Random Radio Scribbles 10

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Random radio scribbles! I’m surprised I haven’t put these on here yet :o

Itou Kanae goes to a pitching centre for her solo radio, 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ #7, to try and throw a ball at 60 km/h.

The goal was originally 50 km/h but last episode, upon hearing that nano.RIPE’s vocalist Kimiko could throw at around 80, Kanae said that 50 was probably too easy and raised it to 60. She gave the reason that she had been in the Softball club too.

And so this episode when she actually went to measure her pitching speed she managed to reach… Only 43 km/h lol. She didn’t even reach the original goal of 50! Let alone her revised goal of 60 ahaha.

– From “ラジオ腐りかけ”/Radio Kusarikake.

The radio is normally hosted by Seki Tomokazu and Paku Romi but they were absent for the episode and KitaEri and Shintani Ryouko were brought in to host the show. This was just something I found amusing from the episode. A bit of back info, the “Kusari” uses the same kanji as the “fu” in “Fujoshi” meaning rotten or corrupted.

KitaEri: The reason why they called us in is because we’re “fujoshi”. What do you think about that?
Shintani: Hmm well, I’m not really sure what it means to be a fujoshi anymore. I’ve always thought it was a girl who was really in to BL but lately it seems to refer to any girl who’s an otaku. When it’s put that way I guess I’d be a fujoshi… But I’m not that into BL…
KitaEri: Yeah that’s right! Rather than BL WE PREFER GL!
Shintani: Yeah!…. ??! Eh??? *laughs*
KitaEri: *laughs* That made you pause for a bit!

From Sugita’s Anigera Dedooon #100 on 2013.01.24:

Sugita: Kanemoto-san[Kanemoto Hisako] said this to me before, Nakamura, you call her “Ika” or “Ika-chan” don’t you?
*Tanaka laughs*
Nakamura: Actually, the other day she came up to me and said “Do you even know my name?!”
 *Sugita and SP Tanaka laughs*
Nakumura: And I was like “Of course I know your name! Kanemoto-san right?”

Inoue Marina and Love Plus

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Inoue Marina is pretty well known for being a huge fan of Love Plus and loved to talk about it when the game came out. This particular radio snippet is actually quite old and is from about 2 and a half years ago on “Kobe Maemuki Jogakuen” hosted by Inoue Marina and Itou Kanae, a long running radio airing weekly and still continues today. Although Marina is all over Love Plus, Kanae never got into it herself but plays along with Marina whenever the topic comes up. I’ve added the video below, feel free to follow along or listen at niconico.

– My Nene is the cutest of them all!

Marina: I was talking to Kamiya-san [Kamiya Hiroshi] and Terashima-kun [Terashima Takuma] about Love Plus just recemtly.
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Who did they have as their partner?
Marina: Kamiya-san had Nene-chan.
Kanae: Oh…
Marina: Terashima-kun had… Rinko.
Kanae: Rinko?
Marina: Rinko-san is Tange-san! [Tange Sakura]
Kanae: Ahh I see.
Marina: Sakura-tan!
*They both laugh*
Kanae: I see…
Marina: And I was like “Ahh Terashima-kun does seem like the the Rinko type” and he replied with “How can you tell?!” “Well you like tsunderes right?” which he was like “How… Did you know that about me?!”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: “It’s obvious!” was what I said, making things pretty lively with Kamiya-san. But really, everyone’s aiming for Nene! How annoying!
Kanae: You’ve got a lot of competition!
Marina: Yeah but listen! I don’t know if it’s alright to say this but… Since I’ve been talking about Love Plus and everything… I’ve been asked for an interview about it! *laughs*
Kanae: Wow!
Marina: Even though I’m not in it at all!
Kanae: Are they asking about your opinion on it?
Marina: Yeah something like “What did you think of it while playing it?”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: I was like “What should I do?!”. I guess anything and everything can lead to work!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: That was a surprise! But there really do seem to be a lot of people after Nene though…
Kanae: Yeah…
Marina: Ono-san [Ono Daisuke] also seems to be after her…
Kanae: Hmm? Wasn’t Ono-san with Manaka-chan?
Marina: Ah! Right he was wasn’t he!
Kanae: Does everyone know about that? Is it really widespread? *laughs*
Marina: Yeah that discussion got pretty lively elsewhere… Ah how about Sugita-san? [Sugita Tomokazu, by the way, a STRONG supporter of Manaka]
Kanae: Everyone’s playing Love Plus aren’t they…
Marina: Yeah!
Kanae: Amazing!
Marina: And I was told “You’re a girl! Why are you playing this!”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: Why does that matter!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: It doesn’t matter if I’m a girl or a boy!
Kanae: Yeah really!
Marina: It doesn’t change the fact I love Nene!
Kanae: …Marina-san? *laughs*
Marina: If anything, my feelings aren’t any less!
Kanae: Amazing!
Marina: Yep! That’s how serious I am!
Kanae: Serious?
Marina: Yep I’m serious!
Kanae: Are you going to fight?
Marina: Yeah!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: I’ll fight!
Kanae: Putting Nene-san on the line?
Marina: Yeah! Well my Nene is the cutest after all.
Kanae: *laughs* Huh? Is there a difference?
Marina: THERE IS!! There’s a huge difference between them! My Nene is the cutest of them all!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Sounds like you’re boasting about how cute your pet is or something!
*Marina laughs*
Marina: Ah like a doting pet owner?
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: It’s different!
Kanae: Yup. She’s you’re girlfriend after all!
Marina: Yeah! She is!
[Radio starts and the personalities introduce themselves]
This is Inoue Marina! My Nene is the cutest of them all!
Kanae: *laughs* I’m Itou Kanae~
Marina: Yeah… Kanae is the cutest of them all!
Kanae: Huh?! That came out of nowhere! *laughs* Ah… Umm… Thanks… *laughs*

Kanae’s the cutest of them all!

– The Love Plus Lifestyle.

Kanae[Reading mail]: “…I started playing Love Plus because of Marina-san but since I’m going after Manaka it looks like I won’t have to fight with Marina-san over Nene!”
Marina: Ah that’s great!
Kanae[Continues reading]: “I’m glad I won’t have to fight with Marina over her! Thanks to Marina-san I’m having a wonderful Love Plus lifestyle! When I wake up it’s time for Love Plus! Before I sleep at night it’s Love Plus time! I’ve stored Dragon Quest away for now! But there’s something I want to say… My Manaka is cuter than Nene!”
Marina: Idiot!
*They both laugh*
Marina: Idiot! My Nene is definitely cuter!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: But you have a point, Saori’s[Hayami Saori] really cute too!
Kanae: Yup!
Marina: She’s cute BUT But! She can’t beat my wife!
Kanae: Ah it’s Nene-san!
Marina: See!
Kanae: Ah she’s in her sailor uniform! It fits her~
Marina: It sure does!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: Instead it makes her look pretty sexy!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: “Instead”?
Marina: That sailor uniform! But her part time job uniform is cute as well!
Kanae: Oh? She works part time with you?
Marina: Yup! She’s the senpai!
Kanae: I see.
Marina: She teaches you everything very intimately!
Kanae: Oh? What kind of part time job is it?
Marina: It’s at a family restaurant.
Kanae: I see…
Marina: Well good on him for getting a girlfriend!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Yup…

Marina leading people down the Love Plus Lifestyle spiral!

– Mari[o] Plus!

