YuiKaori & April Fools

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This was from when Ogura Yui guested on the Denpa Kenkyuusha livestream hosted by May’n and Washizaki Takeshi on the 29th of June. They were asking her a heap of quick questions and this was one of them…

– Tell us about a time you lied about something petty.

Ogura: Well, this has something to do with YuiKaori. On April Fools day we told the staff that the two of us had started dating each other. *laughs* 
*May’n and Washizaki laughs* 
Washizaki: What’s with that!?
May’n: That’s pretty funny though!

Washizaki: So what was the staff’s reaction like?
Ogura: They seriously believed us!
May’n + Washizaki: Whaat?!
Washizaki: Are they all idiots?!
Ogura: Not at all! But they had a serious discussion with us about it! Our manager was deciding how to handle the situation and stuff like that! We have a radio show and we do things like holding hands while looking into each others eyes after all.
*They all laugh*
Washizaki: Well it’s not rare to see you two holding hands together though.
May’n: Yeah you two are so close with one another!
Ogura: Yup!
Washizaki: You would believe something like that.
Ogura: Yeah and we’ve always been suspected of dating each other for some time now too!
Washizaki: …You have?
Ogura: Yup!

Haha these two seem like they’re having fun.

…They’ve been suspected of dating one another?

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #110

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.03.14

The latest HitoKana episode~ I really need to get around to catching up on the other radio shows lol.

– Birthday celebration with Tomatsu Haruka.

Kana: I forgot to say this but, I finally celebrated my birthday with Tomatsu Haruka! Yay how wonderful~ We finally managed to match up some free time within our schedules! *laughs* We just talked on forever! We haven’t really had the chance to relax and talk with one another for the longest time. We’ve been in contact though but…

We’ve known each other since Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. [About 4 years ago now] It’s a great thing to remain friends with someone for so long~ We can talk about anything with each other. I hope we can celebrate with just the two of us again next year.

– Kana playing a character in Sket Dance.

Kana: I’ll be talking about work for a bit but… Sket Dance! It’s been revealed that I’ll be voicing Saaya in Sket Dance! That will be in April I think? On it’s second year of airing I’ll be appearing.

Before playing her role I went to read the manga in a manga cafe and I was really close to laughing out loud while reading it. I wonder what it is about it, it’s that kind of laugh you can only get from reading a Jump manga! *laughs* What is it about it… Like how they’re saying something really stupid but it’s really funny! Well it’s the sort of stuff that makes you chuckle before you know it. Holding back my laughter while reading it was pretty hard.

I’m playing Saaya-chan and her characteristics… How do you say this… She’s got big breasts! She’s got twintails! She’s a little sister! And lastly she’s a tsundere! Well she’s a tsundere, but she’s a girl with all these cute characteristics packed into her. I haven’t really had the chance to voice many tsunderes. *laughs* I was thinking that if there really was a tsundere in real life she’d be a handful! *laughs* Yelling out like that all the time must get pretty tiring. Well that’s me voicing what you could say is my first tsundere role, please watch it~

– The ROKYUBU live DVD/BluRay.

Kana: The ROKYUBU live was… Recorded wasn’t it… *laughs* Well the reality of it just hit me. *laughs* I haven’t seen it so I don’t know much about it! Yeah… Ahhh! How terrifying! What should I do?! Well it was a good memory… *laughs* Well it has been recorded so when I’m 30 years old or so I can think “Ah… I sure was young at this time” *laughs* While I watch it. *laughs*. Yeah… Uwaah… It really is gonna be on DVD… I want to watch it with everyone together some time.

Ahaha poor Kana is always so embarrassed when she sees her live performances~ How adorable <3

– Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori sends in a prerecorded message to Kana during the radio… This portion was at the end of that message.

Ogura Yui: Hanazawa-san! Um just as we promised last time, the next time I see you I’ll have my legs bared!
*Kana laughs loudly*
Ishihara Kaori: What’s with that?! *laughs* Umm it’s always Yui-chan with Hanazawa-san! I also want to see Hanazawa-san!
*They bid farewell and the recording ends*
*Kana is still laughing wildly from the message lol*

Kana: I’m seriously thinking of listening in to YuiKaori’s radio now *laughs* What’s with this feeling of happiness?! What is this?! I’ve had this grin on me for so long that my lips have chapped! *laughs* Ahh! They’re so cute! What is this! This is how an idol should be!

Umm well Yui-chan said something that’s probably of interest there *laughs* About that, in the Aquarion anime Yui-chan is appearing there as Yunoha. At the recording I was thinking “Hmm? Yui-chan are you barelegged today?” and I went up to her and touched her legs *laughs* I’m not being weird! *laughs* And then she was like “Ah… Sorry I’m wearing stockings today…” *laughs*

Well it was really cold! It was a really cold day that day! It was snowing! And then I was like “Yui-chan! You can’t be wearing stockings!”, a bit of my inner passion came out there and she replied with “Okay! If Hanazawa-san puts it that way I’ll always have my legs bare whenever I am to meet with you!” *laughs* Ah… What have I made a high school girl do for me?? *laughs* I was regretting that… Oh but then again I completely forgot about it until she mentioned it *laughs* But now everytime I see her she’ll be keeping me in mind and not be wearing anything over her legs for me… How wonderful is that! *laughs* It really gives off that feeling of fetishism doesn’t it! *laughs* I’m not being weird! *laughs* Ahh how cute~

Ahh Kana as affectionate to girls as ever ahaha. How wonderful~ …But what are you making a high school girl do for you?! Forcing her to not cover up her legs around you?! Lol.

I’ve been really loving HitoKana recently…. And by recently I actually mean the past year or so lol.

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