Radio Campione! ~Hikasa Hidaka wa Matsurowazu~ #8

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Name: ラジオ「カンピオーネ!」 ~日笠・日高はまつろわず~
Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Hidaka Rina
Guest: Ogura Yui
Date: 2012.09.27

Radio for the Campione anime hosted by Hidaka Rina and Hikasa Youko. Amusingly Hidaka is a host and on top of that she’s appeared at the Campione event even though her character barely appears on the show, which they’ve laughed about on a couple of times haha.

Hmm I’m feeling a bit of deja vu here ;)

– The three of them are talking about a photoshoot Yui’s done lately where she had a whole heap of costumes to put on…

Hikasa: Say “You’ll be able to see different kinds of Yui~”
*The other two laugh*
Yui: Huh?
Hidaka: Hey that’s no good! But since you got everyone’s expectations up, do it Yui-chan!
Yui: Eh?! Really?? …“You’ll be able to see different kinds of Yui~”
Hikasa: I want to eat you up!
*They laugh*
Hidaka: Ahhh so cute!!!
Yui: Stop it~!!
Hidaka: It’s crazy how cute you are!
Yui: Let’s stop this, please move on to the next mail!

Everyone’s after poor Yui ahaha.

– Sleepover!

Hikasa: Did you have a sleepover together?
Yui + Hidaka: We did!
Hikasa: Whoa you were perfectly in sync there!
Yui: We got really close to each other during the summer vacation~
Hidaka: Yeah it’s great!
Hikasa: What did you guys do? Please tell more!
Hidaka: We ate together and stuff. We just spent a lot of time together~
Hikasa: …Why wasn’t I invited…? [LOL Hikasa]
*Awkward pause*
Hidaka: Well… You’re busy and all!
*Hikasa laughs, the other two join in*
Yui: We didn’t really have the courage to call you out!
Hidaka: Yeah to call out all five of us.
Hikasa: Ah for Campione you’d be including Hanazawa.
Hidaka: And so we talked about seeing my house but we couldn’t really get all five of us together…
Yui: Yeah that was the hard thing…
Hikasa: That’s true… If we could find time for the five of us to meet we’d be working instead *laughs*
Hidaka: Yeah! *laughs*
Yui: *laughs* That’s true!
Hidaka: So we had only the two of us~
Yui: It was fun~!
Hidaka: Yeah it was!
Hikasa: What’d you guys do?? What’d you guys do??
Hidaka: We talked about a lot of stuff!
Yui: Lots of serious stuff as well~
Hikasa: Serious stuff?
Hidaka: Like work, school, etc.
Yui: Yup~
Hidaka: But we had work the next day so we were both checking our scripts and practicing our lines.
Hikasa: Ah that sounds nice~ Being able to work together like that is a wonderful thing~
Hidaka + Yui: It is!
Hidaka: It was fun~!
Yui: And we slept in the same bed too~
Hikasa: What did you two do on the bed together?
Hidaka: Yui-chan was sooo cute!
Yui: Huh?? What?? What are you gonna say??
Hikasa: What??
Hidaka: Well when I finished looking through my scripts Yui-chan was still working through hers and told me to go to sleep first so I went to the bed. When she was done with her scripts she came into the bed as softly as she could so as to not wake me up! That made me think she was soo cute!!
*Yui laughs*
Hidaka: I was awake but the way she came into the bed was so adorable!
Hikasa: Hey look here for a moment… BAM!
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: Ow! You hit me! What why?!
Hikasa: Bam! I was just so jealous that I couldn’t help myself!
*They laugh*
Hidaka: But how adorable is that!
Hikasa: That’s too cute!
Yui: No, not at all! Rina-chan was also super cute in the morning~!
Hidaka: What?? What is this about??
Hikasa: Oh? What??
Yui: When I woke up in the morning, you were like “Hnnnn~~~” as you were stretching, and I was a bit below you and you touched my head and said “Morning Yui-chan~”! It was so cute!
*The two of them laugh*
Hikasa: What is with these two! *laughs*
Hidaka: It was so much fun wasn’t it!
Yui: It was! And it made my heart skip a beat!
Hikasa: You two should just date each other!
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: But it was so much fun, we should do it again some time!
Yui: Yeah!
Hikasa: I wanna go too! I wanna go too~!
*Hidaka and Yui laugh*
Hidaka: You’re being creepy!
Hikasa: Ehhh?!?
Hidaka: Your motions and everything! *laughs*
Hikasa: But seriously lets do this with everyone sometime~
Hidaka + Yui: We should~
Hikasa: I’ll make sure to take good care of you all… *creepy laugh*
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: That’s scary…

The two of the making up excuses to Hikasa’s “Why wasn’t I invited…?” was sooo awkward ahaha.

– A corner has the three of them pretend to be a moe moe maid scolding a younger coworker and on Yui’s turn…

Hikasa: Show us how it’s done Yui!
Yui: Eh??
Hidaka: Okay, moe moe maid scolding a younger coworker, go!
Yui: “Hey! You can’t do that! …Moe moe beaaam!
*Rustling in the background*
*Yui starts laughing*
Yui: Hey!! No! Stopp!! She’s—!
Hidaka: Stopp! Oii!! Stop it!!
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: Hikasa-san!
Yui: She just threw off her headphones and–! *laughs*
Hidaka: She ran to hug her! *laughs* She’s dangerous!
Hikasa: I get it now… I finally understand the charm of maid cafes.
Hidaka: Hmm?
Hikasa: This is it!
Yui: What?!
Hidaka: But I did the moe moe beam, or a nyan nyan beam as well! It’s great!
Hikasa: …Shut up you.
*They all burst into laughter*
Hidaka: Ahh! I’m gonna cry! *laughs* But Yui-chan had it down perfectly!