Marina: Thanks for waiting! We’ll be going to this corner now!
Kanae[Reading the script]: “Imaginary Love Simulation! Mari-o Plus!”
Marina: Let’s go!
Kanae: …What is this? *laughs*
Marina: Since Kanae’s just turned 23 years old…
Kanae: Yes…?
Marina: You must be getting told that you’ve become more adult-like recently!
Kanae: *cheers*
Marina: …Is that true?
Kanae: Eh??
Marina: So then Kanae’s skill with romance must have gone up as well!
Kanae: Really??
Marina: Well that’s what the staff thinks!
Kanae: Well they’re thinking too much… *laughs*
Marina: Yeah… I agree… But! This is leading to me acting out an imaginary boy “Mari-o-kun”[Adding a “o” to the end of a name usually denotes a male name, Mari-na -> Mari-o lol] and you have to respond properly and make his heart yours! In other words, make him fall for you!
Kanae: “Respond properly”?!
Marina: Well this is your birthday event so if you succeed you’ll get a wonderful present!
Kanae: Err, yay… *laughs*
Marina: You got all that?
Kanae: Ah is it like those games where I’ve got choices to choose from?
Marina: Well you don’t have anything to choose from.
Kanae: I don’t?! So I just have to respond when something is said to me?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: …Hmm?
Marina: Do your best!
Kanae: What’s with that! Of course I will!
*They both laugh*
Marina: Well just try and respond correctly to make Mari-o-kun happy!
Kanae: Ah I’m playing as a girl?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: So I’m the girl and Marina is playing the boy, Mari-o-kun, which I have to make fall for me?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: Make his heart skip a beat!
Marina: Well the judging process is all handled by me so it’ll probably be alright!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Well I’ll do my best!

I laughed when I heard “Mario-kun”, Love Plus with a Mario character?!

– Start!

Marina: Mari-o Plus starts!
Mari-o: Hey! You’re the new part timer? Looking forward to working with you!
Kanae: Ah right!
Mari-o: What’s your name?
Kanae: Ah, Itou Kanae. I look forward to working with you too.
Mari-o: Itou Kanae-chan? I’m Mari-o! How old are you?
Kanae: Umm I’m 23 years old.
Mari-o: 23 years old huh! I’m 24 years old so we’re not that far apart!
Kanae: That’s true.
Mari-o: Well since we’re not that far apart in age let’s drop the polite talk! Okay?
Kanae: O-okay!
*They both laugh*
Mari-o: What’s with that! You’re so stiff! Lets try that again, okay??
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Ah! That’s the way! That’s a great smile! Rather than a part time senpai-kouhai relationship I’d prefer for us to be friends instead! Ah, transitional sound effect. [The script is telling Kanae to make the sound effect for a scene transition]
Kanae: Scene transition? “Kirankiran~”
Marina: Ah so when it says “Transitional sound effect” you need to make that sound.
Kanae: Ahh! O-Okay!
Mari-o: One more time!
Kanae: Okay! *laughs*
Mari-o: Good response! Itou-san… You’ve become pretty capable now! Let’s celebrate on your way home today!
Kanae: Oh really?
Mari-o: How about dinner!
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Then look forward to it!
Kanae: Okay!
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: “Kirankiran~”
Mari-o: The pasta here is pretty famous!
Kanae: Oh? Really?
Mari-o: Do you like pasta?
Kanae: Yup I like pasta!
Mari-o: There’s something I’d like to ask…
Kanae: Hmm?
Mari-o: From your point of view… What kind of person do I appear like to you?
Kanae: Ah that was sudden! Umm! *laughs* Umm well… You’re someone I can really rely on!
*Marina laughs*
Mari-o: Thanks! Did that make you nervous?
Kanae: *laughs* Yup!
Mari-o: Ah how honest! Sorry sorry! But you were just so cute when you’re like that so I couldn’t help myself!
Kanae: *Gets flustered* What is this!! Whaat the!? *laughs*
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: “Kiranshiran~”

– Q&A.

Mari-o: Itou-san!
Kanae: Err hi.
Mari-o: Are you going somewhere right now? Can I go with you?
Kanae: Umm okay. *laughs*
Mari-o: Itou-san are you bad at waking up early?
Kanae: I am!
Mari-o: I thought so, you looked sleepy!
Kanae: Yup, I’m sleepy~
Mari-o: What time do you sleep?
Kanae: Umm about 2 AM?
Mari-o: 2 AM huh? What time do you normally get home?
Kanae: I usually reach home at about… Umm… At about 11 o’ clock?
Mari-o: Hmm? What do you normally do during that time before you sleep?
Kanae: Umm, work *laughs*
Mari-o: Oh work? What kind of work?
Kanae: Umm reading books!
Mari-o: Books huh! What kind of books!
Kanae: *laughs* What kind of books?? Ones with lots of words in them! *laughs* [Kanae’s basically trying to say she’s reading through her scripts for her seiyuu work lol]
Mari-o: I see! You’re such a bookworm aren’t you!
*Kanae bursts out laughs*
Mari-o: What’s your favourite movie?
Kanae: My favourite movie? Well… Japanese movies?
Mari-o: Ah Japanese movies? Anything good?
Kanae: One that I’ve wanted to watch recently is “Nakumonka!”
Mari-o: Ah that one! With Sugao-san!
Kanae: Yeah!
Mari-o: That one sounds really interesting doesnt it! A movie that makes you laugh and cry is great isn’t it!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Then what’s your favourite animal?
Kanae: Eh? Favourite animal? I like cats!
Mari-o: Cats huh? Are you more of a cat person than a dog person?
Kanae: Yup!
Mari-o: Do you own any cats?
Kanae: Nope!
Mari-o: You don’t?!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Well then… Kanae-chan… What do you think about kissing?
Kanae: Huh what?! What do I think about it?! What?! *laughs*
Mari-o: What do you think about kissing!
Kanae: Umm that’s what lovers do with each other right?
Mari-o: Yup, and stop with the polite talk!
Kanae: Umm… Don’t ask me something like that!
*They both laugh*
Mari-o: Ah your troubled face is so cute!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Ah, I called you by your first name just now…
Kanae: Yeah.
Mari-o: Can I call you by your first name from now on?
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Then what should I call you by? Just Kanae? Or Kanae-chan?
Kanae: Just Kanae is fine!
*Marina laughs*
Mari-o: Ah we’ve arrived already, then I’ll see you again at the part time job!
Kanae: Huh?
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: Arrived??
Marina: You were going somewhere remember?
Kanae: Ah right! *laughs* “tekatekan~!”[Transitional sound effect] *laughs*
Mari-o: Hey Kanae-chan!
Kanae: Yup?
Mari-o: Have you got some time after work?
Kanae: Yep I do!
Mari-o: Thanks, then I’ll wait for you at the back door after work!
Kanae: Huh? Ah, okay.
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: Ah, “kirankiranshan~”
Mari-o: Hey… Do you remember when we first met?
Kanae: Umm…. Ah! Yep I remember! Umm, it was when I first started work here right? *laughs*
Mari-o: Yup!
Kanae: Yeah I remember!
Mari-o: From when I first met you I had always though you had such a cute smile. Can I stay by your side?
Kanae: …Huh?
Mari-o: I love you!
Kanae: Waah. *laughs* What? Ah… Umm thanks. Err umm… Thanks umm *laughs* Umm yeah… *laughs* I don’t know!! It’s so hot!! [KANAE SO CUTE ASKDAHJSDFASFD]
Mari-o: Is that a yes?
Kanae: …. Yes.
Mari-o: Yes?!
Kanae: …Yes.
Mari-o: Thanks Kanae-chan! It’s your birthday right?! So here, a present! Will you accept it?
Kanae: What is it? Okay. Thanks. What is it?
Marina: FINISH!!!!

Oh god Kanae’s embarrassed reactions were sooo adorableajsdhfadsjfhasdjf KANAEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hmm this started as a Marina x Love Plus post but it kinda turned into a Kanae-chan love post halfway through lol. Marina’s really talked about Love Plus over and over again though, perhaps for another post!

