Odoroki Sentai Momonoki 5 #140

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Name: おどろき戦隊モモノキファイブ
Hosts: Nakamura Eriko, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.12.12

The notorious and long time running radio hosted by Nakamura Eriko and Hikasa Youko. What I was mostly interested in for this episode was the parts about てへぺろ which was selected recently as #2 on a ranking of popular chat lingo for middle and high school girls in Japan. For those who don’t know what てへぺろ means, it’s romanised as “tehepero” and was made up and used often by Hikasa Youko for situations when you’ve lightly slipped up in some way to which you cheekily giggle with “tehe” and stick out your tongue “pero“.

– Nakamura Eriko had offhandedly predicted as a joke in 2009 that young girls will be saying “てへぺろ” eventually and the two of them laughed in shock that she predicted it right ahaha. …Even though the two of them completely forgot about her prediction until a listener reminded them about it haha.

– Higasa Youko…

Hikasa: I initially started it so people in the agency would remember my name—-
Eriko: And now everyone knows you as Higasa Youko right?
Hikasa: Higasa! Yeah Higasa’s from that news program!? On Saturday!
*Eriko laughs*
Hikasa: And everyone just keeps sending mail about it! How much more mail do you all want to send on that?!
Eriko: Yeah all the messages go along the lines of “I saw the news! Congratulations on having てへぺろ being selected as the runner up!”
Hikasa: Yeah and then they lead into “They called you ‘Higasa Youko‘ lololol” Shut up about that already!!
*They burst into laughter*
Hikasa: All of you sending mail like that over and over again is what makes it all the more irritating!! *laughs*

For those interested in seeing the video where the announcer mispronounces Hikasa’s name as “Higasa” you can see it here at around the 1:24 mark lol.

– So continuing from how she started てへぺろ…

Eriko: So? Continue on.
Hikasa: Eh? What were we talking about again? *laughs*
Eriko: Something about your agency *laughs*
Hikasa: Ah right *laughs*, yeah I did the pose and everyone thought it was really weird and creepy, and so I realised it actually was pretty bad…

Eriko: And you were going to stop doing it?
Hikasa: I didn’t want to end up as someone like ToneKen [Tone Kentarou, fellow seiyuu in the agency] *laughs*
Eriko: Yeah ToneKen himself is the embodiment of weird and creepy *laughs*
Hikasa: But then I heard that ToneKen was using it a lot, that guy likes to use other people’s jokes a lot. Anyway why are we talking about him, enough of him I don’t want to talk about him anymore *laughs*
Eriko: And you were the one who brought him up first *laughs*
[Note: These two are actually pretty good friends with Tone Kentarou lol]
Hikasa: And then the first time I used it in public was on Momonoki.
Eriko: Yeah!

– Apparently her parents hasn’t said anything to her about てへぺろ spreading.

– The two of them laugh the show received an outstanding number of mail this week and they’re all about the てへぺろ subject ahaha.

– A while back Hikasa did an imitation of Kanae that sounded nothing like her, it actually sounded like she was making fun of her lol and apparently Kanae heard about it and jokingly yelled at her for it.

– Hikasa mentions that she gets called out for directions by foreigners a lot and that it happened to her recently just the other day. She concluded that… Her English is at a terrible level haha.

Momonoki 5’s as hilarious as ever <3

Random Radio Scribbles 3

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More stuff from my Soup.

Momonoki 5

– Nakamura Eriko groping Hikasa Youko on radio from Momonoki 5 (hosted by the two of them) on Hikasa’s birthday, 16th of July 2010.

Eriko: I have a present for you! Do you want it?
Hikasa: No.
Eriko: Eh?
Hikasa: Thanks, but no thanks.
Eriko: Oh you’ll take it? Thank you so very much!!
Hikasa: I can’t get through to her…
Eriko: …Hmm? …Hmm? The key.. I lost the key?
Hikasa: What?
Eriko: Sorry I prepared a present for you, but I seem to have lost the key to the box holding the present.
Hikasa: Thats great!
Eriko: I think I must have dropped it around here…
*Goes to Hikasa*
Hikasa: …Huh? …Save me! Save me! I’m being violated! No! *hii hii* Stop it! You… You sexually harrassing demonic bastard! You… You perverted lez bastard!
Eriko: I can’t find it… I guess it should be down below then?
Hikasa: …Below? …SAVE ME!! She’s trying to flip my skirt! She’s trying to flip my skirt! …You… You pervert! …Nakamura… They’ll catch you… They’ll catch you for this…!
Eriko: Ah it should be somewhere here.
Hikasa: Stopstopstopstopstopit THOSE ARE BREASTS
Eriko: Ah sorry, sorry, there wasn’t anything there so I didn’t notice… (LOL)
Maybe around your ear?
Hikasa: Stopstopstop save meee! Ah that tickles~ that tickles…That’s the inside of my ear!
Eriko: Ah I see.
Hikasa: Save me! You sexually harrassing devil bastard!
Eriko: I can’t seem to find it… Hmm?
Hikasa: Save mee… You…
Eriko: Ah I found it! Found it!!
Hikasa: …I’m going to kill you…
Eriko: Well now that we’ve found it it’s time to open up that present!
Hikasa: …What was with that little act…

Incidentally, the present was a keychain with “N.E” on it, Nakamura Eriko’s initials lol, which Hikasa threw back at Eriko ahaha.

My god Momonoki 5 is crazy lol.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #84

– Hanazawa Kana talking about that new Roukyuubu seiyuu unit she’s in

Kana: “Yeah I’ve just become part of a singing unit and its… pretty amazing. We were in a completely white dress. And our legs were really, really showing.
I mean there’s me, Hikasa Youko, Iguchi Yuka, Ogura Yui and Hidaka Rina. Isn’t that just a really interesting combination? *laughs* And it’s us three[Iguchi, Hikasa, Kana] mashed inbetween the 15 and 16 year olds. How weird is that?”

Yeah even she finds the unit amusing ahaha.

Also on a random note, it seems like Kana has seen, and is a fan of Azumanga Daioh! :D

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