Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #104

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guests: Yahagi Sayuri, Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2011.12.21

HitoKana’s famous christmas episode with Yahagi Sayuri and Tomatsu Haruka coming on to guest. Every year on Christmas so far Kana has brought Yahagi Sayuri and Tomatsu Haruka in to guest, making this the 4th time that they’ve come on.

– Four years…

Kana: I didn’t think we’d be doing this for four years now.
Tomatsu: I’m so happy we are~ Wow four years!
Yahagi: It really reminds me of how much time has passed already!
Tomatsu: Yeah now we’re all in our twenties!
*Yahagi gasps*
Kana: Ah we can all drink alcohol now can’t we.
Tomatsu: I just keep downing them now! I love beer!
Yahagi: Ah let’s all go drinking sometime!
Tomatsu: Yeah lets!

– Kana says she’ll buy Tomatsu’s live concert DVD but Tomatsu says she’ll just give it to her. It looks like both of them couldn’t attend her lives though.

– Tomatsu is HEAVILY feasting on the KFC there lol.

Yahagi: *laughs* There’s so much stuck on your face! *Wipes Tomatsu’s mouth for her* You can’t let that happen! There was a huge one stuck on you!
*Kana laughs*
Tomatsu: I did it so Yahagi would wipe it off for me!
Kana: Next year you should aim to be the one doing that for Yahagi.
Tomatsu: Yeah I should!
Yahagi: I’ll have so much leaking from my mouth for you, leave it to me! I’ll just have it all pouring out of my mouth! *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Tomatsu: You better!
Yahagi: It’ll all just be hanging out of my mouth!
*Tomatsu laughs*
Kana: You can’t do that!
Tomatsu: I won’t forget it! Next year I’ll be like “Aww Yahagi you can’t be like that~ Calm down~”

Oh god half chewed KFC pouring out of someones mouth, that would be soooo bad OTL.

– Apparently Yahagi’s currently in to Uta no Prince-sama :O She says her favourite is Jinguuji Ren.

– They say that they want to continue this for another year, saying that they should record it at a restaurant next time.

– About Radio Cross

Yahagi: I’m doing a radio with my junior from the same agency, Sakura Ayane.
Kana: Ahh!
Yahagi: It’s… Crazy. It’s really really crazy.
Kana: Ayane-chan spaces out and stuff doesn’t she!
Yahagi: Err spaces out? She just loves you so much that she acts really nice in front of you!
*Kana laughs*
Yahagi: When I told her that I was coming to guest here today she was like “What?! Why is it only you that’s going!?!” Even if you say that to me… “You better do a proper job there!” and that’s how she sent me off here.
Kana: *laughs* Really?!
Yahagi: The age difference between us is about 7 years and you can really feel the generation gap.
Kana: It sounds interesting!
Yahagi: We’re promoting a drama CD called “Quad Cross” with the radio but to tell the truth… We don’t really do much to promote it *laughs* We just do a whole lot of activities totally unrelated to it.

This post doesn’t do the episode any justice! The episode was hilarious, I’d recommend looking it up if you’re a bit interested in any of the three seiyuu :D.

Radio Cross #06

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.15

Sakura’s as hyper as ever. She laughs that before every recording she’s got gym class so she’s uber energetic due to that. It looks like she was doing volleyball today? Or was it tennis?

– Yahagi introduces herself as “I am Maji, Yahagi Sayuri” while Sakura introduces herself as “I am Gachinko, Sakura Ayane” lol. Remnants from the previous English test haha.

– Sakura offhandedly says the name of the female manager from I’m Enterprise who also attempted the previous english quiz and they censor her out lol.

– The two of them announce the next seiyuu to appear on the drama CD as Ise Mariya. Ah she’s with Across Entertainment so it looks like the drama CD’s cast wont be solely I’m Enterprise’s.

– Yahagi says she’d like to try a really short hair style at least once. That would look… Interesting…. Don’t do it Yahagi!! D:

– They’re doing a personality test on this episode :O I’m just gonna play along with this as well since I love personality tests lol.

