Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai。#01

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oreimos2Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない。
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2013.04.11

The long awaited radio for Oreimo’s second season! Amusingly they didn’t announce the radio beforehand until barely before the radio had started airing… Or had it already started airing? I can’t quite remember but I do remember being so sad that there might not be a second season of the radio till it was announced at the last minute!

– Right from the start!

Ayana: Ka~na~-chan!
Kana: Yes~?
Ayana: *giggles* I just wanted to say your name!
Kana: Ahhh!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Kana-chan you try it!
Kana: A~ya-chi~!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Yes~~?
Kana: I just wanted to say your name!
*They both burst out laughing*
Ayana: What’s with this conversation?! *laughs* But our conversations were like this weren’t they~
Kana: They were~

Ayana: It’s been over a year and a half…
Kana: It’s been that long…?
Ayana: It has… Time really flies.
Kana: How old are you now?
Ayana: I’m 23!
Kana: Ooh~ You’re not a loli anymore!
Ayana: Thats true! I’m an ex-loli!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Ex-loli?!
Kana: An ex-loli!
Ayana: How old are you now?
Kana: I’m 24~
Ayana: Time really does fly by!
Kana: It does!! Well I wasn’t a loli when we started the radio though.
Ayana: Ah right, you were 22 at the time!

And we’re right back in this love dovey atmosphere <3

– Last season’s radio…

Kana: It’s been almost two years now.
Ayana: There may be people who are listening in for the first time as well so we’d like them to hear bits of the previous radio to let them know what it was like.
Kana: Yup, even we don’t remember what happened in the last radio season.
Ayana: Hmm? What do you remember from it?
Kana: Pafupafu! [I can’t remember if I wrote something about this but basically… Actually instead of me dancing around the explanation for this there’s a wikipedia article for this lol “Puff puff (ぱふぱふ pafu pafu) comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a woman rubbing her breasts in someone’s face”]
Ayana: Huh? Pafu pafu?? Oh something to do with boobs?
Kana: Yup! We were talking about it and I was like “What’s this?! I want someone to do that to me!”. I remember being pretty worked up about that.
*Ayana laughs*
Kana: I said something like “Ayachi! Do it to me!”… Or I think I did.
Ayana: Did you? You did!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Ahh! We got pointlessly worked up over that didn’t we!
Kana: Yeah— Wait it wasn’t pointless!
Ayana: Huh?
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Ah it wasn’t pointless!
Kana: It wasn’t!

– Taketatsu and people around her has been using the “tktt” abbreviation for herself, she mentions that a makeup artist she works with has “tktt Make up” written in her schedules instead of her name haha.

– The radio starts playing a snippet from the first episode where they introduce themselves to each other and they laugh at how shy and nervous they were!

Kana: That was the first episode!
Ayana: It was?
Kana: Yup.
Ayana: We really were feeling out each other so much at the time!
Kana: We got so close so fast in just two years!
*They laugh*
Ayana: We were like “I look forward to working with you~”
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: We were using formal speech!
Kana: Well that’s to be expected though! That was pretty much our first time meeting!
Ayana: I think we met once in an Oreimo drama CD recording and then this was quite a while after.
Kana: Yeah
Ayana: We didn’t get to talk much during the drama CD recording as well.
Kana: Yeah getting to know each other in a recording booth is hard.
Ayana: Yeah, it’s work after all.
Kana: Yeah…
Ayana: We had an interview for Oreimo radio right? How many episodes in were we when we did that?
Kana: Hmm I wonder…
Ayana: I think it was after a few episodes… I think I remember being in something short sleeved.
Kana: Ah you might have been! So it must have been summer!
Ayana: I saw pictures from that on the net recently and I was startled by how chubbier I was then!
*They both laugh*
Kana: You weren’t chubby!
Ayana: I was so chubby in the past! When I look back at myself then I’m always so surprised!
*They laugh*
Kana: Is that why you remember that you were in something short sleeved??
Ayana: Yeah I remember my skin looking really chubby! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* That’s terrible!
Ayana: It is! *laughs*

Ah poor Ayachi, but you were terrifyingly cute even back then Ayachi! It’s not a black mark on your history at all!

– About listening to their previous radios…

Ayana: One thing I’ve noticed is that I was a lot more proactive in how I interacted with people on radio back then. It sounds like I was really putting a lot of energy into it because I wasn’t used to it at all!

