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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2011.12.16

Radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Tomatsu Haruka guesting, the voice of Mitsuki(As well as the Neko-gumi april fools character).

– The two of them talk about how the first time they met was when Tomatsu was a teenager. After marveling at how much of an adult she’s become Tomatsu invites Hirohashi to go drinking with her sometime lol.

– Tomatsu is greatly amused by the nickname “Ono Dynamite” Hirohashi stuck on Ono Daisuke lol. They reason that he’s like a dynamite, silent sometimes but suddenly explodes with energy haha.

– Tomatsu says her favourite… Shark is the Whale Shark.

– Tomatsu said she was nervous that she might not be able to mix in well in the recordings due to her coming in halfway through the second season but she was happily received by the cast :D Amusingly Nakamura mentioned this about himself last episode as well.

– Tomatsu was really surprised when she found out she was doing both the April Fools character and her current character in WORKING.

– Tomatsu was told to copy how Nakamura adlibbed the part when Youhei tried to fix up door after breaking it. The whole “*Struggling* Huh? How does this go again?” part to make them seem more like twins. Tomatsu wrote down Nakamura’s adlib when it happened so she wouldn’t forget it.

– Tomatsu mentions that she’s called by Tomatsu or Tomacchan a lot but she’s rarely, if ever, called “Haruka-chan” though she says she has been called “Haru-chan” and her family calls her just “Haruka”

– Apparently Tomatsu hasn’t worked part time before apart from the seiyuu job :O Seems like she was prohibited from doing it.

– Tomatsu asks “Do deer have teeth?” lol.

– Tomatsu mentions that when she goes overseas with her parents her dad speaks english so she’s never had much trouble going around.

– Tomatsu says she hasn’t met Takatsu Karino in person before though she really wants to. Once again Hirohashi describes her as a cute and pretty girl :O I wonder what she looks like hah. Apparently Karino lives in Hokkaido as well, the part of Japan where WORKING is set.

These two sounded like they were having a lot of fun talking. Hirohashi seems to get along pretty well with anyone despite how weird she is lol.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.12.02

The very popular radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Youhei’s CV Nakamura Yuuichi on the show.

– Hirohashi didn’t know what the “D” in Ono Daisuke’s nickname “Ono D” stood for and thought it stood for “Dynamite” ahaha. Ono then became known as “Ono Dynamite” on the YAMAKING radio lol.

Nakamura: *Reading the script* There’s been Fukuyama-san, “Dynamite-san” and Kamiya-san as a guest. …Who’s Dynamite-san?
Hirohashi: Ono-san.
Nakamura: …Eh?
Hirohashi: Ono Dynamite-san *laughs*
Nakamura: He’s got that kind of name?
Hirohashi: I didn’t know his name…
*Nakamura laughs*
Hirohashi: You know how he’s called “Ono D“?
Nakamura: Yeah Ono D.
Hirohashi: I was wondering what in the world it stood for and when I tried to think what it could be, the only thing I could come up with was “Dynamite” *laughs*

Hirohashi: I just found out that it’s for “Daisuke” though so it’s okay.
Nakamura: That’s great.
Hirohashi: That’s why it’s “D“!
Nakamura: Yeah… *Sarcastic* How confusing is that! Everyone should just call him Ono Daisuke!
Hirohashi: Yeah seriously!
Nakamura: You’d definitely think Dynamite in that sitation!
Hirohashi: Really!
Nakamura: The first thing you think of would be nothing else but Dynamite when you hear “D“! *laughs*
Hirohashi: Yeah! *laughs* …What’s your name again?
Nakamura: I wonder.
*Hirohashi laughs*
Nakamura: You just read out my name when you introduced me as a guest though.
Hirohashi: Ah I did! Yuuichi-kun!
Nakamura: Please remember it.
Hirohashi: Sorry, male names are always so hard to remember.
*Nakamura laughs*
Nakamura: *Sarcastic* Mmm… Seriously.
Hirohashi: It’s a nice name though!

– Nakamura and Tomatsu Haruka had already been cast for their characters before they did their April Fools characters. They then had them come in specifically to record the April Fools segment and when he asked why they had been cast as the April Fools characters as well they just gave a rough reason of “Well you’re appearing in the second season anyways, might as well have you voice these two as well”. So there was no special reason for them playing those two characters.

– I mentioned this before, but the Working event went far over time and Nakamura said that he was left standing and waiting for over 30 minutes at the entrance since the stage was still going lol. Apparently it was really hot as well so it was pretty bad OTL. Hirohashi laughs that they had thought that he’d be waiting leisurely in the dressing room until they were done.