– The first question was “You’re a baseball pitcher having a very important game today. What’s the first pitch you throw?”
A. Fastball
B. Off-time Curve ball
C. Change up into the Ball zone

Yahagi chose A while Sakura chose B. The test is actually an indicator to when you would get married. I’lll put it out in order of how they announced it.
C: Means that you would get married at a normal pace but the person you choose is often someone that wasn’t quite right for you and it might end with a failed marriage.
A: Means you’ll get married quicker than normal. Apparently Yahagi’s mum gave birth to Yahagi at 25, Yahagi’s current age lol. She says that she’s late at marriage already.
B: Means you’ll get married later than normal but you’ll pick your partner carefully so you won’t have a failed marriage. Amusingly Sakura seems pretty shocked by the idea of a late marriage.

– Second question “There are garbage bags around your room, how many of them are there?” Err I can’t imagine garbage bags being around.
The two of them said three. And… Apparently the number of garbage bags is the number of enemies you have in your life. Amusing.

– Third question “You are in a desert and you see an oasis ahead of you. Are there any trees and if so how many are there in the oasis?”
Yahagi said “1” and Sakura said “endless” lol. Lets see how this turns out haha.
The test indicates the amount of people you rely on in your life. LOL Sakura laughs at her “endless” answer and the staff bursts out laughing at her as well ahaha. Upon finding out the meaning of Yahagi’s answer Sakura says “One? …Would that mean… Me?!!” in happiness ahahah. Yahagi just ignores her at first and then exclaims “You’re scaring me! What’s with your thinking?!”

– Fourth question “Where would you hide your secret savings?”
A. In a drawer
B. In the toilet
C. Carry it with you
D. In the bank.

I’d think everyone would pick D in this case but… Apparently Yahagi actually hides it under her TV table in real life so she picks A. She laughs that if it was easy to get to she’d spend it so she made it really hard for herself to reach. Sakura says she’d pick A as well.
And it looks like the test indicates how popular you are as a person haha. I don’t get this at all.
A: You’re popular with everyone! You’re able to get along with everyone and anyone. Everyone adores you.
They didn’t announce the results for the other options, probably due to time restraints :( [EDIT: Actually it looks like they released the other results on their website, I’ll just translate them now]
B: You’re not good at socialising with people. You don’t get people fussing over you.
C: You may be hard to approach. You don’t trust other people easily. You’re too cautious around other people.
D: You’re popular with people you trust only. You don’t get along with just anyone but you have people you’re close with.

Yahagi says that she can’t see it fitting with herself but… Sakura says it’s definitely true then pretends to be hiding behind a wall watching her saying “Hurrhurr Yahagi-san…. I’m always watching you…. Hurhurrr” LOL Yahagi gets freaked out by this stalker act ahaha. They then laugh that the radio is a super popular radio hosted by it’s two super popular seiyuu haha.

This kinda turned out into more of a translation of the personality test they were doing OTL

Radio Cross #05

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.15

Sakura starts off as energetically hysteric as ever lol. Yahagi on the other hand sounds pretty tired haha.

– When the two of them realise they’re wearing a similar top Sakura starts to take off Yahagi’s shirt ahaha.

– When they announce the seiyuu for another of the characters in the drama CD as Hayami Saori Sakura sings “Freestyle~~!”, the name of Hayami’s solo radio show lol.
But putting that aside, Hayami Saori’s the third seiyuu in a row from I’m Enterprise that’s in the cast so far :O I wonder if the rest of the cast will be from I’m Enterprise as well?

– Listener asks if they’ve ever gone on a diet before.

Sakura: I haven’t gone on one before. Well I’ve always been a bit on the chubby side but I’ve never actually gone beyond that.
Yahagi: Really? You’re not chubby though…
Sakura: I’m chubby! But I never go past it.
Yahagi: …Really?
Sakura: How about you?
Yahagi: Well if I was to pick one I’d probably be on the thinner side…
Sakura: You’re too thin!
Yahagi: I’m pretty careful about my weight.
*Sakura checks Yahagi’s body out lol*
Sakura: There was a mirror just there right? And I was thinking “I really don’t want to be caught lining up with Yahagi here…”
Yahagi: No way!
*Yahagi laughs*
Yahagi: But during middle school I was really thin, I had legs like a duck’s
Sakura: Huh? Legs like a duck’s?
Yahagi: You know how you like my thin heels, they were even thinner back then.
Sakura: Your heels?
Yahagi: Yep. During middle school due to my club activities. But when I stopped doing those club activities upon entering high school I became pretty chubby.
Sakura: Your heels are really pretty now though. *Looks underneath the table at Yahagi’s legs* Really really pretty…
Yahagi: Stop looking at them!! Stop looking down there!