Kana: Ah, really?
Ayana: Yeah… I can feel how different it is now.
Kana: Ah well you can tell since it’s yourself afterall.
Ayana: Now I’m more used to radio work so I’m a lot more relaxed.
Kana: Ah that’s two years for you…
Ayana: I’m starting to feel kinda sad now!
*Kana laughs*

I’ve actually thought about this before too with fresh Seiyuu in general, Seiyuu who are new to radio have a really fun and unstable atmosphere that makes it hilarious to listen to but as they gain more experience they calm down and it fades. Not that they necessarily become less interesting to listen to but it changes into a different flavour as they lose that unpredictable cute and nervous charm.

– After listening to a snippet from Kana’s birthday Kana tells Ayachi to do the same thing this year! …But her birthday just passed a couple of months ago lol so then Ayachi’s birthday…

Kana: Ah Ayachi has her birthday in a couple of months!
Ayana: Yeah about two months from now…
Kana: Then how about we do it then!
Ayana: Wait a moment! That’s my birthday!
*They both laugh*
Kana: For me!
*They laugh*
Kana: I’ll do something for your birthday so in return—
Ayana: There’s something wrong with that!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: What do you mean “In return”?!?!
Kana: I’ll give you something good as a present!
Ayana: Oh really??
Kana: So in return…
Ayana: …Huh…? I think there’s something wrong here!
Kana: How about I do the radio with you on my lap?
Ayana: Eh? On your lap??
Kana: Yeah that’s great!
Ayana: Then people will hear both our voices from the same microphone?
Kana: Yup!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: There’s something wrong with this!
Kana: There isn’t! And then you’ll whisper to me every now and again something like “Kana-chan, I’m not heavy am I?”
Ayana: Ehh?? But this kind of conversation feels really nostalgic! *laughs*
*They both laugh*
Ayana: But no I wont do it!
Kana: Why?!
Ayana: No!!
Kana: But it’s on a birthday!
Ayana: It’s my birthday!!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: How about Kana-chan you listen to everything I say on that day! And in return… I’ll say one thing.
Kana: That’s fine with me!
Ayana: Really?
Kana: I’ll do anything!
Ayana: Then…
Kana: Like what? Want me to kiss you??
Ayana: Eh?? Yes!!
*They laugh*
Kana: Oi!

Ayana: Umm…! Umm! I want to go eat out with Kana-chan!
Kana: Oh, let’s do it!
*They both laugh*
Kana: People listening in to this are probably thinking “What is with these two…”

AHH THESE TWOOOOOO I’ve missed this sooo much ;_;

– The radio plays a snippet from the drunk Ayachi episode and Taketatsu gets so embarrassed haha.

– What we’ve all been waiting for…!

Kana: I can say these things because I have you in front of me Ayachi! Having you around pulls out all these things from me!
Ayana: Well you’re saying that but… Recently you’ve been cheating on me Kana-chan!
*Kana splutters*
Ayana: You’ve been saying all this “You’re cute! So cute!” to me but lately you’ve been with a certain O.Y.-chan…! [I don’t think I need to say this but Ogura Yui lol!]
*They both laugh*
Ayana: You’ve been cheating on me!
*Kana keeps laughing*
Ayana: On twitter people have been sending me messages saying “Hanazawa-san’s going to be taken away from you at this rate!”!!
*They laugh*
Kana: But really let me say this! You two have a different kind of cute!
Ayana: Different kind of cute?
Kana: Yup yup!
Ayana: I see…
Kana: You see, Yui-chan—
Ayana: You said her name!
*They laugh*
Kana: Well she’s in Oreimo after all!
Ayana: That’s true
Kana: O.Y.-chan—
Ayana: She’s Kuroneko’s little sister
Kana: Yup! How do I put this? She’s the type you want to protect! And look after!
Ayana: I know what you mean, like you want to hug her?
Kana: Yup, whereas in Ayachi’s case you want to touch her!
Ayana: …Huh? What?
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: What are you saying??
Kana: How do I put this?? Umm…
Ayana: Are you complimenting me?? *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* If I was a guy I would be all over you!
Ayana: Huh? What are you saying? Ah, I think I’ve been told something similar before…
Kana: Really?
Ayana: Yup, a.. A certain loli [Yuuki Aoi] told me that I let off sex appeal! *laughs embarrassedly*
Kana: That’s it!
Ayana: I have no sex appeal!
Kana: I wonder… Umm… Umm… But it’s good!
Ayana: It is??
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Well I guess we can just leave it at that.
Kana: Yeah— Ah I shouldn’t say what I was just thinking *laughs*
Ayana: What??
*They both laugh*
Kana: Let’s stop here! It’s good!
Ayana: Good??
Kana: Good! *screeches*
*They both laugh*
Ayana: It’s just the first episode and you’re acting up already!

