BlazBlue Radio Wide ~Special~

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Guest: Matsuura Chie
Date: 2011.03.31

A new BluRaji special released to promote the new PSP and 3DS release of BlazBlue. The video has been changed to a wide screen format of 16:9 which is where the “Wide” in its name cames from.

– They comment that now it’s on a wide screen they won’t have to be so cramped when a guest comes on heh.

– Listener: “I went to the Guilty Gear x BlazBlue music live, the music was great as well as the band and Koyama’s[Tsuyoshi]… Nipples”

Sugita: “Ah so he did take off his shirt!”
Imai: “Ahh he took off his shirt…”

I think Kanako is mumbling something about how he didnt quite take off his shirt but it looks like something did happen though she doesn’t go into it. I wonder what happened lol. It looks like she was there with Koyama but the other two weren’t.

– They did a survey to the fans with a set of questions and spoke about the results there :O

Click to Show(It’s loooong) »

– Character you want as a brother/sister:

1. Ragna
2. Makoto
3. Tsubaki
4. Noel
5. Jin
6. Platinum
7. Bang
8. Tager
9. Carl
10. Caelica
11. Nu
12. Litchi

– Character you’d want as a pet (Sugita: “Ehheheh is this really alright~” lol)

1. Jubei
2. Taokaka
3. Arakune
4. Makoto
5. Platinum
6. Noel
7. Valkenhayn
8. Rachel
9. Tager
10. Lambda
11.  Hakumen
12. Torakaka

– Character you’d want to raise as a child

1. Platinum
2. Noel
3. Lambda
4. Nu
5. Taokaka
6. Carl
7. Makoto
8. Tsubaki
9. Rachel
10. Myu
11. Caelica
12. Jin

– Character who would be annoying to date (I think?)

1. Rachel
2. Jin
3. Noel (Sugita: “She seems like she’ll randomly come up with some annoying poem”)
4. Hazama
5. Terumi
6. Kokonoe
7. Bang
8. Platinum
9. Tsubaki
10. Arakune
11. Taokaka
12. Relius

– Character who seems like they would have the craziest sleeptalk

1. Bang
2. Jin (Sugita: “Ahh~!! Nii-san!! HEAHHHH”)
3. Taokaka
4. Ragna
5. Tager
6. Noel
7. Arakune
8. Hakumen
9. Platinum
10. Terumi
11. Makoto
12. Hazama

– Character you would like to share a room with.

1. Makoto
2. Tsubaki
3. Noel
4. Ragna
5. Valkenhayn
6. Litchi
7. Jubei
8. Tager
9. Hazama
10. Platinum
11. Rachel
12. Hakumen

– Character who would seem to be a good parent

1. Tager (Everyone: “Ehhhh? Tager?!” Sugita: “Well he looks like that but he’s unexpectedly kind”)
2. Ragna
3. Litchi
4. Tsubaki
5. Jubei
6. Bang
7. Valkenhayn
8. Caelica
9. Hakumen
10. Makoto
11. Noel
12. Rachel

– Messiest character

1. Ragna
2. Kokonoe
3. Noel
4. Taokaka
5. Makoto
6. Rachel
7. Hazama
8. Arakume
9. Platinum
10. Terumi
11. Bang
12. Litchi

– Character a school uniform would look the best on

1. Jin
2. Noel
3. Tsubaki
4. Ragna
5. Carl
6. Hazama
7. Platinum
8. Caelica
9. Tager
10. Rachel
11. Lambda
12. Hakumen

– Character who seems the least human

1. Hazama
2. Terumi
3. Bang
4. Arakune
5. Jubei
6. Valkenhayn
7. Taokaka
8. Tager
9. Ragna
10. Rachel
11. Makoto
12. Noel

– Sugita makes a Kanon reference :D

– I want moar BluRaji D:

Sugita: “It’s been a while but how did everyone find doing BluRaji again?”
Imai: “Yeah it’s been a long time since we’ve met but it doesn’t feel like it at all”
Kanako: “Yeah it feels like BluRaji’s still continuing”

Imai + Sugita: “Yeah I want to do this again, as a special or anything”


BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 4

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

– For this episode’s Noel Poem they have everyone writing a different stanza of the poem again.

– Matsuura Chie comes again for the second part of the event :O

– New corner for the event, the 7 of them are given a theme and they have to write down what they think is important to that theme. If two or more people have matching ideas then they take a batsu game. The theme was “Arc System Works’ feelings as a company” lawl. Boring theme :( And they all pretty much gave pretty serious answers.

– They needed to decide someone to recieve the Batsu Game though and Tsuyoshi was chosen due to his harassing hah.

– The batsu game was to stand out in front and say their good points. Tsuyoshi started with “Well a good point? My **** (censored) is big!” ahaha Sugita comments [“You can’t take that lightly D:”]

– Next theme was “What’s essential to a heroine in regards to characteristics”

– Sugita wrote “Your favourite character voice” lol

– Kakihara made a Marmalade Boy reference hah.

– Tsuyoshi and Kana were this round’s batsu game takers. Tsuyoshi because he’s Tsuyoshi, and Kana because Matsuura wanted to have Kana take it lol.

– The next theme was “What’s important to life”

– Sugita wrote “Friends” and drew a picture of Nakamura lol

– Kana wrote “[Game Console] Controller” Ahaha as expected from Kana-sama! “I’ve probably held a controller for 1/3rd of my life…”

– Tsuyoshi’s was censored but I’m pretty certain he wrote “Sex” lol Well that fits I guess ahaha

– Since no one had matching ideas again Matsuura just chose all the male members to take the batsu game lol.

– Sugita said “My eyelashes are long” for his good points lol

– Sugita pretended to be Kakihara’s grandfather backstage after the event hah.

And so ends the live audience Blazblue radio event. Another season of BlazBlue radio starts up a bit over a month after part 4 was released and almost 4 months after the event happened so there’s still that to listen to \o/.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 2

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

Everyone from the previous part is present. After a brief introduction from everyone at the event backstage it goes to the stage starting with Noel Poem and then to Battle Battle.

– Sugita makes a Honey and Clover reference during Noel Poem. Wait he voiced Mayama in Honey and Clover didn’t he lol.

– This time for Battle Battle the seiyuu are split into two groups instead of everyone vs Sugita. The two groups are the radio hosts vs the guests.

– The theme for this episode’s Battle Battle is “BlazBlue Quiz” in which they answer questions related to BlazBlue. Err If I recall correctly no one in the guest team has played BlazBlue except for possibly Isomura? Kinda one sided I’m thinking D:

– It was Nakamura’s birthday at the time and they congratulate him…. Too bad he’s not there :(

– In the end the guest team won :O

– The batsu game for the losing team was to speak in Taokaka language which is sticking “Nyas” to the end of their sentence lol.

– Matsuura Chie was there as a surprise guest. She read out the quiz questions and spoke for a bit backstage at the end of part two.

And so on to part 3.

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