I was wondering what was happening when Yui started getting freaked out, Hikasa ran to molest her! Hidaka and Hikasa make a great pair though, it shows how much they trust one another when they can say stuff like “Shut up” to each other :D

Hidaka Hikasa radio “Campione!” Is not I worship #8

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sambaName: ラジオ「カンピオーネ!」 ~日笠・日高はまつろわず~
Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Hidaka Rina
Guest: Ogura Yui
Date: 2012.09.27

Radio for the Campione anime hosted by Hidaka Rina and Hikasa Youko. Amusingly Hidaka is co-hosting even though her character barely appears on the show, which they’ve commented on a couple of times haha.

And now there’s something I want to get out of the way first… You might have noticed that in the past year or so that the blog has been pretty stagnant… Well I’ve come up with a solution for that! A lot of time is taken by me translating the conversation myself, so how can I speed things up? Get something else to do it! To overcome this I’ve set up an automatic speech recognition program to transcribe and my good friend Google Translate-sensei here to do the job for me! From this post on I will no longer be translating these myself!

– Something about a photoshoot with Yui!

Hikasa: You, say you’ll be able to see various kinds of Yui
*The other two laugh*
Yui: Huh?
Hidaka: Hey, it’s not a good thing! However, since all people have expectations of you it does Yui!
Yui: What? ! Are you sure? … “Will be able to see the different types of Yui”…
Hikasa: I want to eat you!
*They laugh*
Hidaka: Oh so cute!!
Yui: It isn’t justified!
Hidaka: It’s cute how much you’re crazy!
Yui: Stop it, please go to the following e-mail!

Yes Google Translate-sensei! This is definitely worth the time saved!

– Sleepover!

Hikasa: Do you have a sleepover with?
Yui + Hidaka: We did!
Hikasa: Oh was perfectly in sync there!
Yui: We got really close to each other in the summer vacation~
Hidaka: Yeah it’s great!
Hikasa: What you guys do? Please tell more!
Hidaka: Oh we ate rice together. We spend a lot of time together.
Hikasa: … why I was not invited …?
Hidaka: Well … it’s all you busy and!
*Hikasa laughs, the other two join in*
Yui: Did not have the courage to call out to you!
Hidaka: Yeah, to call all five of us.
Hikasa: For Campione Oh, I should have included the Hanazawa


– Sleepover 2

Yui: It was fun!
Hidaka: It was so
Hikasa: What are you guys? What is this?
Hidaka: We talked about a lot of things!
Yui: A lot of serious as well
Hikasa: Serious?
Hidaka: Work, school, such as
Yui: Yeah ~
Hidaka: But we had to work the next day. Check the script for both of us, so we had to practice our lines.
Hikasa: Be able to work together is a lovely thing that sounds nice ~ Ah
Hidaka: It was fun ~!
Yui: And we was sleeping together in the same bed too
Hikasa: Did you do it on the bed with two people
Hidaka: Yui-chan is sooo cute!
Yui: Huh? What? What are you going to say?
Hikasa: What is this
Hidaka: Yeah, Yui and I went into bed so that, when you are done viewing through the script I was told to go first through her. When done with the script reading, she came into the bed gently so as not to wake me! I thought it was so cute!
*Yui laughs*
Hidaka: I was awake, she came into the bed was so cute!

Well Google Translate-sensei I don’t know what’s happening here but it sounds lewd!

– Sleepover 3

Yui: No no! Rina-chan was super cute in the morning!
Hidaka: What is this about?
Hikasa: Hm? What?
Yui: Touch the head, I was beneath you, when I woke up in the morning and you were Hnnnn ~ ~ ~ and Rina has been stretched! It was so cute!
*They laugh*
Hikasa: What are these two * Laughs *
Hidaka: It is so much fun, was it not!
Yui: It was!
Hikasa: You two dating!
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: But it was so much fun, we will need some time to do it again!
Yui: Yeah
Hikasa: I want to come too! I want to come too!

Google Translate does a way better job at this than I do!

So that’s how you have it! From now on I’ll be leaving Google Translate-sensei to take over for me, look forward to some great translations in the future!

As you can probably tell by now… April fools hohoho. But seriously, google translate really turned the yuri subtext transcriptions into something… Different haha. I was kinda lost over whether to post this or not due to how google translate kinda lewdified the content ahaha. Well it’s not too bad I guess, unless you start reading too deep into it ;) There were actually much worse ones (go google translate “にゃんにゃんビーム!” lol) but yah I didn’t want to go that far lawl.

Oh and for those who still remembers what happened last year, thanks for following for another year! …I would’ve made it follow in the same vein as the last couple but… Joking about quitting the blog wouldn’t be very funny with how the blog is right now ahaha orz.

Oh and don’t worry, I’ll make a proper post about this episode sometime lol

MoshiDoRadio #11

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.07.18

MoshiDoRadio’s eleventh episode, I really like the combination of these two~

– Swimsuits!

