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Random radio scribbles done for various shows that I didn’t end up writing a full post about.

Darker Than Black Backstage Pass #6

Radio for the second season of Darker Than Black. It turns out that Hanazawa Kana had a bad cold at the time of it’s recording, she had a mask on as well as that nose-blocked voice and emphasized to the other two, Hidenobu Kiuchi and Fukuen Misato, to stay far away from her so as not to catch it. Also I’m probably being a terrible person for saying this but… KANA WAS SO ADORABLE IN THIS EPISODE <3 <3 OTL

Hikasa Youko about Seikon no Qwaser from Saito Chiwa’s M-Serve Style

Talking about Souma (For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities[lol])
Hikasa: “Souma is… The overflowing power provided by the lovely girls in the anime!”
lolol OTL

Juuninin no Yasashii Koroshiya SideR #8

Radio hosted by Sugita at around late 2008. This episode had Fukuyama Jun as a guest.

– The first time Fukuyama Jun had met Sugita was when they went to karaoke as a group. At the time he thought Sugita was far older than him and spoke to him using formal speech. Throughout the whole outing he spoke to him this way until another person told him “Hey Sugita’s younger than you, why are you using formal speech with him?” to which Jun exclaimed “WHAT!? Why didn’t you tell me from the start Sugita?!” This was when they were about 20 years old haha.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #8

Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.11.12
Iguchi Yuka’s new radio which started a couple of weeks after her own ChoRaji! Girls had ended. The name comes from something she’s often done, yelling “Mu~~~n” with her arms open wide lol. Another reason why the name is Mu~~~n is due to the show being aired on Monday, which is written as “Moon Day” in Japanese(as well as English incidentally, a random bit of trivia: The english word Monday was derived from the Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday which means “Moon Day”) This is the first episode that she’s had a guest come on, I’m glad it’s earlier than her previous ChoRaji! Girls which had it’s first guest on it’s 19th episode. The three guests are here as a Tamayura special.

I know next to nothing about Gibu Yuuko; I know Asumi Kana has barely met up with Taketatsu Ayana before, and only during recent recordings; and that Asumi and Iguchi are really close friends but other than that I’m not sure how well the others know each other. Yuuko has guested on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls once as it’s last guest on 2010.8.27, a month before the show ended. Incidentally Yuuko goes on to guest on Asumi Kana’s own radio show soon after this episode.

Ayana, Asumi and Yuuko were jumping around in the window in the other room at the start lol.

TamayuRadio #4

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Guests(for the later half): Sato Junichi, Nakajima Megumi
Date: 2010.10.29

Radio show for the Tamayura OVA. The show airs monthly, with different guests on almost every episode. For the first two episode they had the seiyuu for the four main characters: Taketatsu Ayana, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko. The third had Asumi Kana + Gibu Yuuko; the fourth had Asumi Kana + Iguchi Yuka; fifth had Iguchi Yuka + Taketatsu Ayana, and the latest, sixth had Iguchi Yuka + Gibu Yuuko.

– The two of them say that they haven’t been alone on radio for a while, if I recall correctly, the last time was on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls on January this year, about nine months before this radio episode.

– The two of them went to the bath together in the recent Tamayura event in Takehara, Hiroshima, the setting of the anime :D

– Iguchi took a photo of Asumi in the changing room
Asumi: “Eh? When did you take the photo?”
Iguchi: “I just snapped it, secretly”
Asumi: “What? Really??”
Iguchi: “I uploaded it too”
Asumi: “…I wasn’t naked was I?”
Iguchi: “…Not naked”
Lol that would be an… Interesting development OTL.

– Iguchi and Asumi were in neighbouring rooms in the hotel they stayed in.

– Iguchi says that when she saw sleepy Asumi in the morning when she had just woken up she looked really cute <3

– Nakajima Megumi and Sato Junichi comes in for the later half :O

– They try to add “-chi” to Megumi’s name to make a nickname for her but laugh that “Nakajimachi” makes it sound like a city (machi = city) and “Megumichi” sounds like a road (michi = path/road). They decide on “Meguchi” for her.

