Nagi no Asu KaRadio #01

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Name: 凪のあすからじお
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Kayano Ai
Date: 2013.09.25

Radio for the upcoming P.A. Works anime Nagi no Asu Kara. Look at this pairing! I was praying to see this combination on the Guilty Crown’s radio but it never came to be… And now they’re co-hosting a weekly radio! As far as I can tell they’re pretty familiar with each other but they haven’t spoken to each other alone too often.

– Radio start!

Kana: I’m pretty happy that the radio’s started~
Kayano: I think this is the… first time we’ve been on radio together?
Kana: I think so too.
Kayano: It is!
Kana: And we’re both hosting the radio too!

– Wasshoi!

Kana: *reading the script* We’ll be livening up the radio—
Kayano: Wasshoi!!
Kana: Oh!
*They both laugh*
Kana: You sure are livening things up!
Kayano: …Yep!
Kana: …Thanks
*They both laugh*

Ahh this atmosphere where they’re sensing each other out is the best part about these new radio combinations :D

– The radio has them introducing themselves to each other

Kayano: A Self introduction?!
*They both fumble around a bit*
Kana: …I’m from the Osawa agency! My name is Hanazawa Kana!
Kayano: People from Sigma Seven introduce themselves like that a lot *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* They do!
*They both laugh*
Kana: My special skill is…!
Kayano: Oh??
Kana: …Nothing really *laughs*
Kayano: *laughs* What?!?! Say one!
Kana: I don’t have any! *laughs*
Kayano: There must be one!
Kana: Umm…
Kayano: How about cooking??
Kana: …Cooking??
Kayano: Yep!
Kana: I don’t… Take it seriously enough to be proud of it…
Kayano: Ehh?? I don’t think so! From what I’ve heard you’re definitely good enough!
Kana: *laughs* Then cooking it is!

This whole self-introduction thing is kinda awkward ahaha.

– Kayano’s turn!

Kayano: I’m from ProFit! *laughs* My name is Kayano Ai!
Kana: Yay!
Kayano: My special skill is… Umm… Taking walks??
Kana: *laughs* That’s a hobby not a skill!
Kayano: *laughs* That’s true! Umm… Getting up early then!
Kana: *gasps* That’s great!

– Apparently Kayano sunburns easily, she mentions a time when she went with a friend to the beach and she ended up tanned brown while her friend was unaffected.

– Kana calls Kayano “Kayanon”~

– Anime recording seating positions

Kana: *half whisper* We’re… Sitting next to each other in the anime recordings aren’t we~
Kayano: Yeah~
*They both laugh*

Kayano: In order from left to right it’s… [Ishikawa] Kaito-kun, Oosaka [Ryouta]-kun, Hanae [Natsuki]-kun, then me, Kana-chan, [Ishihara] Kaori-chan and lastly Mikakoshi [Komatsu Mikako].
Kana: Yup! The group of boys are like a Boy’s high school.
*They both laugh*
Kayano: That’s true!
Kana: They’re pretty lively~
Kayano: Yeah they get along really well!
Kana: They do!
Kayano: They’re always in their group of three, giving off that high school feeling.
Kana: And then on our side we’re just teasing Kaori-chan!
*They both laugh*
Kayano: That’s right! We were tickling her the other day weren’t we! *laughs*
Kana: Yeah!! She’s just so cute!
*They both burst out laughing*
Kayano: She is! I know what you mean!

The two of them go on about how the recordings feel more like a school due to how everyone’s around the same age. Sounds like a fun recording! Kana’s been going on about how adorable Ishihara Kaori is on her HitoKana. (Her words were something along the line of “If I had a daughter I’d want her to be like Ishihara Kaori”) I’m amused that they were tickling her though :D

– Watch the PV!

Kana: If you haven’t watched the PV you should watch it now!
Kayano: Yup!
Kana: It’s really pretty!
Kayano: And Kana-chan’s—
Kana: Oh??
Kayano: Your Manaka… And what she said… It was really good!
Kana: Ah!! I’m being praised!
*Kayano laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Kayano: Kaito-kun, who plays Tsumugu-kun, was saying “Ah this is wonderful…”
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Thanks! I’m glad to hear that!

Kana got a bit embarrassed when she was praised there!

