Mikako@PayoPayo #514

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Name: 美佳子@ぱよぱよ
Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu

Date: 2011.06.16

Mikako says that she’s been laughing with Sugita backstage before the event had started already :D

- Sugita had Mikako read out “Uho ii Otoko” and “Yaranaika?” telling her that it’ll definitely have the crowd laughing, and it did lol. Mikako says that the girls probably don’t know about the meme, she then asks the girls to put up their hand if they recognise it and is surprised to see that everyone knows about it ahaha. This was Mikako’s first time finding out about the meme it seems lol.

- Sugita comes walking in with flowers and singing “Happy Birthday” to Mikako :D He sings “to Mikakong-senpai” instead of her name though lol, to which she jabs him for~

- After finding out that the Flower Bouquet was left by an anonymous listener Sugita jokes that it’ll probably explode or put out poisonous gas lol.

- The last time Sugita came on for a live audience recording was on Mikako’s birthday as well :O Apparently Sugita came walking on stage with flowers on that time as well.

- A listener has the two of them imitating Wakamoto Norio lol.

- Sugita mentions that he’s been obsessing over the Aquaplus fighting game recently. Speaking of which, I really want to play that :O

- Mikako hits Sugita on the shoulder throughout the event whenever he does something stupid lol and he comments “The only people that I enjoy being hit by are Mikako and Kugimiya Rie” LOL Sugita. He then talks about a time when he went to Kugimiya during a Gintama recording and asks her “You know how your character says some pretty bad stuff sometimes, do you get embarassed saying them?” and she replied “Of course I’m embarassed! *whacks him* So what?!”

I really loved this episode. Sugita was so great :D He talked heaps about Nakamura, the nicknames he’s given to other female seiyuu and Love Plus lol. The two of them really are close with one another~

Mikako@PayoPayo #495

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.02.03

This is Kanae’s first time on PayoPayo. The episode aired a few days ago on Thursday. As soon as Kanae comes in with “PayoPayo!” Mikako’s all over how cute she is~ Kanae’s so cutesdklfaklffdsfasdfdg

- Mikako herself had asked Kanae’s manager from Aoni Production if she could come on to the show :O

- The first time the two of them met was in the Birdy the Mighty Decode recording. Kanae was really new to voice acting back then and Mikako was surprised at how calm she looked, though Kanae says she was just so nervous she just stayed quiet and still.

- Mikako’s first thought when she saw her was “Wow she’s small” lol

Kanae’s first impression of Mikako was “Wow she’s got a cute voice”
Mikako: “Ah I’m really happy that you said that. It’s like when someone who has a cute voice calls your voice cute it’s even better <3″

- A listener sends in a mail brings up Kanae’s “Do reindeers exist?” spectacle she had on Railgun Radio and she winces lol. I bet she gets so much attention about that lol.

- When she’s explaining why she thought Reindeers were fiction says she took the flying Christmas Reindeers literally and thought they flew so they were like Pegasus, or Unicorns. She then says “Oh wait… Are Unicorns real?” LOL
Kanae: “Wait are Unicorns real?”
Mikako: “Of course not! Uhh Kanae? Are you really living on Earth?”
Kanae: “Oh..? But there are animals with a horn on their head right?”
Mikako: “Yeah big ones and stuff like that”
Kanae: “…Wait… And those ones exist?”
Ahh Kanae~ <3

- Kanae found out about Seiyuu in middle school, she had really loved an anime back then and listened in to it’s radio show and thought “Ah I’d really like to join them”. She loved how friendly and how much fun they seemed to be having <3. The anime she loved was “Hunter X Hunter” so… that makes the two seiyuu she listened to Gon’s Takeuchi Junko and Killua’s Mitsuhashi Kanako.
After graduating she entered a seiyuu school, studied for two years and auditioned for Aoni and was accepted. She had not entered Aoni’s own seiyuu college “Aoni Juku”. Incidentally Mikako was the same that she didn’t enter her agency through it’s own college as well.

- Kanae’s debut role was Amu in Shugo Chara almost 5 years ago now.

- Kanae’s never given chocolates for Valentines day but she’s swapped non-handmade chocolates with her girl schoolfriends before.

