (Japanese sweet, Mochi made with Kuzuko, a starch from a kuzu plant… Or something like that)
Ayana: “What’s with that stuff on you, you piece of trash! (She uses the word “kuzu” which can mean trash, or in this case, from the “kuzu” in “kuzumochi“) What? You want me to eat you do you? Well then, I’ll humour you and eat you up”

Hayami: “What are you doing, sitting there wobbling and shivering your body as you wait for me to eat you!”

– The two of them laugh that Tarou has pretty much become immortal lol.

– While discussing whether a vending machine is S or M Hayami says “Well they can’t really do anything but sit there, people reach into it’s lower part and inside it. It takes your money for it too” looool though once again I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how dirty what she’s saying can be taken ahaha.

MM radio is pretty funny but each episode is so short, some of them going down to 19 minutes :O. I’m guessing they’re in the studio for about 30 minutes so the rest may be edited out? I wonder what they’re cutting out haha.

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #3

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.29

Episode 0 had them doing a corner called “NN” where they are given a random object as a theme and they have to scream and insult it as an S would. It’s a pretty funny corner but the two of them disliked it due to how much adlibbing they had to do for it. They haven’t done that corner ever since episode 0, which was almost a month back but they’ve been told that they’d be doing it in this episode to which they talk about wanting to go home, and how bad the weather is (although it’s sunny) so they should cancel the recording lol. Reminds me of school haha.

– Apparently the radio episode was recorded right after the anime recording. They talk about how crazy this particular episode, then correct themselves that MM! is always crazy lol. Yeahhh I’d love to see the recordings of MM ahaha.
Hayami: “If there were normal schooldays in MM it wouldn’t be MM”
Ayana: “Yeah none of the characters are normal too”
Lol they talk about Lolis, M’s and the world so I’m guessing it’s the crazy episode with Noa’s character’s first appearance and Tarou’s super saiyan debut lol.

– The two of them keep stumbling over their own words throughout the radio haha, they blame the fact that it’s right after a recording so they’re tired hah.

– The theme for the NN corner is “Garbage bin”
Hayami: “‘What are you being so happy about, having all that dirty stuff being put inside you!’ …………………………Nooo I don’t want to do this anymoreeee!” LOL

Ayana: “You eating nothing but rubbish fits you!”
Hayami’s ones are always the best lol, last time’s theme was ‘Tissues’ and she said “What are you doing, putting all that white stuff all over the place!” ahahaah, I’m not even sure if she knows how dirty the stuff she’s saying can be taken lol.

Ahh I wish they’d do that NN corner every episode lol.

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #2

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.22

At the very start Hayami squishes a bug and it makes a pretty big sound. It seems like she didn’t get it though and it came out a minute or so later to their horror lol.

– Ayana declares herself as an S who is sometimes M, Perhaps something like 30% M 70% S, saying that she changes depending on the person she’s with. If they’re M she’ll be a bit more S and vice versa.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about how he’s S so is it alright for him to listen in on MM radio since it’s supposedly a radio suited to M. They say that it’s all good since they’ll try to make everyone who listens to the radio into an M lol

– The two of them always get mixed up between an S way of speaking and a tsundere character type lol. Their line adlibs are more like tsundere lines rather than S lines.

Lol one of the corners have people sending in mail about situations where an S would do this when an M would’ve done something else and the situations and actions are really ridiculous lol, e.g. “If you’re an M you shampoo your hair with your eyes open so the soap will go in your eyes” LOL. The two of them laugh at how crazy they are haha.


MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #1

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.15

The two of them laugh that if this was episode 1, then what was last fortnight’s episode? A dream? Lol. No one really gets why there was an episode 0 I guess.

Ayana: Last week should have just been episode 1…
Hayami: Yeah, feels like we’re on our second episode now.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about one of the hosts being a perverted person, though he says he’s not specifically mentioning a name, everyone knows it’s Ayana lol. The two of them deny that they’re perverted at all and say they have no idea who he’s referring to, then Ayana starts saying “Well I think he means you Hayami” ahaha, guilty conscience there Ayachi~

– The tagline of the radio is “A radio for all the M listeners out there” so the two of them struggle and play around with trying to be really S throughout the radio such as instead of suggesting and thanking the listeners for sending in mail they demand them to send in mail and stuff like that. It’s pretty amusing to listen to :D

– They comment that Tanaka Rie has the perfect body lol, also that she seems to be a little S. Apparently she’s said herself that she’s S.

Ayana: “You know what? I think mankind as a whole is innately M”
Hayami: “Huh? That’s a big thing you’re saying there. Why? Not because of the M in ‘Man’ Right?”
Ayana: *laughs* “‘M’ in Man?! No!”
Hayami: *laughs*
Ayana: “The M people who know what they like done to them want to do it to others and become S.”
Lol Ayachi I don’t think I can agree but thats a funny view regardless~

The episode was really short at only 22 minutes. I wonder why :O

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #0

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.01

The episode is episode 0 rather than 1 due to it using it’s first episode to explain the corners and such I think. I don’t think the two of them seemed to get it as well lol. Apparently the recordings for the anime episodes are well under way with multiple episodes already being recorded at the time. The radio aired about a month before the anime began.

– The two of them say that they’ve met each other before, their first meeting was a long time ago, almost 5 years back , back when Hayami was in middle school. Something about a party held for “I’m Enterprise’s” rookie seiyuu since they both entered the agency at around the same time. Wait now that I think about it, Ayana is 2 years older than Hayami :O

– Ayana was really nervous about the radio before it started, but was still looking forward to working on a radio with her.

– First impression of Hayami
Ayana:You were really well mannered and formal at the time”

– Ayana comments that Hayami seems to do a lot of aloof or mature roles and Hayami agrees. She describes Arashiko as starting off as that type of character and changing into a more upbeat character as the series progresses.

– Ayana fangirling over Tanaka Rie
Ayana: “Her voice radiates such a “mature woman” feel. She adds such a sexy yet cool attribute to her voice, I really admire that~”

– The two of them were amazed at Fukuyama Jun’s work on Tarou. I agree, seeing JunJun voicing Tarou in person would be pretty amazing lol.

The radio was really amusing to listen to due to the corners they had, the two of them had a blast acting S lol. I’m starting to love Ayachi on radio.
They really enjoyed playing with S lines lawl.

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