Hikasa: All the students are probably going on summer vacations since it’s the summer holidays right now…
Kana: Yeah… *sigh*

Hikasa: We don’t have the chance to go to the beach that often… Do you?
Kana: I don’t. Not at all. I don’t wear swimsuits often.
Hikasa: Same here.
Kana: But they’re selling them right now aren’t they. Really cute ones….
Hikasa: But we don’t get the chance to buy them…
Kana: Yeah…
Hikasa: I haven’t worn one in so long! How about racing swimsuits?
Kana: Racing swimsuits?? *laughs* Actually, that would probably look good on you!
Hikasa: …I’m not happy about that at all!
Kana: Eh?? Really?? But they’re so sleek! You’d look like you’d be a great swimmer if you wore one!
Hikasa: What’s with that! Are you saying that my body is sleek?? Saying that it looks great with my curveless body?!
Kana: You’re taking it wrongly! I never said anything like that!!
Hikasa: …Yeah. Well racing swimsuits huh… School swimsuits?
Kana: …How did you get to school swimsuits?
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: We weren’t talking about school swimsuits at all!
Hikasa: But either way, I’d like a bikini!
Kana: Ahh bikinis are great aren’t they~
Hikasa: Don’t you think it’s easy to mistakenly say “nikibi/にきび/pimple” instead of bikini sometimes? *laughs*
Kana: Huh…?
Hikasa: You’d be like “Let’s go shopping for pimples!” *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* Hikasa-san… Are you alright? *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Really… Are you okay?
Hikasa: *laughs* Hey! Don’t seriously worry about me over that! That just makes it embarrassing!
Kana: *laughs* Right.

Hikasa’s complex about her flat chest makes me laugh every time ahaha.

– Oh they celebrated Hikasa’s 26th birthday on the radio, they bring in a cake for her \o/ Amusingly Hikasa cautiously asks if the cake was given unconditionally ahaha, poor Hikasa’s always forced to do weird things on radio for her birthday, off the top of my head there were some terrible(?) happenings on Momonoki’s radio, Digistar and Seitokai Yakuindomo’s radio haha.

– Present!

Kana: And for the adult Hiy0cchi, here’s a present.
Hikasa: Huh? Really?? Seriously?! What’s wrong with you!
Kana: Happy birthday!
Hikasa: Thanks! Seriously??
Kana: Open it~
Hikasa: You know today, I brought the present you gave me last year! The parasol!
Kana: Oh! Wow you really did!
Hikasa: The one you gave me last year~
Kana: You’ve been using it??
Hikasa: Of course!
Kana: That makes me happy!
Hikasa: I wonder what this year’s present will be~
Kana: I wonder~ Actually you can see a bit of it already *laughs*
Hikasa: What is it~ What is it~ Oh you can see it!
*Rustling sounds as she opens the present*
Hikasa: Ahh thank you! I’ve been doing a bit of cooking lately too! It’s a silicon steamer and [something else silicon that I didn’t catch m(_ _)m]!
Kana: I didn’t actually know what you’d want and Satou Satomi-chan was with me one time so I asked her since she’s close with you. She mentioned that you’ve been into cooking lately so it lead to that.
Hikasa: Ahh I see. But really, this present’s for me?! Really??
Kana: Yup.
Hikasa: Thanks so much!
Kana: No problem. Please cook.
Hikasa: Right!
Kana: Using the stove.

Hikasa: Come over to eat sometime!
Kana: Eh?? Really?
Hikasa: Come visit!
Kana: I will!
Hikasa: Come!
Kana: But wait… Eh… Hiyocchi’s floor is soaking wet after all…
*They both burst out laughing*
Hikasa: It won’t be!
Kana: I’ll just have to bring some special socks then!
Hikasa: And I’ll have you sleep on the soaked floor!
*The two laugh*
Kana: That’s terrible! What’s with that!!
Hikasa: You’ll be sleep talking like “Ahh it’s wet… I’m drowning….”
Kana: That sounds horrible!
Hikasa: But really, thanks for the present!
Kana: Happy birthday!

I wonder if she asked Satou Satomi about the present when she guested on OreImo’s radio? But Kana’s really great with her friends’ birthdays isn’t she~ I’m amused she gave Hikasa a parasol for her birthday last year though lol, parasol in Japanese = “higasa/ひがさ/日傘”.

– Hikasa mentions that she cries during recordings often. Ahh Hikasa does cry easily doesn’t she~

– Kana says she doesn’t like watermelon, which shocks Hikasa. On the other hand, her favourite fruit is…

Hikasa: What’s your favourite fruit then?
Kana: Pineapple!
*Hikasa laughs* 
Kana: *laughs* What??
Hikasa: Well that’s came from an unexpected direction.
*The two laugh*
Hikasa: Not strawberries or something girly like that, but a pineapple…
*Kana’s still laughing* 
Hikasa: When someone says pineapple, well she’s not in MoshiDora but you’d expect someone like Takahashi Chiaki to say “My favourite is Pineapple! I luvv pineapple!” or someone like me saying “PINEAPPLE!!”.
Kana: Yeah I know what you mean.
Hikasa: But Hanazawa Kana and pineapples?!? That’s just off! Make it something like cherries instead!
Kana: No! That’s weird!
Hikasa: You should be like “I like strawberries~!” or “I like cherries~!” from now on!
Kana: No. Pineapple.
*The two laugh*
Hikasa: That’s hilarious!
Kana: I see, I guess people don’t list pineapple as their favourite often.
Hikasa: Yup. It’s not eaten that often after all.
Kana: Really? I eat it pretty regularly though?
Hikasa: Seriously? Wait, you mean like with pre-packaged fruit?
Kana: Nope.
Hikasa: Ehhh?! That spiky thing?!
Kana: *laughs* Nah, the ones that’s been cut up already.
Hikasa: Ah I was imagining you getting one of those spiky things and just *slam* cutting it down!


