Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #13

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.12.28

Yuuki Aoi’s second time guesting on Ben-To’s radio. The radio is ending with the next couple of episodes meaning she’ll be the last seiyuu to come guest during it’s broadcast. It looks like Brunette’s/Chapatsu‘s character Nakamura Eriko’s coming to guest on Ben-To’s DJCD special episode though.

– Shimono wails that everyone should buy the DJCD and if it doesn’t sell he despairs over how he’s gone through so much on this radio if it was all for nothing ahaha.

– Aoi mentions that this is her first job of the day.

– Go all out Aoi!

Aoi: Thanks for calling me a second time! I thought the things we talked about last time were too crazy so I wouldn’t be called in again…
Shimono + Ise: No way! It was great!
Shimono: We’ve had worse!
Aoi: Ah really??
Shimono: Yeah.
Ise: It was really crazy. A lot of it was censored out.

Shimono: Compared to that time you’re definitely okay!
Aoi: Ah! That means I can go as far as I want without worrying about it!
Ise: Yep! Go for it!

I’m guessing that they’re talking about the time with Katou Emiri lol. There was one whole conversation censored out in that episode.

– The Muscle Detective DVD bonus monologue…

Shimono: And that Muscle Detective monologue
*Aoi laughs*
Ise: Yeah the one that was included as a bonus in the DVD release.
Aoi: I was thinking that since it was a bonus I could go even crazier than normal.
Shimono: You took that after the anime recording on your own right?
Aoi: Yep.
Shimono: Hearing it was pretty amazing.
Ise: It really was!
*Aoi gets flustered and laughs nervously*
Aoi: What was so amazing about it? *laughs*
Shimono: I was talking to the director about it during the recording outside the booth and he was like “Wow this girl is a genius! She’s amazing!” the whole time!
Aoi: A genius with gay muscly men? *laughs*
*Ise laughs*
Shimono: *laughs* No not that!

The way Aoi reacts to being complimented is so sweet~


Aoi: That Muscle Detective bonus was really crazy *laughs*

Aoi: It was on two pages so the text was really small!

Shimono: And at the end you were all like “*flauahsyshfaaHUHASHUFsasshh*
*Aoi joins in*
Shimono + Aoi: *fluaashuuahashshhaAAAAHHH!!*
*They laugh*
Shimono: Something like that.
Aoi: It was fun!

That DVD extra is definitely as crazy as they described it, and more lol. Those interested in hearing Aoi/Oshiroi going berserk should look it up :D

Aoi continued to get censored over and over again throughout the radio to Shimono’s alarm lol. He tells her to keep her poor manager in mind when she says this sorta stuff. At the end of the radio she laments that thinking back now that she’s calmed down she probably shouldn’t have gone so far ahaha.

Aoi went crazy with the dirty jokes in this episode lol. It’s really hard to tell what exactly she said due to the censoring but from what I could hear they were definitely stuff that needed to be censored out ahaha.
たとえば 「三分=3P」 orz


Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #07

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Katou Emiri
Date: 2011.11.16

I kinda skipped this episode but I had the urge to hear some Emirin so I went back to listen to it. This episode has Shaga Ayame’s voice Katou Emiri on as a guest.

– Emiri was surprised that she landed the role of Ayame, thinking “Oh I can play these types of characters too!”. She mentioned that she auditioned for Oshiroi as well and thought it was a really difficult role :O The other two said they were surprised as well when they found out Emiri was playing that character but agreed that it worked out really well.

– Emiri laughs that she hasn’t voiced many characters with a big chest lol.

– The size of Ayame’s…

Shimono: What’s something about Ayame that you can’t quite agree with?
Emiri: Well… The size of her boobs! *laughs*
*Ise laughs*
Shimono: Yeah thats….
Ise: They’re pretty big aren’t they *laughs*

– Ise says that similarities appear between the characters and seiyuu after a while, pointing out Emiri and Ayame and goes on to mention the same for Yuuki Aoi and Kayano Ai as well. Emiri then laughs that Shimono is exactly like his character lol.

– About one of her character songs…

Emiri: The lyrics were really sexy! *laughs* Too sexy! Seriously!
Shimono: Yeah *laughs*, you showed us the lyrics one time a while back.
Emiri: Yeah saying “I’ll be singing this song!
Shimono: As well as “I haven’t heard the music yet but look at these lyrics! Aren’t they crazy?!” as you showed it to us *laughs*

Emiri laughed that she showed her manager and he was stunned by it but okay’d it lol. Shimono was surprised that he let it go by.

