Akesaka Satomi no ChoRaji! Girls #126

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Host: Akesaka Satomi
Guest: Koyama Tsuyoshi
Date: 2010.09.02

Tsuyoshi guesting on Akesaka Satomi’s radio, which I’m really surprised at lol. Tsuyoshi says he was told beforehand by the staff of the show to try and go light with the dirty stuff lol. Well we all know how that’s gonna turn out don’t we OTL.

– Tsuyoshi from the start tries to get Satomi to say “chin chin” cutely ahaha. She looks troubled and says “The agency won’t let meeee” that’s sexual harassment Tsuyoshi!

– They talk about when they first met, and he noted that when he introduced himself to her she seemed terrified of him lol. She comments that he looked scary with his sunglasses and how his body looked hah. Tsuyoshi then thought “Oh with this reaction, she’ll probably never talk to me again.”

– LOL Tsuyoshi almost says “Manko-chan” instead of “Mako-chan” to Satomi’s horror ahaha.

– Tsuyoshi: “Well you know, you’ll be making children in the future and stuff…” Satomi’s so cute when she’s getting harrassed by Tsuyoshi though lawl

– Tsuyoshi says that Satomi has absolutely no sex appeal OTL

– Tsuyoshi starts taking off his clothes lol, he says full naked is out so he’ll go half naked OTL.

– He then sticks a picture of Satomi on both his nipples, to her absolute terror ahahahha

Satomi: “I’ve been dirtied…. I’ve been dirtied by Tsuyoshi…”

– She begs him to take it off, but he then half takes it off exposing his nipple lawwl. When he finally removes it he yells in pain from pulling the sticker off ahaha.

– She quickly closes the show and tells him to go home after this point ahaha.

– When Tsuyoshi leaves, Satomi comments that he’s still outside the window, and then despairs that her manager didn’t stop him and instead started laughing when it all started ahaha.

Poor Satomi, she seemed like she was really suffering throughout the show at times ahaha. Well the two of them aren’t exactly strangers to each other and have met often, even outside work. She got really cute during the harrassment though lol. >:D

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