– Megumi performed the ED live outdoors in Takehara :O

This episode was a whopping 90 minutes OTL. Funny enough, when the end came the two of them said that the time flew by so fast and they wanted to talk for longer. Isn’t that wonderful <3

Toaru Radio no Index #29

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2009.4.10

Toaru Majutsu no Index’s original popular radio show hosted by Misaka Mikoto’s Satou Rina and Index’s Iguchi Yuka. This is one of the later episodes, right before it’s ending on episode 32. Incidentally Toaru Radio no Index has started up again for Index’s second season with the same hosts and is currently on it’s 11th episode (which guested Kuroko’s Arai Satomi, their second guest for the season with the first being Endou Aya). Oh and by the way, Iguchi calls Asumi “Moko-tan”.

– Asking Asumi if she’s got any special abilities
Asumi: “I’m good at handling Iguchi”
Iguchi[in indignation]: “Moko-tan!!”
SatoRina: “Ah looks like she doesn’t hate the idea though. Actually I think she’s enjoying it.”

– They start opening some alcohol to drink, to Asumi’s surprise. Ah now that’s ToaRaji for you lol, it’s a regular thing for them to start drinking during the show, which is what caused the tipsy Kanae happenings in RailgunRadio <3

– SatoRina says she doesn’t really sleeptalk but she laughs in her sleep.

What’s something that you’ve been worried about recently?
Asumi: “…Yuka-chan is occasionally a pain to deal with”
Iguchi: “I’ve got no choice but to try and fix that I guess”
Asumi: “You won’t be able to fix it even if you try”
Lol these two should just get married already harhar

– SatoRina says that these two are similar, like their mannerisms and reactions lol.

Iguchi and Asumi kept fiddling with each other during the radio, to which SatoRina jokingly scolds them on each time lol. Also I’m pretty sure the radio shares the same staff with Railgun’s radio.

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #20

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2008.8.22

An early episode of Iguchi’s old ChoRaji radio. Though that being said, this was episode 20, almost half a year after the show had started. Asumi was Iguchi’s 2nd guest on the show, her first being Washizaki Takeshi the episode before on #19. Even back then these two were really good friends already.

– Iguchi introduces Asumi as “My wife, Asumi Kana” lol

Iguchi loves talking about Asumi on radio, she tells her that she has talked about her in almost every episode, a habit that’s continued even till today on her new radio show.
Iguchi: “This ChoRaji Girls is half made by you!”
Asumi: “Oh well where’s my pay?”
Iguchi: “You’re not getting paid for it. It’s priceless™”

– Upon finding out that Asumi was from Fukuoka, Iguchi makes fun of the dialect and asks her to speak in it lol

– Apparently, Asumi did kendo for three years in middle school.

– Asumi says she used to hate her voice back in school. I’ve heard this a million times from other seiyuu, interestingly enough.

– Asumi said that she watched a lot of radio in school and listened in to seiyuu radio.

– Iguchi had decided that she wanted to be a seiyuu in middle school.

– Asumi tries to hijack the show and make herself the regular instead of Iguchi lol

– Iguchi tells Asumi to yell out “YES! ASUMISS!”, and she reluctantly complies but only if Iguchi says it with her. After saying “3, 2, 1” Iguchi doesn’t yell it out with her leaving Asumi saying it on her own lol. Asumi mumbles “Iguchi… I’m gonna get you back for that…” quietly while Iguchi ignores her and continues to read the mail lol.

– When asked what’s the hardest thing she’s finding with being a seiyuu, Asumi Kana says it’s the dances and dance choreography.

– Asumi is asked “What do you find cute about Iguchi” She replies “Iguchi is a pain to deal with.” lol. In return Iguchi says “Asumi’s a tyrant” about her.

They comment that this was the first time they’ve spoken in radio with the two of them alone. They’ve worked with each other on radio a couple of times before but they’ve always had 1 or more other people co-hosting with them. Speaking of which, they’ve recently started the monthly Tamayura Radio which is hosted by the two of them plus Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko for the first two episodes.

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #92

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2010.01.08

Episode that aired right after the New Years on the now finished ChoRaji Girls. Asumi’s guesting for her second time, the last time she guested was on the 20th episode on 2008.8.22. The two of them meet up outside work all the time and are really close with each other so their conversation sounds more like two high school girls playing with each other with all the jabs, boke and tsukkomi’ing that’s really fun to listen to =)

– Asumi comments that last time she was here there wasn’t any video.