– First meeting.

Hikasa: Time passes really fast doesn’t it~
Kana: When we first met, how old were you again?
Hikasa: Hmm?  Twenty… Two?
Kana: Ah right.
Hikasa: You were in your teens at the time!
Kana: Yeah I was.
Hikasa: You… Might have been attending university at the time too. First year maybe?
Kana: Yeah I was a first year.
Hikasa: That’s scary how fast it’s been!
Kana: And I was thinking  “Ah what a wonderfully considerate woman” at the time *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* I was super nervous at the time! SUPER nervous!
Kana: *laughs* I see.
Hikasa: But as time goes by you really do get to meet all sorts of people!
Kana: Yeah really, it’s fun isn’t it.
Hikasa: Seriously, this industry is filled with all sorts of fun people!
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: There’s all of these happy go lucky people! *laughs*
Kana: Yep *laughs* There’s lots of high spirited people aren’t there.
Hikasa: Yeah! High spirited!!

If I recall correctly, these two first met in Sketchbook ~full color’S~ almost 5 years ago, though I don’t think they actually started talking to each other properly till a few years later.
I… wrote something about this somewhere before didn’t I lol.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #108

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.02.15

Hanazawa Kana’s birthday episode of HitoKana! Last year they had Taketatsu Ayana come on and this year it’s… Hikasa Youko!! Interestingly this episode was recorded live, which is a first for HitoKana IIRC. Kana laughs that everyone will hear the parts that are usually cut out :D

– Lol Kana was talking to a substitute writer in the room the whole time for about 15 minutes, explaining that the usual writer being absent for the time. Kana described the substitute writer as “a woman with long hair holding an iPad” and she stayed silent and just communicated to Kana through writing and I was wondering why she was talking to the writer a lot more than usual and… It turns out that it was Hikasa all the time long ahaha. It all makes sense now, I rewinded back to relisten to the whole segment with the thought in mind that it was Hikasa ahaha. Ah… She dropped so many hints and I only realised it near the end OTL.

Kana: Our normal writer is back and with that, good job substitute writer! You can talk now!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: I was called in to guest and then what is this substitute writer thing?! I was just told about it right before we started! Seriously! I never realised not being able to talk would be so stressful!
Kana: You can talk as much as you want now.
Hikasa: I will! A-I-U-E-O-A-I-U-E-O-A-I-U-E-O—
Kana: *laughs* Calm down!!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: And so with that, here’s our guest! Hikasa Youko!

– Apparently RADIO IS has the same writer as HitoKana :O

–  Being silent is suffering.

Kana: How was it like being a writer?
Hikasa: Really stressful.
*They both laugh*
Kana: But you know how there are comedians who become writers right?
Hikasa: I’m not a comedian!! Seriously, as a seiyuu… I realised that I really do love to talk, thank you everyone!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: It made me realise how grateful I am to be a seiyuu, lets increase my workload! I’m counting on you Bunka Housou! [The name of the radio station hosting HitoKana, as well as a whole heap of other seiyuu and music artist radio shows.]
Kana: Ah right! Digistar has ended already hasn’t it? *laughs*
Hikasa: Shut up! They changed personalities! *laughs*
Kana: Huh? Really?? It’s still going?

Lol yeah Digistar still continues but with different personalities, Ikeda Yuuko and Hioka Natsumi. I’m guessing the reason they replaced them was due to how big Oogame Asuka and Hikasa are now as seiyuu, especially since Digistar needed them to be there for three hours.

– The reason why they brought Hikasa on to guest was due to Kana naming her as the person she’s become the closest with in this year <3

Hikasa: Really??
Kana: Yup. I’ve really been in your care from ROKYUBU.
Hikasa: No, no! I have as well! *laughs*
Kana: What’s with that laugh *laughs*
Hikasa: But this last year I’ve really been meeting up with you a lot~
Kana: Yeah~

– Hidaka Rina, Hikasa’s successor!

Kana: We’ve been talking with one another a lot recently in Inuboku SS.
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: Along with Rina-chan.
Hikasa: From a highschool girl’s point of view, a 26 year old must seem like an old woman… Which is what we talked about *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* We did talk about that.
Hikasa: And somehow it lead into me seeming like a talkative crappy old hag. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* That’s some bad language!
Hikasa: It is!
Kana: Inuboku recordings are always filled with bad language aren’t they *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* It really is!
Kana: And within all that, Hidaka Rina-chan is the pure one who refutes the old hag thing.
Hikasa: Saying *high voice* “Not at all! You’re not one at all!”
Kana: And she’s slowly becoming like you as well.
Hikasa: Yeah she’s my successor after all!
*They both laugh*
Kana: How weird is that!
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: She’s starting to tsukkomi at all sorts of things now.
Hikasa: Yeah… Rina-chan… That girl is a capable one.
Kana: And she’s starting to fangirl over girls as well!
Hikasa: Yeah she is! She’s following us three… Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko and Iguchi Yuka. She’s starting to get infected. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* She is! This is bad! And Ogura Yui-chan is the only one who’s like a character from another dimension *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*

I’ve actually been hearing about Hidaka working towards being like Hikasa’s cheery and humorous personality from around when ROKYUBU first started and it somehow became said along the way that she was gonna try and be her successor lol.

– The first time Kana met Hikasa was in Sketchbook ~Full Colors~ :O That was over four years ago. Kana mentions that she was 19 at the time and that it was Hikasa’s main character debut role. It looks like they’ve gone out to eat together at the time along with Shimono Hiro :O

– Hikasa’s birthday present to Kana.

