Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #160

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Seto Asami
Date: 2012.08.25

Nana’s M no Sekai with Seto Asami coming on to guest. The two of them are in the same agency and it looks like they’re rather close, Nana looks to have taken care of Seto quite a bit during her first few recording sessions on Hourou Musuko.

– Seto’s debut role…

Nana: We first co-appeared together on Hourou Musuko~
Seto: Yup~ That was my debut role! I was really cluelesss about anything and everything but Nana-san helped me out so much!
Nana: No no you were wonderful then!
Seto: No not at all!
Nana: You were around 17 years old at the time right?
Seto: Yes.
Nana: You were a high schooler and you attended the recordings in your school uniform! I was like “Wow!” when I saw you!
*They both laugh*
Nana: It reminded me of when I first started! I was around 17 years old at the time as well and attended in my school uniform as well so it really felt like I couldn’t leave you be!

– Passing out on a daily basis…

Nana: I often just pass out–
Seto: Pass out?!?! Ah you mean like after a concert?
Nana: Yeah something like that. But every day.
Seto: That’s amazing…
Nana: Well I always stay up till the very limit and I’m not very good at conserving energy—
Seto: That’s so cool!
Nana: *laughs* Not at all, it’s like I’m a little kid or something! Or an animal
*They both laugh*
Nana: After going crazy I just bam, and pass out.
*Seto laughs*
Seto: I’ll try my best to work hard to pass out every day!
*They both laugh*

The two of them have a pretty nice senpai-kouhai relationship~ Nana’s a really nice senpai!

I’m on quite a Seto Asami streak right now lol, I actually got really into Setomin a while ago but that post kinda fizzled out when Ambiseiy itself pretty much fizzled out haha orz.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #110

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.08.27

Nana mentioned on a previous episode that she might have Nakamura guest on her radio and I had pretty much given up on it since that was over 4 months ago but… It looks like she did end up bringing him on :D The two of them are reasonably friendly and both of them work at the same agency, Sigma 7.

– The two of them laugh that Nakamura does mainly ikemen roles.

– They mention that the first time they were regular cast members together was on Itazura no Kiss. Nakamura voiced her father and they were laughing at how they’re the same age but their roles were daughter and parent haha. Nakamura remembers despairing that he’s playing father roles already when he was only 27 years old at the time.

– The first time they met was on the first episode of Kiba, and only the first episode. Incidentally Nana couldn’t recall the first time they met but Nakamura did heh.

– Nakamura’s character in Nanoha.

Nakamura: After Kiba the next time we met was on… Kiss Dum, and then there was Nanoha.
Nana: Yeah you were that character who’s always watching *laughs*
Nakamura: The one who’s always stalking Nakahara Mai *laughs*
Nana: Yeah *laughs*

 – They laugh that they’ve gone out to eat often together with Sugita.

Nana: We’ve gone out to eat on occasion haven’t we. With Sugita as well.
Nakamura: Yeah always bringing Sugita along. *laughs*
Nana: And you two are always talking about some topic I have no idea about! and I’m like “Huh…? Wait am I interrupting you two by being here? Should I just leave you two be?” *laughs*
Nakamura: Sorry about that *laughs*
Nana: And then at recordings you’re always receiving mail from him saying that he’s done for today and if you want to go eat out with him *laughs* It’s as if you’re dating!
Nakamura: *laughs* Yeah those messages about finishing for the day. Wow hearing it in that way makes it really creepy doesn’t it.

– Apparently Nana got her drivers license when she was 23 years old. A reason she got it was that her dad was really into cars and that influenced her.

– Nakamura asks Nana how many contacts does she have in her mobile phone and she says she can’t say it off her head but it should be around 500+, to Nakamura’s amazement :O. Nakamura on the other hand has around 200-300.

– Nakamura mentions that recently whenever Sugita talks to a girl he always says dirty jokes, which surprises Nana. Nakamura then continues on to say that for some reason Nana is the exception to this.

– Nana mentions that the recordings for M no Sekai when she has guests on has gone over an hour before :O Wow they must cut out so much. Well this is broadcast on the air so they have to follow a strict time and schedule so they can’t really do anything about that :(

– Nakamura laments that although they used to see each other a lot for work, they haven’t been working with one another in recordings at all recently.