I like how much they spoke about how Kanae entered the seiyuu industry here. I guess they did the same with Hanazawa Kana though, you could really learn a lot about the seiyuu and how they came into being a seiyuu from listening to their first time guesting on PayoPayo :O

Ahh I miss listening to Kanaeeeee~. Her ChoRaji has ended so the only radio she’s doing right now is MaeJou with Inoue Marina… She’s still as adorable as eversasdfjkasdkfh

Mikako@PayoPayo #319

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu, Umino Chika

Date: 2007.08.23

Old PayoPayo episode guesting Honey and Clover’s mangaka Umino Chika as well as Mayama’s seiyuu Sugita Tomokazu. Incidentally Mikako voiced Yamada.
The three of them get along pretty well. Mikako and Sugita aside, Umino has met up with the cast of Honey and Clover rather often outside of work in their leisure time as well as for work on their individual radio shows.

- The two girls compliment the way Sugita’s front forehead hair has been let down since they rarely see it not spiked up

- Sugita and Mikako say that Umino ate a huge amount last time they all went out to eat Okonomiyaki together.

- Sugita and Mikako were talking about how often they’ve seen each other at recordings recently, both of them were regular cast members for 4 shows running at the time: Gintama, Nanoha StrikerS, Super Robot Wars and Sisters of Wellber.

- Umino comments that she was really surprised that one of Mikako’s characters as a child grew up to be voiced by Sugita lol. Nanoha’s Chrono~
Mikako: “Ah so when I grow up I’m going to have a voice like Sugita!” LOL

- Honey And Clover’s setting “Hamadayama” was named off a real place, but the look of the shopping district was traced from another shopping district nearby it seems.

I’ve heard many times from friends of Sugita about how much all the girls adore Sugita and you can really see it lol. I love how he’s still all kinda not used to being around them though <3

Mikako@PayoPayo #376

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2008.10.12

Takahashi Mikako’s PayoPayo with Hanazawa Kana as a guest. This is a pretty old radio episode that aired over 2 years ago. I… Don’t think Kana has guested ever since but I’m not exactly sure.

- First time they met was on the first season of ToLoveRu where Mikako came to a recording for a random character. She had known that they were going to work together on the upcoming Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na koto anime so she greeted her and spoke with her a bit. They didn’t really have a proper conversation till the recording of the first episode though.

- Kana loved Honey and Clover so when she saw Mikako she was thinking “Ah.. Yamada’s here with me…!!” She had brought some Honey and Clover Yamada merchandise along and she asked Mikako to sign it :O Mikako was really surprised :D

- About how Kana came into the seiyuu industry
Apparently she attended an audition when she was 14 years old and it all built up from there. That was also when she recieved her first seiyuu work.

- Kana had debuted with Kitamura Eri who was 15 at the time, and though she didn’t speak much with her back then, she really admired how good she was even though she was only one year older than her.

- When Mikako found out KitaEri was only 1 year older than Kana, she was really surprised at how young she was, saying that she was really mature for her age since she didn’t seem that young.

- Mikako asks Kana if she watched many anime, Kana replies saying she yes and she loves them saying Fullmetal Alchemist was her favourite anime.

- Kana’s thoughts about the seiyuu industry once entering it.
Kana: “Watching it and actually doing it is completely on a different scale! I really had no idea what to do at the start, there were many techniques and things I didn’t know about”

- Random trivia: Kana loves eating the skin from the baked sweet potatoes. She also loves dried sweet potatoes enough that she made a small character based on it lol.

- The staff brought some dried sweet potato for her as a present and she was delighted, she exaggeratedly called the producer a wonderful person for it lol.

Kana was really sweet here, she’s become quite S and assertive since then :O
Seeing the guest list of old PayoPayo episodes make me despair since I’ve stopped following the show and I’m not sure how I can get a hold of them and there are so many I would want to listen to. *Checks* Itou Kanae’s the latest guest to appear :O
Ahhh Hikasa Youko at #446, Tamura Yukari at #447 and moreee! Despair!! Curse you Animate.tv for not using RSS!!

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #11

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Takahashi Mikako

Date: 2010.11.04

What? Takahashi Mikako’s guesting on this episode of Arcana Heart Radio? She definitely didn’t voice a character in BlazBlue if I recall correctly…

Hold on, Arcana Heart Radio? (lol)

It appears that Mikako(Aino Heart) is guesting on BluRaji to promote and support the upcoming Arcana Heart 3 PS3/360 release, her appearance on BluRaji made possible due to the two games having the same developer. I laughed at the hijack though :D.

- Imai greets Mikako with “Payopayo~” lol

- Sugita straight out from the start calls her Mikakong-senpai, to her outcry “DON’T CALL ME MIKAKONG!” Of course Sugita doesn’t relent though lol.