Hikasa: This year the staff told me to ready a proper birthday present for you.
Kana: Really?? What is it??
Hikasa: When I received the offer to come guest they also told me to buy you something and they’ll pay for it. They wanted me to do something about your sense of fashion!
Kana: OI!!
Hikasa: They seriously said that!
Kana: Really?
Hikasa: Yup! So they were like “Hikasa-san, with your wonderful sense of fashion—“
Hikasa: “We’re being serious”
Kana: So you’ll be improving my sense of fashion?
Hikasa: Yup! So with that, the concept of this present is “Clothes I want Hanazawa Kana to wear, produced by Hikasa Youko”!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: You know how your clothes are always weird…
Kana: They were horrible to me today! They called the colour I’m wearing “The colour of raw meat”!
*The two of them laugh*
Hikasa: Salmon Pink!

Hikasa: So today is farewell to that Hanazawa-san!
Kana: Ehh….
Hikasa: You won’t ever be called out for wearing plain fashion with what I’ll give you!
Kana: Yeah Hiyocchi you’ve got a good sense of fashion don’t you?
Hikasa: Yup! So with that! Hanazawa Kana-san! Please put this on! *laughs* Chain mail! [LOL]
Kana: … *SCREAMS* WHAT IS THIS?!!! *laughs* WHAAT IS THISSS?!!! It’s nothing but spangles!!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Really?! This?! Wait I have to show this to everyone! How should I describe it?!

Hikasa: Well I bought this thinking that it looked like chain mail but in the seiyuu industry, the only person who could wear this would be Takahashi Chiaki-san. *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Kana: With that description, everyone should understand what this thing is like!

Hikasa: So lets have you change into it!
Kana: *laughs* THIS?! SERIOUSLY?!

Hikasa gives Kana another present, a top that she thought would fit Kana’s sense of fashion and Kana loved it, though Hikasa continued to laugh at how weird it is. Kana then agrees to wear the chain mail underneath the top she was given which results in…. This ahaha.Amusingly the file name of the image is the original name put on it by the radio staff, “変身!!” which translates to “TRANSFORMATION!!”. Incidentally, the file name for the other image from the blog at the top is “着る機会、あるかな~??” which translates to “Will there be a chance to wear it sometime I wonder~??”.

– The two of them laugh that Hikasa wore spangled clothing as well for one of her ROKYUBU concert costumes lol. Hikasa murmurs “Lets pretend that never happened” when she remembers it ahaha.

Ahh the Hanazawa + Hikasa combination is as great as ever <3 I really wish there was more of these two on radio!
…Well I still have MoshidoRadio to work through so there’s still that :D
But I really loved this episode <3.

Also, I’m amused that when Hikasa came on to Toyosaki Aki’s radio for her birthday, Aki also named her as the seiyuu she’s become the closest with, I love how Hikasa becomes so close with so many people <3. I… Think I’ve said this before…?

MoshiDoRadio #10

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.07.04

For this episode they start a new corner imitating as many objects/people as they can within a time limit, aiming for a certain amount of points to achieve a prize(cake). It was hilarious but… I’m not gonna write a thing about it hah. These two do match up pretty well though, I mean Hikasa says in a noble voice “I’m in the music room” and Kana immediately correctly guesses “Mozart” from that lol.

– Tanabata wishes.

Kana: What would you wish for?
Hikasa: Hmm a wish?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: “For all the girls in the world to be mine” *laughs*
Kana: …”All the girls in the world“? *laughs*

Hikasa: And what about you? What would you wish for?
Kana: “To someday buy a large house
Hikasa: What a… terrible kind of wish to make…
Kana: Why?!
Hikasa: So realistic…
Kana: Well it’s in the far future. Maybe something lighter would be better for Tanabata.

– Seiyuu…

*Talking about the drivers license test*
Hikasa: You know how you have the test in a computer simulation. In that simulation you have children jumping out at you all the time!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: When they jump out at you at that speed it’s impossible to avoid them!! So I’ve seen myself… Run over so many children…
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: That sounds dangerous.
Hikasa: Yeah. Well it’s all just a simulation after all so you’ll get a feel for it.

Hikasa: But really even when you know it’s going to come out you can’t dodge it! And then I’m all *KYAAAA* when it happens and there was this other examinee there as well as the examiner which were both silent.
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: And so they were shocked by the size of a seiyuu’s surprised reaction *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* But seriously! When I enter haunted houses and stuff like that I always realise that my voice goes louder than other people in there.
Hikasa: Yeah definitely!

Hikasa: Normal people don’t normally let that kind of yell out when they’re surprised it seems.
Kana: Yeah maybe they don’t yell that much when they’re startled.
Hikasa: Their reactions are also pretty small.

Hikasa: Seiyuu’s voices are really loud aren’t they.
Kana: Even their normal talking voices are loud.
Hikasa: Yeah. When they’re having fun they’re loud. “kyaahahaha!”
Kana: Yeah. Some pay attention to the noise they make though!
Hikasa: Yeah you’re the type to look out for that.

Hikasa: There was a time when we were found out when we went out to eat since our voices were so loud. We were asked “You’re not normal people are you” *laughs* And we were like “Ah we’re all seiyuu
Kana: From the volume of your voice?
Hikasa: From the volume of our voice as well as the tsukkomis and the conversations.
Kana: Ah right everyone’s pretty used to doing that.