The radio was rather relaxed and it looks like it’s gonna stay that way… Now that I think about it, every radio with Kayanon turns into a pretty slow paced radio haha. I’m not sure if I’ll keep up to date with it on here but I’ll definitely continue listening in!

P.S. Here’s a quick translation of what they wrote on the radio page after the recording.

Hanazawa Kana: This is the first radio I’m doing alone with Kayanon!! From the very start it was a fun and relaxed radio, I’m looking forward to how this is gonna turn out!!

Kayano Ai: My first radio with Kana-chan! I’ve been looking forward to this!! We’ll try our best to bring you all a wonderful time with wonderful music~♪

What Do You Think About Big Breasts?

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This isn’t radio but instead is part of the cast Q&A interview for the upcoming Senran Kagura anime at The cast was asked a few questions, but one in particular had some amusing responses >:D

Q. What do you think about big breasts?

Harada Hitomi:
World Peace.

Imai Asami:
Idiots! You’re all—! Ah, sorry I lost myself there for a moment. Don’t ask a girl something like that! I love them!!

Kobayashi Yuu:
Katsuragi, the character I’m voicing, has them and I think they’re wonderful.

Mizuhashi Kaori:
I don’t think everything being big is necessarily a good thing. *laughs*

Iguchi Yuka:
How nice…

Kitamura Eri:
Yess. Moar plz.

Kayano Ai:
Rather than having a big chest, I believe having a balanced body is best— Wait what am I saying (^_^;)
This is sexual harassment! *laughs*

Shiraishi Ryouko:
I want to feel them. I want them. I like them. (…I don’t have them… *cry*)

Gotou Saori:
I think they’re nice. From a girl’s perspective though, the body as a whole should have a balance.

Toyoguchi Megumi:
Well that’s a crazy question *laughs*

Seriously what are they asking the poor female cast ahaha. Poor Imai is always teased about her [small] chest size so her little lash out was a nod to that :D Amusingly KitaEri’s answer was JP net lingo haha.

Oh and Kayanon so cuuute~ <3

Okamoto Nobuhiko’s Nicknames – “Pikorin” and Subsequently “Shikorin”

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Okamoto’s nicknames were something that puzzled me for a while when I first heard them and I had always wondered how it actually started and it wasn’t until sometime last year that I found out where they came from…. And I found their origins hilarious hah. Just a quick warning, a lot of the humor in the post is dirty humor lol. I don’t usually write about dirty jokes but this was too funny to pass up lol orz. For those that know enough Japanese to listen in, this video has most of what’s covered in this post.

The whole thing started when Okamoto guested on Inoue Kikuko’s radio “Inoue Kikuko Miwaku no Oshaberi Melon” sometime in between 2009-2010. Kikuko asks him what do people normally call him and he replies saying that he’s normally called by his name, “Okamoto-kun, Okamoto-san” etc. Kikuko, unhappy that he has no nickname tells him to start using a nickname and she tries to make one up for him there. After playing around with Noburin or Nobucchi, to Okamato’s chagrin, Okamoto mentions that he’s been called “Piko” once before, from the “hiko” part in his name “Nobuhiko”. Kikuko finds it cute but still not satisfied with it she changes it to “Pikorin” to his shock. He finds it amusing and embarrassing but Kikuko laughs saying that she’ll use it and try to spread it around, though she doesn’t know if it’ll stick. And that’s where the “Pikorin” name comes from; Inoue Kikuko was the one who stuck it on him. But then there’s the second part, the “Shikorin” part, which was started by Mafia Kajita and is where the dirty jokes come in lol. Okamoto and Mafia Kajita currently run a radio show together called “Radio 4Gamer” where they talk and play games on screen. On one of the episodes, episode 5 on the 6th of May 2010, Yasumoto Hiroki was present as a guest and they played a PS3/Wii game called “No More Heroes” where you play as a character who needs to charge their beam katana by shaking the controller/controller stick at certain times. The problem comes in when you see the animation in game, the character basically holds the katana hilt at his crotch with both hands and starts shaking it furiously in a rapid vertical up and down motion… orz. The other piece of the puzzle is the meaning of “Shiko/シコ”, the word is a colloquial slang best substituted with the english slang “fap” where it references the sound and the action. It was the first time Okamoto was playing the game while the other two were pretty experienced already so they put him in control while they watched and guided him as they plunged him right into a hectic boss battle. Throughout the experience Okamoto needed to charge the beam katana multiple times and with everytime the other two quipped a sexual innuendo lol. I’ll translate a bit here:

Yasumoto: Here’s where you do that legendary motion *laughs*

Yasumoto: Quick! The legendary motion!
Kajita: Hurry! It’s ShikoShiko time!
Yasumoto: Super ShikoShiko time!
Okamoto: Even though I’m in the middle of fighting?! *The three laugh*
Okamoto: Ah so if I charge this I can continue fighting?
Yasumoto: Yeah so if your beam disappears you have to do that legendary motion. Oh and while you’re doing that you’re completely defenseless so you have to time it right.
Okamoto: Ah well that’s natural of course for any man.

Yasumoto: Oh you’re out, it’s Super ShikoShiko Time! …
Okamoto: Oh I’m out that means…
Yasumoto: Right! Super ShikoShiko Time!
Kajita: You’re too slow! Try to go upwards faster!
Okamoto: Like this?! *Boss comes and slashes at Okamoto*
Yasumoto: Oi! You’re gonna die! *laughs* You’re Shiko-ing too much! *laughs even harder*
*The three of them laugh*
Yasumoto: You’ll die if you Shiko that much. Death by Shiko-ing! *laughs*

Replace “Shiko” with “fap” and you’ll probably understand how surreal and hilarious this conversation actually is orz. Fast forward another episode later and Kajita’s reading mail from a listener…

Kajita: “Shikorin, Kajita, good evening!” *Staff laughs*
Okamoto: Hmm? Hold on a minute there, just to make sure, I think I must’ve heard wrong but I thought I heard a “Shikorin” there… Was it really written there?
Kajita: Ah sorry I misread it.
Okamoto: OI!

And since that point it continued to spread, Sugita started using it on his Dedooon radio and caused it to spread like wildfire lol. By the way, although the nickname has spread to the ears of other seiyuu, amusingly Okamoto has refused to explain the reason behind the “Shiko” in the nickname… One recent happening that I found hilarious was on Guilty Crown Radio #10, 2012.02.24 hosted by Kayano Ai and he came on as a guest and the topic of nicknames came up…

Okamoto: I’ve got other nicknames as well, such as “Pikorin
Kayano: Ah! And what was that other one… “Shikorin“?
Okamoto: Err yeah… THAT! Umm.. Sorry I can’t explain the nickname. *Kayano laughs*
Kayano: Umm okay then… But I remember one time when we were at an event together the audience was all “SHIKORIN!!!” and I was wondering “Why is it ‘Shiko‘?”
Okamoto: Well he wasn’t involved in this anime but it was to do with a certain “S_gita”…
Kayano: *laughs* Ahh!
Okamoto: And there’s this bald “SP” with sunglasses with him. [Kajita sometimes goes by the name “SP Tanaka”]
Kayano: Ahh I know him!
Okamoto: And he was the one who stuck that name on me. I… Can’t tell you the reason why though.
Kayano: Ah okay… I won’t ask too much about it then…

Kayano: Then how about I call you “Shikorin“!
Okamoto: No! You can’t do that!! The agency won’t allow it!!
Kayano: *laughs* Ah really?
Okamoto: You can call me Pikorin though.
Kayano: Okay then I’ll call you Pikorin, you can call me “Kaaya”~

Ahh clueless Kayanon~


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Host: Kayano Ai
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.25

This is the first time the two of them have been on radio together, Kayano mentions that she’s a bit nervous heh.

– Cooking…

Kayano: I’m actually pretty bad at cooking…
Ayana: Really?!
Kayano: Yeah it’s always really dangerous when I’m cutting vegetables…
Ayana: That’s unexpected, I always thought you would be good at this sort of feminine stuff!

It looks like Kayano likes cooking though :D

– Kayano comments that Ayana would look good in an apron.

– About Episode 7.

Kayano: Gai in a Tuxedo…
Ayana: He was so cool!
Kayano: Having him in a tuxedo is cheating!
Ayana: Yeah! The blonde hair really fits him.
Kayano: Yeah it does.
Ayana: And that blonde hair plus the white tuxedo was such a great match.

Kayano: And then you have Nakamura’s great voice on top of it…
Ayana: Yeah seriously!
Kayano: As a girl it definitely gets you squealing!

– Ayana says her favourite character is Daryl.

– Kayano’s first impression of Ayana.