– Nakamura says that he initially voiced Youhei as a simple idiot, but they asked him to make him cuter and tone down the stupidness of the character :O

– Nakamura mentioned that he’s worked at a supermarket before.

– Apparently Nakata Jouji has worked at a boat shop before :O

– Hirohashi says that she thinks Nakamura is an “ikemen[good looking young man] in every sense of the word lol.

– Among where he’s worked, Nakamura mentions the fruits section of the supermarket, a games shop, a cafe, a certain fast food chain and more. He started working part time from when he was in high school. He said he had lied about his age one time to work in the fruits section of the supermarket.

– Hirohashi mentions that Itou Shizuka had also worked in a games shop but laughs that  she just stayed at the back and played games during her shift lol.

– Nakamura says that the cast of Kimi ni Todoke had organised a gathering to go watch the Kimi ni Todoke movie last year around June/July but he couldn’t go due to work. They then called him while they were having fun saying “We’re having fun right now, what are YOU doing??” lol. I wonder if it was Sawashiro Miyuki who called him lol.

– Hirohashi says that the original WORKING manga author, Takatsu Karino, is cute :O

These two seem like they get along pretty well, it was a fun listen :D. They filled the one hour of talking easily and it looks like they could have gone for longer with no hassle. Amusingly Nakamura calls Hirohashi “Ryou-chan” while she calls him “Chuu-san” an alternate reading of the “Naka” kanji in his name lol.


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Hosts: Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi

Guest: Hirohashi Ryou
Date: 2011.08.24

Err I’ll just modify and reuse what I wrote about the new WORKING radio last time: ONOKING!! & SOKING!! AKA. Working’!! Radio Season Two #3 with (Ono)Satou and Souma. A new radio episode of YAMAKING for the second season of WORKING. It says Hirohashi’s a guest… But the episodes that has been released has just got members of the cast + Hirohashi as a guest so it’s pretty much just Yamaking under a new name lol. Also most people probably know this already but Ono and Kamiya is a popular combination that has worked with one another pretty often on radio with their very popular radio “Dear Girls Stories” that continues to air today at its… Err 230th episode? I don’t know the exact number but it’s been going for a while now.

– As a nickname, Hiroshi’s known as “C” and Ono’s known in that regard as “D” so they decide to name the combination of the three of them as “CD-R” lol.

– Amusingly they used Ono Daisuke’s name for the title instead of his character’s name ahaha. This was from when Fukuyama Jun guested on the previous episode where he laughed that if they bring on Ono they’d have to use his name lol.

– They say that Hirohashi couldn’t make it but left them a prerecorded message. After listening to it they say that she’s a pretty random person… And that she’s just sitting in front of them eating cake lol. Liesss she’s right there ahah.

– Apparently Nakamura Yuuichi was a surprise guest at the second WORKING!! event they held and he came up from the audience seating lol. The event seemed like it lasted three hours :O They commented that it was really long. It was originally planned to last two and a half hours but they accidentally went over :O. They were told that they were running out of recording tape/space and they needed to finish up the event near the end.

– Kamiya laughs that even though the screens on stage were communicating to them to finish up the event, the rest of the cast seemed to ignore it and kept talking leisurely haha.

– Kamiya says that Ono has a bad habit of being able to speak more when he finds out they need to finish up soon and Ono agrees heh.

– The cast had gone out to dinner together after the event ended.

– Apparently Ono had worked at a publishing firm before :O

– The next episode is planned to have Hirohashi on her own but Ono offers to come after she laments on how lonely it’ll be. I wonder if they’ll actually have him come on again? :O

They spoke a lot about the event. I realllly want to see it now. When is that DVD getting released anyways? :D


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Hosts: Fukuyama Jun, Asumi Kana
Guest: Hirohashi Ryou
Date: 2011.06.22

AKA. Working’!! Radio Season Two #1 with Taneshima and Takanashi. A new radio episode of YAMAKING for the second season of WORKING. It says Hirohashi’s a guest… But the next episode has been released with Fujita Saki and Kitamura Eri guesting Hirohashi again so it’s probably just Yamaking under a new name lol. This is the first time Fukuyama and Asumi have done radio work together.

