Tales of Xillia Radio #10

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Name: テイルズリング・エクシリア
Hosts: Sawashiro Miyuki, Yonaga Tsubasa
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2012.01.26

Radio for the Tales of Xillia game hosted by Jude’s voice Yonaga Tsubasa and Milla’s voice Sawashiro Miyuki. Hayami Saori’s guesting on this episode, who voices the character Leia Rolando.

Introducing Hayami…

Sawashiro: Hayami-chan’s so nice…
Tsubasa: Yeah…
Hayami: Huh? Stop ittt~
Sawashiro: So nice that…  It makes me feel ashamed as an adult.
Hayami: No way!  Not at all! Why–
Tsubasa: She’s different to how the other guests have come on recently isn’t she~
Sawashiro: She really is~

Lol they overloaded her with praise right from the start, a flustered Hayamin is a cute Hayamin~

– Hayami says she listened to the previous episode, though she didn’t listen to it completely.

– Quick quiz with Hayami.

Describe Leia with one sentence:
Hayami: Like a small animal.

What did you keep in mind when you were voicing Leia?
Hayami: To not become too gloomy.

What do you think of Milla?
Hayami:  I love her!
Tsubasa:  She’s really popular with the girls… If she confessed to Leia would she date her?
Hayami: Definitely!

One sentence to Tsubasa:
Hayami: Even if it’s just you, please be on Leia’s side! *laughs*
*Tsubasa laughs*
Sawashiro: I think there are a lot of people on her side though.

One sentence to Sawashiro:
Hayami: Sawashiro-san? Sawashiro-san I love you.
*Sawashiro and Tsubasa laugh*
Sawashiro: The younger people say that to avoid me a lot… *laughs*
Hayami: *laughs* It’s not to avoid you! Not at all!

– Apparently Tsubasa met up with Sugita earlier and he left him a message to give to Hayami: “I.. Want to hear… More of your voice.” Lol.

*Hayami laughs*
Sawashiro: Is that sexual harassment?
*Hayami laughs harder*
Tsubasa:  Ahh I’m not sure. Well if you give a reply here.
Hayami: Umm… Well if you’re okay with this voice then…
*Sawashiro and Tsubasa laugh* 
Hayami: …Then I’ll be glad to talk.
Tsubasa: Sugita-san came last episode and he asked to be told the day you’d be guesting when we found out the recording date. He then said that if he had time he’d come visit!
*Hayami laughs*
Tsubasa: He wanted to see you that much!
Hayami: Really??
Sawashiro: Yeah…
Hayami: I wonder why…

Hayami: I haven’t seen Sugita-san lately though…
Sawashiro: Well lets just leave this topic at that!

Lol Sugita as adoring to Hayami as ever :D

– Talking about dating Milla…

Sawashiro: How about you Hayami-chan?
Tsubasa: Would you date Milla if she confessed to you?
Hayami: I would be fine with it!
The other two: Oooh…
Tsubasa: If you were a boy you would want to date her?
Hayami: Eh? No one else would?
Sawashiro: Not… Quite… The girls would…
Tsubasa: Yeah, Elise’s Horinaka Yuki-chan said she would as well as Ikezawa Haruna-san.
Sawashiro: Yeah.
Hayami: Perhaps from a girls point of view she seems really cute.
Tsubasa: Hmm I see…
Sawashiro: Did you say you wouldn’t?
Tsubasa: Yeah I did.
Sawashiro: Ah I see.
Tsubasa: I’m on Leia’s side after all.

– About Hayami’s sentence to Sawashiro…

Sawashiro: What was that about liking me~? *laughs*
Hayami: I do~ *laughs*
Sawashiro: Is everyone doing that because they’re scared of me?
Hayami: Not at all! You’re not scary! Not scary at all! Ah that might be a bit rude for me to say but…
Tsubasa: To tell the truth, that’s been something she’s really been worried about.
Sawashiro: I’ve been thinking that the younger people are definitely scared of me…
Hayami: Huh? Really??
Sawashiro: I wonder…
Hayami: I wonder why… I don’t think it’s like that. It’s weird for me to say this like I’m the representative of all the younger seiyuu though *laughs*
*The three of them laughs*

Hayami: It might be their way of showing their respect for you.
Sawashiro: Ah that’s a convenient word to use *laughs*

Hayami: Perhaps everyone wants to talk to you but they’re not sure if it’s okay to talk to you!
Tsubasa: Yeah something like that!
Sawashiro: Hmmm…

Sawashiro: What should I say to them?
Hayami: Ummm lets see… Something like… Umm… The weather’s pretty good today? *laughs*
Sawashiro: *laughs* What’s with that?? Well I guess it’s okay to start with the weather…?

