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I used to draw a bit a while back but for some reason I’ve kinda stopped sometime along this year. I managed to find some motivation to draw recently though due to a blog post on KoeNews about a forum thread where people drew 2D versions of seiyuu photos and I found it interesting enough to try it out myself. I first started with Itou KanaeBecause Kanae is a miracle of the universe <3. I found that drawing these were pretty fun to do and didn’t take much effort compared to a full drawing so I got pretty into it and drew a couple more.

I then went on to draw Taketatsu AyanaAmusingly, Ayana’s hair was pretty hard to draw, that wavy long hair looks great but takes some effort to get right :O Ayachi’s so pretty though~

I then drew Toyosaki Aki which should look familiar since I’ve used it as the background of the blog:Drawing her was really fun. This is actually not the first time I’ve drawn Aki and Aki has always been fun to draw since she’s got a wonderfully unique smile and her poses are adorable <3. I found this pose in particular so cute~

I then took a break from drawing for quite some time and then half-heartedly tried to draw Mimori Suzuko, which probably reflected in the sketch. Sorry Mimorin~!I have to say that I’m pretty enamored with Mimorin’s smile though (*´▽`*) It’s such a radiant, bright, cheerful, lovely, _______________ etc. etc. smile~ (*´Д`)
Err… That aside, I had quite some trouble with this drawing, one of them was getting the smile right D: Amusingly I had drawn many versions of her smile before I settled on this one, ranging from realistic, which just looked plain weird haha, to a simple anime “:D” smile. In the end I couldn’t quite get it down right so I settled with the one you see there.

These were pretty fun to draw~ I might draw a couple more later on, I’m looking at doing a Tomatsu Haruka one as well as a Hanazawa Kana sketch before finishing up.

Oh and, umm if anyone’s interested in seeing any other drawings I’ve got a Pixiv page at  m(_ _)m (Warning: It’s kinda NSFW lol)

OreImo Talkshow Event Dialogue Translation

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This isn’t from radio but it’s still Ayana x Kana~ This was from an event that took place at Wonder Festival on 2011.07.24 at the Sega booth. The event was mainly to promote the new OreImo figures that were being released at the time. I didn’t attend the event, nor was there any recording of it but I found the dialogue parts amusing enough to translate in the event report done by KoePota at It looks like it was a fun event~

– Ayana talking about cosplaying as Kirino and Kana as Kuroneko. The Kuroneko costume Ayana refers to is her summer sleeveless clothing.

Ayana: Do they sell the uniform as well? If Kana-chan wears the Kuroneko costume then I’ll wear the uniform as well!
Kana: No way!
Ayana: But you wore that goth-loli clothing on December last year didn’t you!
Kana: There were sleeves on that costume last time!
Ayana: Everyone wants to see Kana-chan’s arms don’t they?!
Kana: Dont underestimate my arms! I could fly with them! *laughs* There are dreams stored within these arms! *laughs*

– About the new figures that will only be available if won from the UFO catcher/crane game machines.

Ayana: They’re wonderful! They make me think “Is it really alright to leave these in the game machine?!”. I wonder if you can see Kuroneko’s underwear? *laughs*
Kana: Don’t look! She’s definitely wearing those pumpkin panties, but it’s made so you can’t see them!
Ayana: “Pumpkin panties”? She’s got her goth-loli clothing theme on everything doesn’t she? *laughs*
Kana: How about Kirino?
Ayana: I don’t know if they are but, they might not be visible? *laughs*. Oh her hair color gradient has been properly colored.

– The event then had the two of them try and retrieve a figure from the game machine. To spice things up they had Kana play the boyfriend role and Ayana as the girlfriend in a situation where the two of them were on a date at the game center.

Kana: Hey theres a game center right there wanna go in?
Ayana: Yeah let’s go let’s go! There’s something I want from there!
Kana: What is it?
Ayana: Kana-chan can you get it for me?
Kana: Alright, if you really want it!
Ayana: There’s this thing I want from the really popular “OreImo” series..
Kana: “Oreimo“? What’s that? Imo? [Imo means potato in jp]
Ayana: No! It’s from that show “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai“. One of the characters is “Kuroneko” and she’s super cute. Hanazawa Kana’s voicing her character so she’s adorable! Kana-chan can you get her character for me?
Kana: Alright. I’m really good at these sort of games too!
Ayana: Really?? I’ll watch over you from here~! <3
Kana: Okay then, Aya watch this! If I get it for you I want a hug!
*And so Kana’s first attempt at the game machine is a fail*

Ayana: Ah looks like I won’t get to hug you. Lets try again!
Yamaken[MC of the event]: Ah what an uncool boyfriend!
Ayana: Kana-chan is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world so don’t say that!
Kana: Aya… I’m going to get this for you even if it costs me three months of my pay!
Ayana: Three months of pay on this?!
*And Kana’s second attempt is another fail*
Kana: Aya… It’s alright you can go play somewhere else until I get it…
Ayana: I’ll stay by your side Kana-chan! Keep at it!
*And with Kana’s third attempt she manages to barely, and unsteadily, grab the figure*
Ayana: Yay Kana-chan!
Kana: I got it Aya!
Ayana: Kyaa~! I really wanted it!!