I was wondering when they would touch upon this and it was on the very first episode!

And so the first episode of the second season’s radio ends! I’m sure you’ve already heard but the radio just ended the other day on it’s 18th episode :( I don’t know if I’ll end up writing about the whole series here but we’ll see!

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #24

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.07.22

The final episode of OreImo’s radio, the opening had the two characters reminiscing about the radio~ It got pretty teary~ ;_;

– About Nakamura appearing last episode.

Ayana: I was a bit nervous…
Kana: But it was fun talking about Kyousuke~
Ayana: It was!
Kana: But that means that the radio has reached it’s climax…
Ayana: Ah, that was a big signal of it coming to an end wasn’t it…
Kana: *laughs* Yeah all that’s left is the end…
Ayana: Don’t say it! Don’t say ittt!

– About episode #22

Kana: I… Still haven’t listened to that episode yet *laughs*
Ayana: I haven’t as well!
Kana: I wonder how it turned out.
Ayana: *laughs* I’ve been too embarrassed… Even just thinking about what I remember from it…
Kana: Well, Ayachi you were super cute at the time!
Ayana: Ah.. See! How embarrassing! *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Ah how embarrassing! I’ve been way too scared to listen to it! On my blog I’ve got something call “Nau”[Something like twitter] And when I wrote something like “Good Morning!” there were comments saying “I listened to OreImo radio! Drunk Ayachi was cute!” I was like “AAhh! Nooo stop itttt!”
Kana: It was pretty crazy, Ayachi you were so drunk!
Ayana: All I remember was being really relaxed and laid back!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: You were imagining all these things~
Ayana: Huh what??
Kana: Do you remember that “Lets fall in love with Hanazawa” corner?
Ayana: *laughs* We did do something like that didn’t we! And I remember receiving a wonderful present from Kana-chan~
Kana: And you became “Ayao” *laughs*
Ayana: Ah that’s right! I had to choose between all these choices!
Kana: Yup.
Ayana: That was fun~ *laughs*
Kana: After that things got pretty bad though *laughs* We had a photoshoot right the next morning!
Ayana: Yeahh, we had to get up early…
Kana: The radio was fun but after that… The schedule was pretty rough.
Ayana: But we went to shower and stuff together~ ♥
Kana: *gasps* We… We went to the bath together didn’t we?!
Ayana: We did! *giggles*
Kana: Kyaaa~! That’s right! We did!
Ayana: Yeah it was unexpectedly…
Kana: Unexpectedly… Quite… *laughs into her hands*
*Ayana joins in*
Kana: Sorry everyone! Ayachi is mine. *laughs*
Ayana: H-Huh!? Wh-What are you saying?! *laughs* Just because it’s the last episode what do you think you’re saying?!
Kana: Eh? So what? Let’s leave nothing unsaid!
Ayana: Ah I guess so, you should say whatever you need to say…

Kana x Ayachi love MAX

– Talking about mail from female listeners.

Kana: There have been heaps of mail from girls saying stuff like “Taketatsu Ayana moe!!” as well~
Ayana: *Shocked* Eh?! From girls as well?!? No way! I’ve always thought that girls hated me!
Kana: What?! Why?!
*They both laugh*
Kana: There’s no way that’s possible!
Ayana: Really…? Really??
Kana: Ayachi after listening to something like last episode, no matter who it was, they would be consumed as well!
Ayana: Really?? I… Don’t remember anything *laughs*
Kana: You were so cute!

Aww Taketatsu, don’t worry you’ve got plenty of female fans!

– Amusingly they talked about random happenings on the episode and Ayachi couldn’t remember a majority of the things mentioned haha

– SOOO cute!

