Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #55

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.04.21

Aki guesting on Kanae’s ChoRaji! Girls to promote Sphere :O This was a day before the release of their debut single ‘Future Stream’. Incidentally, this was a bit under 3 weeks after K-ON aired. This was Aki’s first time guesting on her radio show. This episode aired while Shugo Chara’s radio was still active as well as about 5 months before the Railgun radio started.

– The two of them seemed a bit iffy at the start and they noted that it felt a bit weird to be talking one on one on radio, since they know each other well from meeting regularly in the Shugo Chara recordings and it’s radio show. Talking one on one is probably rare for them at this time.

– Aki was asked beforehand the question “What she’s currently interested in” and wrote “Giita” which Kanae asked “Jii…ta?” when reading the answer aloud lol. As everyone knows, Aki’s picked up the guitar ever since K-ON and Kanae also plays the guitar so it’s a nice bit of common ground for them. Though Kanae avoided the subject when Aki asked her about her own guitar playing.

– Ahaha Kanae says “debu[fat]” instead of debut when talking about Sphere’s debut single. “Sphere’s fatty” OTL

– When talking about how the C/W song for Future Stream, Treasures, was an image song for the MMO Trickster, Kanae is unsure of the meaning of an Online game lol, to Aki’s amusement.

– Apparently the filming of the Future Stream PV took a whole day to complete.

– Aki says that Sphere’s next new song was already completed at this time. Next song completed before the debut song’s release :O

– Kanae had trouble taking the lid off her whiteboard marker lol <3

– The two of them are asked to spell ‘Guitar’ in english and they both got it wrong lol. Aki said “Guweetirrrrr” when she displayed her answer <3

– Aki mentions she’s been bitten by a monkey before :O

– Aki tells Kanae that she reads her blog, to her embarassment. Kanae then replies saying she reads hers as well, and the atmosphere becomes pretty… Pink lol.

I miss Railgun radio :(


Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #11

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.06.10

Asumi  can be so evil sometimes lol <3 They make fun of how they don’t seem to be on good terms with each other sometimes but everyone knows they’re all close, they all go out with each other in their private time after all <3

– Kanae misreads an easy kanji and Asumi says “Oh well, Kanae is a elementary school student afterall!” lol Kanae tries to get that part cut out but it’s there in all it’s glory hah.

– First corner up is Ieba Ii Jyan! Where they adlib lines according to a scene and a character type that each of them pull out of a box. The loser takes a batsu game of saying an embarassing line prepared by the staff.

– The scene is when a girl catches her boyfriend cheating on her. the characters they pulled out are:

Nanae: A mean grandma (LOL Nanae always pulls out the grandma characters ahahha this must be 4 out of 5 times now?)

Kanae: Air headed and child like

Asumi: Ancient japanese princess

Aki: Super sexy night life nee-san character (ahaha)

– First up is Aki: Aki’s onee-san voice! \o/ she breaks out into laughter right as soon as she finishes hah. She also adds sound effects and stage directions, which she adds and reads out herself lol.

– Kanae’s was really cute asdkfjasfl;kajsdf

– Aki lost in the end ahaha batsu-game time!!

– The batsu game was to say something in a way that would “Make the cheating boyfriend come back to you” lol

– Aki says “…You’re the one I love the most~~!” tearfully. Asumi says “Ahh… well.. That’s so straightforward I don’t know how to react to that batsu game result…” to Aki ‘s dismay lol. Asumi you can be such a bully sometimes <3.

– The love consultation corner comes back as a regular corner as I suspected :O Asumi seems to be the main host with her onee-san voice lol.

– A 7 year old female listener sends in a mail asking what is it like to fall in love and Asumi answers saying some wonderful things such as “Falling in love is like… Being reborn again!” while the other three snickers in the background, and Asumi herself sometimes laughing and breaking the nee-san character ahaha.