P.S. By the way, the last snippet on the video is Inoue Marina repeating “Kanae… You smell soo good.. sooo good Kanae….” ahaha.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #160

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Seto Asami
Date: 2012.08.25

Nana’s M no Sekai with Seto Asami coming on to guest. The two of them are in the same agency and it looks like they’re rather close, Nana looks to have taken care of Seto quite a bit during her first few recording sessions on Hourou Musuko.

– Seto’s debut role…

Nana: We first co-appeared together on Hourou Musuko~
Seto: Yup~ That was my debut role! I was really cluelesss about anything and everything but Nana-san helped me out so much!
Nana: No no you were wonderful then!
Seto: No not at all!
Nana: You were around 17 years old at the time right?
Seto: Yes.
Nana: You were a high schooler and you attended the recordings in your school uniform! I was like “Wow!” when I saw you!
*They both laugh*
Nana: It reminded me of when I first started! I was around 17 years old at the time as well and attended in my school uniform as well so it really felt like I couldn’t leave you be!

– Passing out on a daily basis…

Nana: I often just pass out–
Seto: Pass out?!?! Ah you mean like after a concert?
Nana: Yeah something like that. But every day.
Seto: That’s amazing…
Nana: Well I always stay up till the very limit and I’m not very good at conserving energy—
Seto: That’s so cool!
Nana: *laughs* Not at all, it’s like I’m a little kid or something! Or an animal
*They both laugh*
Nana: After going crazy I just bam, and pass out.
*Seto laughs*
Seto: I’ll try my best to work hard to pass out every day!
*They both laugh*

The two of them have a pretty nice senpai-kouhai relationship~ Nana’s a really nice senpai!

I’m on quite a Seto Asami streak right now lol, I actually got really into Setomin a while ago but that post kinda fizzled out when Ambiseiy itself pretty much fizzled out haha orz.

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #92

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Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Seto Asami
Date: 2013.01.01

Episode 92 of Hayami’s Freestyle. Wow this radio’s come a long way now hasn’t it~ This episode is guesting Seto Asami. The two of them are really close and Seto in particular seems to adore Hayami <3

– Hayami’s been learning to play the guitar! Seems like she sung while playing the guitar a couple of episodes ago :O

– Seto laughs that it feels weird talking about the new year when at the time of recording it’s still 2012.

– Seto goes back to her [edit: Mom’s] hometown, Fukushima for the new year.

– Seto’s attending university while working as a seiyuu, though she says that Hayami attends a different university to her.

– Seto x Hayami?

Seto: When I don’t see you for a while… I start feeling very distant.
Hayami: You do?!
Seto: Like I’m just floating around…
Hayami: Really?! No no way!
Seto: When I get to meet up with you I start coming back down to earth~
Hayami: Like you’re recovering?? *laughs* It’s a good thing to have your heads in the clouds sometimes though~

Seto: If I don’t get to see you at least once a week… I’ll die.
Hayami: Ah *laughs* Thanks.
*Seto laughs*
Hayami: It feels like I just got confessed to! *laughs*

Hayamin sure is popular! <3

– Hayami’s cooked some New Years food for Seto and seto eats it during the recording so happily :D

– Amusingly Hayami’s mother made some for the radio as well.

– Bride training…

Hayami: The radio had a food coordinator called “Shiori” come on the show as a guest–
Seto: Ah, is her name spelt “Shiori” in the english alphabet??
Hayami: Yup
Seto: I’ve got one of her books! *pauses* It’s a cooking book called “Training to be a bride
Hayami: Eh? Why? You do??
Seto: So I can be a good bride *laughs*
*Hayami laughs*
Hayami: You will be! It’ll be okay, especially since you’ve already bought the book!

Seto sounded kinda embarrassed when she said the name of the book ahaha.

– Looks like Seto has a liking for puns :D

I’ve only started listening into Setomin’s radio work pretty recently but she’s such a sweet girl~ Seto seemed to really enjoy Hayami’s company here, how heart warming <3

(Finally a normal post that’s not seiyuu yuri(?) or sekuhara ww)

“Let me smell you~” “Nooo~! Not today!~♥”

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Digital Magical Management is a long running radio show hosted by Gotou Saori and Kitamura Eri airing weekly. The theme of the show is to discuss what makes an idol and to create and manage their own imaginary idol character. The particular episode where this whole thing started was when they were discussing how their idol should smell… Hmm that didn’t come out like I expected, but it seemed perfectly normal at the time hah. This started on episode #42 aired on April the 17th, 2012. A lot of the fun factor comes from the sounds Gotou makes and the way KitaEri harrasses her so I’ve cut snippets from the radio, if inclined feel free to follow along~

– Talking about smells…

KitaEri: What kind of smell do you think fits an idol the most?
Saori: Ehh? Idol?
KitaEri: I’d say strawberries? That “Strawberry” feeling!
Saori: How about candy?
KitaEri: Candy? Well we can say that it should be something sweet right?
Saori: Cotton candy!
KitaEri: The smell of cotton candy?? What kind of smell is that?
Saori: Doesn’t it sound tasty?
KitaEri: By the way what do you smell like normally? Well I guess you might not know if it’s your own smell though.
Saori: Eh? My own smell?
KitaEri: Sniff yourself. Sniff sniff!
Saori: *Starts sniffing… Loudly lol*
KitaEri: *laughs* *Starts imitating and exaggerating the sound of her sniffing*
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: What kind of smell was it?
Saori: *Gets flustered* Today is bad! Today is no good!
*KitaEri laughs and gets interested*
KitaEri: What?? What?!? What’s wrong??
Saori: Not today! *laughs*
KitaEri: What does that mean??
Saori: Today is bad!
KitaEri: Let me smell you~~
Saori: NOOO *screams*
KitaEri: Wait a moment *laughs* You’ll surprise the people listening to this at 11 am with that scream! The night broadcast will be fine though~ Hey Saori get over here~
Saori: Nooo! Not today!!
KitaEri: Can I smell you?
Saori: Nooo~
KitaEri: Give me a sniff~
Saori: Not today!
KitaEri: Then I’ll go to you~
*Saori screams*
KitaEri: *laughs* Hey don’t run away from the microphone! Saori~
Saori: No! No!
KitaEri: Come on Saori… It’s okay right?
Saori: No~! Today is no good!
KitaEri: Then why is today bad?
Saori: Well… I’ve bathed already…
KitaEri: If you’ve bathed already then that should be alright then!! What in the world!? *laughs*
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: Why Saori~? It’s fine~ You’ve bathed already~
Saori: Noo~~
KitaEri: You don’t want me to find out the smell of your bath?
Saori: It’d be fine if I’ve just come out of the bath… Then I’d be okay with you smelling me…
KitaEri: Ah you mean the moment right after you’ve come out?
Saori: Yeah then that’d be okay… But not now.
KitaEri: But your smell would be easy to tell.
Saori: No~! That’s bad!
*They both laugh*
Saori: Ahh I’ve worked up a sweat from this.

