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Name: RADIO IS 出張版
Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Yukana
Date: Sometime in between 2011.1.15 and 2011.1.29

This was a special episode of RADIO IS that wasn’t broadcast but instead was given out as a special with the release of the first Infinite Stratos DVD/Bluray. The title translate roughly to “tour” in the “Live Concert Tour” meaning. The two of them were laughing at the meaning, giving the reason that they were probably touring around peoples home with this episode. This episode looks like it was recorded in between RADIO IS #2 and #3 so I can’t really guess the exact date but it should be in that vicinity.

– The two of them were feeling each other’s hair at the start of the radio. Haha it’s nice to have them sitting next to each other for once so they can interact with one another physically lol.

– The two of them shower Yukana with compliments on how pretty, cute and elegant she is lol.

– The three of them think that Cecillia is the most child-like out of the girls, and agree unanimously that Charlotte is the most adult-like of them.

– Interestingly they started with the confession corner early in the episode this time :O Yukana pulled out the theme “Bag of Rice”. For once… She didn’t die and break down in embarrassment lol. Where’s my burrrnn?! The other two laugh that this was probably the way the corner is supposed to be done, not their writhing in shame corner they have right now ahaha.

– Corner where they have to name the good points about Ichika.

Yukana: (“err… None?”)
– He treats everyone equally
– He can use chopsticks
– He can debone fishes
– His sister is strong

Hikasa: (“Bad points about him come to mind much easier…”)
– He’s occasionally masculine.
– He’s nice enough to feed people going “aaahn”
– His denseness makes him cute
– He’s good at massaging

Asami: (“Good points? I can only think of bad points about him”)
– He’s got a good voice.
– He says some cool lines
– He’s skilled at controlling the IS
– He’s annoying in just the right amount

Lol what is with these “compliments”? Haha, Ichika really isn’t popular with them.

– They had a shiritori corner with confessions.. WHICH WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I’VE SEEN IN A WHILE LOL. Ahhh they just keep burning each other, I can’t really describe it but it was hilarious haha.

– Apparently Yukana had hugged Hikasa just recently, which Hikasa was embarrassed but happy about lol.

Oh wow this episode started off pretttty awkward as the two hosts were completely put off balance by Yukana’s atmosphere lol. The two of them just stumbled over their words and continuously showered her with love ahaha. Yukana seemed a bit fidgety from being hit by so much praise as well ahaha. Hikasa and Asami really are close though, it’s wonderful to see~ But honestly, Hikasa becomes best friends with pretty much everyone she talks to lol, wait I think I’ve mentioned this before haven’t I? I really admire and love that about her so much <3

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDoooon #52

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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Yukana
Date: 2011.03.24

Sugita has a little speech at the start about trying to cheer everyone up with this radio :D. How sweet~

– Apparently Nakamura had intended to come on the show as well, even if he wasn’t gonna get paid for it but he couldn’t make it due to other work :(

– Nakamura has been calling Sugita everyday ever since the earthquake haha. :D

– Sugita has been watching Infinite Stratos :D

– A listener sends in a mail about a dream he had featuring Amagami’s Nanasaki, Yukana’s character and Sugita had her read a line in Nanasaki’s voice <3

– Sugita and Yukana had gone to a staff party to eat yakiniku and Sugita had pretty much only salad on his plate and Yukana scolded him for not eating enough meat haha.

Sugita: “Pretty much the only people who tell me off for that are my mum and Yukana.”

– Lol was that a Cirno Perfect Math Lesson IOSYS reference? Well I’m not surprised I guess, Sugita’s mentioned Touhou more than a couple of times :D

– Sugita didn’t watch Infinite Stratos from the start, but after receiving a lot of mail regarding it he decided to take a look and ended up liking it.

– Yukana plays Monster Hunter :O (Like every(?) other seiyuu lol)

– Sugita asks everyone’s favourite Yukana character

Tanaka: Kuugen Tenka (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)
Asakura: Mashiro (My-Hime/Otome)
Satou: Nanasaki (Amagami)
Male AGRS: C.C. (Code Geass)

– Yukana says she doesn’t know Nakamura very well. They’ve never attended the same work parties due to scheduling conflicts and they haven’t had many chances to work together.

– Toyosaki Aki and Sphere’s name popped up a couple of times during the radio heh

Sugita and Yukana has a kinda little brother-elder sister sorta relationship. Sugita has come to her for advice and to be cheered up by her before. How wonderful <3

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