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Hosts: Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi

Guest: Hirohashi Ryou
Date: 2011.08.24

Err I’ll just modify and reuse what I wrote about the new WORKING radio last time: ONOKING!! & SOKING!! AKA. Working’!! Radio Season Two #3 with (Ono)Satou and Souma. A new radio episode of YAMAKING for the second season of WORKING. It says Hirohashi’s a guest… But the episodes that has been released has just got members of the cast + Hirohashi as a guest so it’s pretty much just Yamaking under a new name lol. Also most people probably know this already but Ono and Kamiya is a popular combination that has worked with one another pretty often on radio with their very popular radio “Dear Girls Stories” that continues to air today at its… Err 230th episode? I don’t know the exact number but it’s been going for a while now.

– As a nickname, Hiroshi’s known as “C” and Ono’s known in that regard as “D” so they decide to name the combination of the three of them as “CD-R” lol.

– Amusingly they used Ono Daisuke’s name for the title instead of his character’s name ahaha. This was from when Fukuyama Jun guested on the previous episode where he laughed that if they bring on Ono they’d have to use his name lol.

– They say that Hirohashi couldn’t make it but left them a prerecorded message. After listening to it they say that she’s a pretty random person… And that she’s just sitting in front of them eating cake lol. Liesss she’s right there ahah.

– Apparently Nakamura Yuuichi was a surprise guest at the second WORKING!! event they held and he came up from the audience seating lol. The event seemed like it lasted three hours :O They commented that it was really long. It was originally planned to last two and a half hours but they accidentally went over :O. They were told that they were running out of recording tape/space and they needed to finish up the event near the end.

– Kamiya laughs that even though the screens on stage were communicating to them to finish up the event, the rest of the cast seemed to ignore it and kept talking leisurely haha.

– Kamiya says that Ono has a bad habit of being able to speak more when he finds out they need to finish up soon and Ono agrees heh.

– The cast had gone out to dinner together after the event ended.

– Apparently Ono had worked at a publishing firm before :O

– The next episode is planned to have Hirohashi on her own but Ono offers to come after she laments on how lonely it’ll be. I wonder if they’ll actually have him come on again? :O

They spoke a lot about the event. I realllly want to see it now. When is that DVD getting released anyways? :D

Random Radio Scribbles 2

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Stuff gathered from my Soup miniblog.

From Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n #17, 2011.01.24

A couple of weeks back Iguchi had randomly seen Asumi Kana in a clothing store, but Asumi had not yet noticed her. Iguchi then snuck up behind her and said “Ah! Are you Asumi Kana?? Can I have your autograph!?” lol.
Asumi was surprised at first and when she turned around she was kinda flustered, then saw it was Iguchi and was like “… Eh. Iguchi…” Ahahah I wish I could see that reaction :D
Incidentally, she’s also bumped into Toyosaki Aki randomly in a clothes store recently as well.
These random encounters usually happen right after work, so I guess it can happen often since they sometimes browse the stores near the studio right after a recording.

Speaking of seiyuu bumping into each other outside work…

I remember an early episode of Macross F Radio where Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakamura Yuuichi mentioned that randomly coming across another seiyuu outside work wasn’t that uncommon quoting a time recently (back when Macross Frontier had just started) where Nakamura was greeted by May’n at a train station, before he even knew her.

He was wondering who this random girl who was openly talking to him was till she noticed he didn’t recognise her, she then introduced herself as May’n and then he realised she was the singer for Sheryl.

Nakamura and Kamiya agreed that it happens rather often due to the work times and places they go to being reasonably similar for everyone in the business.

P.S. Nakamura(+Kamiya) was really surprised how easily May’n came up and spoke to him out of nowhere at the station, and admired her courage for being able to speak to someone she hadn’t met before when she randomly spotted them outside of work. May’n sounds like a wonderful person :D


Sugita and Nakamura about Love Plus from Sugita Tomokazu’s Anigera! Dedoooon #13

– Nakamura when he gets a bad end in Love Plus (where you end up with none of the girls)
Nakamura: “That damn girl, she looked at me with such loving eyes, how did I get a bad end!”