And so in the end Kana was rewarded with a hug from behind by Ayana <3

– Closing impressions of the event.

Ayana: I had alot of fun. I didn’t do much other than flirt with Kana and play with the UFO Catcher *laughs*. It didn’t really feel like a normal event! I didn’t expect so many people to be in the audience as well and that makes me really happy. Thank you for today!
Kana: I was really excited about the event today but I didn’t imagine I’d be able to have such a wonderful experience *laughs*. Playing with the UFO Catcher with a cute girl is really fun isn’t it? *laughs*

More Kana x Ayana! I really wish they had streamed this event though ;_; Oh well, the event report was still plenty amusing :D

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #18

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.04.22

Episode 18! It’s been a while since I’ve heard the two of them alone, but the two of them do make a wonderful pair <3

– It seems like it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other.

Ayana: It’s been a while since we’ve met hasn’t it?
Kana: …Yeah it really has…
Ayana: It’s been really long!
Kana: It’s been so long that… Seriously… Can I kiss you? *laughs*
Ayana: Eh?! No you can’t! *laughs* We’re in the middle of recording!
Kana: Sorry!
Ayana: …You have to do it in a place where there’s no one else around!

LOL Ayana so it’s okay as long as no one’s around?!

– Ayachi in my dreams!

Kana: I saw you in a dream!
Ayana: Eh? What kind of dream?
Kana: I was buying you clothes.
Ayana: Ah that’s sounds great, what kind of clothes did you buy for me?
Kana: Frilly frilly clothes <3 And I had you change into them for me *laughs*
Ayana: That’s perverted!
Kana: Yeah I’m not sure what’s wrong with me… *laughs*
Ayana: Everytime I meet up with you you become more and more perverted *laughs*

 – More loving lines~

Ayana: “Today your clothes are really cute Kana-chan~”
Kana: Ah… Thanks… What brought this about?
Ayana: “But you know what? I think Kana-chan is so much more cuter~”
Kana: Kyaa~!

– Kana uses Pantene shampoo~ She says she loves the smell of it.

– Ayana used to call one of her elder girl cousins “nee-nee~” lol.

– Drop the honorifics with me~

Kana: Thinking of what to call people can be pretty difficult sometimes… Even when you get really friendly with them you still use “-san”
Ayana: Yeah I agree. Like now I call you “Kana-chan”. I couldn’t call you just “Kana”.
Kana: Eh? Call me “Kana”~!
Ayana: Eh? Why! Eh?! …Ka-Kana…
*They both break into laughter*
Ayana: Wait! This is really embarassing! Wait a moment!! I’m so embarassed!
Kana: This is great~ From now on you can call me that~
Ayana: Haha I’ll just be too embarassed to say your name at all then! Then in return Kana-chan–whoops I said “-chan” already *laughs* , you have to call me “Aya”!
Kana: That’s great too!
Ayana: Really??
Kana: …Aya
Ayana: Eh?
Kana: Aya~
*They both laugh*
Ayana: This is pretty embarassing isn’t it!
Kana: Yeah it is… I’m feeling pretty hot now *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah same! *laughs* When we first entered the room it was pretty cold too!

– When talking about anime figures they mention that they often receive them from various anime they’ve been involved with. Kana mentions that she’s got a Black Rock Shooter figure.

– Ayana laughs that the great thing about figures is that you can see the panties ahaha. Kana agrees with that as well :D

– Ayana hasn’t seen Azumanga Daioh :O Kana mentions offhandedly that Osaka’s really cute but Ayana has no idea who she is.

– Ayana mentions that she recieved the DVD box of CardCaptor Sakura as a gift :O

– Oh wow the two of them talk about abbreviations and “JC” comes up. Apparently it stands for “Joshi Chuu Gakusei”/”Middle School Girl”. Ahh Suddenly that Moshidora radio episode makes sense now. Gonna need to go back and fix that.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about a “Hanatatsu Kana” being in episode 13 of OreImo formed from Hanazawa Kana and Taketatsu Ayana which confuses them. Apparently the white board in the club room had something written down about this in the anime and going back to check it… There it is :O 花達香菜!They laugh and say they should just create that unit :D

Ahh Kana x Ayana love is always so wonderful <3.

