Toaru Radio no Index #12

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Noto Mamiko
Date: 2008.12.05

They’re drinking the same alcohol as last episode lol

– It looks like Iguchi’s got a high tolerance for alcohol :O

– The script has Noto introducing herself as “Hello, this is your Noto Mamiko” and the other two are like “YAYY!! My Noto Mamiko?? MY NOTO MAMIKO???” ahaha

– Noto says she’s gotten teary from reading some scripts but says there was one in particular that had her crying really heavily. She didn’t say it’s name though… WAS IT CLANNAD? WAS IT. I STILL GET TEARY JUST THINKING ABOUT CLANNADKASDJFSKADLJASLDFJK ;_;

– Iguchi mentions a time from an anime she’s worked in where there’s a love triangle and it really touched her. Was it True Tears I wonder?

I’m not sure why I didn’t write much for this episode, I found it really hilarious too. It seemed like the alcohol was having a stronger effect on them this episode lol, with the three of them continuously denying that they were drunk whenever they did something strange haha.

Toaru Radio no Index #11

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Noto Mamiko
Date: 2008.11.28

The two of them introduced the alcohol they were drinking for this episode far more enthusiastically than they talked about their guest lol. Incidentally the alcohol they’re drinking is the same one SatoRina drank with Kanae on Railgun Radio, the one that got her tipsy after a couple of sips lol. Noto is the first female guest of Index Radio, at it’s 11th episode, and also it’s first in studio guest, the last guest was Atsushi Abe in a live audience recording.

– Noto found Himegami difficult to play. she was told not to put much expression into her character, but then was told to put a little more. Noto had spoken with the director a few times to ask if she was on track with Himegami.

– SatoRina noted that she had never been in the recordings with Noto since Misaka and Himegami hasn’t appeared together before :O

– Noto says she’s worked as a shrine maiden part time before a long time ago :O She says that the clothing was pretty difficult to wear, it was particularly problematic when needing to go to the toilet.

– When asking Noto if she has any special abilities for one of the corners, the two of them mention that Iguchi can find people really easily and SatoRina says she can sit in the traditional seiza position forever :O

– Noto’s “special ability” is “Being able to treat anywhere as her home” saying that she can relax anywhere as if it’s her own room.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his special ability of how he’s able to make goosebumps on his skin at will, and even make it appear on certain places only. Wow that’s sooo creepy ahaha. They laugh about wanting to see it in person, or even in a photo lol. They ended up naming the ability “Dokodemo Chicken” Dokodemo” meaning “Wherever” and “chicken” taken from the japanese word for goosebumps.

I think they got a bit tipsy near the end lol.

Bonbori Radio Hanairo Housoukyoku #1

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Name: ぼんぼりラジオ 花いろ放送局
Hosts: Noto Mamiko, Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.04.08

Radio for the currently airing anime, Hanasaku Iroha hosted by Ohana’s Itou Kanae and Tomoe’s Noto Mamiko. They comment that although this is the first time they’ve done radio work together, they’ve worked in many other anime recordings together before.

– Kanae’s image of Noto

Kanae: “The image I have of Noto as a person is like an angel!”
Noto: “Ehhhhh?!”
Kanae: “You seem really ‘floaty’ so I was thinking that this radio would turn out pretty relaxed”

– The two of them are made to adlib a character introduction as their characters on the spot, and they’re really not in character, which they laugh about.

– Kanae comments that she’s the same height as Ohana at 147 cm. Noto says how cute that is, and that at the recording studio there’s a smaller microphone to use, though it’s only slightly shorter.

– Noto says that she’s swum around in the hot springs when no one’s around before, Kanae says she doesn’t know if she would since she’s never had the chance to be alone in a hot spring.

– One of the listeners gets them to whisper really softly into the microphone. Ahhhh happinessssss for my earssss.

– Noto’s hometown is Kanazawa, the setting of Hanasaku Iroha :D. Kanae remembers hearing Noto talking about the town during the trip there for an event.

Everyone fawns over how cute Kanae is when they’re with her on radio, and Noto is no exception <3 Kanae you so adorable~ <3

Oh and Omigawa Chiaki looks to be guesting on the next episode… Eh… Well regardless of what I think of Omigawa’s voice acting ability, she’s not too boring on radio I guess. I still hate her voice acting though. Really. Like, so, so much.

Kawasumi Ayako no Best Communication #50

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Host: Kawasumi Ayako ( + Noto Mamiko as an “assistant”)
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2001.12.19

Dubbed as an “Internet Television” show back then but is more like a present day radio show + video. It’s hosted by Kawasumi Ayako as the main personality with her “cute airheaded rookie seiyuu assistant” Noto Mamiko(lol). This was done in 2001 so Sugita and Mamiko were both 21 and Ayako was 25 at the time. Incidentally this is the final episode of the show.

The show is split into different sections, with the people changing as well. Mamiko sits out for a couple and Sugita sits out for another couple.

Also, lol at Sugita’s T-shirt.

– Sugita’s a really new rookie at the time but he’s as free as ever lol. GJ Sugita!

– People send in mail saying they don’t know who Sugita is lol. A lot of things change in nine years don’t they hah.

– He promotes the two shows he’s currently performing in with the other two as X with Mamiko and Ayashi no Ceres with Ayako. He also talks about appearing in “A new series that’s about to air called ‘Onegai Teacher'” lol that’s nostalgic.

– Mamiko’s first impression of Sugita was someone who seemed serious at first, but then suddenly says something funny, she found that a bit mysterious about him.

– Sugita does his Wakamoto imitation, to the other two’s delight lol.

– Back then Sugita was only doing voices for villains and his mother was complaining to him about that lol. Presently Sugita’s been mostly doing good guys now if I recall correctly though. Other than Macross Frontier that is.

– Ayako tells Sugita that he doesn’t seem like a young person, and more like an old man lol.

– Sugita says that when he gets drunk he doesn’t change that much.

– Sugita’s voice has gone lower in these nine years lol.

– Mamiko being teased for being an airhead was pretty cute <3

– Sugita still makes references regardless of if the other personalities will pick up on it hah.

– Ayako finishes up the program saying “Well as everyone can see, Sugita is a pretty strange person” and she plays a 20 second or so song that she made about him on piano ahaha.

– The translation of the lyrics go something like this:

“Sugita-kun is a very strange person, he always has a troubled face. But he has a very good voice, he’s a very mysterious person.” lol that’s so Nodame-like Ayacchi~

Interestingly, Sugita and Mamiko’s careers moved at pretty much the same pace. They had both debuted at a similar time, Sugita at 1999 and Mamiko at 1998, at this time they were very new rookie seiyuu with barely 1 regular role to date in their career and had only been in the industry for a couple of years. Similarly their career started skyrocketing at a similar time in 2003/2004. Ayako, as the main personality of the show herself was already a pretty prolific and well established seiyuu at this point.

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