Ayana: My sister, actually my brother’s wife, is really cheering me on. She bought my cds from a certain band anime [K-ON!!] and when I was on the front cover of the seiyuu grand prix magazine–
Kana: Ah I saw that!
Ayana: Ah thanks~
Kana: It was SOOOO cute!
Ayana: *embarrassed*ugghhhuu …Thanks..
Kana: SOOOO cute!
*Ayana laughs*
Kana: It was like “If Taketatsu Ayana was your little sister” right??
Ayana: *laughs* Yeah
Kana: SOOOO cute!
Ayana: That’s the third time already!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Calm down!

– Where can I get a copy?!

*Listener asks where he can play the game “Lets fall in love with Hanazawa!”*
Ayana: With the power of Osawa you should release this! *laughs*
Kana: There’s no such thing!
Ayana: Why?! Everyone infected with the Hanazawa sickness would definitely enjoy it!
Kana: What?! What’s with that! *laughs*
Ayana: “Lets fall in love with Hanazawa!” Something like that, but with Kana-chan’s voice! *laughs*
Kana: No! “Lets fall in love with Hanazawa!” is a game meant only for Ayachi to play!
Ayana: Ah..! For me only??
Kana: Yup!
Ayana: *gasps* What?? For me only?? What’s with this sudden happening?? I didn’t expect you to say something like that back to me so that made my heart skip a beat! *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Haha! Be jealous of me everyone!
*They both laugh*

– Recount of the radio so far…

Ayana: “I’ve been feeling some danger from my radio partner recently…”
*Starts reading a script with lines Hanazawa has said in previous episodes*
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “It’s fine! Ayachi won’t do it after all!” – Episode 5
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “What’s with this girl! Can I lick you!” – Episode 6
*Kana laughs*
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Ayachi! I love you Ayachi!” Episode 6
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “I thought it was your bra, I was trying to take a peek!” Episode 7 *laughs*
*Kana laughs harder*
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Ah how nice, even in a dream I’d love it if Ayachi would do that to me!” – Episode 9
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Ah I can leave a picture of Ayachi’s lower body under my pillow!” – Episode 9
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “It’s because Ayachi’s thighs just happened to be there.” – Episode 12
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “While I was touching her, my hand just happened to go to her butt!” – Episode 12 *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Revenge?? What are you gonna do to me??” – Episode 12
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “This is bad, I’m getting excited!” Episode 14
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Then Ayachi if you wrap yourself in a ribbon and embarrassedly say “I’m your present!” I’ll be happy with that!” – Episode 14
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “This is bad! I want one!” – Episode 14
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “It’s been so long… Seriously… Can I kiss you?” – Episode 18
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “I was feeling kinda dizzy so I just happened to stroke you.” – Episode 18
Ayana(Recounting Kana): “Everyone must be licking the magazine cover!” – Episode 20
Ayana: And this is just a small portion of it! This is pretty crazy when you bring it together like this!
Kana: Hey… The staff just called me a female pervert!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Well I guess that’s true!
Kana: Eh?!
Ayana: When we came into the booth today! I didn’t realise you had arrived and you came from behind and hugged me without saying anything! Tightly!
Kana: *laughs* Quietly just wrapped my arms around you.
Ayana: I was so surprised I was thinking “What is this?!” I was really happy though! But I was like “What kind of love simulation/galge is this?!” I thought I was dreaming!
*They both laugh*
Kana: Well… It can’t be helped!
Ayana: *laughs* What can’t?!
Kana: It just can’t be helped!
Ayana: What???
Kana: Yesterday… I was with you for work as well… But seeing you for something personal was really nice and something we haven’t done for a while~
Ayana: *laughs* This is counted as a personal meeting?? This is still counted as work!
*They both laugh*
Kana: Ah that’s right!
*They’re both still laughing hard*
Kana: But in the radio booth there’s no one else here other than the writer! And I didn’t see him.
Ayana: He’s right next to you though! *laughs*
Kana: We created our own little atmosphere~ *laughs*
Ayana: Ah I see~ But Kana-chan you’re really amazing!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: In a lot of ways! I might have to protect myself!
Kana: But! You were the one who put on your battle underwear when we stayed over together!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: It’s not like that! I did it because I was excited about being with you!
*They both laugh*
Kana: Really?
Ayana: Yeah! It’s not because I wanted to do *breaks into laughter* something with you!
*They both burst into laughter*
Kana: I didn’t say that!
Ayana: I wasn’t thinking that okay?!!
Kana: But well… You were the one who invited me to come bathe with you!
Ayana: …*pauses* That… Might be true…
*They both laugh*
Kana: And I replied with “What?? Really?? Is that okay???”
Ayana: Ah that’s right, it did come from me!
Kana: Yup
Ayana: Well… That’s how it normally goes doesn’t it! It was our first sleepover!
Kana: *laughs* Yup it was~
Ayana: Doing something like that is fine!