It looks like Nabatame Hitomi’s coming on to guest next episode :O The amount of episodes left till the end is ticking down slowly :( Sadly episode 24 marks the end of the radio, 5 more to go D:

Oh and by the way, the two of them reverted to calling each other “Kana-chan” and “Ayachi” instinctively haha.

Random Radio Scribbles 9

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Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori talking about the picture of Itou Kanae that was sent to her on twitter by Inoue Marina for her birthday on Marunage.

The two of them were talking about what surprises they’ve been having recently.

Kana: Ah speaking of surprises! Just the other day, oh this has something to do with Kanae by the way, on my birthday Marina sent me a birthday picture! I was like “Good Job Marina!” Kanae was holding a paper board with “Happy Birthday” written on it and Marina took the picture and sent it to me. It was sooo cute~
Kaori: Ah, this was on twitter wasn’t it?
Kana: Yeah yeah
Kaori: Yeah I saw that. I was thinking “Ah Kana’s gotta be ecstatic from this” when I saw it
Kana: Yeah I was.
Kaori: Well that was nice wasn’t it?
Kana: I still have the picture. It’s open on screen on my iPad.
*Kaori laughs*
Kaori: …I saw a glance of it just before…
Kana: …Did you see it?
Kaori: *laughs* I saw it.
Kana: Ahh how embarrassing… *laughs*
Kaori: *laughs* I was thinking “Ah it’s that picture…”
Kana: That was a wonderful surprise <3

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Marunage recently. It’s such a fun radio <3

YuruYuri Radio YuriYurararaYuruYuri Housoushitsu #7 on 2011.08.13 hosted by Okubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Tsuda Minami, Otsubo Yuka. Guesting Taketatsu Ayana.

It’s kinda weird to see Ayana as a big senpai hah. The other four seem to be fans of her and fuss over her like kouhais <3

– The four of them were really happy with having Ayana as a guest :O They fangirled over her throughout the episode heh.

– Mikami Shiori also seems to be a fan of yuri :D

– Ayana laughs that the recording was really weird in that Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice was really cool but Ganbo’s appearance was really… Well, strange lol. She remembered smirking at this together with Yuuki Aoi throughout the recording :D

– I remember saying some time ago that Rumi’s voice reminded me of Ayana’s voice and hearing them together like this really strengthens that opinion :O

– Ayana says she loves yanderes lol. Craaazy.

– When describing the main characters, they laugh and describe Akari as an “atmosphere character” lol.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #17

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.08

The opening starts with an amusing little audio drama of Kuroneko and Ayase speaking with each other for the first time… And not getting along well with each other at all hah. It’s actually pretty amusing so I’ll translate it and put it here under the spoiler tag. Those interested in hearing it can hear it here:

Show Mini Audio Drama Transcript »

Ay, Ku and Ki stands for Ayase, Kuroneko and Kirino respectively.