As expected, whenever there’s Sugita around, Nakamura’s name pops up and vice versa for Nakamura with Sugita :D

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #105

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sawashiro Miyuki
Date: 2011.07.23

Sawashiro Miyuki guest episode! I haven’t actually heard these two together that often but I do know that they’re pretty close. Nana blogged about the recording of this episode on the thirteenth of July meaning that it was recorded a week and a half before it was broadcast.

– Nana laughs that Sawashiro’s roles are always so much more mature than Nana’s despite Sawashiro being younger than her.

– They mention that Basilisk was the first time they’ve worked with one another in an anime. Nana says that the first time they met was at an event for a game though. Sawashiro doesn’t remember though D:

– When Nana met Sawashiro again on Dragonauts after Basilisk she was really really happy to see her lol. Sawashiro was confused on why Nana seemed so energetic to see her again ahaha.

Nana: When we met again on Dragonauts I was like “Kyaa! We’re together again!!”
Sawashiro: Yeah and I was thinking “What’s with this person?!” You were like “Miyuki-chan lets go eat out together sometime!!” and I was thinking “Err did I do something to pique her interest…? …Why is she so interested in me?”
Nana: Hey what’s with that logical evaluation of my affection! You’re making it sound like it was all one sided!!
Sawashiro: No, no it wasn’t like that at all though!

– Sawashiro asks Nana if she intends to go on a World Tour one day and she says she’d love to… One day. Do it Nanaaaaaaa~! <3

– Sawashiro asks Nana in english “Would you tell us your dream as a singer in english?” And Nana panics and passes the question lol. As if Nana could answer that in english ahaha.

– It looks like Sawashiro’s on a learning (and using) English fever right now lol.

– When talking about learning english Sawashiro tells Nana that supposedly getting an english boyfriend is one of the best ways to learn english. They laugh about it saying that if he only spoke english how would they even start dating at first, let alone start communicating with one another haha.

– Wow… It looks like Sawashiro was scolded and slapped by a senior seiyuu before :O She thought it was pretty cool that the person cared about her that much to tell her off like that and says she wants to do that one day to her juniors lol. Nana was really surprised at first but laughs that guiding the juniors is good and all but she should probably let go of the slapping part lol. She doesn’t say who it was that slapped her. I wonder who it was :O

– Cabaret Clubs!

Nana: Have you gone to a Cabaret club before?
Sawashiro: No I haven’t! I’m interested in seeing one though… I want to see if that image I have of cabaret clubs from dramas and the media are really true or not!
Nana: Yeah I know what you mean!
Sawashiro: Like do they really have rankings and stuff for their girls based on popularity? *laughs*
Nana: Yeah yeah! Like where they’re all fighting for first place and stuff like that! *laughs*

It looks like Nana’s gone to one before though when she was young. Someone from King Records brought her there lol.

– Nana laughs that even she as a girl gets excited by Sawashiro’s sexy voice ahahha.

– Come again!

Nana: I hope you can come guest again!
Sawashiro: Uh.. I’ll think about it.
Nana: Haha whats with that?! …You’re such a tsundere… But I like that <3
*They both break into laughter*

Wow these two were so lovey dovey with one another <3. Well it was mostly Nana but Sawashiro’s tsundere love was evident :D

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #101

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Fukuen Misato
Date: 2011.06.18

Hmm… Hosted by Mizuki Nana and guesting Fukuen Misato…. Yeahhh this is pretty much just another episode of Smile Gang lol. The BGM changes to Smile Gang’s upbeat music when Misato comes in as well lol.

– Nana named her top six places she’d like to be proposed to:

1. The beach
2. A castle
3. A mountain
4. A wonderful restaurant
5. Boyfriend’s place
6. In the car

I’m amused by the dirty minded reactions to when she said “In the car”. Wait now that I think about it the whole list could be taken that way…? Oh wait except for the restaurant lololol OTL

– Misato tells Nana off for not inviting her to come on as a guest for that event she had a while back where she invited friends to come on the show lol. I was actually thinking about that too. Oh and it looks like Nakamura didn’t guest in the end as well now that I look back at it :O

Nana says that she didn’t invite her because it’d pretty much just be Smile Gang and not M no Sekai lol. Yeah she’s so right though. M no Sekai normally has a calm and relaxed atmosphere but as soon as Misato steps in they both start going into Smile Gang’s overdrive mode lol.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #95

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2011.05.07

Sugita guesting on M no Sekai is a little event sorta thing that’s happening on the show where Nana invites 7 friends to come on to the show with Sugita being the second of the seven so far.