LOL these two! They went into some dangerous territory there!

– The end of the radio…

Kana: How sad… We were really distant with one another at the start of the radio weren’t we?
Ayana: That’s true! What happened to that!
Kana: Well we’re both pretty shy… And now we’ve come this close in a year~
Ayana: It’s pretty amazing… I’m quite a shy person so I would never have imagined that I’d become so close with you… Even now I mail you at least once a week. *laughs*
Kana: Yup~
Ayana: Saying “Kana-chan~~ Let’s play~~” *laughs*
Kana: “Let’s play~”
*They both laugh*
Kana: But we really have gotten close with each other~
Ayana: This past year has felt really short, yet long… But still short!
Kana: *laughs* Which is it?!
Ayana: *laughs* Too short!
Kana: Yeah time passed so quickly didn’t it… We were recording this radio before the anime started airing.
Ayana: Yup

Ayana: But it’s ending… Ahhh!!! Noooo! I don’t want it to end!!
*They both laugh*
Kana: But it’s okay… We’ll still see each other~
Ayana: That’s true!
Kana: And if there’s a second season…
Ayana: Yup~

– Wikipedia…

Ayana: Can I say something completely unrelated?
Kana: Hmm? Okay, what is it?
Ayana: Just the other day I looked at your wikipedia page for the first time…
Kana: Mmm?
Ayana: Under Hanazawa Kana’s Personal Life, it said “Loves and dotes on her Co-star in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga Nai, Taketatsu Ayana” and that made me laugh so hard! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs*That’s on Wikipedia?!?
Ayana: Yup!
Kana: Why are they writing stuff like that about me! *laughs*
Ayana: *laughs* And then looked at my page… There were all these things I’ve said only on radio as well.
Kana: Yeah that gets put up there… Makes me think that I have to be careful of what I say on radio *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah it gets recorded there!

Kana: Well I have been saying how cute you were in other places…
Ayana: You have??
Kana: Wait it says here “Moving on from Tomatsu Haruka, she is now in love with Taketatsu Ayana”!
*They both laugh*
Ayana: Wait let me see! I wanna see that!
Kana: What’s with that?!!? Don’t try and analyse it like that!!
Ayana: But it doesn’t say I’m in love with Hanazawa Kana on my page…
Kana: Yeah someone write it on her page!
Ayana: Yeah someone please put it up there!
*They both laugh*

Kana: But talking with you never gets boring!
Ayana: *laughs* Really??
Kana: Yup~ You always say all these weird things!
Ayana: *laughs* I’ve always thought you’d get bored of me soon! It really worries me!
Kana: Well don’t worry, it won’t happen *laughs*

And so the OreImo radio ends ;_; OreImo has definitely been the radio I’ve loved writing about the most and I’m glad to have finally finished covering a whole radio series completely on the blog~ The Taketatsu x Hanazawa pairing really is a heart warming combination ♥

But putting that aside… Everyone’s already heard right?! Season two’s radio has started!! YESS!! Starting yesterday, it’s set to air twice a month, the same system as season one’s radio.
Me covering it here is another matter though… (I’m just being tsundere, I’ll probably write about it lol. Eventually…)

As a side note, I was keeping this episode post for when one of two things happened.

1. The second season of OreImo’s radio starts.
2. I decide to end the blog lol.

Guess which one it was hohoho.

See you in Season 2!

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #22

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.06.24

Taketatsu Ayana Birthday special! Finally worked my way up to it lol orz. Sleepovers, alcohol and lots of love! Beware, the post is looong.

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Host: Kayano Ai
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.25

This is the first time the two of them have been on radio together, Kayano mentions that she’s a bit nervous heh.

– Cooking…

Kayano: I’m actually pretty bad at cooking…
Ayana: Really?!
Kayano: Yeah it’s always really dangerous when I’m cutting vegetables…
Ayana: That’s unexpected, I always thought you would be good at this sort of feminine stuff!

It looks like Kayano likes cooking though :D

– Kayano comments that Ayana would look good in an apron.

– About Episode 7.