Ay: Hello everyone listening in to the radio! It’s nice to meet you! This is Aragaki Ayase! It looks like it will be me and Kirino handling the short drama today. This’ll be my first time doing radio work so there may be some times when my inexperience shows but I’m looking forward to it!
Ku: …Would you mind not opening with such lies from the start?
Ay: Hmm? Who are you?
Ku: Kuroneko. I guess this is our first time meeting, Miss special guest Aragaki Ayase.
Ay: I… Guess so… Nice to meet you. *giggles* I was wondering who it’d be and it’s my very good friend Kuroneko-san! What brings you here today? You shouldn’t be appearing today? Ah I see! Perhaps you’ve made a mistake and come to the wrong place? Oh Kuroneko you can be so ditzy sometimes!
Ku: Thank you for being so irritating right from the start. And for you I’ve got a special announcement. Today’s radio will be done by you and me.
Ay: Haha What kind of funny things are you saying? Where is Kirino?
Ku: We’ve got her on the phone so hear it from her yourself.
Ki: Hello? Ayase? It’s me!
Ay: Kirino? Where are you right now?
Ki: Sorry Ayase! There was this new game I REALLY wanted to play! It has Hanazawa voicing a character! So could I leave the radio to you today?
Ay: Well then I guess there’s no helping it…… EH?!
Ki: Thanks! I’m just up to this really good part so I’m leaving it to you!
Ay: Hey wait! Kirino?? Kirino! Eh?? Eeeeehh?!?
Ku: And that’s how it is. Today we’ll be having Kuroneko and Ayase’s friendly combination on the radio.
Ay: “Friendly”?? We haven’t even spoken a word to each other on the anime!!
Ku: We’ve had some pretty fun conversations on the PSP game haven’t we?
Ay: For some reason I seem to recall us being at each other’s throats though?!
Ku: We both hope never to meet one another in the anime don’t we.
Ay: Agreed.
Ku: Well putting all that aside now, lets start reading mail from the listeners.
Ay: Are we really going to be doing this together?
Ku: We’ve got no choice do we? We’ve got that certain someone stuck in her little game putting her faith in you to fulfill her role after all. Would it be okay with you to not answer that?
Ay: Looks like that’s just how it is isnt it. Well lets do it then.
Ku: It looks like we’ve got someone asking you a question here.
Ay: Seems like they predicted my guest appearance!
Ku: Seems that way. Go on and read it.
Ay: Umm… “Hello Ayase-san” Hello! “I always enjoy reading about you and the way you punish Kyousuke. What kind of tools are you thinking of using on him next time?
Ku: …Thanks for the question. So to our guest… What’s your answer?
Ay: A lighter.
Ku: …L-Lighter?! You mean that set-on-fire lighter?
Ay: Yep!
Ku: I’m scared to ask this but… What kind of punishment are you thinking of doing with a lighter…?
Ay: Umm well… Something like burning or setting him on fire?
Ku: Haha… You say some weird jokes don’t you?
Ay: Eh?
Ku: ….”Eh“?
Ay: And of course I’m just joking!
Ku: Hahaha….. Why am I working with this devil on radio I wonder!
Ay: Aww don’t say that! I’m glad I got to meet you Kuroneko!
Ku: What are you saying??
Ay: When this radio is over lets talk more with one another! ….About Kirino that is.
Ku: …Wh-When this radio is over I’m going to be running off. As if my life depended on it.
Ay: Ah! It looks like we’re finishing here today! Then I’ll be closing the radio now! Thank you everyone for listening! Please look forward to the actual radio now!
*sound of running*

 – About the opening drama

Hayami: That opening drama was amazing wasn’t it? Ayase was so scary!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah Ayase was scaaary!
Kana: She made Kuroneko run away!
Ayana: Yeah to make Kuroneko run away in fear like that is no small feat!
Hayami: And she chased after her didn’t she!
Kana: Yeah! She was like all “OH YOU’RE RUNNING?!” Scary scary!
Hayami: Well she’s still a good girl though!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah.
Kana: She’s just a little, well, a bit on the darker side.
Hayami: She’s just honest with her feelings!
Kana: Yeah she just likes Kirino that much!
Ayana: She likes her too much!

– The two of them find out that Hayami’s turning 20 soon and laughs that she’s so capable even though she’s so young. She gets embarassed and tries to redirect the topic back to OreImo heh.

– The little scribbles at the bottom right were drawn by Hayami of Kuroneko lol.

– Hayami had read the original novels of OreImo before she auditioned :O

– Kana made fun of Hayami’s scribbles and Ayana laughs saying that Kana can’t make fun of her drawings when she herself drew that Kuroneko on the right ahaha.

– Ayase’s scary! Hayami’s scary!

Kana: What was it like for you when Ayase’s… “darker” side came out?
Hayami: I was really surprised! When I auditioned for her initially I went for a really cute image for her, and the original novels had her as a really cute character at the start!

Hayami: But that gap in her personalities was really interesting and made her a really rewarding character to play! It was really exciting and fun to do.
Kana: And Hayami, you were really lively when you were at the microphone for it!
Ayana: Yeah she was!
Kana: I was thinking that you were really having fun.
Ayana: And I got pretty scared for real. Like when Comiket had ended and Kirino met up with Ayase and she was all like “Why are you running away…?” while holding her arm! That was soo scary!
Kana: Weren’t you told that you were too scary sometimes by the director?
Hayami: Yeah that happened!
Ayana: After seeing that I was too scared to talk to Hayami for a while right after! *laughs*
Hayami: *laughs* Huh really?? Were you really??
Ayana: Like I wanted to ask you about something to do with the script but I was too scared and didn’t ask!
Hayami: Ehh really?
Kana: *laughs* Yeah Hayami you were too scary!

Haha poor Hayami sounded a bit depressed that she scared Ayana that much <3

– Ayana’s still reading out loving lines to Kana!