Kayano: We first met at… Summer was it?
Ayana: Yeah I think so.

Kayano: My first impression of you was… Well when we first greeted each other I was thinking big and round!
Ayana: Eh?!
Kayano: Your eyes! I felt like I was getting sucked into your eyes!
Ayana: Eh?? That’s the first time I’ve been told something like that!
Kayano: I was thinking that I really wanted to talk with you more!
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: But if I was to say my first impression of you, I’d put it at “Too cute!
Ayana: Ehh?!
Kayano: I wanted to watch you!
Ayana: Ah… I’m turning red… *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Kayano: And you’re always drinking juice!

– They mention a time when Ayana had a chocolate smudge on her script and she had circled it with a pen and labeled it as “Chocolate” in case someone had mistaken it for a certain… “Other brown coloured unpleasant object” Lol.

– Ayana’s first impression of Kayano.

Ayana: My first impression of you was… When we first greeted each other I thought you were a really fluffy person!
*Kayano giggles*
Ayana: I thought you were a really feminine person!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah you were like *high soft voice*I’m Kayano Ai from Pro-fit~” And you were overflowing with this floatyness! And I was thinking “Wow!
Kayano: I was really nervous at the time *laughs*
Ayana: Really?
Kayano: Yeah, it was my first recording so I was super nervous.
Ayana: But you were always smiling and whenever someone would talk with you you were like “Yees~?” with this elegance about you! You had a really calm and relaxed atmosphere about you.
Kayano: Ah thanks.
Ayana: And you seemed like you’d know a lot about health and beauty products too.
Kayano: We had a conversation about that sometime didn’t we?
Ayana: Yeah we did.

– Ayana says that though she changes depending on if the other person is an S or and M, she’d probably categorise herself as an M.

– Nicknames!

Kayano: First I’ll start with not calling you “Taketatsu-san”!
Ayana: Eh? What will you call me then? I’m getting nervous!
Kayano: What would be good? I wanted to decide this today~
Ayana: We’re always using “-san” aren’t we?
Kayano: Right, do you have a nickname in particular?
Ayana: What do you normally get called by?
Kayano: Umm, well I’m called “Kayanon” quite often but… *laughs*
Ayana: Kayanon?
Kayano: Kayanon, or Kaya-chan.
Ayana: Kaya-chan?
Kayano: I’ve been called a lot of things, I don’t think I’ve got one in particular.
Ayana: Hmm what do you want to be called?
Kayano: Huh?? Anything would be fine! “Ai” would be fine too!
Ayana: Ai? Ai-chan?
Kayano: I’m called Kayano-chan on occasion too.
Ayana: Ah I call you Kayano-chan sometimes too, but you know how you feel like theres a bit of distance between you if you use their surname so I was thinking that I’d want to use your first name.
Kayano: I see, then Ai?
Ayana: Ai-chan?
Kayano: Just “Ai” would be fine too~
Ayana: Eh with no honourifics?! Really??
Kayano: Is that bad?
Ayana: I’m getting embarrassed! *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Ayana: Just like “A~i~“? *laughs embarrassedly*
Kayano: Calling me just “Ai” makes my heart skip a beat actually! *laughs*
Ayana: Then okay I’ll call you “Ai“!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: What do you normally get called by?
Ayana: Well I’m usually called “Ayachi” or “Aya-chan“… But you can call me just “Aya” or “Ayana” if you want~
Kayano: Really? Hmm what should I call you by… Then how about “Aya” then.
Ayana: Just “Aya“?
Kayano: Yep!
Ayana: *laughs* Just calling each other “Ai” and “Aya” gives off a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? *laughs*
Kayano: It does! *laughs*
Ayana: Uwaah I’m getting really fidgety!

Lol wow the radio suddenly took a turn for the yuriyuri ahaha.

These two were pretty nervous from never talking with one another properly before so it was a bit fidgety at times but that’s the charm of these first time meeting sort of radios~ :D These two started to get along pretty well though by the end.


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Hosts: Kayano Ai, Kaji Yuuki [Apart from #0, the hosts alternate with each episode]
Guests: Nakamura Yuuichi for #1, Shimamura Yuu for #2
Date: 2011.11.07, 2011.11.14, 2011.11.21

Radio for the currently airing Guilty Crown. Interestingly enough the radio has Kayano Ai and Kaji Yuuki as hosts but they alternate with each week. It looks like the male guests will be handled by Kaji and the female guests will appear with Kayano. The only time the two of them are together are for the first episode, episode 0.