– Apparently Asaura, the author for the light novels, is there with them today :O He doesn’t say anything during the recording though.

– For some reason they start talking about Shimono’s fetishes lol. He mentions that he loves glasses as well as zettai ryouiki. Ise and Emiri then push him to talk about more and… It gets censored out lol. I wonder what it was they were talking about ahaha.

– Shimono reaffirms again that the girls in Ben-To are scary after being bullied by both Emiri and Ise throughout the episode ahaha.

Emiri(along with Ise as always) stabs Shimono pretty relentlessly lol, they get along pretty well it seems :O Now that I think about it Emiri and Shimono probably got to know each other from Baka Test. Well Shimono gets along well with pretty much anyone though~ :D

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #09

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.30

Episode 9 of Ben-To’s radio, incidentally all the guests they’ve brought on so far are girls, in order they were: Yuuki Aoi, Kayano Ai, Aimi (OP singer), Katou Emiri and now Inoue Asebi’s voice Taketatsu Ayana. By the way the guy in the photo on the floor at the back is Shimono Hiro haha.

Shimono laments that every time they bring a guest on he always gets picked on lol.

Ayana: Hmm? What do you mean “gets picked on“?
Shimono: Don’t ask…
Ise: Well every time we bring a guest, well they of course talk about their character and all while they’re here but on top of that, when Shimono-san is here they… Well look at him, don’t you feel it as well?
Ayana: Ahh
Ise: This feeling to…
Shimono: Hold on, stop! What are you leading this into?!
Ayana: I know what you mean!
Shimono: You do?!
Ayana: I’ve thought it from when we first met each other! *laughs*
Shimono: Wait what?! That was a very long time ago now though??

Shimono: That was a REALLY long time ago when we first met!
Ayana: It must be several years ago now.
Shimono: Really, from when we first met you were thinking this?!
Ise: She knows!

– What’s it like playing Asebi?

Shimono: What’s it like as Asebi? Was it hard playing a character that’s sick all the time?
Ayana: Well at first she was sick but after that… She hasn’t been sick at all recently *laughs* So that part wasn’t too difficult.
Shimono: What were you thinking while you were playing Asebi? *laughs*
Ayana: *laughs* Well she’s a really happy kid so I was just thinking happy thoughts while voicing her!
Shimono: Yeah when she’s all “Youuuu-kuuuuun~~~!” I think “Ah this girl’s definitely a happy kid” *laughs* But then I wonder what else she thinks of.
Ise: Yeah my image of her is that she’s always laughing. There are times where she’s pretty much laughing for the whole recording aren’t there? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, and they’ve asked me to adlib a lot of her lines, there are parts in the script where it’s written”Keep on laughing from here
Shimono: And they pretty much leave it to you how you want to do it too.
Ayana: Yeah and during the recordings while everyone is saying out their lines I’m just at the back laughing on and on. *laughs*
Ise: And you’ve been out of breath at times! *laughs*
Shimono: Yeah! There’ve been times when you were so out of breath and you were like “*AhahaAHahAHhhaha* How much *ahahaha* longer am I *ahhaha* going to be *hahaha* laughing on for? *hahahah*”
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: Yeah I did say that one time didn’t I? *laughs*
Shimono: But yeah that must have been pretty tiring. Laughing that much must really exhaust your stomach muscles.
Ise: Yeah.
Ayana: But it was fun~
Shimono: Ah that’s great then.

– Ayana mentions that she’s been wearing a white hat with attachable cat ears and Ise fangirls over how cute Ayana would look in them lol.

Their discussion about Ayana’s experience voicing Asebi was really interesting to me haha. Imagine laughing on and on for that long, on top of that she’s doing it at the back while everyone’s saying their lines, that’d be pretty surreal haha.
By the way Ayana and Shimono are from the same agency (I’m Enterprise) so the two of them have known each other for quite a long time now. Ayana entered the agency when she was… 16? (Was it? I can’t remember exactly so I might be off by a year or two) and probably met him around that time.

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #04

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Kayano Ai
Date: 2011.10.26

Episode 4 of Ben-To’s radio. This episode has Shiraume Ume’s seiyuu Kayano Ai coming in to guest. For some reason I’ve always thought Kayano was in her late 20’s but she’s only 24 :O

– Are you an M? S?
Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.