Ayana: “Kana-chan~
Kana: Hmm?
Ayana: When do you finish work today?
Kana: Today? At around 8 pm?
Ayana: “…Then okay I’ll wait for you until you finish~!
*Kana coughs and splutters then laughs*
Hayami + Ayana: Woah! That reaction! *laughs*

Kana: Ahaha! That was great! But does that mean I’ll be keeping Ayana waiting till 8?? *laughs*
Hayami: Yeah and It’s still the afternoon right now!
Kana: Ah I’m so happy!
Ayana: I’ll wait forever for you!

Ayana: You know if you had Ayase read that it would be really scary!
(They have Hayami read it in Ayase mode)
Hayami(Ayase): “Hanazawa-san! When do you finish work today?”
Kana: At around 8 pm?
Hayami(Ayase): “Oh okay! …I’ll be waiting for you when you finish…”
*The three of them scream and laughs*
All Three: That’s terrifying!!
Ayana: It’s like “What is she gonna do to her when Kana’s finished”?!

LOL Hayami turned to that yandere cold quiet voice when she said “I’ll be waiting for you…” Ahahah. That was so creepy!

– The radio has them doing impressions and it’s pretty fun to hear. The Wakamoto Norio one was especially great ahaha. Hayami’s was the most similar, Kana’s was sooo off lol. They laugh that everyone does it so they’ve seen plenty of seiyuu try it.

– They try to do the Mario jumping sound effect as well, Hayami does the sound of a coin being picked up instead and Kana’s one was really off again, but Ayana’s one was spot on.

– The subject of CardCaptor Sakura comes up and Hayami appears to have been a big fan of it as well. Ayana and Hayami start discussing really intently about the characters and clow cards while Kana goes completely silent in the back since she doesn’t know much about it lol.

Ahh Hayamin is fun to listen to <3 They want Hayami to come guest again and try to organise it there to get her to come on again, though it looks like she hasn’t appeared ever since and the radio has already ended :( The Ayase talk this episode was hilarious ahaha, I really enjoyed this episode :D


Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #23

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.07.08

Nakamura guest episode!!! I’ve been really looking forward to this …So I’m skipping ahead to this episode, I’ll go back to the previous ones later ze. The little scribbles at the bottom are drawings of Kyousuke by Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana and Nakamura Yuuichi respectively. Crazy scribbles.

– Nakamura comments that he’s heard that the OreImo DVDs and BluRays are selling really well.

– Ayana mentions that she hasn’t really spoken to Nakamura properly before.

– Ayana jokes that she’s was kinda disappointed to see Nakamura guesting due to the staff joked around that if Nakamura came to guest it would mean the radio is ending soon lol. Yeaaah I was thinking the same thing hah. Apparently they say that the radio still isn’t scheduled to end yet though /trollface

– They have Nakamura drawing Kyousuke there and when he draws the nose they laugh so much :D They say he looks like some kind of old wizard.

– They laugh at Kana’s too ahaha.

– Nakamura says he looks more like Akagi and Ayana agrees and says “Ah well, then it can be Akagi instead!”

– Apparently they had told Nakamura not to put much effort into his duet with Hanazawa since they wanted to have Kyousuke seem kinda pulled along by Kuroneko to sing the song.

– Ayana asks Nakamura if there’s been any times if he’s thought Kirino was cute and he laughs saying that he didn’t really at the start with all the kicking and punching but he thinks that Kirino’s cute when Kyousuke’s not around. He adds that Ayana’s Kirino when fangirling was cute as well <3

– Nakamura asks if the two of them mail their brothers often, wondering if they live with each other it’d seem like they wouldn’t mail each other for random things and they agree, except for Ayana who does from time to time sending random stuff to her brother.

– They start talking about shoubu shitagi aka. the underwear they put on for dates and stuff lol. A listener asks them about it and Nakamura “Reluctantly asks, even though he has no interest in the matter at all” Yeah right Nakamura! Ahaha.

– Ayana says she put them on when she found out she was gonna stay overnight with Kana LOL and it kinda gets a bit weird there :D. By the way, Hanazawa didn’t, to Ayana’s disappointment :(

– Kana says she puts them on when she goes to auditions. Nakamura laughs saying that no one’s gonna see it that way though, but she says it’s a mental preparation sorta thing which he agrees on.

– After a bit of waffling on about their underwear the two girls finally cut the topic short yelling that they’ll sue Nakamura and his agency for sexual harassment ahaha.

– The two of them ask Nakamura to choose between Kuroneko and Kirino and he decides on Kuroneko :O But he laughs that if she was there in real life she’d be really weird.