– Asumi calls Poplar the “Mascot Character” and Fukuyama corrects her saying she’s a heroine! Lol, everyone loves to make fun at how Poplar got shafted for Inami <3

– Fukuyama says that although his schedule was free for the time Yamaking was recorded, he was never invited… Which disappointed him thinking that he wasn’t wanted lol. Poor Fukuyama~ I was thinking this as well, they had almost everyone come on to the radio, even the side characters like his sisters and Hyougo Otoo(Nakata Jouji!) why wasn’t Fukuyama invited! He concluded that it was done so he could come for the second season though haha.

– Hirohashi comes as a “guest” for this episode. The first thing she says is “…Why isn’t it Yamaking anymore…” lol. Fukuyama explains that if the title remained the same it would become a radio that seemed like it was made for him due to the “Yama” in Fukuyama. Lol yeah right.

– It’s also the first time Fukuyama has worked on radio with Hirohashi.

– Fukuyama loves ponytails and laments that they seem to be fading away recently :O

– Fukuyama mentions LEDs and says it as “L, E, D” with the letters separately which surprises Hirohashi. She wonders if it’s supposed to be said that way and the other two laugh that it’s not supposed to be pronounced “red” haha. Fukuyama then goes on to explain what a “Light Emitting Diode” is and the difference it has in lifetimes compared to conventional light bulbs.

– They for some reason get into a discussion of “The earth is small, it’s getting pretty cramped” with Fukuyama on that side and Hirohashi’s “The earth isn’t small, there’s just too many people!” lol.



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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.08.20

Yamada + WORKING!! =  YAMAKING!!. Radio for WORKING from mid last year guesting Takanashi Izumi’s CV, Hikasa Youko. Hirohashi mentions that today was the 13th of August, and Hikasa asks if it was alright to just blurt out the recording day lol.

– Hikasa comments that she’s never really talked to Kamiya Hiroshi much before. She goes on to say that she hasn’t spoken with Hirohashi much too. The first time they met was at a work party for WORKING.

– It looks like both of them have read the original manga.

– Hikasa sneezes midway through the radio. ‘Twas P. cutekasfljdkasjfk why do seiyuu have such cute sneezes!?

– Hikasa attended a girls high school and middle school :O

– Wow Hirohashi’s middle school had both genders change into their swimsuits together in the classroom :O What a crazy school lol. Hikasa was really startled by that idea. But yeah that is crazy. Just imagining the boys and girls changing into swimsuits together when they’re 16 years old is…. Wow OTL.

– Somehow the two of them get on the topic of if they’ve ever been spanked before, Hirohashi says she had all the time when she had done something bad at home but Hikasa says she was never hit. Hikasa asks about the sound of being slapped and what kind of noise it makes but Hirohashi laughs saying she was never hit bare.

– Hikasa says she’s worked part time at a Japanese sweets shop before as well as a sushi shop.

– Hirohashi comments on how pretty Hikasa’s standing posture is and that she’s always staring at her during recordings lol.

Hirohashi: “You know, I’ve always thought this but you’ve got some good muscles on you”
Hikasa: “*laughs* Really??”
Hirohashi: “Yeah, you’re so slim but you’ve got some muscles!”
Hikasa: “Well I used to do softball… But ever since then my muscles have pretty much melted away. It’s all soft now.”

Hirohashi: “Your standing posture is always really pretty too, I’ve always thought that during recordings.”
Hikasa: “Huh? But I slouch don’t I?”
Hirohashi: “Uh sorry I’m not watching that high, I’m always staring at your legs *laughs*”
Hikasa: “*laughs* Whaaat? Wait a moment…! *laughs* …Thanks”

– Hikasa says that she’s been told a couple of times that she looks like she’s got some Thai blood in her and Hirohashi says she looks French if anything… Really? French? Lol. She then goes on to say that if they had a blonde wig for her she could put it on and she’d be 100% French ahaha. Reeeaaalllyy??

– Hirohashi says she’s never once gotten any spam emails before :O. She continues to say that she’s getting pretty lonely that she’s the only one not getting any and hopes she’ll get some one day lol.

The radio has long ended on October last year but it came back for an episode on April this year for the announcement of the second season. I wonder if it’ll start up again once the second season starts up.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Kamiya Hiroshi
Date: 2010.10.15

Radio hosted by Yamada’s Hirohashi Ryou for the WORKING!! anime. This episode has Kamiya Hiroshi guesting.

Apparently next episode is the final episode. Maybe.

– Hirohashi says Nakata Jouji was the first guest on the 2nd episode, forgetting Asumi Kana lol. Kamiya lightly scolds her saying “Oi! She’s the heroine! How could you forget her??”