Sometimes I think poor Aki gets pretty down from them teasing her so much :( Don’t worry Aki! Everyone teases you because they love you~

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #10

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


The continuation of an event recording. The event is a special live audience recording for people who had purchased the DVD box of the first season.

– A running gag on the radio is to respond to Nanae with “Are you angry?” whenever she does/say anything not quite genki lol. They must do it every episode, since she’s probably the least enthusiastic about anything out of all of them.

– I’m pretty sure the audience are all male AniOtas and not little children lololol OTL

– First episode is “Catch the Feeling” …Of which Aki is on her last point before needing to do the batsu game lol.

– Curses, the theme is to do with the four seiyuu doing poses… Ie. Radio listeners have no idea what’s happening OTL

– Poor Aki is always being teased in the radio lol.

– The poses were “Reaction when meeting a bear in the woods”, “Waking up one morning and finding out they’ve changed into a boy (lol Aki mentions something about a pose she can’t do here like this, what pose Aki? What? ahaha)” and “Special attack pose”,

– Aki talks Kanae into doing the sexy komanechi with her hah.

– Aki doesn’t lose any points but doesn’t win as well so she’s still on 1 point. I don’t want Aki to lose but… I want to see her take the Batsu game lol >:D

– The four of them switched to onee-san voices for the next corner “Love Consultation”, a corner made especially for the event, though I think I’ve heard it elsewhere before, perhaps it becomes a recurring corner later on, They kept making fun at each other’s change in voice and personalities lol.

Next episode has them back at the recording studio. Live recording are normally fun but these two were pretttty visual oriented which alienates the radio audience so I’m kinda glad it’s over. It’d be really fun to see it in person though lol I wish I could see the poses Kanae did <3

Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #9

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


Live audience recording done on 14th of May, 2008. The event was only for people who bought the box set of Shugo Chara it seems. The same four radio personalities are present, I wonder if they ever have guests come on to the show, though a five person radio might be a bit hard to listen to, I still want some guests to come on :D

– Kanae asks Aki to start off with a pun to energize everyone lol.

– First corner is Ieba Ii Jyan where the four of them have to adlib lines for a situation and the loser gets a batsu game of saying an embarassing line. They weren’t looking forward to saying their lines in front of an audience, as expected, the stuff they have to say can be pretty embarassing lol. This time though, instead of the staff deciding the winner, the audience decides who wins. Additionally the batsu game is an embarassing pose instead of a line ahaha, I wonder what it’ll be, I look forward to it >:D.

– The situation for this episode was a scene where the boyfriend has cooked something for their girlfriend yet as it’s his first time cooking he’s pretty much stuffed it up. What they have to adlib is what the girlfriend says once she’s eaten what he’s cooked, while chewing. Additionally they pull out what kind of personality they have to act as from a box.

– Nanae was first up pulling out “moe moe mahou shoujo character” ahaha

They comment that this is the most normal one she’s pulled out saying “Well she’s only pulled out ones like being an old man, or another one where she pulled out an old man, and also an old man” Hah thats true, she’s pulled out alot of old man characters lol.

– Second was Aki with Kansai accent old woman lol, it’s Aki’s turn with the old person role.

– Third was Asumi with “Rock n roll girl”

– And lastly Kanae, “Alien character” ahaha. Asumi says “Oh you’ve got that character down easily! Just speak normally and you’ll be fine” ahaha Asumi your so awesome <3

– They comment about how mismatched the couples were “A boy with an alien girlfriend?” “And a boy with an old woman as a girlfriend…?”.

– During their thinking time Kanae yells out “Ehhh how am I supposed to do this??” And Asumi replies again with “You just need to act as yourself”

– Nanae adds “-pyon!” to her adlib with a really forced high voice ahaha.

– Aki had a good oba-chan voice :O

– Kanae’s was great, she put on a robotic voice and got so embarassed at the end that she yelped out a “yan!” when she finished. <3 Asumi tells Nanae “Now that’s what moe is”

– The audience puts up their hand when they’re asked who they think lost.