Oi Gotou you sound so…. adsflaskjfasdkflja orz

– One minute later…

KitaEri(Out of nowhere lol): …As I was saying, let me smell you~
Saori: What? Why? Nooo!
KitaEri: I like smells!
Saori: You do?
KitaEri: I wouldn’t say I have a smell fetish but I like certain smells.
Saori: Ah I can understand that. I’m like that too.
KitaEri: Then let me smell you~ What kind of smell do you let off~~
Saori: Nooo!! Not my smell!
KitaEri: Ah not your own smell? Then other people’s smell?
Saori: Other people’s are fine…
KitaEri: Wanna sniff me then?
Saori: Really?! Is that okay?? *laughs*
KitaEri: Why are you acting so embarrassed?! *laughs* What in the world?! *laughs* You’re making me embarrassed now!
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: Can I smell you then?
Saori: No! I’ve bathed already! *laughs*
KitaEri: What are you saying?! *laughs* Then how about if we go into the bath together?
Saori: TOGETHER?!?!
KitaEri: Then we can sniff each other in the bath. *laughs*
Saori: Not together!!
KitaEri: Why!? Ah Saorin’s bath at home is rather small isn’t it?
Saori: Yeah it’s small.
KitaEri: If we squeeze in together and wash each other off it’d be okay right?!
Saori: No!
KitaEri: Why?!
Saori: No!
KitaEri: Why!!
Saori: No way! *laughs*
KitaEri: …Why are you so obviously happy when you’re saying no!! *laughs* I don’t get it! What are you smiling about?!
*Saori laughs*

Well that bit about the bath went into a crazy area ahaha, and Saorin your mixed signals are confusing poor KitaEri! :D

– Another minute later…

(Talking about the smell of accessories)
KitaEri: Ah you’re always carrying a handkerchief aren’t you? Let me smell your handkerchief!
Saori: No~!
KitaEri: Come on!
*Saori smells her handkerchief*
KitaEri: Why are you checking it yourself first?? *laughs* What’d it smell like?
Saori: Mm this is… The smell of laundry detergent. *laughs*
KitaEri: Can I smell it? Can I? I’m gonna smell it! I’m gonna smell it!
Saori: Ahh! Just for a moment okay?!!! *laughs*
*KitaEri takes a deeeep breath lol*
KitaEri: Ohh! It smells lovely!
Saori: Okay that’s enough!
KitaEri: I smell the laundry.
Saori: Yeah.
KitaEri: And… The smell of the cushions you have at home. *laughs*
Saori: *laughs* How can you remember something like that?!
KitaEri: I remember everything about you~
Saori: Really…??!

They’ve mentioned it a few times on the show but KitaEri’s been going over to Gotou’s house quite a bit :D

The whole thing about KitaEri trying to take a sniff at Gotou then lay dormant for a while until a couple of episodes later, episode #44 on the first of May, 2012.

– The two of them are talking about releasing a perfume under their character’s name.

KitaEri: What were we talking about again? Ah, perfume? That could be interesting.
Saori: Yeah perfume huh…
KitaEri: Do you put much perfume— Ah! …How do you smell today~?
Saori: No, not today!
KitaEri: *laughs* Hold on, we were talking about this a few weeks ago and you said the same thing! Then when is alright?!
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: Hey Saori~~
Saori: …Not today…
KitaEri: Today is no good? Why?
Saori: …Because I haven’t bathed yet *laughs*
KitaEri: …Huh?! Eh?? Umm wha–? You said you bathed before you came last time on the radio didn’t you?
Saori: *Laughs* Yeah
KitaEri: And today you didn’t bathe before you came?
Saori: No, that’s why today is no good.
KitaEri: Ah really? Have you worked up a sweat?
Saori: Yeah I have.
KitaEri: …Where are you sweaty? *laughs* I’m asking you so you better answer~!
Saori: …Around here.
KitaEri: Where? Where? You have to say the place out loud~
Saori: No~! I can’t say something like that out loud! *laughs*
KitaEri: Where~?
Saori: …Here.
KitaEri: I’m sitting right next to you today so from this distance if I breathed in as hard as I could I should be able to smell you.
Saori: …I… Might smell really sweaty you know…?
KitaEri: It’ll be okay, I’ve got the strength of a dyson vacuum cleaner.
Saori: *laughs* I’ve never heard that before.
KitaEri: Alright here I go!
Saori: …Okay.
*KitaEri takes a massive sniff lol*
KitaEri: Mmm… I didn’t smell a thing!
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: Not a thing! I couldn’t smell you at all!
Saori: Today is no good I said!
KitaEri: Why?! Then how about your hand?
Saori: Not the hand as well!
*Saori smells her hand*
KitaEri: Stop smelling yourself!
*Saori laughs*
KitaEri: Where can I smell then?! How about your coat?
Saori: My coat is even worse!
KitaEri: Why??
Saori: No!
KitaEri: Then where?! How about your pen! Your pen! The pen you’re using! *laughs* Don’t sniff it yourself!
Saori: No not the pen as well!
*KitaEri and Saori laugh*
KitaEri: You just chucked your pen away! *laughs*
Saori: Not the pen as well!
KitaEri: I see… Then how about we call the perfume “Today is no good~”
Saori: Ah that sounds great.
KitaEri: Or maybe as a subtitle?
Saori: If I wear perfume then I wonder if I wouldn’t have to worry.
KitaEri: Yeah!
Saori: Then I’d be “Today is okay~”
*The two of them laugh*
KitaEri: “Today is alright~”?
Saori: “Today is good~”
KitaEri: You’d be able to say that then?
Saori: Yup.
KitaEri: Then how about you start wearing perfume then?
Saori: Start putting on perfume?
KitaEri: We can have your perfume here in the studio with us as well.
Saori: Well I have perfume but… When I’m over the smell I stop using it.
KitaEri: Mmm yeah that’s how it is normally isn’t it? If it’s not a habit then you stop putting it on.
Saori: I know! Then I’ll put it on and come in!
KitaEri: If you do that can I smell you as much as I want?
Saori: …Okay.
KitaEri: Where do you put it on?
Saori:*laughs* Around here…?
KitaEri: *whispers* Where…? Say it out loud~
Saori: …No… I can’t say something like that out loud~
KitaEri: …Where?
Saori: Lots of places!
KitaEri: Can I say it then?
Saori: …Okay.
KitaEri: *Whispers even quieter* The nape of the neck~ *laughs*
Saori: Yes there…
KitaEri: Then when you put on your perfume next time can I smell your *whispers* nape as much as I want?
Saori: …Okay~
KitaEri: What is with this?!
*They both burst into laughter*

Oi KitaEri you’re soooo out ahaha orz.

– A few minutes later…

(Talking about cellphone earphone jack accesories)
KitaEri: Is there any reason why you don’t have any?
Saori: Not really… I just don’t really like them.
KitaEri: Why? Can I smell it?
Saori: Nn??? No!
KitaEri: Why??
Saori: What kind of smell would it have??
KitaEri: Cellphone?
Saori: No! You can’t smell my phone!
KitaEri: Why?? What reason would you have to be against it?!
Saori: It’s because it touches this part and that part… It might smell really bad!!
*They both laugh*
KitaEri: It wont!
Saori: It might! *laughs*
KitaEri: It wont! It’ll smell nice!
Saori: It wont smell nice!
KitaEri: Really? Okay…
Saori: Yeah…
KitaEri: Then next time put perfume on your phone and it’ll be okay. Just a bit so as to not to break it.
Saori: Just a bit so as to not to break it?
KitaEri: Then would you let me sniff it? Saori’s phone~
Saori: …Okay.
*They both laugh*

– Let me lie on your lap!

(Talking about the Working!! event KitaEri participated in at around this time)
KitaEri: We had to do something like a little play where we were given a role and a theme. What I pulled out was “Sleeping girl” *laugh* I was wondering how I’d handle the role so when it started I just went to sleep. Sleeping on the table there didn’t seem very fun though so I went to the person sitting next to me, Fujita Saki-chan, and slept on her lap.*laughs* Ahh it was great… But I didn’t get to touch her bare thighs. She had a really puffed up skirt and there was a lot of stuff in between her thighs and me so I didn’t get to feel her bare skin…
Saori: Ah what a shame…
KitaEri:  So yeah…. Saori… Let me lie on your lap~
Saori: Not today~!
KitaEri: Why?!
Saori: I haven’t bathed yet!!!
KitaEri: Fine fine, how about if I don’t smell you then.
Saori: You’ll definitely smell me!
KitaEri: Yup definitely! *laughs*
Saori: What?! *laughs*
KitaEri: I want to smell you!
Saori: No!
KitaEri: Whyyy?!
Saori: I told you no!
KitaEri: Then how about your knees then!
Saori: No~!
KitaEri: Why?!
Saori: The knee??
KitaEri: Yeah! Why? Want me to go a bit higher?
Saori: No! *laughs*
KitaEri: Then lower?
Saori: Lower is bad too!
KitaEri: Then where?!!? The middle?
Saori: Middle??
KitaEri: Like your inner thighs?
Saori: …That’d be okay I guess.
KitaEri: You’d be okay with there?!?
Saori: Here right?
KitaEri: The zettai ryouiki area right?! Just a bit higher than your knees? Can I sniff you there?
Saori: Smell?! You’re not allowed to smell! Wait!
*They both laugh*
KitaEri: She’s smelling herself~
Saori: No not good! What should we do?
KitaEri: I see… Well I’ve read a lot of mail today, if I gather a whole heap of points then let me smell Saori!
Saori: Ah… Then when that happens… I’ll get ready for it.
KitaEri: Wha-?! *laughs*

KitaEri’s pervertedness is hilarious! And Gotou follows her up so well ahaha.