Hayami: Or rather, if you’d tell everyone here how you’d like to be approached then I can let everyone else know!
Sawashiro: Well… I don’t really know how to answer that though…

Tsubasa: Do you go out to eat with them often?
Sawashiro: No…
Tsubasa: Well that’s your problem right there *laughs*
*The three of them laugh* 
Tsubasa: That’s it right there! That’s important!
Sawashiro: I see… Going out to eat huh…

Hayami: And with that, if you show them that it’s okay to talk with you then they’ll start talking to you!
Sawashiro: I see. I’ll try that.

Lol Sawashiro’s wonderful troubles with her kouhai harem.

– Hayami mentions that she used to go Karaoke a lot in the past but hasn’t really been going recently.

– Sawashiro says she’s never given chocolates to anyone before for Valentines day heh.

– It looks like Sawashiro is a fan of Ishida Akira lol.

As a punishment for one of the corners the three had to eat some “yakisoba with fruits” the staff prepared for them lol. That sounds terrible ahaha. Poor Hayami sounded like she was having a really hard time stomaching it, oi radio staff what are you putting your poor guest through?!!

Tales of Xillia Radio #09

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Name: テイルズリング・エクシリア
Hosts: Sawashiro Miyuki, Yonaga Tsubasa
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2012.01.12

Radio for the Tales of Xillia game hosted by Jude’s voice Yonaga Tsubasa and Milla’s voice Sawashiro Miyuki. This episode has Sugita Tomokazu coming in to guest who plays the role of Alvin.

– Describe Sawashiro in one sentence.

Sugita: I love how she gets angry when she’s embarrassed~
Sawashiro: Shut up!
*Yonaga laughs*

– The seiyuu job…

Sugita: I think if I didn’t have this job I wouldn’t be able to integrate well into society.
Sawashiro: Ah I can see that.
Yonaga: “Ah I can see that”?! *laughs*

Oi Sawashiro you’re not supposed to agree with him here!

– About Sawashiro as a child.

Sugita: Sawashiro-san’s been cute since forever.
Sawashiro: Huh?!

– Sawashiro likes Sugita’s voice :D

Sawashiro: What I think is amazing is that when you put Sugita’s voice on an uncool character they end up becoming cool.
Sugita: Ah really?
Yonaga: I agree.
Sawashiro: Sugita’s voice is really elegant like that.

– About Milla, the character Sawashiro voices.

Sugita: She’s pretty much Sawashiro.
Yonaga: I see.
Sawashiro: She’s like me?
Sugita: Milla’s personality and the way she comments on things is like Sawashiro.
Yonaga: Yeah.
Sugita: So with that, lets have you cosplay.
Sawashiro: What?! How did this lead to me cosplaying?!
Sugita: Lets have you cosplay.
Yonaga: A Milla cosplay for June!
Sugita: Yeah!

Sugita: Alright? You’re cosplaying. Yeah?
Sawashiro: If I succeed with my diet~
Sugita: *laughs* You’re saying the same thing Satou Rina did.
*The three of them laugh*
Sawashiro: She’s already pretty thin though!

Lets keep an eye out for Sawashiro’s cosplay when June rolls around ;)

– Meeting Sugita as a child.

Sawashiro: When I first met Sugita I was 14 years old and he was pretty much the same as he is now.
Yonaga: Ah really?
Sugita: I’m pretty much unchanged.
Sawashiro: We were in the same training school.
Yonaga: Wow really?!
Sugita + Sawashiro: Yeah.

Sawashiro: I thought he was an alien or something!
*Yonaga laughs*

Sawashiro: I didn’t know when he was joking and when he was serious! I was like “What’s with this person?!” *laughs* I was watching him from afar at the time though.
Yonaga: I know what you mean, when I first met Sugita I wondered how I should approach him.
Sawashiro: Yeah you do wonder about that with him.

– About Hayami Saori…

Sawashiro: I wonder what Hayami’s like.
Sugita: She’s a really rare person. To give my honest opinion about Hayami, I’m still not sure about something for her. She’s either a SUPER nice person, or a really really smart person at handling people.
*Yonaga laughs*
Sugita: But! Even if she is just good at handling people, I wouldn’t mind being deceived with that!
Sawashiro: *laughs* I know what you mean.
Sugita: I’ll be happy with just that!
Yonaga: I’d also be happy with that!
Sugita: Probably everyone would be. *laughs*
*Yonaga laughs*
Sawashiro: It’s like she’s not hiding anything behind her at all.
Sugita: Hayami’s really good at listening but she doesn’t really talk about herself that much.
Sawashiro + Yonaga: Ah I can see that.
Yonaga: We’d want to hear her talk about herself.
Sugita: Yeah when she comes on to guest, dig into her to talk about herself!
Sawashiro: She seems like she’d be able to lightly brush off attempts to ask about her though.

– They bring in a cake to celebrate Yonaga’s birthday :D. His birthday is on the 15th of January by the way.

– Upon hearing next episode’s guest is Hayami Saori, Sugita rejoices and jokes that he’ll come even though he hasn’t been invited to guest ahaha.

So it looks like Hayami’s going to guest on the next episode and the two hosts are going to ask her about herself rather aggressively :O I’ll probably want to listen in to that :D

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