– Sugita explains how Love Plus works with real time events.
Nakamura: “Eh? Real time? So if I log on at 2 AM, I might find her sleeping with another man.”
Sugita: “As if that would happen!”
Nakamura: “No, well she’s a girl after all y’know, you don’t know for sure”
Lol Nakamura, that’s a wonderful view to hold right there OTL

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou #88 + #89

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Hosts: Kamiya Hiroshi, Shintani Ryouko
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2009.05.20, 2009.05.27

For those who don’t remember/know Sugita’s character in SZS, he’s a person who loves old things and rejects new things. The word for “old” is “kyuu”. With this they make a joke in the opening on Shintani’s name replacing the “Shin” (which means new) to “Kyuutani” lol. I love puns :D

– Shintani goes completely quiet when the two of them start talking about old games lol. Poor Shintani can’t keep up lol.

– Shintani decides to forgo talking and starts playing Monster Hunder on a PSP while the two of them ramble on about games lol.

– Shintani makes a little yelp out of nowhere while the two were talking since something surprised her in Monster Hunter lol. She apologises and tells the two of them to continue.

– Sugita and Kamiya has played Amagami and they’ve mentioned it from time to time on radio lol. Shintani voices one of the heroines in Amagami, Rihoko.

Sugita: “Shintani! Shintani!”
Shintani: “Huh?”
Sugita: “There’s a hole under this fence, we can use it to go to school!”
Shintani: “No! No” *laughs*
Sugita: “Don’t worry I’ll go first AHH YOU GOT STUCK”

Ahaha Amagami reference :D

– Sugita plays Galge/Visual Novels with his arcade stick console lol. He also mentioned that he wanted to try playing with a DDR mat as it might give him the experience of playing the Galge with his whole body… Or something like that ahaha.

– Left4Dead reference! It looks like both Sugita and Kamiya plays it :D

Lol there’s no way I can keep up with the two of them too. I have no idea about any of these old japanese games OTL

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou DJCD 4 Special 2

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Hosts: Shintani Ryouko, Kamiya Hiroshi
Guest: Inoue Marina
Date: 2008.08.05

Moar SZBH.

– Marina arrived an hour before the recording started and met Shintani it seems.

– Marina had wanted to come guest but she said she never got an invitation to come to the show D:
Kamiya: “But you were too busy to come guest all the time.”
Marina: “I never got invited! I’m never busy!”
Kamiya: “Eh you’re on like every single magazine, magazine cover and poster everywhere”

– Kamiya likes Tanii Asuka’s(Komori Kiri) voice more than Gotou Yuko’s lol. Well he’s a big fan of her voice so I’m not surprised.

– Inoue Marina is pretty <3
Kamiya: “No matter what Inoue Marina wears she looks great!”
Shintani: “I agree!”

– Marina paid 500 yen to Asumi Kana to touch her chest lol, Kamiya says that 500 yen is nothing, and Shintani adds on that she touches her for free ahaha. Kamiya then says that he’d pay 5000 to touch her OTL.

The whole touching of chests thing continued and grew worse until the corner ended lol.

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou DJCD 4 Special 1

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Hosts: Kamiya Hiroshi, Shintani Ryouko
Guest: Saitou Chiwa
Date: 2008.08.05

SZBH bonus episode bundled with it’s 4th radio CD. The radio CD had two bonus episodes, one with Otonashi Meru’s Saitou Chiwa and Kitsu Chiri’s Inoue Marina.

– Apparently Chiwa didn’t voice Meru in the first season due to scheduling reasons but came in from the second season onwards.

– The radio episode was recorded right after lunch, which Chiwa said made her really relaxed.

– A listener asks Chiwa why she had never called Shintani to guest on Pani Poni’s radio which she hosted, Shintani feigns hurt while Chiwa doesn’t remember if she guested or not then blames scheduling.

