Kurenai Radio Otona no Jikan #7

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Hosts: Kuroda Takaya, Sanada Asami
Guests: Shintani Ryouko and Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2008.04.30

Yuuki Aoi and Shintani Ryouko comes to guest for their second time a week after their previous guesting. Once again they only stay for the first half, with the second half continuing with the two hosts alone.
Before the show had started, Aoi had written on her blog that she wanted to at least once try acting far more energetically in the vein of an idol on the radio for fun, so Shintani, obliging with her request had them start off with really high voices and uber energetic “Hello Everyone!! This is Murasaki’s Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi!! Yay!!!” YAY!!!” etc. lol.

– Aoi introduces herself as “16 years old, still a fresh young high school student!” with Shintani following her going “Same here!” They laugh and Shintani then quietly murmurs “…Sorry, I lied” ahaha

– Asami gets swept along with the energy and joins in lol, and regrets it right after ahaha.

– When Kuroda hears the reason why Aoi had started off the radio so energetically he says “Well at least Aoi-chan can still pass for that… *looks at Shintani who had done it with her*” ahaha

– Aoi says she enjoyed doing the deredere Murasaki scenes more than the serious Murasaki ones.

– Aoi says that when she’s talking with her friends at school, the conversations are similar to the otaku ones she has with Shintani, to which Shintani wishes she could come along lol.

– The show is infamous for how much dirty material Kuroda spouts during the show lol and a listener sends in a mail asking if it’s okay for Aoi to guest there.
Mail: “Yuuki’s only 16, is it okay to come as a guest?”
Asami: “It should be okay. She came last week and nothing happened”
Kuroda: “Yeah well, if I keep myself in check it’s all good, I don’t want Aoi-chan to come to hate me now~ <3”
Aoi: “I’ve prepared myself for anything so you don’t have to mind me!”
Shintani: “Ahh so cute~ <3”

– Aoi’s nickname at school is “Aa-San”

– Apparently Sawashiro Miyuki was the first person to call Aoi “Ao-chan”.

– Aoi is known to talk about how much she loves her father, and when she does it here Kuroda asks her if she’ll become his daughter lol.

Listener sends in mail about a bad habit of his dad’s where he comes out of a bath fully naked, even when his friends or girlfriend is over.
Kuroda: “Well maybe he has confidence in his… Y’know. Wait I’m not supposed to be saying this stuff today aren’t I?”
Aoi: *giggles*
Asami: “I’m not gonna follow you up on that.”
Lol Aoi so enjoys it~

The two guests leave and radio continues on to it’s popular and infamous corner, the dirty material corner where they are given a phrase or word, and they talk about what it’s a euphemism to lol. Things like Kuroda describing very elusively what a “Pole” would mean on a man to the poor, oblivious Asami while the staff laughs loudly in the background and such happenings, but I’m not gonna cover that ;)

Kurenai Radio Otona no Jikan #6

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Hosts: Kuroda Takaya, Sanada Asami
Guests: Shintani Ryouko and Yuuki Aoi for the first half, Kuribayashi Minami for a couple of minutes after the first two leave.
Date: 2008.04.23

“Kurenai Radio, Adult’s Time” radio show for Kurenai hosted by Murasaki’s father, Kuhouin Renjou’s Kuroda Takaya and the drunkard university student neighbour, Mutou Tamaki’s Sanada Asami. The show has their guests come on for about 25 minutes only, leaving the remaining 15-30 minutes for the two hosts alone.
Yuuki Aoi is only 16 years old here but she doesn’t seem that nervous, nor too awkward, and is actually really cute <3.
Incidentally it was Kuroda’s 43rd birthday and they celebrated it on the show.

– Kuroda describes Aoi as “She’s sooo cute. Soooo so cute”

– Asami warns Kuroda that Aoi is just a child and not to pull out any of his dirty jokes that he loves to say lol.
Kuroda: “I’ll try to take out the “kuro”(black) part of me for today”
Asami: “Yeah, today you’ll be Shiroda-san(white)”
Kuroda: “I’ll try my best, as much as I possibly can”

– Kuroda describes Minami as “Minami, the person who doesn’t know how to turn on a microphone” due to her blunder in a recent event where she forgot to turn on her microphone lol

– Everyone fawns over how cute Yuuki is lol, to her embarassment.

– Shintani says she guested with Yuuki today to protect her from Kuroda ahah
Shintani: “My sole reason to come here today was to protect Aoi-chan from Kuroda”
Asami: “I warned him beforehand as well not to do anything funny”
Aoi: “…I’m okay! I’ve already prepared myself for this so I’m ready for anything!”
Shintani+Asami: “Woooh!”
Kuroda: “Oh so I’m free to do whatever I want now?”
Shintani+Asami: “NOOO”
Ahhh you go Aoi <3

– When Aoi is asked to describe her character she stumbles over her words, to which the other three just fawn over <3

– When asked how she reacted when she found out she had won the audition, Aoi says she did somersaults in her living room in joy \o/

– When Shintani goes into otaku mode and talks about how moe Shinkuro, the main male character is, I’m amused at how Aoi keeps up with her with the both of them talking about how moe Shinkuro would be if they could tease him lol. The other two say how these two are always talking like that during the recordings, Kuroda comments that they’re like sisters.

– Aoi describes Kuroda’s character as “yandere” and Shintani agrees with her while Kuroda just goes “I have no idea what these words mean” lol Oh Aoi you so ota~ <3
Incidentally, Asami also doesn’t know what yandere means.

– Shintani gave Aoi some of her clothes to wear :O

– When Aoi is asked to note a good point of Kuroda’s she hesitantly says “…err.. His hips?” For Asami she says “When she’s acting drunk she has such a happy expression on her face”

This was Aoi’s first time on a radio show, and she’s acting pretty naturally which is a nice thing to see for her age.

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