Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #5

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Chihara Minori
Date: 2010.02.05

The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often in recordings. They also say that they can just talk and talk and talk and never stop lol. It’s nice to see them get along so well :D

– Apparently they’ve been catching the anime as it airs at the late hours of the night lol.

– Aki had a boy she liked in kindergarten and made chocolates with her mum to give to him on Valentines day, and after making it and bringing it, she never mustered the courage to give it to him during the day, then when the end of the day had come, she was waiting at the school gate and saw him pass through. She panicked and thought “This is my last chance to give it to him” and threw the chocolate at him ahaha.
Aki: “And that’s how my first love went.”
Hikasa: “What kind of tsundere girl kind of action is that??”

– The first thing Minori says is “Wow what an interesting radio this is!” she had come in 17 minutes into the recording so I guess she was listening for the whole time while the two of them went crazy haha.
Aki: “Ah thanks. Hearing that from Minorin-san makes me really happy *creepy laugh* heheheheheheh—”
Aki + Hikasa(joins in): “—Hehehehehehetehepero!”
Lol these two are so in sync.

– Minori comments that Aki’s hairstyle is more mature now, compared to before, which I’m guessing that she’s referring to when they had worked together on Minami-ke.

Hikasa(reading from Minori’s profile): “The animal Minori is most similar to is a cat”
Aki: “Cat ears would fit her! <3”
Minori: *giggles*

– Talking about Minori’s character, the first thing Minori says:
Minori: “She gives out Souma!”
*The three of them break out laughing*
Ahaha they really love the whole Souma thing don’t they~

– The two of them ask Minori about her upcoming album, “Sing All Love” to her surprise. She asked to make sure if it was alright to talk about her own solo singing stuff on the radio heh.

– Aki praises Minori’s singing, and says that when she found out she would be singing the ending with her, Hikasa, Hirano and Ayumi she was really relieved, knowing that it would surely turn out alright. I love how free Aki is with her fangirling and love~ <3

– Minorin was only on for 10 minutes or so out of the 50 minute recording :(

– At the 30 minute part they comment that they’ve been talking for over one hour already. Wow just what did they cut out to halve the recording? It looks like it might’ve been a majority of Minori’s guesting time. Perhaps the Souma talk was just the tip of the iceberg of how much ero talk they did ahaha.

– The radio had been airing fortnightly before this point and switches to a weekly broadcast after this episode.

– Aki was talking about how Minori had left after bowing and thanking everyone for their work and closed the studio door behind her… But then the door soon opened again and she came in to pick up her bag since she forgot to bring it along ahaha. Aki loved how cute that was <3

Everytime I listen to QwaRaji after having not heard it for a while, the amount of craziness and yelling/screaming these two do always overwhelms me ahaha. It’s so great <3

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