– Hirohashi: “I remember just looking at her feet during that episode” Hirohashi’s got some erojiji outbreaks every now and again lol

– Hirohashi says the announcement of next week’s episode being the last episode may just be a lie. Lol what? …I guess we’ll have to see?

– When asking Kamiya if he thinks Souma is an S or not Kamiya says he’s not sure, so Hirohashi declares him S due to the “S” in his name. Kamiya then says Satou is S as well going by that logic, and Hirohashi is completely dumbfounded by this revelation lol. She literally goes “:O” and goes speechless for the longest time lol. Kamiya in turn is surprised by how shocked she reacts.

– Kamiya says if he was to choose a character to marry in Working!! he’d choose Poplar. He didn’t give it much thought and it sounded really half-hearted so who knows if he really likes her the most lol.

– On the other hand he said he’d choose Otou-san if he was to choose a male character as a girl. Weird situation to consider really. For the other characters he said:

Big brother: Souma

Big sister: Inami

Little brother: Katanashi/Takanashi

Little sister: Yamada

– Hirohashi’s planning to go to Hokkaido(Working!!’s setting) next[November] month for a holiday.

– Kamiya talks about one time when he was mistaken for a random girl by his grandmother when he went out to meet her a while ago lol. I remember him mentioning another time when a convenience store attendant mistook him for a woman as well in another radio show lol.

– Kamiya notes that there’s only 4 people in the room, 2 staff other than the two personalities, and say’s it seems really empty. Only two staff members present really is a small gathering for a radio show, to compare, BlazBlue Radio has about 10-15 staff members present at each recording if I recall correctly, though that is one of the larger staffed radio shows.

Sometimes Kamiya’s really upbeat on his radio shows, and other times he’s really unenergetic lol. Either way he’s always pretty funny and always really witty. On that matter, he was his unenergetic self this episode. It still makes for an entertaining listening though.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Fujita Saki
Date: 2010.09.03

Radio for WORKING!! hosted by Hirohashi Ryou(Yamada) and a different guest from the show every week or so. By the way, the name comes from “Yamada + Working!! = YamaKing!!”. I still see Mountain King, or Yamada King but whatever.

– Saki starts off with a Miku impression lol, saying “I’m actually not human, I’m a robot” in Miku mode :D

– Saki mentions that she couldn’t stop laughing while she listened to the drama CD for Working!! Hmm I think I’ll go grab it now…. :D

– Hirohashi notes that though she has a good memory for some small things, she’s terrible at remembering things when it counts. She mentions that she couldn’t ever remember her underclassmen’s faces and names, to which Saki tells her off for lol.

– They talk a bit about the Working!! event a couple of months back, sounded fun :D, though they said they couldn’t remember it too well now since it was a few months ago.

– Hirohashi: “You three [who were singing the OP: Kitamura Eri, Asumi Kana, Fujita Saki] were great, you should just form a unit!”

– Hirohashi remembers the onsen episode in Working!! and notes that there are a lot of onsen episodes in various anime lol. She then hints at the fanservice reason behind it ahaha.

– They start talking about how self-conscious Inami was about her flat chest, Saki then mentions that in the audio commentary for that scene, where she was with Asumi Kana, they were talking about the same thing.

Hirohashi then notes that although Poplar’s small, she has a large chest lol.

Hirohashi: Poplar’s small, height wise, I mean but… She’s got a… “Properly” developed chest.

Saki: Rather than properly developed, I’d say it’s enviously big.

It’s funny to hear these things from the seiyuu themself heh.

– When talking about their past part time jobs they’ve done, Saki says she worked at a gym while she was at Uni. She continued to work there throughout the years she was in Uni.

– Listener sends in a mail where a lady in a rental video shop on occasion exclaims to her self “What a terrible name…” while filing AV videos. Hirohashi replies by saying “Ah I think I know that feeling… They might as well put a better name for them!” lol. Well yeah, there are some terrible names out there for AV movies aren’t there lawl. Also the two of them were treading around this mail pretty lightly haha.

YAMAKING!! still continues to this day, with Kitamura Eri guesting on the latest episode, and Hikasa Youko on the previous episode, it seems pretty popular as well. Hirohashi is a fun radio host :)

Koyama Rikiya x Hirohashi Ryou no Akane Iro ni Somaru Radio Season 2 #9

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Hosts: Hirohashi Ryo, Hatano Wataru
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.1.15

Radio hosted by Koyama Rikiya and Hirohashi Ryo for Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka. Koyama Rikiya is actually absent due to his stage acting work and is replaced by Hatano Wataru for this episode. This episode guests Toyosaki Aki and was recorded at 2009/1/15, which was the first time I actually heard of Aki and her personality on radio.