– Iguchi tells Asumi that since there’s video Asumi is free to move(re:dance) around as much as she likes while she’s reading the mail lol.

– Iguchi is given one of those scratchy things (those lottery win money if what’s revealed on the card is a hit or not) and starts scratching it off while Asumi is talking to her, she then bursts out screeching “YESS I WIN” in the middle of Asumi’s conversation interrupting her, to Asumi’s annoyance. She only won 200 yen lol.

– Asumi says she plans to get married by 30, heh that’s in three years Asumi~

– Asumi says she slept under a kotatsu during New Years and Iguchi replies by saying she’s glad she didn’t catch a cold. She then followed it up with “But well you know the saying how idiots don’t catch colds!” ahaha, Asumi then responds by saying “Yeah that goes for you too” lol

– Asumi says she wants to concentrate more on improving her femininity because “Everyone’s pretty cute…” lol You’re plenty cute Asumi!

– They talk about how they spent Christmas together in a really flirty way ahaha.

– Iguchi explains how she’s not just a “seiyuu”, but a “seiyuu idol!” to Asumi, who’s just laughing ahahah.

– They start talking about Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu which had just started airing and Iguchi says “Ah I watched it!” Asumi replies “Ehh really?” turns out she was just lying about watching it lol.

– Iguchi and Asumi mentions that Tamagotchis were popular back in school but they couldn’t bring it to school else they’d be confiscated lol. That happened to my school too! D:

– Asumi says she’s never been to a class reunion before, though one time when she got an invite, her mum turned it down for her without her permission lol. Well she did live in Fukuoka then, and is living in Tokyo now I guess.

– When Iguchi thanks Asumi for coming as a guest for her second time she bows her head to the table and bangs it a couple of times, to Asumi and the staff’s alarm ahaha.

– They note that they meet up personally all the time but never get to meet up during work.

I haven’t heard Iguchi Yuka on radio ever since the Kamen no Mask Guy radio but she’s hilarious, and she really really gets along with Asumi. She’s a popular personality and I can see why lol.

Also, I kind of say this all the time, but seriously these two in particular are close friends. (But yeah I wouldn’t listen in to a radio with two hosts that don’t get along lol).

It’s a shame this was the last time Asumi appeared on the show to it’s end last month :( Let’s hope she comes to Iguchi’s new Muuuun Radio show :D

Which Witch Radio Sora no Gakkou Housoubu? #1

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Hosts: Asumi Kana, Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.07.30

Radio show for Which Witch, which appears to be some kind of collectible/trading card game..? If you’re confused to why it has a radio show, well it looks like they’re selling character songs based on characters from the game.

Well yeah, something like that. Hah. I’m just happy to hear Aki and Asumi on radio lawl.

– The two of them note that although they’ve talked with one another often, this might be the first time they’ve spoken to each other without anyone else present.

– Aki calls Asumi “Asumi-san” :(

– Aki keeps whacking the microphone lol.

– They play Asumi’s character song on the show, it’s not bad really :O Also it makes me think again that she really sounds like Nanjou Yoshino lol.

– Aki says that her middle school had a specific rule for “No Kancho’ing” lol… The funny thing is that the rule came around because a boy broke his finger while doing it ahahaha.

They ended the radio with Pachelbal’s Canon in the BGM, to their surprise “Are we graduating??” Aki then realises that Asumi’s character (Hanon) sounds like “Canon” and rejoices lol.

Why is Canon playing at the end anyway?

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #11

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.06.10

Asumi  can be so evil sometimes lol <3 They make fun of how they don’t seem to be on good terms with each other sometimes but everyone knows they’re all close, they all go out with each other in their private time after all <3

– Kanae misreads an easy kanji and Asumi says “Oh well, Kanae is a elementary school student afterall!” lol Kanae tries to get that part cut out but it’s there in all it’s glory hah.

– First corner up is Ieba Ii Jyan! Where they adlib lines according to a scene and a character type that each of them pull out of a box. The loser takes a batsu game of saying an embarassing line prepared by the staff.