Kayano: Are you an M Shimono?
Shimono: Eh?! Whats is this all of a sudden?!
Ise: *laughs* I’m also interested in hearing this! Shimono-san are you an M?
Shimono: I’m not an M! I’m not a pervert as well!
Ise: Ehh how boring…
Shimono: What was that?!
Ise: *laughs* Nope, nothing!
Kayano: Ehh I thought being an M would fit you perfectly…
Shimono: What?! What are you saying?!
Kayano: Well it fits your character. So I thought you’d definitely be an M.
Shimono: Ah so you thought I’d be an M but not in the perverted way?
Kayano: Nope. Perverted as well.
Shimono: …What?
*Ise laughs*

Ise: But if Shimono was to call himself as S I’m pretty sure no one would believe him!
*Kayano laughs*

Shimono: What about you Kayano-san? Which would you say you are?
Kayano: Hmm I’d say I’m a bit… S. Actually I thought I wasn’t that much of an S before doing this role but… I am an S.
Shimono: I’ve noticed a lot of the cast who appears in Ben-To are all S… Especially the girls.
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: Ahh I think you’re right.
Shimono: And I think a lot of the guys are M *laughs*
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: You’re right! A lot of the guys seem like they want to be teased *laughs*
Kayano: They’re getting teased a lot aren’t they.
Ise: They’re all nice so even if you poke them a bit it seems like you can go further.
Kayano: Yeah and so you just keep going!

– What’s it like playing Shiraume, a character completely different from your previous characters?

Kayano: She really is different from any other character I’ve voiced so far. A girl like her that’s this S. I had to pull out as much S as I could from within myself to play her. And… Because of that I think my expression in front of the microphone must be really terrifying!
*The three of them laugh*
Shimono: Ah I really know what you mean.
Kayano: I must be putting out a really scary glare up there.
Ise: I think you’ve really done a great job with her though!
Kayano: Really?
Shimono: Yeah
Ise: Definitely!

– The staff brings in convenience store bentous in for the three of them, to their absolute delight :D

– Apparently Kayano’s stomach was grumbling so the appearance of the bentous made her really happy haha.

– In the last 5 minutes they say goodbye to Kayano… But it looks like she’s still there next to them, she’s just eating lol. You can hear her laughing or mmhmm’ing while chewing lol. She does make sure to point out “Ah Shimono-san you’ve got rice stuck on your mouth” with a full mouth though, even when he himself knew about it and was taking it off already haha.

Shimono: Why would you make sure to point that out when I already know about it! Oh… To make sure it gets recorded on radio… -__-

The two girls continued to tease and bully poor Shimono(senpai!) throughout the episode lol.
On a different note, I’ve been getting more interested in Kayano’s radio work recently. Perhaps I’ll start following her a bit more :O

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #02

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.10.12

Radio for the currently airing “Ben-To” anime. The radio is hosted by Satou You’s CV Shimono Hiro and Yarizui Sen’s CV Ise Mariya. This episode has Yuuki Aoi, who voices the character Oshiroi Hana, guesting on the show.

– Apparently Aoi’s been putting a lot of adlibs in her lines for the anime :O The other two loved her adlibs haha.

– Aoi mentions that she used to write stories as a hobby, similar in line to her drawing :O

– Your opinions and what you like about the show…

Aoi: The pacing and timing of the anime is great! The way they fight so seriously is weird but hilarious! Hmm what else… Oh.. And there’s… Butts and stuff… *trails off*
*Ise and Shimono laugh awkwardly*
Shimono: You’re going into that as well?
Aoi: But think about it! There’s tasty food! There’s laughs! And then there’s butts! It’s got all of mankind’s desires right there! It’s wonderful!
*Shimono laughs*
Ise: There’s breasts as well!
Aoi: Yeah!
Shimono: *laughs* …I see. Ben-To has mankind’s desires all in one place!
Aoi: Yep! So if you watch it you’ll be able to live a healthy life!
Shimono: *laughs* That is one AMAZING way to wrap up the anime!

– Ise laughs that she loves the fanservice haha.

– Your ecchi lines as Oshiroi…

Shimono: The show has Oshiroi saying some pretty… Explicit lines and stuff in the show. This might be kinda weird but what is it like saying these lines?
Aoi: Well, as a girl, at first I was quite taken aback with it…

Aoi: But you know how knowledge is power! The more you know! *laughs* You know how in the first episode Oshiroi was all… err.. moaning and stuff…
Shimono + Ise: Yeah that thing with her foot and all.
Aoi: Yeah, you know how if you go too far everyone finds it amusing so that’s been really fun! *laughs*

Aoi: And I’m still a minor remember! *laughs*

– Aoi says Oshiroi’s character song has some “amazing” lyrics that made her burst out laughing when she read them. She didn’t go into it that much but she mentioned something about “juices flying” lol. Yeahhhh.

I’ve missed hearing Aoi on radio~

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