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Hosts: Yoshino Hiroyuki, Shiraishi Ryouko, Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2011.08.05

Web radio that just started last week for the SKETDANCE anime. The three of them is an interesting combination though it’s kinda strange how the radio itself has just started while the anime on the other hand is well under way. Perhaps it’s a sign of the anime being renewed for another season in the very near future, or the continuation of the current season for much longer? :O

– The name was thought up by Shiraishi :O

– Sugita seems to be a fan of Satou Satomi’s voice <3

– Yoshino asks Shiraishi to say “perori” throughout the radio and fanboys over her whenever she does it ahaha. Sugita himself is loving it too :D

The radio itself was rather short and had them mainly discussing what happened in the latest episode, and if not that then explanations on the corners that listeners were to send in mail for. Next week should be a more fleshed out episode, but the radio itself was pretty interesting to listen to. Err it looks like next episode is hosted by Miyake Kenta, Inoue Marina and Yoshino Hiroyuki… Where’s Sugitaaaaaaaaaa :(

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