– The scene is when a girl catches her boyfriend cheating on her. the characters they pulled out are:

Nanae: A mean grandma (LOL Nanae always pulls out the grandma characters ahahha this must be 4 out of 5 times now?)

Kanae: Air headed and child like

Asumi: Ancient japanese princess

Aki: Super sexy night life nee-san character (ahaha)

– First up is Aki: Aki’s onee-san voice! \o/ she breaks out into laughter right as soon as she finishes hah. She also adds sound effects and stage directions, which she adds and reads out herself lol.

– Kanae’s was really cute asdkfjasfl;kajsdf

– Aki lost in the end ahaha batsu-game time!!

– The batsu game was to say something in a way that would “Make the cheating boyfriend come back to you” lol

– Aki says “…You’re the one I love the most~~!” tearfully. Asumi says “Ahh… well.. That’s so straightforward I don’t know how to react to that batsu game result…” to Aki ‘s dismay lol. Asumi you can be such a bully sometimes <3.

– The love consultation corner comes back as a regular corner as I suspected :O Asumi seems to be the main host with her onee-san voice lol.

– A 7 year old female listener sends in a mail asking what is it like to fall in love and Asumi answers saying some wonderful things such as “Falling in love is like… Being reborn again!” while the other three snickers in the background, and Asumi herself sometimes laughing and breaking the nee-san character ahaha.

Sometimes I think poor Aki gets pretty down from them teasing her so much :( Don’t worry Aki! Everyone teases you because they love you~

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #10

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


The continuation of an event recording. The event is a special live audience recording for people who had purchased the DVD box of the first season.

– A running gag on the radio is to respond to Nanae with “Are you angry?” whenever she does/say anything not quite genki lol. They must do it every episode, since she’s probably the least enthusiastic about anything out of all of them.

– I’m pretty sure the audience are all male AniOtas and not little children lololol OTL

– First episode is “Catch the Feeling” …Of which Aki is on her last point before needing to do the batsu game lol.

– Curses, the theme is to do with the four seiyuu doing poses… Ie. Radio listeners have no idea what’s happening OTL

– Poor Aki is always being teased in the radio lol.

– The poses were “Reaction when meeting a bear in the woods”, “Waking up one morning and finding out they’ve changed into a boy (lol Aki mentions something about a pose she can’t do here like this, what pose Aki? What? ahaha)” and “Special attack pose”,

– Aki talks Kanae into doing the sexy komanechi with her hah.

– Aki doesn’t lose any points but doesn’t win as well so she’s still on 1 point. I don’t want Aki to lose but… I want to see her take the Batsu game lol >:D

– The four of them switched to onee-san voices for the next corner “Love Consultation”, a corner made especially for the event, though I think I’ve heard it elsewhere before, perhaps it becomes a recurring corner later on, They kept making fun at each other’s change in voice and personalities lol.

Next episode has them back at the recording studio. Live recording are normally fun but these two were pretttty visual oriented which alienates the radio audience so I’m kinda glad it’s over. It’d be really fun to see it in person though lol I wish I could see the poses Kanae did <3

Mika x Runa Cross Talk

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Hosts: Inoue Marina, Asumi Kana
Date: Early 2009

A 12 minute “radio” cast comment sorta thing released with the Drama CD for Mikarun X. Mikarun X is a yuri manga by the way >:). I can’t really recall much about it now that I think about it but I remember… Spell casting and… Giant naked girls? lol…

– Marina comments how Runa would pull Mika to a hotel, to which Asumi tries to stop Marina from continuing on with ahaha.

– Lots of talk about how yuriyuri the drama CD was lol.

– Both of them were surprised that they had to record a character song specifically for the Drama CD, saying that it was a waste that the song was going to be used only for the Drama CD.

– Marina had not recorded her part of the song yet and said she was worried about how well she’d sing it, to which Asumi goes all “Marina you’ll sing it easily! You can sing so well!” in a really child like screeching voice lolol, Marina follows suite and imitates the same voice and starts wallowing in her worries.