Amusingly the whole sniffing Saorin thing continues for quite a bit a few episodes later, I might cover those few episodes in another post!

What Do You Think About Big Breasts?

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This isn’t radio but instead is part of the cast Q&A interview for the upcoming Senran Kagura anime at senran.tv/special/archives/castcomment.html. The cast was asked a few questions, but one in particular had some amusing responses >:D

Q. What do you think about big breasts?

Harada Hitomi:
World Peace.

Imai Asami:
Idiots! You’re all—! Ah, sorry I lost myself there for a moment. Don’t ask a girl something like that! I love them!!

Kobayashi Yuu:
Katsuragi, the character I’m voicing, has them and I think they’re wonderful.

Mizuhashi Kaori:
I don’t think everything being big is necessarily a good thing. *laughs*

Iguchi Yuka:
How nice…

Kitamura Eri:
Yess. Moar plz.

Kayano Ai:
Rather than having a big chest, I believe having a balanced body is best— Wait what am I saying (^_^;)
This is sexual harassment! *laughs*

Shiraishi Ryouko:
I want to feel them. I want them. I like them. (…I don’t have them… *cry*)

Gotou Saori:
I think they’re nice. From a girl’s perspective though, the body as a whole should have a balance.

Toyoguchi Megumi:
Well that’s a crazy question *laughs*

Seriously what are they asking the poor female cast ahaha. Poor Imai is always teased about her [small] chest size so her little lash out was a nod to that :D Amusingly KitaEri’s answer was JP net lingo haha.

Oh and Kayanon so cuuute~ <3

Sakura Ayane and Touyama Nao

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This was a snippet from Sakura Ayane’s radio show with Tone Kentarou “Moja-senpai to Sakura-kun”, episode #78 on the 29th of October, 2012. Sakura has mentioned her experiences with(re: love for) other female seiyuu on the radio show on occasion but here a listener of the show sends in a mail telling the two that Touyama Nao has noted Sakura Ayane as the type of person she loves…

I’ve attached the video above, if so inclined feel free to try and follow along with my jumbled notes lol, or watch it at Niconico.

Tone(Reading mail): “Ayaneru…”
Sakura: Yes?
Tone(Reading mail): “A few days ago Touyama Nao was asked what kind of person does she like and your name popped up in her answer!”
Sakura: No way!
Tone(Still reading): “‘She’s really cute, I love everything about her! She’s so soft, it’s the best feeling in the world when you hug her!’ is what she said.”
*Sakura cheers and squeals*
Tone(Still reading): “What relationship do you two have? Looks like being able to hug each other whenever you want is a benefit of being a girl, how envious! I’m guessing you’re glad to have been born a girl for this but have you both ever thought of being born the opposite gender?”
Sakura: NO! NEVER! NO WAY! I’m living the best life ever by being a girl!

Sakura: It’s because of stuff like this that I’ll always be glad I’m a girl!
Tone: Hmm? What kind of relationship do you have with Touyama Nao-san?
Sakura: What kind of relationship?
Tone: Yeah. Eh? Did you hug her?
Sakura: I… Haven’t hugged her before.
Tone: Eh? But she said that you’re “So soft, hugging her gives you the best feeling!”
Sakura: Ah I have! Actually it’s like our greeting!
Tone: …Eh? …What?
Sakura: It’s how we say hello to each other!
Tone: An “American Greeting” sort of thing?!
Sakura: Recently, when I see people at recordings and stuff… Umm… When I know the person is okay with it–
Tone: Huh??
Sakura: I open my arms wide and greet them! Like “Good moooooorning!!”
Tone: “Good Morning!” Then you close in on them like *vroooom*!?
Sakura: Yeah *laughs* “Good Morning!” *Vrooom!*!
Tone: And then they follow through?
Sakura: Yeah yeah! Mainly the people that follow through are Ogura Yui… ChanYui [Sakura likes calling Ogura Yui, “ChanYui” lol, from switching around “Yui-Chan”]
Tone: *laughs* ChanYui??
Sakura: *laughs* Yeah Chan-Yui! As well as… Kaori-san–Ishihara Kaori, and [Hidaka]Rina. They’re usually the ones that jump on.
Tone: That’s great… That’s pretty unfair though!
Sakura: Yeah
Tone: It’s like “I’m sending out the A-OK signal here, the rest is up to you!”
Sakura: Yeah! So they have to follow through!
Tone: Yeah and if they don’t hug you they’ll look pretty awkward.
*They both laugh*
Sakura: Yep!
Tone: That’s amazing! I’m gonna need to start doing that as well!
Sakura: ….Eh? That’ll get you arrested…
Tone: *laughs* Why?!

I love how close Sakura’s getting with the NakaImo cast! I had heard the nickname ChanYui from Sakura before on NakaImo radio but it still makes me laugh hearing it :D

– Back to Touyama Nao…

Sakura: The other day we went out to eat together!
Tone: Just you two?
Sakura: Yep, after a recording. Now that I think about it, I was confessed to at that time!
Tone: …Confessed to?
Sakura: Yeah
Tone: Eh? Please tell more
Sakura: Mmm yeah.
Tone: She told you that she said this on radio?
Sakura: Nope. She said what was written there in that mail to me in person.
Tone: “Ayaneru’s so cute, I love everything about her”?
Sakura: Yep.
Tone: “She’s so soft, it’s the best feeling to hug her”?
Sakura: Yep.
Tone: Thats… A confession?
Sakura: We’re all lovey dovey, so what?
Tone: Are you two going out?
Sakura: You could say that.
Tone: “You-Could-Say-That”??
*Sakura laughs*
Tone: “You-Could-Say-That”???!
Sakura: You-Could-Say-That
Tone: Umm.. Err… H-How– W-What kind of relationship do you two have??
Sakura: Eh?
Tone: What kind of relationship?
Sakura: Ehehe you wanna know?
Tone: Yes! Very much!
*They both laugh*
Sakura: Well when we meet we hug each other, when we eat out together we talk about how much we love each other. That kind of relationship.
Tone: “Talk about how much we love each other”?? *laughs* You mean like “I like thiiis part of you Nao-chan~” “No I like thiiis about youuu”
Sakura: We don’t do that kind of annoying stuff…
Tone: Ah, sorry sorry.
*They both laugh*
Sakura: But when I’m with her I get a really warm feeling from her! Just by being near her I feel so warm and fuzzy~
Tone: Then you should do your favourite yuri thing. The “Forehead kiss”~ Have you done it yet?
Sakura: Ah I should!
*Tone gasps exaggeratedly*
Sakura: Yep!
*Tone gasps again*
Sakura: I could totally do that with her!
Tone: That’s like you two are… Really dating!
Sakura: I totally could!
Tone: What is this!
Sakura: I could do anything with Nao-chan! Anything and everything!
*They both start laughing*

Supposedly these two had known each other for a very long time, from before they became seiyuu. They had remembered each other when they attended auditions for Nichi-Narration, a seiyuu school and then Sakura’s first article interview for a magazine was done with Touyama.