– The two of them said that they were a bit nervous before the episode when they found out Nakamura would be guesting :O

They announce that the next episode will be the last episodekasjflkjadsflka! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aksdjfkadfjls they lied at the starrrrrrrtt lied! Well anyways, I’m hoping it’ll start up again with the second season (AND THERE WILL BE A SECOND SEASON I BELIEEEEEEEEEEEVEE)

Random Radio Scribbles 7

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Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio #66 on 2011.07.07.

– Aki talking about her new photobook.

“Even though I’ve been doing this kind of work for a while now I’m… Still not used to having pictures taken of me *laughs* It’s still a bit scary!
The idea of having photoshoots still embarrasses me a bit…”
– Aki talking about Manyuu Hiken and Qwaser.

“I’m also appearing in that new anime with [Kotobuki]Mina-chan as the main character, Manyuu Hiken. Manyuu is wonderful like Seikon no Qwaser *laughs* The recordings are so fun, just like the Seikon no Qwaser recordings! We’ve had moments where we’re all laughing so hard! It’s a pretty fun anime~ Oh and by the way it’s directed by the same Qwaser director, Kaneko Hiraku. “

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #92 2011.07.06 talk on the drunk Taketatsu Ayana episode on OreImo Radio <3

“I haven’t been drinking much recently… I’m on a diet after all and alcohol really does make you fat doesn’t it?

…But I like girls who are drunk. *laughs* I like cute girls that are drunk!
Yeah… Just the other day I was with Taketatsu Ayana… And she… Well I had also drunk a bit, but she was drinking too. She was REALLY cute. It was pretty potent. She was all like “KAnaaa-chan~~!” And I was like ” (*´Д`)ハァハァ” *laughs* Yeah I like cute drunk girls! But that aside, when I drink everything just seems more fun.”

More Kana x Ayana love <3 I laughed so hard listening to that episode of OreImo Radio ahaha.

YuruYuri Radio YuriYurararaYuruYuri Housoushitsu #2 on 2011.07.08 hosted by Okubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Tsuda Minami, Otsubo Yuka.

– Rumi laughs that the staff’s face when they presented the name of the radio was pretty mean since it’s a long and hard to say name for them lol. Look at that name, Yurararararararasjkldjdlafjkadslfjaklds

– It looks like Rumi is a fan of Yuri :D

Everytime I hear Rumi’s voice I keep thinking how similar she sounds to Taketatsu Ayana and Fujita Saki. And speaking of Fujita Saki, she’s coming on to guest on the next episode it seems :O

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #16

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.03.25

Hayami Saori guest episode! She’s done radio work with the both of them before on Sekirei Radio with Kana and MM Radio with Ayana so she’s pretty friendly with these two.

– New episodes being released

Ayana: With the release of the new episodes it looks like Kuroneko’s popularity is starting to soar.
Kana: Ah it’s a new look for everyone isn’t it? With Kuroneko wearing a school uniform she looks like like a normal, though pretty, ojousama. Though she’s all different inside. *laughs*

Kana: It’s pretty lonely without Kirino though isn’t it…
Ayana: Yeah… She’s gone to America and all now…
Kana: The recordings without Ayacchi doesn’t feel like OreImo at all…
Ayana: Yeah I’ve been feeling pretty left out as well… It’s like “You’re absent for these recordings!” And I’m like “Eh?? I’m the heroine!!” It was lonely!

Watching Cardcaptor Sakura!

Ayana: After talking about it so much the other day on radio I went to rewatch the DVDs for Cardcaptor Sakura! Watching her change clothing everytime and saying “ho~e~~” made me think how great it was that I grew up watching this anime! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* You’re being weird!

Kana: I want to watch Cardcaptor Sakura with you~
Ayana: Really?? Come over to my place then! Or instead I’ll bring them over to your place!

– Apparently the little picture on the bottom right was a picture of the Slowpoke pokemon drawn by Hayami lol. The other two burst out laughing when they see it ahaha.

– The three of them go on about Pokemon for quite some time lol.

– When talking about their siblings Hayami says that she’s single child. They then realise that she’s the same age as Kana’s little brother and Kana pronounces “Ah! Yeah! They’re the same age! I’m going to get my brother to marry you Hayamin!” lol. It looks like the two of them have been laughing about this before, where it started off with Kana talking about them being the same age, then trying to have them meet up sometime and now escalating into Kana trying to marry them lol. By the way Hayami hasn’t even met him before.

– Everyone’ll be related!