It then degenerates into them screeching at each other randomly lol, with Asumi finishing it off with “Stop touching me!”. Ahaha where was she touching her? :O This part was definitely the highlight :D

– Marina talks about how she didn’t look forward to doing the spell casting in the Drama CD lol.

– When talking about the SFX in the Drama CD the two of them break off into imitating the sound effects used. Explosions and stuff lol.

The two of them seem like close friends so it’s pretty fun to listen to. Additionally they’re pretty relaxed on the cd and they messed around quite a bit. Marina kept poking into the yuri aspects of the material and Asumi kept trying to pull her back lol.

Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #9

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


Live audience recording done on 14th of May, 2008. The event was only for people who bought the box set of Shugo Chara it seems. The same four radio personalities are present, I wonder if they ever have guests come on to the show, though a five person radio might be a bit hard to listen to, I still want some guests to come on :D

– Kanae asks Aki to start off with a pun to energize everyone lol.

– First corner is Ieba Ii Jyan where the four of them have to adlib lines for a situation and the loser gets a batsu game of saying an embarassing line. They weren’t looking forward to saying their lines in front of an audience, as expected, the stuff they have to say can be pretty embarassing lol. This time though, instead of the staff deciding the winner, the audience decides who wins. Additionally the batsu game is an embarassing pose instead of a line ahaha, I wonder what it’ll be, I look forward to it >:D.

– The situation for this episode was a scene where the boyfriend has cooked something for their girlfriend yet as it’s his first time cooking he’s pretty much stuffed it up. What they have to adlib is what the girlfriend says once she’s eaten what he’s cooked, while chewing. Additionally they pull out what kind of personality they have to act as from a box.

– Nanae was first up pulling out “moe moe mahou shoujo character” ahaha

They comment that this is the most normal one she’s pulled out saying “Well she’s only pulled out ones like being an old man, or another one where she pulled out an old man, and also an old man” Hah thats true, she’s pulled out alot of old man characters lol.

– Second was Aki with Kansai accent old woman lol, it’s Aki’s turn with the old person role.

– Third was Asumi with “Rock n roll girl”

– And lastly Kanae, “Alien character” ahaha. Asumi says “Oh you’ve got that character down easily! Just speak normally and you’ll be fine” ahaha Asumi your so awesome <3

– They comment about how mismatched the couples were “A boy with an alien girlfriend?” “And a boy with an old woman as a girlfriend…?”.

– During their thinking time Kanae yells out “Ehhh how am I supposed to do this??” And Asumi replies again with “You just need to act as yourself”

– Nanae adds “-pyon!” to her adlib with a really forced high voice ahaha.

– Aki had a good oba-chan voice :O

– Kanae’s was great, she put on a robotic voice and got so embarassed at the end that she yelped out a “yan!” when she finished. <3 Asumi tells Nanae “Now that’s what moe is”

– The audience puts up their hand when they’re asked who they think lost.

Nanae had 15.

Aki had 1.

Asumi had 1.

Kanae had more than 15 by a fair amount, I’m prettty sure everyone chose Kanae so she’d do the pose lol. Aki follows it up with “Whoever thinks Kanae was cute put your hand up!”

– The pose Kanae had to do was “a sexy komanechi” [ http://a.yfrog.com/img295/8640/7ax.jpg ]

– I feel sorry for Kanae lol

– Next up is a new corner for the event only. The four of them gets questions like “Who out of the four of them is the most ____” and they answer it. They then match the answers from the audience

– They agree that Asumi seems the most reliable out of the four of them, to Asumi’s surprise. They note that she’s like the person leading the radio. Seems like I’m not the only one noticing that. On top of that the audience votes Asumi as well heh. [Asumi: “Ehh I think everyone’s mistaken. Everyone has trouble judging someone’s personality I’m thinking.”]

The ranking was like this:

1st Asumi

2nd Nanae

3rd Kanae

4th Aki :(

– Asumi loves playing Solitaire it seems.

– Next question was “If they were stuck on a deserted island who would be the most likely person to hide food from everyone. Lol everyone agrees to not decide between themself who they thought would be the person and moves on to the audience vote.

– First was Aki. As if! Aki is niceeee~ D:<

– 2nd was Kanae

3rd was Asumi

4th was Nanae

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