– From 2D Yuri to…

Tone: That’s surprising… Since you liked Yuri I knew you liked the idea of girls dating but I didn’t think you’d actually want to date a girl…
Sakura: Nope! Turns out I’m actually okay with it!
Tone: …What?
*They both laugh*
Tone: “Turns out you’re okay with it?!”
Sakura: If I was with Nao-chan I could live with her!
Tone: But maybe Nao-chan only sees you as a friend? You know that thing “I was the only one who thought we were dating?!” *laughs*
Sakura: Even if that was so! I can live with Nao-chan!
Tone: …Eh?

Tone: Then what about if Nao-chan falls in love with someone else? A normal love. You’d still be okay with her only thinking of you as a friend?
Sakura: …Eh? …B-But Nao-chan hugged me… Huh?
Tone: *laughs* “Huh”? Why are you like “That’s not possible!” *laughs*
Sakura: Because Nao-chan is the one who’s started this!
Tone: But maybe she only meant it as a friend?
Sakura: Huh? W-wait… What?
*Tone laughs*
Tone: You’re completely unstable right now *laughs*
*Sakura laughs*
Sakura: H-huh?!
Tone: She’s speechless!
Sakura: Can that sort of thing happen?!
Tone: Well you’re both girls after all.
Sakura: …Life doesn’t go the way you want it does it…
*Tone laughs*
Sakura: I’ll have to ask her about this!
Tone: That’s probably a good idea!
Sakura: Yeah I’ll go to her to make sure! Like “Nao-chan you love me right?! IN WHAT KIND OF WAY HUH?!?”
*Tone bursts out laughing*
Sakura: I’ll ask her like that!
Tone: That’s scary!!
*They both laugh*
Tone: That’s terrifying!!

Looks like these two are getting along really well, I can’t wait to hear the continuation of this ahaha. I didn’t really know about these two being that close though, I had heard about Sakura getting close to the NakaImo cast but I haven’t really followed Touyama other than Saki’s radio. Sakura really is living out the Yuri seiyuu dream right now though lol, I’m following her radio work so fanatically~

P.S. I totally did not accidentally press the publish button earlier for this post… orz

What Kind of Panties Are You Wearing? (Singer Side)

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Direct continuation from http://ambiseiy.com/2012/09/24/what-kind-of-panties-are-you-wearing-seiyuu-side/, this time with the singers’ responses!

– Fifth call at around ~18:50.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Good evening~
??: Good evening~
Washizaki: Who is this~?
??: It’s monday’s host, Airi~ [Airi is a singer, official site at http://airi-hightone.net/index.html, most recently she sung the OP for Tari Tari]
Washizaki: Airi-chan?!
Airi: Congratulations!
Washizaki: It’s Airi-chan!
Airi: Yep! I’ve been watching the radio!
Washizaki: Really?? Airi-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Airi: …You’re gonna ask me that too?
Washizaki: Of course, I’m asking everyone!
Airi: Umm, well.
Washizaki: Hmm?
Airi: Black…
Washizaki: Black?
Airi: And sort of see through. *laughs*
Washizaki: Oi hold on, how mature! *laughs*
*Airi laughs harder*
Washizaki: What’re you doing?!
Washizaki: And of course you’re in your room right now on top of a fluffy sofa.
Airi: Yep yep
Washizaki: Wearing nothing but your panties right? While holding a wine glass?
Airi: Yep, that! *laughs*
Washizaki: I see. Well Airi-chan?
Airi: Yes yes?
Washizaki: Take it all off!
Airi: Ah, okay.
*They both burst out laughing*
Washizaki: Have you taken it off?
Airi: Yep I have.
Washizaki: Okay thanks! *laughs*
*Airi laughs*

Lol these two are going crazy just cause it’s audio only ahaha.

–  Seventh Call, ~26:20.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl!
??: Hello!
Washizaki: W..h..o?
??: Congratulations on your 100th episode! Yaay!
Washizaki: …Yaay…? Who are you??
??: *laughs* Kurosaki Maon! [Singer, sung the ED for High School of the Dead and Index II]
Washizaki: Ah Maon-chan!

Washizaki: Maon-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Maon: Ah I’m not… Ah the reception is bad here!
Washizaki: Everyone thus far has answered the question!
Maon: Eh? About their underwear?
Washizaki: Yep.
Maon: Ah well boxers then.
*Washizaki laughs*
Washizaki: Oi come on wear something sexier!
*Maon laughs*

Washizaki: You’ve become a lot more brighter and cheery recently! *laughs*
Maon: *laughs* I’ve been hearing that a lot recently, but really, I’ve always been cheery! I’ve always been a happy girl! Happy Happy Girl! [KitaEri!]
Washizaki: Happy Happy Girl! — Oi stop! *laughs*
*Maon laughs*

– Eighth call.

Washizaki: Hello!
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl~ Who is it~?
??: Washizaki-san, who do you think I am?
Washizaki: Ehh?
*?? laughs*
Washizaki: Who??
??: Hello~ Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: …Yeah… *Trying to figure out who it is*
??: Who am I??
Washizaki: …This must be…! …Azusa-chan? [Singer for Amagami, Moshidora, etc. etc.]
??: Correct!! Congratulations!
Washizaki: The way you said “Who am I?” made me think it couldn’t be anyone else but the Azusa-chan that smiles while she’s talking!
Azusa: *laughs* Ah I guess you got me!

Washizaki: There’s something I have to ask you Azusa-chan.
Azusa: Yes?
Washizaki: *laughs* What kind of panties are you wearing?
Azusa: Ehh?!
*They both laugh*
Azusa: That’s sexual harrassment! *laughs*
Washizaki: Wait no it’s not like that!
Azusa: Huh?
Washizaki: It’s part of the program! Didn’t you hear about it on Monday’s show?
Azusa: I didnt…?
Washizaki: That’s weird 2h—
Azusa: I’m not wearing any.
Washizaki: *laughs* EH!? Wait what?!
Azusa: It’s one of those things.
Washizaki: Huh??
Azusa: Not panties.
Washizaki: Not panties? What’s that?
Azusa: A Skort– [Skirt with shorts underneath]
Washizaki: Huh? Are you wearing straw? *laugh*
Azusa: I’m not! *laughs*
Washizaki: Is it a shell? Are you wearing a seashell? *laughs*
Azusa: No! *laughs* I’m not wearing anything that tropical!
Washizaki: I haven’t acted like this in front of you before so I’m really regretting this right now *laughs*
*Azusa laughs*
Washizaki: Sorry about this.
Azusa: Well it’s nice that we can’t see each other’s faces though.
Washizaki: Yeah it is isn’t it.

– After the call.

Washizaki: Who would’ve known that Azusa wasn’t wearing any underwear! And is wearing shells down there! How sexy!

– Ninth Call.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Ah! Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Hello!
??: 2hpappu~ [The show’s greeting]
Washizaki: 2hpappu~
??: Good work and congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you, who may this be?
??: It’s Tuesday’s personality, Ray~! [Singer for the NatsuMachi OP]
Washizaki: Ray-chan?!
Ray: Yes!
Washizaki: Really?! Ehh?? Why?
Ray: Huh? “Why”? I wonder why??
Washizaki: Eh?
Ray: Well just congratulating you on#100.
Washizaki: Eh? From Sapporo? [Ray is from, and still lives in, Sapporo, she flies to Tokyo for events and work]
Ray: Yep, I’m at home in Sapporo!