– The two of them talk about the first shows they appeared together in, which was Shichinin no Nana/Seven of Seven, then to Jubei and then to Basilisk. Nana mentions that she never got a chance to talk to him on Shichinin no Nana and that he was pretty dressed up even then. She wanted to talk to him and ask him about his clothes and where he went shopping lol. They finally started talking with each other when they worked together for Basilisk. They mentioned that they were really nervous with each other at the time.

– Nana comments that she’s really a shy person and Sugita was relieved to hear she was nervous with him as well when they first met. Sugita comments that he’s really shy with people he doesn’t know as well, especially girls :D

– Sugita laughs that Toriumi Kousuke had teased him saying “You want to talk to Nana right?” lol

– They recall that the Basilisk cast was, and still is really friendly with each other. They mentioned Sawashiro Miyuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Hatano Wataru and Miyabashi Yasushi. They commented that they even went to one of her lives as a group.

– She had messaged Sugita herself asking him to guest before organising it between the agencies. Sugita said he would never deny her request lol, mentioning the event where he went on stage with her for one of her events to act even when he’s never done it before <3

– Sugita asks if Nana’s been sleeping well and she says she hasn’t really, mentioning she only has 3 or so hours of sleep D: D:

– Nana mentions she’d like to do another Zachou Kouen, the stage acting event she holds where she invites other seiyuu to come act on stage with her.

– Nana doesn’t play Monster Hunter.

– Nana mentions she loved one of Final Fantasy 5’s BGMs so much she played it many times on the piano :D

– The two of them go on to talk about old games like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 3 for a bit <3

– Sugita mentions that he’s still close with his school friends, and that one of them was a big fan of Nana lol.

– Nana mentions that she might get Nakamura Yuuichi to come guest as one of the 7 :D

I love the pairing of these two so much, they really seem close <3. Also, I don’t really talk about Nana much but… I’m a huuuge fan of her <3 <3

P.S. I’ve been kinda busy the past week or so, so I haven’t been able to update the site much and I’ll probably continue to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future… I’ll see how often I can update it but it probably won’t be anywhere near the amount I did for the past couple of months.

Mizuki Nana getting married to an ikemen Seiyuu?

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From http://koenews.blog9.fc2.com/blog-entry-707.html

Apparently there are rumours going around that Nana’s getting married :O. The main candidate everyone’s talking about is Sakurai Takahiro, of which there have been rumours floating about these two for quite some time now, though nothing near concrete. A few translations of the comments from that blog article:

– I want to die

– Really, she should have just married already.

– Is it Sakurai [Sakarai Takahiro]

– Sakurai’s that ikemen?

– She’s already 30 years old after all

– Take that otakuuuus lol

– It’s not true….. Right?

– Dammit

– DFC fever lol

– She’s over 30 already, give her a break

– The seiyuu otaku should just lift the romance ban for those over 30

– There have been rumours of Sakurai and Nana being together since long ago. Otherwise there’s Wakamoto or Suzumura.

Yeah lol, theres the standard seiyuu otaku cries, but I’m glad to see people supporting her marriage :D

Either way it’s all still unfounded rumours and nothing solid has surfaced quite yet so who knows how this will turn out.

Edit: This has pretty much been denied by Nana and her management ever since.

Mizuki Nana Smile Gang #332

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Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Tamura Yukari
Date: 2008.08.07

Nana’s normal partner Fukuen Misato is absent due to her throat not feeling well so Nana calls in Tamura Yukari! \o/ Yukari had guested a couple times over the years so she’s not much of a stranger to Smile Gang, though she did laugh at how scattered the show was from time to time. Nana x Yukarin radio is rare~ <3

– Nana asks Misato if she goes back to her hometown for Obon, and Yukari answers pretending to be Misato.

Nana: “You’re not Misato are you?”

Yukari: “That’s not true! I am Misato!”

