Nagi no Asu KaRadio #01

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Name: 凪のあすからじお
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Kayano Ai
Date: 2013.09.25

Radio for the upcoming P.A. Works anime Nagi no Asu Kara. Look at this pairing! I was praying to see this combination on the Guilty Crown’s radio but it never came to be… And now they’re co-hosting a weekly radio! As far as I can tell they’re pretty familiar with each other but they haven’t spoken to each other alone too often.

– Radio start!

Kana: I’m pretty happy that the radio’s started~
Kayano: I think this is the… first time we’ve been on radio together?
Kana: I think so too.
Kayano: It is!
Kana: And we’re both hosting the radio too!

– Wasshoi!

Kana: *reading the script* We’ll be livening up the radio—
Kayano: Wasshoi!!
Kana: Oh!
*They both laugh*
Kana: You sure are livening things up!
Kayano: …Yep!
Kana: …Thanks
*They both laugh*

Ahh this atmosphere where they’re sensing each other out is the best part about these new radio combinations :D

– The radio has them introducing themselves to each other

Kayano: A Self introduction?!
*They both fumble around a bit*
Kana: …I’m from the Osawa agency! My name is Hanazawa Kana!
Kayano: People from Sigma Seven introduce themselves like that a lot *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* They do!
*They both laugh*
Kana: My special skill is…!
Kayano: Oh??
Kana: …Nothing really *laughs*
Kayano: *laughs* What?!?! Say one!
Kana: I don’t have any! *laughs*
Kayano: There must be one!
Kana: Umm…
Kayano: How about cooking??
Kana: …Cooking??
Kayano: Yep!
Kana: I don’t… Take it seriously enough to be proud of it…
Kayano: Ehh?? I don’t think so! From what I’ve heard you’re definitely good enough!
Kana: *laughs* Then cooking it is!

This whole self-introduction thing is kinda awkward ahaha.

– Kayano’s turn!

Kayano: I’m from ProFit! *laughs* My name is Kayano Ai!
Kana: Yay!
Kayano: My special skill is… Umm… Taking walks??
Kana: *laughs* That’s a hobby not a skill!
Kayano: *laughs* That’s true! Umm… Getting up early then!
Kana: *gasps* That’s great!

– Apparently Kayano sunburns easily, she mentions a time when she went with a friend to the beach and she ended up tanned brown while her friend was unaffected.

– Kana calls Kayano “Kayanon”~

– Anime recording seating positions

Kana: *half whisper* We’re… Sitting next to each other in the anime recordings aren’t we~
Kayano: Yeah~
*They both laugh*

Kayano: In order from left to right it’s… [Ishikawa] Kaito-kun, Oosaka [Ryouta]-kun, Hanae [Natsuki]-kun, then me, Kana-chan, [Ishihara] Kaori-chan and lastly Mikakoshi [Komatsu Mikako].
Kana: Yup! The group of boys are like a Boy’s high school.
*They both laugh*
Kayano: That’s true!
Kana: They’re pretty lively~
Kayano: Yeah they get along really well!
Kana: They do!
Kayano: They’re always in their group of three, giving off that high school feeling.
Kana: And then on our side we’re just teasing Kaori-chan!
*They both laugh*
Kayano: That’s right! We were tickling her the other day weren’t we! *laughs*
Kana: Yeah!! She’s just so cute!
*They both burst out laughing*
Kayano: She is! I know what you mean!

The two of them go on about how the recordings feel more like a school due to how everyone’s around the same age. Sounds like a fun recording! Kana’s been going on about how adorable Ishihara Kaori is on her HitoKana. (Her words were something along the line of “If I had a daughter I’d want her to be like Ishihara Kaori”) I’m amused that they were tickling her though :D

– Watch the PV!

Kana: If you haven’t watched the PV you should watch it now!
Kayano: Yup!
Kana: It’s really pretty!
Kayano: And Kana-chan’s—
Kana: Oh??
Kayano: Your Manaka… And what she said… It was really good!
Kana: Ah!! I’m being praised!
*Kayano laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Kayano: Kaito-kun, who plays Tsumugu-kun, was saying “Ah this is wonderful…”
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Thanks! I’m glad to hear that!

Kana got a bit embarrassed when she was praised there!

The radio was rather relaxed and it looks like it’s gonna stay that way… Now that I think about it, every radio with Kayanon turns into a pretty slow paced radio haha. I’m not sure if I’ll keep up to date with it on here but I’ll definitely continue listening in!

P.S. Here’s a quick translation of what they wrote on the radio page after the recording.

Hanazawa Kana: This is the first radio I’m doing alone with Kayanon!! From the very start it was a fun and relaxed radio, I’m looking forward to how this is gonna turn out!!

Kayano Ai: My first radio with Kana-chan! I’ve been looking forward to this!! We’ll try our best to bring you all a wonderful time with wonderful music~♪

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