Ray: I’ve been having fun watching the radio with my family here!
Washizaki: You’ve been watching with your family there?! Ahh this is a bit hard to ask but…
Ray: *laughs* Yup!
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* You’re gonna ask me that too I see.
Washizaki: Yes well I’ve pretty much asked everyone so far.
Ray: That’s true, umm…  Err…. I’ll leave it to your imagination~
Washizaki: Ehhhh?! Colour! At least the colour! *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* Just the colour?? Umm pink. *laughs*
Washizaki: Pink!! Pink you say?? Thanks!
*Ray’s still laughing*
Ray: Yup~
Washizaki: I’m wearing black!
Ray: Yeah that’s right isn’t it.
*Washizaki laughs*
Ray: I think it’s cool~
*They both laugh*

Amusingly Washizaki ends the conversation with “Ahh I want to date her…”. I find it hilarous how he asked her right after she said she was watching with her family there ahaha, how awkward would that be orz.

What Kind of Panties Are You Wearing? (Seiyuu Side)

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This is from an A&G ARTIST ZONE 2h episode, #100 hosted by Washizaki Takeshi on 2012.09.07. 2h is a radio hosted at A&G radio station and works similarly to Lady Go in that there are 5 shows in a week with each day being hosted by a different host. In 2h’s case it’s hosted by singers rather than seiyuu.
Washizaki is a singer and personality affiliated with Atomic Monkey(Same agency as Seki Tomokazu and Sugita Tomokazu), and although he isn’t a seiyuu, he gets to know a lot of seiyuu through his personality work on radio with A&G’s network as well as the anime events he’s mc’d for.

What happened in this episode was that the staff connected Washizaki through the phone to various listeners throughout the radio so they could congratulate him on the 100th episode anniversary. Washizaki had no idea that there would be people he knew sprinkled in between the listeners that called in and amusingly they set a question that he had to ask all the people that called in which was “What kind of panties/underwear are you wearing?”.
There are normal listeners spread in between the phone calls with the people he knew but I didn’t write anything on them, also they were all guys which was why Washizaki pretty much exclaimed at the start that it was a girl with each phone call with the singers/seiyuu.

The post is really long since there’s a lot to include so I’ve split it to only include the Seiyuu in this post. I’ve included the video so if you can understand at least a bit of Japanese feel free to follow along above or watch it at NicoNico.

– First phone call.

Washizaki: Hello??
??: Hello! Good evening!
Washizaki: Good evening! Ah It’s a girl!
??: Washizaki Takeshi-san, congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you! Eh? Who are you?? I’m hearing a really cute voice!
??: Take-kun~
Washizaki: Could this be…?
??: It’s Yuuka Mama! [Nanri Yuuka’s nickname]
Washizaki: AAH!! Yuuka Mama! Hold on Nanri-san! This could be bad! There’s something I have to ask because of the radio show!
Nanri: Eh?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?? *laughs*
Nanri: *laughs* Don’t ask me that!
*They both laugh*

– Yuuka Mama Love!

Washizaki: It doesn’t look like we have much time left so I have to hang up now.
Nanri: Okay!
Washizaki: Nanri-san?
Nanri: Yes?
Washizaki: I love you!
Nanri: *Bursts out laughing* Mama loves you too~
Washizaki: Oi oi! What?? Just family love??
*They both laugh*
Washizaki: Thanks Nanri-san!
Nanri: Thank you! Come to my live concert!
Washizaki: I will! I’ll check my times!
Nanri: And lets go eat out to celebrate!
Washizaki: Oh! Did you hear that everyone?! Thanks!
*Nanri laughs*

– After the call.

Washizaki: What was that?? You’re not supposed to do something like this on the very first phone call!

Washizaki: Ah I actually asked her what kind of panties she was wearing, although she didn’t answer *laughs* I wanted her to answer that at the very least *laughs*

– Second Phone call.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello!
Washizaki: Oh? A girl! Hi!
??: Hi! Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you! Hmm?? …Hello?
??: Hello?
Washizaki: I’ve heard this voice before!
??: I wonder where?
Washizaki: Okay, I won’t ask who you are but…
??: Yes?
Washizaki: What do you think of Uryocchi’s[Shiraishi Ryoko] marriage? *laughs* [Nonaka Ai and Shiraishi Ryoko are pretty close lol, in other words his guess is spot on]
*They both start laughing*
??: You already know! *laughs* Good evening, it’s Nonaka Ai!
Washizaki: Nonaka-san!
Nonaka: I’m really happy about Uryocchi’s marriage!

Washizaki: Nonaka-san?
Nonaka: Yes?
Washizaki: There’s this rule that I have to follow and all…
Nonaka: Yes?
Washizaki: …What kind of panties are you wearing?
Nonaka: Huh?!?
*Washizaki bursts out laughing*
*Nonaka starts laughing*
Washizaki: I have to ask whoever I’m on the phone with what kind of panties they’re wearing! Everyone thus far has answered! [LOL Washizaki you liar!]
Nonaka: Ehh? Really?!
Washizaki: Yep really!

*Nonaka laughs*
Washizaki: Sorry but could you answer it?
Nonaka: I wonder what kind of panties I’m wearing right now? *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Nonaka: This is really embarrassing and I’m in the Aoni office [Aoni Production, the agency she’s affiliated with] right now!
Washizaki: Ah you’re gonna need to check won’t you!
Nonaka: Yeah so I’ll just leave it to everyone’s imagination!
Washizaki: Ah okay, then message me the answer after!
Nonaka: Ah okay—Eh? I don’t want to do that too! *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*

Ai-pon so cute!

– Third call!

Washizaki: Hel–lo!
??: Umm! Hello!
Washizaki: Ah it’s a girl! Who is it??
??: Umm! Err~*Super nervous* Congratulations on your 100th episode!!
Washizaki: Oh! Thanks!
??: Umm, it’s Uesaka Sumire!
Washizaki: Ahh! Uesaka-san!
Uesaka: Yes!
Washizaki: Hmm? Uesaka-san??
Uesaka: Umm, h-hi!
Washizaki: Hi! What?
Uesaka: E-eh? I wonder what??
Washizaki: I wonder! Uesaka-san! Umm… Don’t hate me for this but…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: Well, this… Is a rule that is part of the radio…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Uesaka: Err umm it’s not time for that right now!
Washizaki: It’s not??
Uesaka: Umm, I-I’m really n-nervous about the phone call right now! *laughs*
Washizaki: Ah don’t worry about the phone, what kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Uesaka: Ehh? What? Umm… Ah… Washizaki-san…
Washizaki: Yes?
Uesaka: You know, Washizaki-san…
Washizaki: Yes?
Uesaka: I’ve always admired you!!
*Washizaki laughs*
Uesaka: And well, it turns out you’re this low a person? *laughs* Is that so?!
Washizaki: Wait stop! It’s not like that! We have Wacoal sponsoring the show [LOL Wacoal is a Japanese women’s lingerie company, Washizaki you liar!] so I have to ask it! *laughs*
Uesaka: That’s weird! Wacoal wouldn’t be doing that! Don’t lie!
*Washizaki laughs harder*
Uesaka: Umm!!! Hey!!
Washizaki: Don’t get so worked up! *laughs*
Uesaka: O-okay!
Washizaki: Thanks though! This was out of nowhere wasn’t it?
Uesaka: Yeah, I don’t use my phone often and I don’t really get it and it’s difficult and everything oh and congratulations!
Washizaki: You don’t talk to your friends often right? [He’s basically making fun of her lol]
Uesaka: …Mm?!
*Washizaki laughs*
Washizaki: Well, Uesaka-san…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: You don’t call your friends to talk often right?
Uesaka: Ahh… I don’t have that much experience with that… But it’s not like that!! I’m 20 years old after all! I want to stop that too!
Washizaki: Yeah you’re an adult now!
Uesaka: Yeah I can drink alcohol now too!
Washizaki: Yeah that’s right! You drink reaaaallly strong Vodka! *laughs*
Uesaka: Yeah Vodka! Well Vodka is really delicious!
Washizaki: Yeah you can drink it can’t you!
Uesaka: You don’t drink much Vodka?
Washizaki: Not really.