Nanae had 15.

Aki had 1.

Asumi had 1.

Kanae had more than 15 by a fair amount, I’m prettty sure everyone chose Kanae so she’d do the pose lol. Aki follows it up with “Whoever thinks Kanae was cute put your hand up!”

– The pose Kanae had to do was “a sexy komanechi” [ ]

– I feel sorry for Kanae lol

– Next up is a new corner for the event only. The four of them gets questions like “Who out of the four of them is the most ____” and they answer it. They then match the answers from the audience

– They agree that Asumi seems the most reliable out of the four of them, to Asumi’s surprise. They note that she’s like the person leading the radio. Seems like I’m not the only one noticing that. On top of that the audience votes Asumi as well heh. [Asumi: “Ehh I think everyone’s mistaken. Everyone has trouble judging someone’s personality I’m thinking.”]

The ranking was like this:

1st Asumi

2nd Nanae

3rd Kanae

4th Aki :(

– Asumi loves playing Solitaire it seems.

– Next question was “If they were stuck on a deserted island who would be the most likely person to hide food from everyone. Lol everyone agrees to not decide between themself who they thought would be the person and moves on to the audience vote.

– First was Aki. As if! Aki is niceeee~ D:<

– 2nd was Kanae

3rd was Asumi

4th was Nanae

Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #8

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
– Talking about things each one of them do every day.

Nanae: Drink a cup of sweet milk tea every morning. Her mum said it helps her throat so she’s been trying it for herself.

Asumi: Check her phone for fortune telling stuff every morning, though she forgets about it completely by the afternoon regardless if its a good fortune or bad fortune. Everyone else replies saying that they look up their own fortunes on the phone as well. Kanae checks her fortune at the end of the day to check if it was correct or not, rather than before the day starts.

The conversation gets pretty sidetracked and Aki & Kanae just talks about what they do in the morning or how they read their fortunes.

– As a side note about their blood types.

Asumi: AB

Kanae: B

Nanae: O

Aki: AB

– Aki talks about how lonely she feels living alone again, starting out with “Don’t think of me as a sad person but…”. She says that in the morning she says ‘”Good morning” to her plants and talks to them. <3 Aki. When asked if she gives them names, she refuses to answer… She probably does hah.

Of course everyone’s reaction to that was a bit… Iffy lolol

– This episode’s corner was Chara-nari Challenge. Incidentally the point chart is looking something like this.

Asumi – 5

Aki – 2

Nanae – 7

Everyone started with 5 points, getting to 0 means BATSU GAME, getting to 10 is an unspecified reward. Go Aki!

– Asumi won this episode again, And Aki lost hah. Aki is inching ever so closer to the Batsu game.

– A Toyosaki Aki Pun corner was added at the very end of the episode ahaha, I wonder if they’ll be doing this every week.

Oh wait was there one in a previous episode that I missed…? Hmm…










Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #5

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
– I just realised I missed one episode.

– The four of them mention Asumi Kana’s love confession at the start of this episode. I forgot it was just last episode. That portion was <3.

– While talking about places they were thinking about going to together they started talking about rollercoasters. Itou Kanae was against rollercoasters and couldn’t handle them while everyone else seemed okay with them. Aki mentioned that she loved them.

– This episode’s corner was “Catch the feeling, Chara-nari challenge” Where Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae and Toyosaki Aki attempt “challenges” centred around Itou Kanae.

– The challenge this time around was centred around puns.

– Aki seems to love puns, the way she was laughing at her own ones after saying them was hilarious.

And adorable <3.

– Aki exclaims “Wow I’m hilarious!” while delivering her puns. Ouch Aki~ ahaha. But that’s what’s so loveable about you~ lolol.

– I loved Aki’s puns… But Asumi won. Then again it might have been my own bias due to how Aki acted. Oh well.

Incidentally, Itou Kanae’s ones were the worst hah.