I found this topic pretty interesting. Seiyuu/people in the entertainment industry really do act different to normal people don’t they~
Speaking of which, I remember another time recently when these two + the other three ROKYUBU members, Iguchi Yuka, Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui were found out as well when they went out to eat and they were asked if they were idols or something or rather from the entertainment industry.

MoshiDoRadio #09

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.06.20

The anime had just finished it’s broadcast at this time. This is the first time in a long while that they’ve had no guest on the show. The show is on fortnightly broadcast schedule and for the past four episodes they’ve had guests come on meaning that this is the first time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone.

– First time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone…

Hikasa: And it looks like our wonderful guest for this week is…!!
Kana: …What are you talking about??
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: We don’t have a guest today!
Hikasa: Yeah… It’s going to be us two alone today for the first time in a while.
Kana: I guess so. It’s been a while.
Hikasa: Yeah…
Hikasa: What’s with that sudden decrease in energy?! Just because it’s just the two of us!?
Kana: *In a super bored tone* Ahh how boring…
*The two of them burst out laughing*
Hikasa: I like that about you~
*The two of them laugh again*
Kana: That’s a pretty positive way to take it. *laughs*

– Take your plain salted onigiris like a man!

Hikasa: What’s your favourite onigiri flavour?
Kana: My favourites would be… Tuna + Mayonaise and Mentaiko[Salted pollock roe]
Hikasa: Ahh there you go aiming for the top flavours…
Kana: What? Really??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: They’re both like the top #1 and #2 in onigiri flavours!
Kana: Then Hiyocchi which flavours do you prefer then??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: If you’re a man then you’ll silently take your salted onigiri!
Kana: What’s with that?! Are you actually a pretty downcast person?! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Let’s try and aim to eat something cuter Hiyocchi!
Hikasa: Speaking of which, one time during Moshidora we ate salted onigiri–
Kana: Yeahh we did… Along with boiled eggs…
Hikasa: Yeah boiled eggs as well as soy milk.
Kana: It was horrible!
Hikasa: Everything was COMPLETELY white!!
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: SO WHITE!!

Hikasa: Everyone makes fun of plain salted onigiri—
Kana: I don’t think they make that much fun of it…
Hikasa: But it’s sooo tasty!
Kana: Really…?
Hikasa: Yep! Try it with karaage![Fried chicken pieces]
Kana: Ah actually that sounds tasty.
Hikasa: Really!
Kana: I feel like eating them now.

I actually thought Hikasa was joking about her favourite onigiri flavour being plain salt but it looks like she was pretty serious about it haha. Well I love the plain salted flavour too so I’m happy :D

– After talking about how seeing child idols/TV stars from a while back as adults recently is really surprising they talk about their age…

Hikasa: Time really flies… And I’m 25 years old now too…
Kana: Ah really?
Hikasa: Hmm? How old are you?
Kana: Twenty two.
Hikasa: … HUH?!?! [This was a really loud shriek lol]
*Hikasa laughs*

Kana: What’s with that reaction?!
Hikasa: No way! You’re twenty two?!
Kana: Yeah twenty two…
Hikasa: ……….I actually thought you were older than me.
*They both laugh*
Kana: What?!
Hikasa: Ahh I see… I was wrong.
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: But time really does fly by.
Kana: Yeah, have to shape up!
Hikasa: …It felt like you were referring to me alone there.
Kana: No no!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: I wasn’t!

– Listener sends in a mail about skirt flipping…

Hikasa: Ahh these pervs!!
Kana: But… Flipping skirts is fun isn’t it.
Hikasa: …Ah… You’ve got those kind of interests…?
*They both burst out laughing*
Kana: What’s with that face! *laughs*

Kana: You know how at train stations you go up the stairs and stuff and there’s these high school girls in front of you.
Hikasa: Uh-huh.
Kana: And you can almost see their panties but you can’t.
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: And you’re like “Ahh!! Just a little bit moreee!” and you want to just *flip* it?
Hikasa: Well I wouldn’t *flip* it. I’d just incline my head lower while looking upwards…
Kana: You can’t do that!! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: You’re completely peeking at that point!
Hikasa: Well you know, when I was in high school we were always keeping an eye on our skirts.
Kana: Yeah we were too…. They’re pretty unrestrained about it nowadays aren’t they…
Hikasa: Yeah they don’t really pay attention to it anymore…
Kana: And so I want to know what kind of panties the high school girls of today wear.
Hikasa: Maybe they’re… Not wearing any.
Kana: …Eh?
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: …No panties?
Hikasa: And they’re all “So close but you can’t see anything!” with their skirts!
Kana: Yeah seriously! How sneaky is that!
Hikasa: Maybe the high school girls of today wear things like thongs and stuff! *laughs*
Kana: Ehh?! What?!
Hikasa: Nooo!
Kana: That’s really aggressive!
Hikasa: Don’t become adults just yet!!

These two are talking like perverted old men lol.

– Talking about being stepped on…

Kana: Hiyocchi, you’re an M aren’t you?
Hikasa: I’m M but… I don’t want to be stepped on.
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: I like being teased in the mental sorta way~
Kana: “Mental sorta way“?? *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* I don’t like the physical stuff!
Kana: Yeah that’s pretty bad isn’t it.
Hikasa: Like how they pour candle wax and stuff on you…
Kana: *laughs* Err… Yeah…
Hikasa: That stuff burns!
Kana: Seriously!
Hikasa: No way would I want to go through stuff like that! I might get burnt!
Kana: Yeah! And also whipping and things like that would hurt too.
Hikasa: Yeah no way!

Hikasa: How about you?
Kana: People have said that I’m S…
Hikasa: With me you’re definitely an S.
Kana: Yeah it might change depending on who I’m with.