Kayano: Gai in a Tuxedo…
Ayana: He was so cool!
Kayano: Having him in a tuxedo is cheating!
Ayana: Yeah! The blonde hair really fits him.
Kayano: Yeah it does.
Ayana: And that blonde hair plus the white tuxedo was such a great match.

Kayano: And then you have Nakamura’s great voice on top of it…
Ayana: Yeah seriously!
Kayano: As a girl it definitely gets you squealing!

– Ayana says her favourite character is Daryl.

– Kayano’s first impression of Ayana.

Kayano: We first met at… Summer was it?
Ayana: Yeah I think so.

Kayano: My first impression of you was… Well when we first greeted each other I was thinking big and round!
Ayana: Eh?!
Kayano: Your eyes! I felt like I was getting sucked into your eyes!
Ayana: Eh?? That’s the first time I’ve been told something like that!
Kayano: I was thinking that I really wanted to talk with you more!
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: But if I was to say my first impression of you, I’d put it at “Too cute!
Ayana: Ehh?!
Kayano: I wanted to watch you!
Ayana: Ah… I’m turning red… *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Kayano: And you’re always drinking juice!

– They mention a time when Ayana had a chocolate smudge on her script and she had circled it with a pen and labeled it as “Chocolate” in case someone had mistaken it for a certain… “Other brown coloured unpleasant object” Lol.

– Ayana’s first impression of Kayano.

Ayana: My first impression of you was… When we first greeted each other I thought you were a really fluffy person!
*Kayano giggles*
Ayana: I thought you were a really feminine person!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah you were like *high soft voice*I’m Kayano Ai from Pro-fit~” And you were overflowing with this floatyness! And I was thinking “Wow!
Kayano: I was really nervous at the time *laughs*
Ayana: Really?
Kayano: Yeah, it was my first recording so I was super nervous.
Ayana: But you were always smiling and whenever someone would talk with you you were like “Yees~?” with this elegance about you! You had a really calm and relaxed atmosphere about you.
Kayano: Ah thanks.
Ayana: And you seemed like you’d know a lot about health and beauty products too.
Kayano: We had a conversation about that sometime didn’t we?
Ayana: Yeah we did.

– Ayana says that though she changes depending on if the other person is an S or and M, she’d probably categorise herself as an M.

– Nicknames!

Kayano: First I’ll start with not calling you “Taketatsu-san”!
Ayana: Eh? What will you call me then? I’m getting nervous!
Kayano: What would be good? I wanted to decide this today~
Ayana: We’re always using “-san” aren’t we?
Kayano: Right, do you have a nickname in particular?
Ayana: What do you normally get called by?
Kayano: Umm, well I’m called “Kayanon” quite often but… *laughs*
Ayana: Kayanon?
Kayano: Kayanon, or Kaya-chan.
Ayana: Kaya-chan?
Kayano: I’ve been called a lot of things, I don’t think I’ve got one in particular.
Ayana: Hmm what do you want to be called?
Kayano: Huh?? Anything would be fine! “Ai” would be fine too!
Ayana: Ai? Ai-chan?
Kayano: I’m called Kayano-chan on occasion too.
Ayana: Ah I call you Kayano-chan sometimes too, but you know how you feel like theres a bit of distance between you if you use their surname so I was thinking that I’d want to use your first name.
Kayano: I see, then Ai?
Ayana: Ai-chan?
Kayano: Just “Ai” would be fine too~
Ayana: Eh with no honourifics?! Really??
Kayano: Is that bad?
Ayana: I’m getting embarrassed! *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Ayana: Just like “A~i~“? *laughs embarrassedly*
Kayano: Calling me just “Ai” makes my heart skip a beat actually! *laughs*
Ayana: Then okay I’ll call you “Ai“!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: What do you normally get called by?
Ayana: Well I’m usually called “Ayachi” or “Aya-chan“… But you can call me just “Aya” or “Ayana” if you want~
Kayano: Really? Hmm what should I call you by… Then how about “Aya” then.
Ayana: Just “Aya“?
Kayano: Yep!
Ayana: *laughs* Just calling each other “Ai” and “Aya” gives off a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? *laughs*
Kayano: It does! *laughs*
Ayana: Uwaah I’m getting really fidgety!

Lol wow the radio suddenly took a turn for the yuriyuri ahaha.