Ayana: Ah but if Hayami marries Kana’s brother you’ll both be sisters! I want that! How about Hayami marries Kana’s brother, and then Kana marries my elder brother and then we’ll all be related! *laughs*
Hayami + Kana: Hey! That’s unfair! Who are you marrying then??
Ayana: I’ll just live with everyone as a big family <3

– The three of them talk quite a bit about AKB48 lol. Hayami doesn’t know that many members but she says her favorite is Mayuyu, same with Kana and Ayana. Ayana talks about how she’s been paying attention to Tomo-chin recently as well. I would write more but I know next to nothing about AKB48 lawl.

Ayana: “Tomo-chin’s so cute, I want to date her! I want to be a boy for her!”

– It looks like Kana has high regard for Aoki Sayaka’s voice :O I wonder where in particular she heard her that made her a fan.

– The three of them start talking about Prince of Tennis and it’s characters :O Kana’s favourite was Sengoku Kiyosumi, Ayana’s was Kikumaru Eiji.

– While talking about shounen manga they mention how they started playing tennis or Go because of Prince of Tennis or Hikaru no Go lol. Ahaha yeahh shounen manga/anime really does that to you doesn’t it.

– Working as a seiyuu

Ayana: Working as a seiyuu now really feels like an extension of my hobbies rather than a job~
Hayami: Yeah, it’s great isn’t it?
Kana: Yeah, work is pretty fun~

– Close your eyes Kana! Ahaha the script still has Ayana saying loving lines to Kana :D

Ayana: “Kana-chan~ close your eyes!”
Kana: Mmnn?
Ayana: *giggles* “Gu–“ —-Hey you’re supposed to keep your eyes closed!! Oi! Hanazawa Kana!
Kana: Sorry what?!
Ayana: “Guess who!”
Kana: …Eh?
Ayana: Oi! Keep your eyes closed!! “Guess who?!”
Kana: …Ayacchi
Ayana: “You guessed wrong! It’s the Taketatsu Ayana that you love!” *Laughs embarrassedly and tries to change the subject*
Kana: *laughs* What the!? What?? Is this still continuing?!
Ayana: Why didn’t you keep your eyes closed!!
Kana: Sorry but I had no idea what was going on!
Ayana: Yeah it didn’t go as well as I expected…

– The two of them mention to Hayami their whole idea of them trying to get her to wear some cosplay or another and she laughs saying they shouldn’t tell her manager or he’ll really make her wear something lol.

Hayami was there under informal circumstances and didn’t have a radio script so their talk seemed really natural. It really sounded like a normal conversation between the three of them rather than a radio recording <3. Hayami’s also guesting next episode so I’ll be looking forward to that too \o/.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #15

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.03.12

Although Kana’s birthday has passed Ayana’s script has her saying “Today’s not your birthday anymore… So I’m not gonna spoil you today nyan!” Why’s the “nyan” there then!

– Ayana’s birthday event should actually be coming out with the next episode of OreImo Radio in real time :O

Ayana: As these DVDs come out it makes me really feel that OreImo has ended ;_;
Kana: Eh? Awww nooo I don’t want it to end! How much longer will this radio continue for?
Ayana: I hope it goes on forever!
Kana: I really want to celebrate Ayachi’s birthday here too!
Ayana: Oh! Thats in… Another three months?

– While talking about anime, the two of them start talking about how the directors of Matrix had seen and loved anime and used that to influence his movies. Ayana was explaining this to Kana and she had no idea :O

– Ayana comments that her older brother wasn’t an otaku at all, though he plays action and RPG games pretty often. Ayana had tried to force her brother to play Tokimeki Memorial but he gave up half way through it lol.

– Amusingly “GR8” is sent in to the internet lingo corner. As in the english “Great” abbreviation. Ayana guesses the right meaning of it almost instantly :O

– One of the internet lingo things I found amusing was “KIRIN”, a title which stands for “Kanajo Inai Reki Ikooru Nenrei” lit. “‘Time Without a Girlfriend’ equals ‘Age'” lol.

– One of the corners had listeners sending in worries that they think a character or person would have, such as “Sometimes I hate being hit in the morning…” By “The Alarm Clock”. One of the ones they sent in was “I’m scared that my two senpai will make me wear some weird costumes…” By “Hayami Saori”. Although it’s made up by a listener, it comes from when the two of them were talking about how they wanted to dress Hayami up for the next OreImo event in a previous episode lol.