– Kayano laughs that her first impression of Kaji Yuuki is that of a cute person, comparing him to a puppy haha. She then apologizes for saying that even though he’s older than her and her senpai as well.

– Kaji says he found out about her on his own from when he heard her in a certain “secret base” anime lol. Anohana!! It looks like he’s a fan of it and he’s bought the BluRays for it as well~ Kaji then opens the radio with “Ah… Anohana was great”

Kaji: Ah… Anohana was great.
Kayano: What? What’s this all of a sudden??
Kaji: I just thought I might as well just say the title out loud (Instead of saying “a certain ‘secret base’ anime” lol) This is Noitamina afterall!
Kayano: Yeah we’re all comrades!
Kaji: Yeah as Noitamina anime!

– The two of them were full of praise for Supercell’s songs and Redjuice’s art. I’m a huuuge fan of both of them so I was happy to hear stuff like this from the two seiyuu <3

– Kayano say’s she’s no good at english, although she took a lot of classes for them in high school she laughs that she doesn’t remember a thing at all from them anymore.

Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.
– Kayano tries to push Kaji into saying some embarassing lines for the radio and Kaji laughs that Kayano is definitely an S lol. Kayano laughs saying that she’s been told that often, but she herself thinks that she has a bit of both M and S in her. Kaji says he’s an S as well. Err is that really true? I don’t know for myself but I’ve heard otherwise from fans lol.

– One of the corners has Kayano saying embarassing lines to seduce someone and Kayano laughs that she’d want to hear Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana say these instead ahaha.

Kayano: I want to hear things like these from Taketatsu-san. Or Hanazawa-san!
Kaji: Oh?
Kayano: I want to hear it from them! *laughs*
Kaji: Kayano-san, you’ve got a bit of a boy’s mindset in you don’t you *laugh*
Kayano: Yeah I agree. There are times when I think I’m actually a boy…
Kaji: *laughs* How in the world can you think you’re a boy from someone like you?
Kayano: I’ve been told that my personality is pretty manly from a long time female friend.

– Kayano says that she’s a fan of No.6[Previous Noitamina anime where Kaji voices the lead character] as well and knows Kaji from there :D

I want to see Hanazawa Kana come guest :D It’s pretty likely she’ll appear too since the staff seems intent on bringing the whole cast in \o/

GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL #2 guesting Shimamura Yuu on 2011.11.21.

– The two of them stayed up to watch the first episode of Guilty Crown :O It aired at 1:30 AM if I recall correctly.

– Nakamura Yuuichi and Kaji Yuuki sent the two of them a message from the previous episode asking them a question each. Kaji’s question was to Shimamura: “Your skin is really fair~ Do you do anything special to it?” He commented on how he thought  Shimamura was half Japanese when he first saw her as well and Nakamura agreed.

Shimamura: Eh? My skin is really fair? Kaji’s skin is even more so isn’t it?
Kayano: Rather than “fair” his skin is more “pallid” *laughs*

– Nakamura on the other hand mentioned that he heard that Kayano and Kaji spoke to each other about if they were an S or an M but… The way Nakamura put it was “a talk about S&M” OTL (For those not in the know, S&M is… Actually I don’t want to explain it, look it up lol) Kaji then quickly corrected him that they were talking about S and M personalities and Nakamura laughed that he didn’t say it in that way on purpose. Which Kaji didn’t believe haha. Either way he asked if the two of them were an S or an M. We all know Kayano’s an S from the first episode of the radio, as well as from Ben-To’s radio but it looks like Shimamura’s an S as well. Shimono was right!! There are so many girls in the seiyuu industry that are S and the guys are all M ahaha.

– It looks like Kayano and Kaji cosplayed in their character’s school uniforms :O Kayano commented that it was really comfortable and Shimamura says she wants to try it on too.