These two were pretty nervous from never talking with one another properly before so it was a bit fidgety at times but that’s the charm of these first time meeting sort of radios~ :D These two started to get along pretty well though by the end.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #64

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana, Gibu Yuuko
Date: 2011.12.19

The Tamuyura cast guesting on Iguchi’s radio, this was part of a project to have the cast appear on each of their solo radios. Asumi’s “Hoshizora Hinata Bokko” had Iguchi and Gibu come guest and Ayana’s “Taketatsu Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?” had Gibu Yuuko come guest. By the way each of the characters drawn on the title image was done by each of their seiyuu, the top left is Fu done by Ayana, top right is Kaoru by Asumi, bottom left is Norie by Iguchi and the bottom right is Maon by Gibu.

– Iguchi attended Takagaki Ayahi’s solo live concert :O

– Ayana greets everyone with “Uiui!“, her own radio’s [Taketatsu, Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?] greeting.

– It’s been over a year since the last time all three of them came on Iguchi’s radio to guest.

– Describe the good points of Tamayura:

Ayana: The atmosphere!
Iguchi: The character who appears in the show, Norie-chan! [Iguchi’s character lol]
Asumi: Takehara! [The place where Tamayura takes place]
Gibu: The director! [Satou Junichi]

– They try to position Ayana’s head and Asumi’s hand in a way so it looks like Ayana’s head is on Asumi’s hand on camera lol.

– Asumi says Iguchi’s name instead of Gibu…

Asumi: Iguch— No, I mean— *laughs*
Iguchi: Eh what?
Asumi: I meant to say Gibu-san!
Iguchi + Ayana + Gibu: Ahh!
Iguchi: What? What were you saying about me~? *leans in towards Asumi* What were you talking about~~? What did you get wrong~?
Asumi: Stop it! Stop it! *Swats Iguchi away*

– Their favourite episodes of Tamayura:

Iguchi: When Maon first meets Norie on episode six.
Gibu: Episode two, when they have their sleepover. Seeing everyone’s pajamas was great! Except I was in a jersey.
Asumi: Sayomi onee-chan and Pote-tan’s conversation on episode two.
Ayana: Episode one when Kaori-chan said “Welcome back!” to Pote. [Amusingly Gibu wails that she wasn’t in the recording for that episode lol]

– They talk about how they should dress in a Santa costume for the upcoming Tamayura event but they talk about how they’d have to get their agency’s individual permission before they can. Gibu is freelance though so she’s okay :O. Well we all know they ended up in Santa costumes for the event though :D

– They try to seriously organise a dinner night out with the four of them, Gibu says that if they’re all serious then she’ll plan it all for the three other “Popular seiyuu” lol.

Having Asumi and Iguchi sit next to each other was great :D The two of them were all over each other throughout the episode, tapping, poking, slapping, and leaning on each other at times :D

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #21

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Satou Satomi
Date: 2011.06.10

The opening drama has Kuroneko asking Manami about what Kirino and Kyousuke were like as kids, to Kirino’s embarrassment. OreImo’s opening drama is always really high quality :O I wonder who writes them?
By the way the radio had the three of them draw Manami. On the left is Ayana’s, the middle is Kana’s and the right is Satou’s. Kana’s drawing is as weird impressive as ever lol. It kinda looks like Iguchi Yuka’s drawing now that I think of it.

– Sugar!
[I’m guessing that I probably don’t need to say this but just in case, “Sugar” is Satou’s nickname. I think it was… Toyosaki Aki?(Don’t quote me on this!) who thought it up during K-ON due to how her first name and last name both have “Sato” in it which can mean “Sugar” in Japanese.]

Ayana: Sugar!! Welcome!!
Satou: I’m here! I was finally called to guest!!
Kana: I… I also want to call you “Sugar“!
Satou: Okay! Go.. Go for it!
Ayana: What’s with this atmosphere?! Is this some kind of formal marriage interview?!
Kana: …”Sugar“~
*Ayana laughs*
*Satou giggles*
Ayana: What’s with the way you’re saying it?!
Kana: Well I want to get to know Satou-san!
Satou: I really want to get to know you as well!
Ayana: What?! Hold on a minute! Even though you already have me!?!
Satou: Ah that’s right! You two get all flirty!
Ayana: Yeah how horrible! She’s always saying how she wants to touch my thighs! She’s cheating on me!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: She’s cheating right in front of me!
*Kana tries to make an excuse*
Satou: Ah she’s being unfaithful right in front of her true wife.
Kana: I’m not cheating on you!!!
Ayana: Well if it’s Sugar then it’s okay.
Satou: Ah like an official mistress?
*The three of them laugh*
Kana: I don’t know what’s even happening anymore *laughs*

Now that I think about it, Kana and Satou have barely met before while Satou and Ayana already know each other pretty well from K-ON.