Ayana: Eh?? We won’t do that!
Kana: Huh? Lets dress her up!
Ayana: …Huh? *laughs* Oi!
Kana: *laughs* Lets do it! It’s Hayamin!
Ayana: Yeah she’ll look good in anything!
Kana: Yeah it’s her fault for looking good wearing anything!
Ayana: Yeah! She’s so slim! And she’s got a good body! …I can use my authority as a senpai… *evil laugh*
Kana: *laughs* Yeah! You’re in the same agency after all!
Ayana: I’ll be all like *creepy voice*“Hey, Hayamin… Wear this~~” and have her wear it.

Ayana: I want Hayamin herself to read out this line! 
Kana: Yeah that “I’m scared” bit!
Ayana: I want to hear it. *evil laugh*

Run Hayamin!!

I’m looking forward to hearing what’ll happen on Ayana’s birthday episode :D

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #14

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.02.25

Will you have dinner? A bath? …Or maybe …Me?” The radio opens up with Ayana saying this line ahaha. It looks like she’ll be saying all these lovely lines to Kana throughout the episode as a birthday treat for her lol. You can hear Kana laughing in the background at the start :D

Ayana: “”Will you have dinner? A bath? …Or maybe …Me?” This is Taketatsu Ayana! *laughs and winces* What’s up with this opening script?!”
Kana: “YAYYY!! Of course I’ll have Taketatsu~! I won’t eat or bathe!”
Ayana: “Go bathe first!!”

– Ayana’s script has her sticking “-nyan~!” at the end a few of her sentences too lol.

– It looks like Kana wrote all the things she wanted Ayana to say and they inserted them in her script.

– They brought in a cake for Kana \o/

– Ayana bought Kana a set of bathing items for her birthday present such as shower gel and body wash.

Kana: “Whats with all these bathing items?? Are we gonna bathe together??”
Ayana: “Err… Well.. If you really want to… We could…”
Kana: “What?!? Really?!?”
Ayana: “Yeah”

– Ribbon wrapped Ayana!

Ayana: “”And it looks like.. For today… I could be your present… If you want””
Kana: *laughs*
Ayana: “Whats with this?! And the request had said ‘Please wrap a red ribbon around Ayana’!! HEY What kind of requests did you put in?!?!”

– Hold hands with me Kana!

Ayana: “”It’s sooo cold! …Kana-chan can I hold your hand?””
Kana: “I’LL HOLD YOUR HANDDDD!! So cuteeeee~ <3”

Kana says that this line wasn’t written by her and likes how the writer of the radio script knows what kind of lines she’d love to hear lol.

– Ayana winces that this is pretty embarassing for her, but says she’ll try her best for Kana’s birthday <3

– The writer of the radio show gave Kana a pair of mugs for her birthday :O

– Clumsy Ayana <3

Kana: “You’ve been pretty clumsy recently though”
Ayana: “…No I havent!”
Kana: “Like forgetting your valentines chocolates, dropping things, hitting your head on the microphone~ <3”
Ayana: “…That’s… That’s because my mind’s been full of you that I haven’t been paying attention!!”
Kana: “…What kind of reason is that? *softens up* Well if that’s so then that you can drop anything you like or hit anything you like then! <3″

– It looks like Ayana does a bit of cooking here and there but very rarely.

– Next lovely phrase <3

Ayana: “”Ka~na-chan~~!””
Kana: “Mm?”
Ayana: “”I just wanted to call your name~ <3”
Kana: “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Kana asks Ayana to repeat it for her lol

– Ayana says she wants to watch Kobato and Kana offers to lend it to her <3

– Ayana says she doesn’t know what Pokemon Cards are, to Kana’s absolute surprise. Wait, to everyone’s surprise really. How does she not know about Pokemon Cards?! Kana says she was really into Pokemon cards back when she was young.

– Hanazawa Kana > CCS + Sailor Moon.

Ayana: “”I love CardCaptor Sakura and and Sailor Moon… But I love Kana even more…!””
Kana: “Ohh I like this line! We should close the corner with this every episode!”

– Ayana x Kana

Ayana: “When I say these lines I get kinda nervous and my heart starts beating really fast… I wonder if this is what you call “love?” *laughs*

– Iguchi Yuka pops up in their conversation when they’re talking about imitations and they laugh that she’s moving towards being a comedian lol.

– Ayana says that Kana won’t hear things like this from her for at least another year when her birthday comes along again and Kana throws a tantrum saying she doesn’t want to wait that long to hear them again lol. She then laments that they’re gonna have to go back to the normal radio program after this episode.

The two of them laugh that the radio is supposed to be 30 minutes long but they’ve probably been talking for over an hour already. The broadcasted episode is 50 minutes but I’m pretty sure that it’s been edited down.
So much Ayana x Kana love <3

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