– Ending thoughts.

Hikasa: It’s been a while since we’ve done a radio with just us two.
Kana: The recording atmosphere was pretty relaxed. It was nice.
Hikasa: And you look really sleepy now too *laughs*
Kana: I was thinking “Ah it’s over” *laughs*
Hikasa: And you were so energetic this morning too! *laughs*
Kana: Well you know—
Hikasa: It was relaxing?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: Now come leap into my arms~
*Kana laughs awkwardly*
Hikasa: Come on!
Kana: …Eh?
Hikasa: I stand here like St. Mary with my arms open waiting for you~
Kana: …Hey… Can you stop with the jokes with no punchline?
*They both burst out laughing*
Hikasa: Well yeah… I guess they don’t have much of a punchline.
Kana: Yeah your jokes are like that!

Ahh the conversations between these two are priceless :D. The way these two don’t hold back with one another is so wonderful <3.

It’s… Been quite sometime since I’ve written about MoshiDoRadio but I still intend to finish it lol.

Odoroki Sentai Momonoki 5 #140

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Name: おどろき戦隊モモノキファイブ
Hosts: Nakamura Eriko, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.12.12

The notorious and long time running radio hosted by Nakamura Eriko and Hikasa Youko. What I was mostly interested in for this episode was the parts about てへぺろ which was selected recently as #2 on a ranking of popular chat lingo for middle and high school girls in Japan. For those who don’t know what てへぺろ means, it’s romanised as “tehepero” and was made up and used often by Hikasa Youko for situations when you’ve lightly slipped up in some way to which you cheekily giggle with “tehe” and stick out your tongue “pero“.

– Nakamura Eriko had offhandedly predicted as a joke in 2009 that young girls will be saying “てへぺろ” eventually and the two of them laughed in shock that she predicted it right ahaha. …Even though the two of them completely forgot about her prediction until a listener reminded them about it haha.

– Higasa Youko…

Hikasa: I initially started it so people in the agency would remember my name—-
Eriko: And now everyone knows you as Higasa Youko right?
Hikasa: Higasa! Yeah Higasa’s from that news program!? On Saturday!
*Eriko laughs*
Hikasa: And everyone just keeps sending mail about it! How much more mail do you all want to send on that?!
Eriko: Yeah all the messages go along the lines of “I saw the news! Congratulations on having てへぺろ being selected as the runner up!”
Hikasa: Yeah and then they lead into “They called you ‘Higasa Youko‘ lololol” Shut up about that already!!
*They burst into laughter*
Hikasa: All of you sending mail like that over and over again is what makes it all the more irritating!! *laughs*

For those interested in seeing the video where the announcer mispronounces Hikasa’s name as “Higasa” you can see it here at around the 1:24 mark lol.

– So continuing from how she started てへぺろ…

Eriko: So? Continue on.
Hikasa: Eh? What were we talking about again? *laughs*
Eriko: Something about your agency *laughs*
Hikasa: Ah right *laughs*, yeah I did the pose and everyone thought it was really weird and creepy, and so I realised it actually was pretty bad…

Eriko: And you were going to stop doing it?
Hikasa: I didn’t want to end up as someone like ToneKen [Tone Kentarou, fellow seiyuu in the agency] *laughs*
Eriko: Yeah ToneKen himself is the embodiment of weird and creepy *laughs*
Hikasa: But then I heard that ToneKen was using it a lot, that guy likes to use other people’s jokes a lot. Anyway why are we talking about him, enough of him I don’t want to talk about him anymore *laughs*
Eriko: And you were the one who brought him up first *laughs*
[Note: These two are actually pretty good friends with Tone Kentarou lol]
Hikasa: And then the first time I used it in public was on Momonoki.
Eriko: Yeah!

– Apparently her parents hasn’t said anything to her about てへぺろ spreading.

– The two of them laugh the show received an outstanding number of mail this week and they’re all about the てへぺろ subject ahaha.

– A while back Hikasa did an imitation of Kanae that sounded nothing like her, it actually sounded like she was making fun of her lol and apparently Kanae heard about it and jokingly yelled at her for it.

– Hikasa mentions that she gets called out for directions by foreigners a lot and that it happened to her recently just the other day. She concluded that… Her English is at a terrible level haha.

Momonoki 5’s as hilarious as ever <3

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #58

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka

Guest: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.11.07

My dream combination comes true!! Iguchi brings her fellow ROKYUBU members Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko on to guest! \o/ Interestingly enough, Iguchi had asked the two of them herself on short notice at a rehearsal if they were free to come guest :D

– Hikasa laughs that they look like they have beards in Iguchi’s drawing of them haha.

– Iguchi jokingly calls the three of them the “Adult Team” within ROKYUBU lol.