Lol Sakura stop checking her out!

– Talking about how they dress for the cold season.

Yahagi: I’m really sensitive to the heat. Even when I’m indoors I get really hot. I’m probably sweating already.
Sakura: Really? Are you alright? *starts fanning Yahagi’s face with her hands*
Yahagi: Uh… Huh…
*Yahagi stares at Sakura’s hands in confusion as she fans her and then they both break into laughter*

– The two of them play a game using “Battle Pencils”. Battle Pencils are pencils which you take turns to roll and each side of the pencil has a special move on it that does damage to the opponent or casts some kind of spell such as hp recovery or skipping the enemy’s turn. Each pencil is it’s own character with it’s own skill set and HP stats as well so they’re really popular between children in Japan. Yahagi uses the old generation of battle pencils from about 15 or so years ago while Sakura uses the latest released series against her. Amusingly due to this the balance is completely out of whack and Sakura pretty much beats Yahagi hands down lol. Yahagi complains about how overpowered the new versions are while Sakura brags that she must be a genius for beating a veteran like Yahagi, who played with these pencils as a child while Sakura on the other hand had only just learnt about the pencils and the rules beforehand lol.

A lot of the humor is in the video and the games they play rather than straight dialogue so I don’t really write as much as I’d like to lol. On another note though, this is definitely one of the more hilarious radios I’m watching/listening to right now and the show looks like it’s really starting to pick up some popularity too :D


Radio Cross #04

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.08

Episode 4 of Radio Cross. It looks like they’ve switched back to recording one episode per session again. Or rather the one time they recorded two episodes in one session was an exception. Sakura was as hyper as ever in this episode lol.

– Yahagi calls herself “obasan(old lady)” and Sakura remembers… To go under the table to grab her ankles lol. Yahagi then screams “Oi! Pervert!!” when she grabs her ahaha. Sakura then finds out that she’s wearing boots and throws a tantrum lol. She calls her wearing boots equivalent to bullying her lol.

– Sakura says she only takes 20 minutes to get ready to leave in the morning, to Yahagi’s surprise. Amusingly she doesn’t do anything special in terms or brushing her hair or makeup. On the other hand Yahagi says she wakes up about one and a half to two hours before work to get ready, including commute.

– Yahagi comments that she’s always in a really bad mood when she wakes up and she showers to get rid of that feeling lol.

– The radio had them doing an English test and going over their answers lol. This should be interesting.

– When grading Sakura’s test Yahagi skipped over all the answers that Sakura got right since “It wouldn’t be interesting to hear about”, to Sakura’s outrage lol.

– One of the questions was to translate the English sentence “The house shakes each time a train passes” into Japanese, which Sakura incorrectly translated into: “A train passes in front of a house on occasion”Lol where did the “Shake” disappear to?!

– Another question was translating “I am looking forward to your visit” which Sakura amusingly translated into “I am watching your future so I can appear” lol. “Watching your future”!? Yahagi laughs and says that it sounds really scary.

– Question to translate the Japanese sentence “私、本気です!!/I’m serious!!” into English. Hilariously Sakura translated it into “I am gachinko!” with “gachinko/ガチンコ” being Japanese slang for something along the lines of being eager to compete ahaha. Oi Ayaneru! That’s still Japanese!

– They then switched roles with Sakura grading Yahagi’s paper lol. Incidentally this was what Yahagi’s answer sheet looked like:– Question to translate the Japanese sentence “君は夜型人間ですね。/You’re a nocturnal/night person” into English. Yahagi wrote “You aer night tape man.” complete with the spelling error lol.

