Sora no ManiMani★Housoushitsu #1

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Name: 宙のまにまに★放送室
Hosts: Hayami Saori, Itou Kanae
Date: 2009.06.03

Sora no ManiMani★Broadcasting Room radio for the 2009 anime Sora no ManiMani. Hayami is 18 years old at the time and Kanae is 22, making it a 4 year difference between them. Hmm… Don’t mind me, I’m just having trouble imagining someone younger than Kanae (lol) They comment that this is the first time they’ve done radio work together.

– Kanae asks if Hayami’s from Tokyo and upon finding it out asks if she sees many stars from the city. Hayami says she doesn’t see that many stars but the bright ones like the stars in Orion’s constellation can still be seen easily. Kanae’s come from Nagano and says that when she came to Tokyo she noticed that the stars were much less visible.

– That’s not a star Hayamin~

Kanae: “There are stars that twinkle heaps aren’t there?”
Hayami: “Yeah and sometimes there are red twinkly ones too”
Kanae: “Wait, what?”
Hayami: “It blinks red on and off and stuff”
*staff talking in the background*
Hayami: “What? That’s a plane?? *laughs*
Kanae: “A plane?? *laughs* But don’t they move fast? Yours didn’t?”
Hayami: “It… Didn’t”
Kanae: “Wouldn’t that be a UFO or something?”

Lol whaaaat am I listening to?!

– Kanae had no idea that stars were burning OTL

– Kanae misreads Mahjong as Majin lol

– Kanae’s favourite scene in the first episode of Sora no ManiMani was when Mihoshi was throwing stars off the roof when she was first introduced.

– Hayami wonders who was the character who thought up the idea of throwing paper stars from the roof, and Kanae says it was obviously Mihoshi lol. Of course, who else could it be Hayamin~?

I’ve missed Itou Kanae and all her adorableness <3.

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