Is it just me or does it seem like Asumi is leading the radio the most out of the four of them? Not that I’m complaining of course, Asumi is an awesome radio host <3

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #7

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae

Wow the title looks terrible romanised.

– Shugo Chara radio hosted by Ito Kanae, Asumi Kana, Toyosaki Aki and Katou Nanae. This was in 2008 so it was before K-On! and pretty much before Ito Kanae and Toyosaki Aki became the big names they are today.

– Asumi Kana is as wonderful as ever.

– I know next to nothing about Katou Nanae.

– A listener sent in a mail asking about their hometowns and their dialects. The four of them start talking in their own dialects and it’s pretty interesting to hear. Though Itou Kanae doesn’t really have one, the other three were fun.

Asumi Kana: Fukuoka

Toyosaki Aki: Tokushima

Ito Kanae: Nagano

Katou Nanae: Ibaraki

Asumi exclaimed “Thats not even Japanese anymore!” when Aki started speaking in her dialect.

– In this episode’s corner where they have to adlib lines for a situation, the situation was inviting the person you love for hanami. Katou Nanae groaned loudly when she heard it hah.

– They had to speak their lines as a boy, as well as a personality type which they pulled out at random from a box. Nanae always pulls out the weirdest ones hah, how does this happen everytime?!

– Kanae lost this episode hah, which means she gets the embarassing line batsu game.

Which was: Something a girl would say in her sleep to *kyun* her boyfriend. kjflasdkjfsadkjf Kanae was so embarrassed while doing it ahaha.

– The staff decided that they’d have everyone else do it as well. Thats so horrible, GJ Staff! lolol They agreed to it if Kanae had to do it again as well hah.

I love what the staff, corners and show puts the seiyuu through. They’re always complaining about wanting to go home throughout the show ahaha.

Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #115

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Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Koshimizu Ami

This episode’s guest is Koshimizu Ami.

– I never realised Kanae and Ami were the same age. I always thought Ami was years older D:

– Kanae had a shopping sticker stuck on her clothing, without her knowing, at the start which Ami peeled off. It then went back on to Kanae on her arm, and then onto the table.

– Kanae pressed the panic bell accidentally while doing hand gestures, to which the Kimi ni Todoke OP song played on queue ahaha.

– I still don’t get whats with the “Yurusenai” stuff thats around Koshimizu Ami.

– Ami was promoting her new unit with Sanpei Yuuko, Plafyini(?)

– The beginning had alot of talk about Plafyini and their new single. Kinda boring really lol.

– Ami forced Kanae to read a mail with a “nya” at the end of each sentence hah. And then “daisuki nya”

– When Ami first saw Kanae she though “Small! Omochikaeri small!”

Perhaps if I enjoyed the “Sexual harassment(lol)” corner more I would’ve been more entertained lol.

Toaru Radio no Railgun #32

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae
Guests: Satou Rina, Arai Satomi

Final episode of Radio Railgun ;_;. Guests for this episode are Arai Satomi and Satou Rina.

– Itou Kanae and Toyosaki Aki’s child voice was great before, but it’s getting better with each episode lol, so cute <3

– They each had to imitate a certain part of each character hah.

Toyosaki Aki: Kuroko’s right twintail

[I’m the right twintail- desu no]

Itou Kanae: Uiharu’s flower hair accessory

Arai Satomi: Misaka’s railgun coin.

[..I’m coin number 47… She sure shoots alot… They won’t ever come back…]

Satou Rina: Saten’s bat she used in the last episode.

And so ends one of my favourite radio shows. I’ll miss you ;_;

Toaru Radio no Railgun #29

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae

– Listener sends in mail about passing his tests, and asks for congratulations from their characters. I love it when Seiyuu switch into character <3

– They played Uiharu’s Character song. It’s not too bad really. Then again Misaka’s one was pretty good too. Kuroko’s was kinda… off though lololol.

Three more episodes to go till the finish ;_;

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