Sakura(reading out in English): “You are… Night tape man” *Bursts out laughing*
Yahagi: I’m great aren’t I?! I put a lot of thought into this!
Sakura: If this was to translate into Japanese it would be “You are a night tape person” *laughs* What in the world is that?!
Yahagi: Right! It’s a person who stays up late with his tapes!
Sakura: That’s seems like a really suss person!
Yahagi: But I got it right didn’t I?!
Sakura: Saying all nocturnal people are like that is rude to them!
Yahagi: No wait! It’s just that this particular person happens to be like that!
Sakura: This particular person?!
Yahagi: Yeah!
Sakura: Umm for “tape” did you actually mean to write “type”?
Yahagi: *laughs* Err… No! I meant tape! Since tape is right!
*Sakura bursts out laughing*
Sakura: Type is spelt with a “y”~
Yahagi: I know!! I wanted to write tape!! D:<

Yeah right Yahagi!

– For the “私、本気です!!/I’m serious!!” into English question Yahagi wrote “I am maji!!” with “maji/マジ” once again being Japanese slang for “serious” ahaha. Oi Yahagi you ate her out for putting “Gachinko/ガチンコ” but you yourself didn’t answer much better than Sakura!

– Yahagi reasons that she got the questions wrong because it’d be more interesting that way. Yeah right Yahagi!!

– Amusingly if you look at the image of Yahagi’s answer sheet you can see a question asking to translate “How do I get to Hamamatsuchou[A place in Tokyo]” into English and rather than translating it Yahagi wrote directions to Hamamatsuchou instead ahahaha.

– In the end I think Sakura did better in the test than Yahagi haha.

Most of the episode was taken up with the grading of the tests but it was hilarious <3 I love it when seiyuu struggle with English ahaha >:D

Radio Cross #03

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.01

Episode three of Radio Cross! Apparently Production I.G. has entered the sponsor list which means…. Is Quad Cross aiming for an eventual anime adaptation? :O Interesting.

– Listener sends in mail cheering Yahagi on through her trouble reining Sakura in when she goes crazy…

Sakura : Are you having trouble?? Are you?! *evil laugh*
Yahagi: Well… That’s what everyone’s saying…
Sakura : Are you?! Are you?!
Yahagi: …Yeah
Sakura : What should I do!? *links arms with her*
Yahagi: I guess you should just keep trying your best…?

Sakura has no intention of stopping ahaha.

– Listener sends in mail saying that Sakura is a big fan of Yuri. Note: Sakura is still linking arms and holding hands with Yahagi.

Yahagi: Umm Sakura-san? The mail says that you’re a big fan of yuri?
Sakura: I guess so. If I really had to say it, then yeah.
Yahagi: Really??
Sakura: Yeah!
Yahagi: Ehh… Really now…? *Tries to unlink arms with Sakura lol*
Sakura: Yep! *Tries to hold on to her arm and when Yahagi finally frees her arms, puts her arm around Yahagi’s shoulders instead ahahaha*

Sakura: I’m looking forward to working on this radio with you! Together! Together alone! ….Just the two of us…
Yahagi: …Yeah… Okay…

Run Yahagi! This girl is dangerous!!

– Upon finding out that Sakura hasn’t seen Sailor Moon before Yahagi gets really surprised and tells her to go watch it lol.

– Apparently Sakura was a tomboy as a child and she only watched boy oriented cartoons and shows, she wanted to watch girl oriented cartoons but she was too embarassed to haha.

Sakura’s getting crazier and crazier with each episode lol. Keep at it Yahagi! Do your best! Lol.

Radio Cross #02

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.25

Episode 2 of Radio Cross! Oh and it looks like this was recorded on the same day as the previous episode.

– Sakura yells out “KANON SASHA” three times without stumbling but Yahagi laughs that it sounds like she’s hitting something with each yell lol.

– Yahagi asks what “Pivoting on one foot” means and Ayaneru shows her how to do it and gets her to try it as well. Lol the two of them pivot and stuff for a while… This is really weird ahaha.