– Looks like the staff for SZBH is the same for Pani Raji Dash lol.

– A listener send in a mail about his girlfriend calling him by another boy’s name occasionally. The corner has listeners sending in despairful situations and the seiyuu have to think up a way that it could be viewed in a positive light. Chiwa giggles when she hears the mail at first but then says:
Chiwa: “Well you know it depends on what she’s calling you, such as Kamiya Hiroshi, instead of Hiroshi I could call you Harrison Ford and that would be pretty cool wouldn’t it?”
Kamiya: “Well thats IF the name was was Harrison Ford!!”

Kamiya trying to convince the two girls how bad it is to call the person you’re dating another person’s name
Kamiya: “Well say I was dating Ryouko, if I was like ‘Hey Chiwa—- Um, I mean Ryouko’ how would you feel!?”
Shintani: “I love Chiwa so I’d be fine with it!”
Chiwa + Shintani: “Yeah!!”

-Shintani and Kamiya apparently met Nakajima Megumi before the recording started, possibly after another radio recording… Macross F Radio perhaps?

I love SZBH, it’s definitely one of the more entertaining radios around <3. And it still continues today at it’s 176th episode :D

Macross F○※△ #17

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Hosts: Nakamura Yuuichi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakajima Megumi
Guest: Toyoguchi Megumi
Date: 2008.07.29

Radio for Macross Frontier. The show is mostly hosted by Nakamura and Kamiya, Nakajima only participates in a couple of the corners as well as the ending, which is the same for the guest. The show goes for only 30 minutes and airs 2 or so songs as well so the time for which the guest actually appears is rather short.

– Nakajima’s first words to Toyoguchi on the show is “I’m a fan of yours” :D Apparently Toyoguchi voiced the protagonist in an anime she loved, I think it was “Super GALS”  around 9 years ago :O Incidentally Kamiya also voiced a role in that anime.

– Nakajima tells Toyoguchi that the two of them bully her in the radio, to which she scolds them for lol. They blame the script, saying that they just read it word for word, but Toyoguchi says that the script is empty. Also those two adlib like crazy anyway lol.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his 9 year old daughter loving Macross Frontier and Kamiya is shocked that he’s the same age as the listener, yet he doesn’t have any children lol. Toyoguchi agrees and laments with him which he then says to her “Megumi, lets get married and have children” LOL. She refuses (of course ;) ).

I’ve heard that Kamiya and Toyoguchi are pretty close friends though I haven’t actually listened to them together myself. Macross F radio continues today at it’s 129th episode. Also Toyoguchi has guested 3 more times after this episode to this date, in fact she was their latest guest on it’s 124th episode along with Endou Aya.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Kamiya Hiroshi
Date: 2010.10.15

Radio hosted by Yamada’s Hirohashi Ryou for the WORKING!! anime. This episode has Kamiya Hiroshi guesting.

Apparently next episode is the final episode. Maybe.

– Hirohashi says Nakata Jouji was the first guest on the 2nd episode, forgetting Asumi Kana lol. Kamiya lightly scolds her saying “Oi! She’s the heroine! How could you forget her??”

– Hirohashi: “I remember just looking at her feet during that episode” Hirohashi’s got some erojiji outbreaks every now and again lol

– Hirohashi says the announcement of next week’s episode being the last episode may just be a lie. Lol what? …I guess we’ll have to see?

– When asking Kamiya if he thinks Souma is an S or not Kamiya says he’s not sure, so Hirohashi declares him S due to the “S” in his name. Kamiya then says Satou is S as well going by that logic, and Hirohashi is completely dumbfounded by this revelation lol. She literally goes “:O” and goes speechless for the longest time lol. Kamiya in turn is surprised by how shocked she reacts.

– Kamiya says if he was to choose a character to marry in Working!! he’d choose Poplar. He didn’t give it much thought and it sounded really half-hearted so who knows if he really likes her the most lol.