I felt like re-listening to the episode since I didn’t know anything about Aki the first time I heard it. It’s a shame Rikiya was absent though :(

– As tradition on the radio they decided to come up with a name for Aki. They ended up with the english word “Lover” from the kanji in her name “Love” and “Live/Born”. Loverlover~ lol

– When talking about what they did on New Years they all said they returned to their hometown. Hirohashi notes how busy her place is during this time due to her family running a temple.

– Hatano seemed pretty nervous.

– When asked if Aki drinks much alcohol she says that she loves drinking alcohol, to the other two’s surprise, saying that she doesn’t look like the type.

– On New Years she was drinking with her father till morning “NEW YEARS YEAHH!”

– Aki notes that she’s got a pretty high alcohol tolerance.

– I love the Situation Shiritori corner in this radio. What happens is that they get a role and a situation and they have to roleplay and adlib the scene but they must start their sentence with the last syllable of the previous person’s sentence, hence the shiritori name. The adlibbing and role playing gets pretty hectic and hilarious so it’s always a good laugh to listen to <3.

– This episode’s scene was “Three siblings sitting at the kotatsu discussing their first dream of the year” When discussing roles Hatano was designated as the big brother and was ecstatic to be called “Onii-chan” hah. He mentions that he has a little brother who calls him “Ani” but murmurs “…I’d love to have a little sister~” ahaha

– Hatano starts off with a long monologue about having a dream he had when he was 6 years old about a girl with long hair.

– Hirohashi goes next after Hatano, tsun-ing at him about how he was probably too drunk to remember his dream, then she starts talking about her dream but finishes off with “Ahh~ I can’t say it![in embarassment]” ending with the “i” syllable.

– To which Aki stumbles on for a bit before continuing with “Itai!” and explains that she hit herself on the kotatsu. Lol. She starts talking about her dream saying it smelt like mandarins. And then asks about the girl in Hatano’s dream.

– Hatano goes on to describe his dream and the girl saying she had blonde hair and was standing in a grass filled meadow/plain.

– Hirohashi exclaims “Hah are you trying to say that you’re so good that you can grab a foreigner girl? Hah!” Ahaha how horrible Hirohashi. “I’m embarassed to call you my brother!”

– Hirohashi then continues with her dream description saying it was her having her eyes covered from behind by a boy(who looks like her favourite actor)’s hand going “Who is it~”

– They ended up coming to a conclusion that had them all going overseas to look for his fated blonde haired girlfriend lol.

– Hirohashi announces that she’s bought a new digital camera…. But doesn’t really know how to use it and has left it alone and kinda unused lol. As expected of Hirohashi I guess OTL

I find it kinda interesting to read comments about Aki around this time since it’s a pretty unbiased first impression sorta thing :3.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryo
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: June 04, 2010

I’m so slow, I only just realised the name came from Yama[da] + [Wor]king, instead of Yamada + king[royalty] OTL. Asumi Kana guest!

– I love hearing seiyuu using different accents :3

– Seems like Asumi Kana hasn’t been guesting in radio in a while

– Asumi Kana watches WORKING!! late at night as it airs \o/ seems like the recording was done almost half a year ago for the latest episode.

– Hirohashi Ryo being lecherous staring at the cute seiyuu at the recording ahaha

– Asumi comments that Daisuke Ono, Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun seemed really close when she saw them at the recording. Well that’s not really news though lol.

[Asumi: They had conversations that were like middle school boys.]

– Asumi listened to #1 of YAMAKING!!

– For some reason I always thought Asumi was tall but she’s only 160 cm-ish :O

– If Asumi could choose a height to be she would choose to be 150. “Because its cute”

– Hirohashi: “I’ve never done a drive through before! …I wonder if I can do it with a bicycle?”

– Asumi’s first part time job was almost 10 years ago.

– Asumi’s worked as an OL [Office Lady] which Hirohashi exclaimed “Office Love!” to OTL

– “The cake is a lie” Portal material in a listener’s mail lol thats great.(Of course, Hirohashi & Asumi didn’t recognise it.)

I’ll keep an eye out the radio’s guests but I probably won’t keep listening to it unless a guest catches my eye. Or I hear something interesting about a particular episode.

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