– Hikasa’s legs…

Iguchi: Kana-chan has mostly cute costumes but Hiyocchi has really sexy costumes!
Hikasa: Really? Are they really that sexy?
Kana: They so are sexy!
Iguchi: Really!
Hikasa: I’m really scared of how short the skirt is though… *laughs*
Iguchi: Yeah it really is short isn’t it.
Kana: Well you’re all about your legs though! *laughs*
Hikasa: What are you saying?! *laughs*
Kana: Hiyocchi you’re all legs!
Hikasa: “I’m all legs”?! Don’t say that!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: But really, your legs are SO pretty!
Kana: Yeah!
Hikasa: …Really? …Thanks…

– Iguchi’s costumes…

Kana: Yuka-chan has a lot of yellow costumes doesn’t she?
Iguchi: Yeah due to Maho’s colour being yellow and all. And my costumes have me baring my shoulders very often.
Hikasa: You’re pretty much half naked!
Iguchi: …What?!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: Say that again!
Hikasa: You’re h-a-l-f n-a-k-e-d!
Iguchi: Whaat?! Wait I mustn’t have heard right again! Say it again!!
Hikasa: It’s like you’re wearing a bath towel!
*The three of them burst into laughter*
Iguchi: As if I am!!
Kana: But she does have a point!
Iguchi: Well how about this! If Hiyocchi bares her lower body I’ll bare my upper body!
*The three of them screech in laughter*
Kana: Oi! Don’t do that!!
Hikasa: But really! When I’m next to her I’m thinking “Ah… Why is this person always half naked?”
*Three of them laugh*
Kana: You’re really thinking that?!
Hikasa: I’ve been thinking about talking about that during the MC portions.
Iguchi: I’m really getting embarrassed by this now!
Hikasa: It’s pretty much the exact same thing as a bath towel!

LOL These three are so close to one another~ It’s so wonderful to see a no holds barred conversation like this <3

– The three of them get pretty sad thinking about ROKYUBU ending with the tour and that they’ll really miss seeing each other for practice and stuff when it finishes ;_;

– The three of them dance to a ROKYUBU song there :D It’s really cute… But halfway through Hikasa stuffs up and she runs up to the camera and goes crazy while the other two follow ahaha.

– Kana brings in a magazine with a photoshoot where Hikasa’s doing a funny pose with a flower and the three of them laugh about it lol.

– Hikasa brings in a… Oppai/butt mousepad with Hinata’s character on it and the three of them laugh at how perverted it is lol. What are you doing bringing that in Hiyocchi?!!? Amusingly Hikasa brought it in because she thought the mousepad using the character’s butt instead of their chest was a pretty new thing ahaha.

– For some reason Hikasa was given that mouse pad by the ROKYUBU staff and had thought that everyone else was given one… She then found out that she was the only one given one ahaha.

– The three of them start wondering if they could have this setup for Kana’s solo radio as well :O That would be greattt. It probably won’t happen though :(

– The three of them make fun of each others poses in the upcoming ROKYUBU photobook lol.

– Wow apparently Kana’s upcoming photobook was shot in Switzerland :O

I really loved this episode (*´▽`*). The three of them really are close with one another~ They really seemed like they were having so much fun just speaking with each other there <3. I really love the combination of these three, I want more!


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Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Yumizuru Izuru, okiura
Date: 2011.04.23

The two guests are the author of the original light novels and it’s artist and character designer. They had originally planned to come on episode 7 but due to the earthquake that happened at the time they couldn’t make it.

– Shimoda laughs that Hikasa always makes funny faces to the camera :D

– Do you ever think “Let’s kill them!”? (One of Lin’s lines)

Shimoda: Not really… We’re nice after all~
Hikasa: Yep yep! We’re angels! *holds hands together and looks to the sky… Then snorts in laughter*

– Who do you like the most out of the characters?

okiura: If I’m limiting it to the heroines only… I’d choose Houki, I have the most memories with her.
*Hikasa rejoices*

Yumizuru: They’re like my children! I love them all for their uniqueness.

Shimoda: So which one do you like the best?!
Yumizuru: Well… If I had to pick one…. Maybe…. Chifuyu?

– The radio had okiura draw Lin and Houki for them right there.

– Upon hearing how well the DVD/BluRays have been selling the two of them say “Let’s just do a second season now!” YESS I’M WAITINGGGG

– Interestingly enough they had the confession corner handled by Yumizuru for this episode and he wrote a confession from Houki and Lin’s character using the themes pulled out of the box. They then had the two seiyuu read them out in character.

The drawings that okiura did there ended up looking like this by the way:Ah I love the Infinite Stratos art style <3


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Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.04.09

Episode 8 of RADIO IS. Interestingly enough the radio actually fully intended to end on it’s 7th episode, the last episode but due to the radio’s popularity they had it extended. I’m so glad it didn’t end at it’s 7th episode :D

– Laughing at Houki’s role in the anime…

Hikasa: She’s like air! Always around, you don’t notice her but you need her!
Asami: She didn’t even wear a swimsuit!
Hikasa: She did at the very end so it’s fine!

Hikasa: Since everything’s been aired we can talk about anything we like now! …Like Houki! She was great in that last episode wasn’t she! Finally something to show that she’s the main heroine! *laughs*
Asami: Yeah for the past 7 or so episodes you were fretting about that weren’t you? *laughs*

Asami: And what about Lin?!
Hikasa: Err well.. For a couple of episodes at the start she was strong… Then she kinda disappeared *laughs*
Asami: …Yeah.

– Hikasa mentions that the first time she met Uchiyama Kouki was the recording for the Infinite Stratos PV.

– Hikasa laughs that their audio commentary for an episode of IS with Shimoda Asami was pretty chaotic lol.

– Asami laments that although the radio show has been extended past the 7th episode, she wishes the length of each episode had been extended as well and Hikasa agrees. That would be great D:

– Confession Corner! Hikasa’s turn with the theme “Cell Phone Strap”

Hikasa: With you as the cell phone, and me as the strap we’ll always be together! But if the strap breaks we’ll break apart! No!!! *lies back and dies of embarassment*

Next episode looks like it has the original author Yumizuru Izuru and and the light novel’s artist okiura as guests coming on to the show. Interesting, I wonder how it’ll turn out :O

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