- Mikako complains that she’s been getting mail calling her Kong-senpai due to Sugita lol. Poor Mikako.

- When they’re talking about how much they know about the game, Kanako says she doesn’t know anything about it, Imai says she knows about it but hasn’t actually played it and Sugita says he bought the game and played it… “Because a fighting game with girls only? What a wonderful paradise!” Ahahah.

- Imai and Kanako tell Mikako to try and keep Sugita in check this episode and she joking tells him off, to which Sugita cheekily replies by singing Mikako’s OtoMelody song lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhDaRR5a-jQ

- Sawashiro Miyuki sends in a voiced message to the radio show as well as to narrate a little quiz to them, but not as BlazBlue’s Carl Clover, instead as Arcana Heart’s new character Weiss. Just guest her on the show already! D:

- For the drawing corner they’re given an image with Aino Heart punching, with them needing to fill out what’s coming from her punch. Mikako draws this blob like thing, to which everyone reacts like it’s poo coming out lol to Mikako’s horror.

She tries to explain herself saying that it’s whipped cream, since Aino Heart loves making cakes and stuff, which doesn’t really help the situation since Sugita then yells out “Oh! I love this idea! I love fighting games where girls cover each other with whipped cream!” LOL SUGITA.

- Apparently next episode’s guest is Ishiwatari Daisuke.

- There were many references to Payo Payo throughout the show lol.

Sugita and Mikako have known each other for almost 10 years and entered the seiyuu industry at around the same time so they’re pretty friendly with each other. I’ve always loved hearing their combination on radio, the Radio StrikerS episode which Sugita guested in with Mikako as the host in particular was hilarious. I didn’t expect to hear it here on BluRaji but hooray \o/ here it is :D


Mikako@PayoPayo #320

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Ono Daisuke
Date: 2007.08.30

I used to be an avid listener of Mikako@PayoPayo a long while back but I kinda lost interest. This was an episode I recorded back when it aired but I never got around to listening to it. This episode has Ono Daisuke guesting in a live audience recording.

I loved listening to PayoPayo due to the guests she had come on to the show every week. Many seiyuu have guested on the show, the ones I can name just off the top of my head from back when I did listen to it are Sugita Tomokazu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Horie Yui, Nakahara Mai, Itou Shizuka, Inoue Marina, Hanazawa Kana, Yukana, you get the idea. Interestingly enough, her guests include those other than seiyuu as well, staff members and manga authors have come to guest on her show on several occasions. The show continues to this date at its 471st episode. It seems like Itou Shizuka guested on the show again just a fortnight ago as well.

- Seems like there’s a lot of female fans in the audience. Or at least they’re the most vocally responsive to OnoD’s antics lol.

- One of Mikako’s staff comes out to read out the quiz for one of her corners. He greets everyone with “Kimo Kimo” instead of “Payo Payo” and all I hear are male voices greeting him back with it. Lol I then thought “Maybe I was wrong in thinking that there were a large female audience present…” Mikako then says “Hey I think all the girls just got creeped out by him” explaining why all you could hear were male voices hah.

- One of the mail sent in by a listener asks “Where does everyone’s Kimo Kakkoii impression of him come from?” OnoD responds by describing his role in Minami-ke, the famous Hosaka lol, as well as other roles that were pretty kimoi lol.

- The two talk about the IdolMaster recording where there are a lot of female seiyuu and that they tease him by calling him “Handsome” in english lol. Mikako quotes: “Handsome~ go buy us some bread!” lol

- OnoD says that it happened in Nanoha as well. One time he had left some bread outside of the recording booth to eat afterwards and Nakahara Mai just ate it without asking him lol. The other seiyuu were like “Oh who’s bread is that?” Mai: “Ono-kun’s” and they all start eating it as well lol. It’s a sign of popularity OnoD~ ahaha

- He also talks about a time when he bought a ham and egg sandwich and left it outside and when he came back to get it the egg was gone and only the ham was left. The culprit was Nakahara Mai again lol. He then went to tell Nakamura Yuuichi what happened and Nakamura replied saying “Oh I gave her the green light to do it” ahaha. Sounds like Nanoha was a fun recording~

- OnoD tells Mikako that “She shines the most when she’s eating” to her confusion.

Mikako gets along well with pretty much everyone so her radio shows usually goes along smoothly. There were a lot of talk about the recordings in Idolmaster and Nanoha so it was a pretty interesting listen. OnoD is always fun to listen to as well :)

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