Koyama Rikiya x Hirohashi Ryou no Akane Iro ni Somaru Radio Season 2 #9

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Hosts: Hirohashi Ryo, Hatano Wataru
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.1.15

Radio hosted by Koyama Rikiya and Hirohashi Ryo for Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka. Koyama Rikiya is actually absent due to his stage acting work and is replaced by Hatano Wataru for this episode. This episode guests Toyosaki Aki and was recorded at 2009/1/15, which was the first time I actually heard of Aki and her personality on radio.

I felt like re-listening to the episode since I didn’t know anything about Aki the first time I heard it. It’s a shame Rikiya was absent though :(

– As tradition on the radio they decided to come up with a name for Aki. They ended up with the english word “Lover” from the kanji in her name “Love” and “Live/Born”. Loverlover~ lol

– When talking about what they did on New Years they all said they returned to their hometown. Hirohashi notes how busy her place is during this time due to her family running a temple.

– Hatano seemed pretty nervous.

– When asked if Aki drinks much alcohol she says that she loves drinking alcohol, to the other two’s surprise, saying that she doesn’t look like the type.

– On New Years she was drinking with her father till morning “NEW YEARS YEAHH!”

– Aki notes that she’s got a pretty high alcohol tolerance.

– I love the Situation Shiritori corner in this radio. What happens is that they get a role and a situation and they have to roleplay and adlib the scene but they must start their sentence with the last syllable of the previous person’s sentence, hence the shiritori name. The adlibbing and role playing gets pretty hectic and hilarious so it’s always a good laugh to listen to <3.

– This episode’s scene was “Three siblings sitting at the kotatsu discussing their first dream of the year” When discussing roles Hatano was designated as the big brother and was ecstatic to be called “Onii-chan” hah. He mentions that he has a little brother who calls him “Ani” but murmurs “…I’d love to have a little sister~” ahaha

– Hatano starts off with a long monologue about having a dream he had when he was 6 years old about a girl with long hair.

– Hirohashi goes next after Hatano, tsun-ing at him about how he was probably too drunk to remember his dream, then she starts talking about her dream but finishes off with “Ahh~ I can’t say it![in embarassment]” ending with the “i” syllable.

– To which Aki stumbles on for a bit before continuing with “Itai!” and explains that she hit herself on the kotatsu. Lol. She starts talking about her dream saying it smelt like mandarins. And then asks about the girl in Hatano’s dream.

– Hatano goes on to describe his dream and the girl saying she had blonde hair and was standing in a grass filled meadow/plain.

– Hirohashi exclaims “Hah are you trying to say that you’re so good that you can grab a foreigner girl? Hah!” Ahaha how horrible Hirohashi. “I’m embarassed to call you my brother!”

– Hirohashi then continues with her dream description saying it was her having her eyes covered from behind by a boy(who looks like her favourite actor)’s hand going “Who is it~”

– They ended up coming to a conclusion that had them all going overseas to look for his fated blonde haired girlfriend lol.

– Hirohashi announces that she’s bought a new digital camera…. But doesn’t really know how to use it and has left it alone and kinda unused lol. As expected of Hirohashi I guess OTL

I find it kinda interesting to read comments about Aki around this time since it’s a pretty unbiased first impression sorta thing :3.

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