I’m really in love with Kayano’s voice right now (*´▽`*) I should probably just add her to the “Seiyuu I’m Following” page at this point lol.
I’m pretty much just absentmindedly running through the first few episodes of this radio to keep an eye on it so the post is rather messy and might feel more similar to a Random Radio Scribble post. I’m watching to see what kind of guests come on~ :D

Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #1

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Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kayano Ai, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.11

The first episode of the currently airing second season of “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing”‘s radio that just started a couple of days back. The three hosts for the radio are Gizelle’s CV Yuuki Aoi, Fam’s Toyosaki Aki and Milia’s Kayano Ai though it appears that the radio members may change with each episode :O They do mention something about there possibly being only two out of the three present in future episodes or bringing in a fourth person so it looks like the radio will continue to be centred around these three members rather changing the hosts out completely. Well it didn’t seem like they knew much about it themselves so we’ll see how it changes as it goes on.

– Nicknames! Aki still calls Aoi “Ao-chan” but Aoi has reverted to calling her “Toyosaki-san” which tickles Aki.

Aki: This is the first time the three of us has been on radio together!
Aoi: Yeah it is!
Kayano: I… Don’t think I’ve ever met you two on radio before at all.
Aki: I have with Ao-chan before!
Aoi: Yeah I’ve worked on radio with Toyosaki-san before!
Aki: That name, *laughs* “Toyosaki-san“, lets get close enough to get over that name! *laughs*
Aoi: *laughs* Yeah! I really want to!
Aki: Being called “Toyosaki-san” is different and nice in it’s own way but… Let’s get friendlier with one another!
Aoi + Kayano: Let’s make up nicknames for each other! What do people normally call you?
Aki: I get called Aki-chan a lot but I don’t mind making a new nickname just for this radio~
Aoi + Kayano: Then we’ll go with “Aki-chan” it’s sounds cute already!
Aki: Ahh.. You’re both too nice~
*The three of them laugh*

Kayano: For Ao-chan, we’re in the same agency and she’s actually my senpai there but she told me I can call her “Ao-chan” so that’s what I call her <3
*Aoi laughs embarrassedly*
Aki: Then “Ao-chan” it is!

Aoi: For Kayano I was initially thinking to call her something elder sisterly but with us as Aki-chan and Ao-chan we have to call her “Ai-chan
Aki: Oh right! We’re all A! AAA! Triple A!

– Amusingly Aoi mentions she calls Okamoto Nobuhiko “Anija/あにじゃ” an old and formal version of “elder brother” ahaha.

– When saying her character’s name, Aki yells out “FAMFANFAN!” in quick succession and the three of them laugh that her name is pretty weird.

– Fam Fan Fan is my…

Aoi: Fam is cool!
Aki: Yeah her personality is pretty cool!
Aoi: Right! She’s such an ikemen! [a handsome, popular with ladies type man] Though she’s a girl *laughs*
Kayano: Ao-chan’s great at this sort of subject~
*The three of them laugh*
Aki: That’s great! Lets talk about how ikemen Fam is! *laughs*
Aoi: I want her to be my husband!
Aki: My wife!

– The three of them admire and love their beloved “Sawashiro Miyuki-senpai”. Hyuuhyuu~ Miyukichi so popular ahaha.

– Talking about each other’s atmospheres.

Aki: Kayano’s got a really refined atmosphere!
Aoi: She really does!
Aki: The refinedness just flows out of her!
Aoi: Yeah!
Kayano: *laughs* I think that’s the first time I’ve been told that I reek of refinedness.
*The three of them laugh*
Kayano: Thanks~
Aki: You seem really feminine!

Aki: You’re the warm and fuzzy type!
Kayano: That’s definitely more of an Aki-chan trait though! *laughs*
Aoi: Definitely!

– Aoi’s goal…

Aoi: My goal is to… Be able to speak with the both of you more informally! [Note: Japanese has a formal and polite version it’s language called “keigo/けいご/敬語” which Aoi uses with the two of them]
Aki: You should just start speaking informally with us then! Lets achieve your goal today!
Aoi: Today?! Today! Okay I will fulfill that goal today. I will “do” it today! “I’ll” do it today! I’ll [Note: Aoi stumbles a bit and repeats herself awkwardly as she rearranges her sentences into the informal versions]
*The three of them laugh*

Aoi: You’re all my elders so I do it instinctively!
Kayano: Even though you’re our senpai we still dote on you *laughs* It’s because you’re cute! Aoi’s so cute~
Aki: So cute~
Kayano: So we do it reflexively~
*Aoi gets embarrassed*

Ah Aoi, as easily flustered when praised as ever~ <3
It’s interesting to note that Aoi’s been in the seiyuu industry for the longest out of the three despite being the youngest by about 4-5 years. Aoi made her seiyuu debut on 2003 when she was 11(though she didn’t specifically become too active as a seiyuu until after Kurenai on 2008/2009) while Aki debuted three years later on 2006 and Kayano started just last year on 2010.