– On the other hand he said he’d choose Otou-san if he was to choose a male character as a girl. Weird situation to consider really. For the other characters he said:

Big brother: Souma

Big sister: Inami

Little brother: Katanashi/Takanashi

Little sister: Yamada

– Hirohashi’s planning to go to Hokkaido(Working!!’s setting) next[November] month for a holiday.

– Kamiya talks about one time when he was mistaken for a random girl by his grandmother when he went out to meet her a while ago lol. I remember him mentioning another time when a convenience store attendant mistook him for a woman as well in another radio show lol.

– Kamiya notes that there’s only 4 people in the room, 2 staff other than the two personalities, and say’s it seems really empty. Only two staff members present really is a small gathering for a radio show, to compare, BlazBlue Radio has about 10-15 staff members present at each recording if I recall correctly, though that is one of the larger staffed radio shows.

Sometimes Kamiya’s really upbeat on his radio shows, and other times he’s really unenergetic lol. Either way he’s always pretty funny and always really witty. On that matter, he was his unenergetic self this episode. It still makes for an entertaining listening though.

Macross F○♪△ #95

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Hosts: Nakamura Yuuichi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakajima Megumi
Guest: Tomokazu Sugita
Date: 2010.1.26

The other Macross F radio episode that has Sugita guesting, about 9 months after his first guesting. For those wondering about the title of the radio show, the show goes through seasons with each season seeing a new set of symbols after the “F” in the title. Additionally, with the start of each show a new title is used, keeping the “Macross” + a second phrase of sentence starting with “F”. This episode’s title was “Macross Fanatic Crisis”.

– Sugita mentions that “He didn’t think that he’d be invited as a guest a second time”

– They mention that during the recording there weren’t many toilet breaks and says that Hoshi Souichiro next to him really needed to go but was holding it in for a long time lol.

– Oh, it looks like it was Kamiya’s birthday, they celebrated it on the show by bringing in cake :O

– This was the second time they’ve celebrated Kamiya’s birthday on the show and Kamiya notes that this was the first time his birthday’s been celebrated more than once on the same radio show.

– Sugita bought Kamiya some sneakers for his birthday. The same ones that Sugita himself wears lol.

I’ve been putting a lot of Sugita x Nakamura stuff here recently… I normally stay away from the whole male seiyuu x male seiyuu fandom but Sugita’s definitely one of the more interesting personalities in the seiyuu world and his friendship with Nakamura is amusing to see and hear about.

Macross F○※△ #56

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Hosts: Nakamura Yuuichi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakajima Megumi
Guest: Tomokazu Sugita
Date: 2009.4.28

Macross Frontier radio hosted by Nakamura Yuuichi (Alto), Kamiya Hiroshi (Mikhail) and Nakajima Megumi (Ranka). There’s always been a lot of talk about Sugita on Macross F radio to the point that the hosts of the show have made up a mock corner named “This week’s Sugita” whenever they start talking about him.

He has always been a guest that listener’s have requested in mail to come on to the show but they haven’t really guested him until this episode, almost two years after they’ve started broadcasting. To this date, they’ve had him guest one more time on 2010.01.28.

– Kamiya seems to be the person who told Sugita about his character on Macross before he auditioned for it, saying he thought the character would fit Sugita.

– When Megumi was asked “What was your first impression of Sugita” She mentions that it was around the recording of the third episode when Sugita randomly went up to her and asked “Hey this is cute isnt it?” while brandishing his shell mobile phone strap:

He then went on to say “Nakamura’s pretty scary isn’t he? But he’s actually pretty shy so there’s no need to be afraid of him” Megumi’s impression of him from that was “Ah he must be a nice person if he’s worrying about us like that”

– They mention that the Macross Frontier Chief Director Kawamori Shouji listens in to the show.

Regardless of what I think of her voice acting ability, Mamegu is pretty cute on radio <3

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