Uesaka was stuttering throughout the call and her being so nervous on the phone was so adorable lol, her reaction to the question was hilarious too ahaha.

– Fourth call.

Washizaki: Hello?
Washizaki: Whoa, right from the start!
??: Hi, it’s Komatsu Mikakooo!
Washizaki: Komatsu-san! How’s your lower lip?
Komatsu: Ah it was my upper lip! It’s all good!
Washizaki: You smashed it against a microphone right?
Komatsu: *laughs* Yeah! At a concert, but that aside, congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thanks!
Komatsu: Incidentally, Lady Go[Radio show that Komatsu hosts on A&G] just hit it’s 100th episode the other day too.
Washizaki: Oh congratulations!
Komatsu: It’s about the same time!
Washizaki: Yeah, oh and by the way I saw you at Anisama Live!
Komatsu: Ahh, ohh thank you!
Washizaki: You were really cool!
Komatsu: Ah! Waaawwawa *sound of her getting flustered lol*
Washizaki: Wawawa! *laughs*
Komatsu: Awawawa! I was making weird faces… Ah it’s going to be recorded… Ahh Oh noo….
Washizaki: Not at all!
Komatsu: Ahh nooo, but thank youuu.

– Sumipe[Uesaka Sumire] and Vodka…

Komatsu: Sumipe really likes Vodka right?
Washizaki: Yeah?
Komatsu: When she drinks her eyes get really scary!
Washizaki: Eh?
Komatsu: So when you go drink Vodka with her, be wary of it!
Washizaki: Oh you’ve drunk Vodka together before?
Komatsu: Yeah like when we’ve gone out together with everyone from Lady Go[Uesaka is also part of the Lady Go radio show]
Washizaki: Ah that’s great!
Komatsu: She orders Vodka on her own like it’s normal! *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Komatsu: With a scary face! *laughs*
Washizaki: How about you Captain? How are you with alcohol?
Komatsu: The Captain is… Very weak so she becomes the sipping captain *laughs*
Washizaki: A Captain that only licks her alcohol??
Komatsu: She takes her alcohol slowly!

– And so the question…

Washizaki: Oh sorry Komatsu-san, there’s something I have to ask.
Komatsu: Yes?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Komatsu: Eh? Panties?!
Washizaki: Yes panties!
Komatsu: Panties??
Washizaki: Yep!
Komatsu: What kind of panties?? Ah underwear right??
Washizaki: Yes! Your underwear!
Komatsu: Ahh… Right now?
Washizaki: Yep right now!
Komatsu: Ahh lets see… Can I check now? [LOL]
Washizaki: Please do!
*Komatsu laughs*
Washizaki: And so right now the captain is checking her underwear!
Komatsu: I’ve checked!
Washizaki: And so, what kind of panties were they
Komatsu: Ehh, they were boxers.
*They both laugh*
Washizaki: Oi where’s the sex appeal?!
Komatsu: Yeah, sorry for not being sexy at all *laughs*
Washizaki: Yeah!
Komatsu: My mum’s always worried about that and keeps sending me underwear *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Komatsu: Sorry for having no sex appeal.
Washizaki: Well Captain, you’ll be getting older from now.
Komatsu: Yeah I’m going to have to become more adult like~
Washizaki: You’ll be turning into a Captain filled to the brim with sex appeal, I look forward to that.
Komatsu: Really?? Then give me some sexy underwear.
Washizaki: *laughs* Roger that!
*Komatsu laughs*

Man, Mikakoshi is so cool!

– Skipping ahead to the sixth call at ~22:38

Washizaki: Hello!!
??: Iguchi Yuka-san, I love you!
Washizaki: Who are you?!
??: Ah, hello! It’s Mikami Shiori!
Washizaki: Ah right, Mikami!
*Mikami laughs*[LOL at Mikashii’s laugh!]
Mikami: I’m outside right now and I was a little bit embarrassed saying that! There’re people looking at me!
Washizaki: You’re outside?
Mikami: Yep I’m outside! On standby waiting on you!
Washizaki: Umm Mikami?
Mikami: Yup?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?
Mikami: Huh?!
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?
Mikami: Eh? Oh… *starts singing* Jelly~Fish panties~~ In the sky~~ [I’m guessing this is a kid’s song? Character song? Something like that lol {EDIT: It’s Akari’s character song!}]
Washizaki: *laughs* Jellyfish panties?? So they’re see through?
Mikami: Yeah! Something like that!
Washizaki: Ah so you’re wearing panties like that? I see I see.
*Mikami laughs*
Mikami: Everyone around me is looking at me weird again *laughs*

Mikashii’s laugh was crazy!

– Revenge?

Mikami: So Washizaki-san, what colour underwear are you wearing?! Huh? What kind of underwear?? What kind?!
Washizaki: Today I’m wearing black!
Mikami: …Ah… Okay… Thank you.
Washizaki: Oi! Ask me more about it! You’re the one who asked in the first place!
*They both laugh*
Mikami: Huh?

Amusingly Komatsu was the only one who answered honestly(?) ahaha. If people are still interested I’ll get around to writing something on the singer’s responses as well. [Edit: Singer section continued here: http://ambiseiy.com/2012/09/26/what-kind-of-panties-are-you-wearing-singer-side/]

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #118

July 21st, 2012 § 3 comments § permalink

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.07.04

Last fortnight’s HitoKana episode. HitoKana #119 just came out now that I look at the date :o

– Categories of girls…

Kana[Reading mail from a listener]: “Hello Hanazawa Kana-san, I’m always having fun listening to HitoKana! A while back you said “You all love big chests dont you!?” to the staff but I think that’s not quite right!” *Kana laughs in amusement* Yeah right, as if I’m wrong! *Continues reading* “One day I was discussing this with my friends at a restaurant” What are you discussing at a restaurant?! *laughs**continues reading* “We all named our favorite female characters and split them into categories. Us men don’t just like girls with a big chest! We talked about how there were sub-categories to do with chest size.

First there was 1. Girls with a big chest that have pride in their size. 2. Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it. 3. Girls with a flat chest and isn’t happy about it. 4. Girls that have confidence in being flat chested. My preference is definitely at number 3. Girls who are concerned about that are wonderful!” *laughs*

Mmm… Can I stop reading here?? *laughs* This is just weird! I mean, he’s mentioning Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko! As girls who’s concerned about their small chest size! *laughs* What?! I’m not concerned about it! AT ALL! *laughs* YOU ALL HAVEN’T SEEN AN INKLING OF MY CHEST!! *Starts screaming desperately* IT’S NOT SMALL!! WHAT?! …You’re all just making a fool of me! This is weird! And what are you all discussing in a family restaurant in the first place?!

By the way Sakamoto-san[The writer for HitoKana, he’s at the same recording table as her throughout the recording though he doesn’t speak, or at least not directly through a microphone, he often communicates with Kana during the recording] what’s your preference? *laughs* Which category do you prefer? Two? Which one was that again? *reads* “Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it.” *laughs* Ehhh…. That’s the most perverted one of them all! Eww how creepy! *laughs*

LOL Kana screaming about her chest size didn’t sound anything but desperation to me ahaha ;)

– Why does Kana like Ogura Yui?

Kana: Well we’ve been together since ROKYUBU! Actually I’ve known her from even before ROKYUBU, we’ve worked together before that. But really, Yui-chan… How do I say this? She’s so focused on her work, she’s really serious about it. She’s really got herself together, just watching her makes you think “Ahh what a wonderful girl~”. And then at the same time she has that face and that body! You can’t feel anything but healing magic from her! You really don’t get tired of watching her~ Or talking with her~ …And that is why… I want her. *Bursts out laughing*

I laughed so much when I heard her finish with “I want her” out of the blue ahaha. Oi Hanazawa you’re approaching dangerous territory!