– Aoi continued to stumble over her informal and formal language throughout the radio to the other two’s amusement <3

Aoi’s worked with Aki on radio before (along with Hikasa Youko) on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou but that was over a year and a half ago and it looks like the two of them haven’t spoken with one another much outside of work. On that note, Kayano, other than talking with Aoi a bit due to being in the same agency, also seems pretty new to the two of them. I might follow the radio a bit more since I’m curious to see Aoi being paired with Kayano or Aki so I’ll probably keep an eye on it. Oh and I’d love to see Tatiana’s CV Kitamura Eri come on to guest as well. When was the last time I’ve seen her with any of these three? :O Speaking of which, Aki and KitaEri were pretty close friends but I haven’t seen the two of them together since Kanamemo’s Hayane Hayaoki radio back in late 2009. Aoi as well is reasonably friendly with her from Sora no Woto + Madoka activities and events but I don’t think Kayano and KitaEri has had much contact with one another. Bring KitaEri on!

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #04

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Kayano Ai
Date: 2011.10.26

Episode 4 of Ben-To’s radio. This episode has Shiraume Ume’s seiyuu Kayano Ai coming in to guest. For some reason I’ve always thought Kayano was in her late 20’s but she’s only 24 :O

– Are you an M? S?
Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.

Kayano: Are you an M Shimono?
Shimono: Eh?! Whats is this all of a sudden?!
Ise: *laughs* I’m also interested in hearing this! Shimono-san are you an M?
Shimono: I’m not an M! I’m not a pervert as well!
Ise: Ehh how boring…
Shimono: What was that?!
Ise: *laughs* Nope, nothing!
Kayano: Ehh I thought being an M would fit you perfectly…
Shimono: What?! What are you saying?!
Kayano: Well it fits your character. So I thought you’d definitely be an M.
Shimono: Ah so you thought I’d be an M but not in the perverted way?
Kayano: Nope. Perverted as well.
Shimono: …What?
*Ise laughs*

Ise: But if Shimono was to call himself as S I’m pretty sure no one would believe him!
*Kayano laughs*

Shimono: What about you Kayano-san? Which would you say you are?
Kayano: Hmm I’d say I’m a bit… S. Actually I thought I wasn’t that much of an S before doing this role but… I am an S.
Shimono: I’ve noticed a lot of the cast who appears in Ben-To are all S… Especially the girls.
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: Ahh I think you’re right.
Shimono: And I think a lot of the guys are M *laughs*
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: You’re right! A lot of the guys seem like they want to be teased *laughs*
Kayano: They’re getting teased a lot aren’t they.
Ise: They’re all nice so even if you poke them a bit it seems like you can go further.
Kayano: Yeah and so you just keep going!

– What’s it like playing Shiraume, a character completely different from your previous characters?

Kayano: She really is different from any other character I’ve voiced so far. A girl like her that’s this S. I had to pull out as much S as I could from within myself to play her. And… Because of that I think my expression in front of the microphone must be really terrifying!
*The three of them laugh*
Shimono: Ah I really know what you mean.
Kayano: I must be putting out a really scary glare up there.
Ise: I think you’ve really done a great job with her though!
Kayano: Really?
Shimono: Yeah
Ise: Definitely!

– The staff brings in convenience store bentous in for the three of them, to their absolute delight :D

– Apparently Kayano’s stomach was grumbling so the appearance of the bentous made her really happy haha.

– In the last 5 minutes they say goodbye to Kayano… But it looks like she’s still there next to them, she’s just eating lol. You can hear her laughing or mmhmm’ing while chewing lol. She does make sure to point out “Ah Shimono-san you’ve got rice stuck on your mouth” with a full mouth though, even when he himself knew about it and was taking it off already haha.

Shimono: Why would you make sure to point that out when I already know about it! Oh… To make sure it gets recorded on radio… -__-

The two girls continued to tease and bully poor Shimono(senpai!) throughout the episode lol.
On a different note, I’ve been getting more interested in Kayano’s radio work recently. Perhaps I’ll start following her a bit more :O

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