– A listener asks how he should get over his nervousness and start talking to people so the two of them roleplay a situation where a male classmate tries to talk to a female classmate for the first time. Yahagi played the male classmate and she sneaks up behind Sakura and… Hugs her from behind, which makes Sakura squeal and jump in surprise ahaha. The two of them agreed in the end that this probably isn’t the best way to approach a girl lol.

Wow Sakura was really hyper this episode ahaha. These two are really starting to get along well with one another <3
For some reason or another the two of them started tasting some food midway through the show so I couldn’t really find much to write. Also the two of them really utilised the camera as they danced around, showed stuff to the camera and physically interacted with each other and I really loved this episode for it… But it doesn’t give me much to write about lol. I’m really loving this radio though, I laughed so hard at so many different points of it :D

Radio Cross #01

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.18

A new radio that just started last week. As you may know already, I’m a fan of Ayaneru’s radio work though I haven’t written much about her so I’m glad she’s started up a new radio show~ <3 On top of that I’m a big fan of Yahagi’s voice work, I love her voice~ <3
This radio is for promoting a drama CD series called Quad Cross. Interestingly enough the radio is recorded along with a video of the two of them :D

– Sakura kept stumbling on her character’s name “Kanon Sasha” lol. The script then had her say her character’s name three times at the introduction lol.

Yahagi: The staff put your character’s name three times so you’d grow used to saying it and you’ll improve!
Sakura: …Ehhh…
Yahagi: What a wonderful radio program this is!
Sakura: …How meddlesome…
Yahagi: OI! *Staff laughs in the background* You can’t say stuff like that! That’s what being an adult is all about!
Sakura: Okay~!

– First impressions of one another

Yahagi: The first time we met was where Sakura was the main character and… I was the enemy.
Sakura: Yeah my enemy!
Yahagi: I was thinking “Ahh she’s really young…” since you were in your school uniform after all!
Sakura: Ah yeah I attended the recordings in my uniform.
Yahagi: It was pretty much just me watching something unknown! *laughs*
Sakura: Unknown?? *laughs*
Yahagi: A school uniform wearing unidentified animal!
Sakura: UMA!
Yahagi: But you were great~!

Sakura: I knew about you beforehand since you were my senior in the agency but we only started talking after that show… My first impressions were that when I saw you from behind I was thinking that your ankles were really pretty!
Yahagi: *laughs* Why do you keep saying that?! I ‘ve been hearing about that from everywhere! I’ve been told “Did you know that Sakura-san is aiming for your ankles!” pretty often!
Sakura: I am not!
Yahagi: And just before when we met you were like… “Legs~ ハァハァ~”!
Sakura: I was not!!
Yahagi: And I was thinking “What’s with this girl?!”
Sakura: You’re wrong! *laughs*
Yahagi: Are they really that nice?
Sakura: Yes!

Sakura then started drawing what she meant by “pretty ankles” to show her lol. Sakura really is good at drawing lol.
Incidentally the recordings the two of them were talking about is the Yumekui/Dream Eater Merry anime that aired earlier this year.
Amusingly I had heard about Sakura x Yahagi’s ankles before this point as well on a different recent radio hosted by Shitaya Noriko and Majima Junji (I absolutely love that radio by the way, despite me not writing anything about it or it’s two hosts :D)

– Upon finding out that Sakura has never played on the SNES before, Yahagi got really depressed over their age gap lol.

– Yahagi jokingly refers to herself as “obasan” which means aunt, or a mid age woman, to which Sakura yells at her to stop, laughing that she’ll grab her ankles if she does it again lol. Yahagi laughs that Sakura’s got some weird ways to punish Yahagi with haha. Amusingly Yahagi almost refers to herself as “obasan” again and Sakura pretends to go under the table to pinch her heel lol.

I really enjoyed this episode :D The two of them seem to be relatively friendly but not too close. It looks like they’ve gone out together to grab lunch/dinner on occasion but the two of them haven’t really spoken to one another for an extended period of time and don’t really know each other that well.
And since I loved this episode and I’ve been looking forward to seeing Ayaneru’s next radio show… I think I’ll start following this radio~ *adds to the pile* Oh… I sure have a lot to get through don’t I? OTL

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