Nana: “But Misato’s voice isn’t that high…”

Yukari: *Lowers her voice really far* “I’m Misato”

– Nana messaged Yukari the night before, while she was eating, with a really frank mail commanding her to come in lol.

– They start off by picking on each other’s home town, started by Nana pointing out Ehime’s good points compared to Fukuoka. Nana~ You shouldn’t pick a fight you can’t win~ lol. Ehime/Niihama is kinda removed compared to Fukuoka lol.

Yukari: “Well for starters, no one knows where Ehime is!”

Nana: “Ehime is right next to Fukuoka!”

– Yukari comments that Nana rode on a boat on her DVD and quoted her saying “Ah look at all those fish!” Nana gets embarrassed that Yukari watched her DVD lol.

– Nana talks about a time recently when she went into a beauty salon and was having a friendly conversation with a 20 year old man there, but when she mentioned she was 28 years old he goes “…Huh?” and starts getting really distant. Her finishing comment was “28 years old is still young! *in tears*” ahaha. Even now Nana looks 18 years old lool. Same goes to Yukari >_>.

– Yukari comments that Nana seems really energetic, more than usual, and while flustered, Nana explains it by saying that after all these years of doing Smile Gang this is the first time without Misato and that she’s on her own with Yukari. Yukari then says “Nana’s cuter than normal today!” to which Nana pauses and then goes all dere dere lol. Nanoha x Fate? Hah.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his girlfriend liking the smell of cow manure even though it stinks and asks if the two of them were the same. Nana and Yukari unanimously agreed that cow manure is out, but Nana mentions that she likes the musty smell of an A/C when it hasn’t been used in a while. Yukari then says “Eww thats creepy… … Ehime’s pretty strange~” to Nana’s despair lol.

– Nana asks Yukari to talk about her new single at the time, Bambino Bambina, Yukari then says she has no idea what to say at these times. Nana notes that during events, whenever they’re asked to talk about the series Yukari always pushes it onto Nana lol. Yeah I’ve noticed that as well~

Yukari then forgets the release date and gets it wrong lol.

– Another listener sends in a mail about his girlfriend, to which Yukari responds “Huh.. Everyone listening to this radio seems to have a girlfriend… It’s a real girlfriend right?” Nana laughs and becomes flustered, trying to say that they exist, though unsure of what exactly to say, but continues laughing ahahaha. Yukari then goes on to say “I’m pretty sure the listeners in my radio who have a girlfriend are just pretending they do” LOL Yukarin~! This is why we love you~ <3

Yukari hasn’t guested on Smile Gang ever since this episode unfortunately :( I love listening to these two but I haven’t heard them recently. They seem really close so it’s fun to join the Nana x Yukarin/NanoFate bandwagon every now and again~ Lol.


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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Guest: Mizuki Nana

Radio hosted by Tomokazu Sugita for Metal Gear Solid, guesting Mizuki Nana. Thats a rare combination to hear on radio :O

– Nana comments on how close Sugita is to Nakumura Yuuichi and he replies

Sugita: “No way, thats disgusting”

Nana: “You’re grinning as you say that”

Sugita: “It’s cause I’m having fun here with you”

– Nana talks about how they first met and what was her first impression of him. They didn’t say a name for the first anime recording they met at but I’m guessing she’s referring to Seven of Seven(Nana Nin no Nana) about 8 years ago. She thought he was a mysterious person at first but found that he was actually easy to talk with.

– Sugita’s first impression of Nana was a capable person overflowing with potential, but then with some unexpected clumsy bits, which he found extremely adorable. How wonderful lol

– Sugita’s impression of Wakamoto Norio sounds really similar :O

– Kikuchi Yumi sounds cute, though her voice acting doesn’t impress me OTL. I like her laugh though <3

– Sugita likes to talk about Nakamura Yuuichi alot lol

– Sugita and Nakamura didn’t come to Nana’s last live and were “crying tears of blood”, she noticed and put up some mock(?) sadness haha. She invited them to come to her next one though, Live Games.

– There were lots of Metal Gear material that I have no idea about hah.

This episode was pretty enjoyable, I haven’t heard them together before but they really get along well. I love how Sugita fanboys over Nana haha.

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