– Femininity.

Kana: Satou-san, you seem really feminine!
Ayana: I agree!
Satou: Eh? Really?! Tell me more tell me more!

Ayana: The people that come on to guest always seem really feminine.
Kana: Yeah.
Satou: Nabatame[Hitomi]-san really has that image!
Kana: Yeah her cooking skill is real!
Ayana: And Hayami[Saori]-chan as well.
Kana: Yeah Hayamin!
Ayana: She’s such a really good girl in general!
Satou: Yeah Sa-chan’s a really good girl!
Kana: Which means the two of us are probably lowering the average femininity level *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah *laughs* at the end of every episode we’re always lamenting over that!

– Talking about using character lines in normal day speech…

Satou: I like to use… “てへぺろ/Tehepero [By the way, Satou is particularly close with Hikasa Youko :D]
Ayana: Ah!
Kana: *In a really unpleasant tone lol* Ehhhhh that’s just because you were infected by it… *laughs*
Ayana: Yeahh…. From a certain… Girl. *laughs*
Satou: A certain festivity-filled girl. *laughs* Her catch-phrase!

Lol Kana’s reaction to hearing “てへぺろ” was hilarious. Now that I think about it, this episode took place at about the same time MoshiDoRadio #09 was recorded haha.

– Continuing on from the topic of people’s catchphrases…

Satou: Ayachi, you like to say “nyaa~” don’t you?
Ayana: Eh? Wait—-
Kana: Oh?! I want to hear more about this!
Ayana: Wait a moment! It’s different!
Satou: You’ve been in a lot of shows where you have to say “nyaa~” and it’s probably become ingrained within you. Like when you stumble on a line you say “nyanyaa” to clear your mouth.
Ayana: I do?!
Kana: Ahh! You might!
Satou: And when you get really excited you’re like “Unyaaa!!”
Ayana: …I might’ve said something like that! I’ve been doing so many cat roles that it’s become like that!

– Listener sends a mail about how Kana and Ayana are appearing in Dog Days with Tange Sakura and if they’ve had a chance to talk with her. He also mentions that Ayana’s photo with Horie Yui where they were wearing matching clothes was really cute.

Ayana: *laughs* This mail just barged right in out of nowhere didn’t it! It’s got nothing to do with OreImo!
Satou: Did you talk with Tange-san?
Kana: We just greeted her for a bit, that’s all.
Ayana: Yeah. I just talked a little bit with her. Though there was a time when she sent in a recorded message to a radio I was involved with for the other host’s birthday. [IIRC this was Numakura Manami’s birthday on their “Taketatsu, Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii desu ka?” radio. Oh now that I think about it, Tange has sent a recorded message in to Hanazawa Kana’s Hitori de Dekiru Kana  radio as well.]
Satou: I had the chance to regular with her for about a year.
Ayana: Ah Kirumin! [Anime series, “Animal Tantei Kiruminzee”]
Satou: Yeah Kirumin. And she was a really really cute person! Her hair was so smooth!
Ayana: Ah she cut her hair just recently too and she noticed I cut my hair so she was like “Ahh did you cut your hair?? I just cut my hair too!” And it was just a little bit that I didn’t notice at all *laughs*.
Satou: Speaking of people cutting their hair, Horie Yui just did as well.
Kana: Ah really?
Ayana: Yeah she did!
Satou: And she was saying “Nobody noticed that I had cut my hair!”.
Ayana: Yeah at a Dog Days recording she told me “I just cut my hair!” and I always sit next to her so I was like “Ah you did… Really?” *laughs* “…Where?” I didn’t notice at all and she got mad at me saying “Why didn’t you notice it at all?!” *laughs*.
Satou: Ah how cute~
Ayana: Yeah both of them are really cute and nice senpai~

By the way, this was the photo with Horie Yui and Ayana wearing matching clothes.

– Kana jokes again that if Nakamura Yuuichi comes on to guest then it’ll probably mean the end of OreImo lol.

– Satou mentions that she called her grandma to get the feeling for Manami’s character.

– Kana laughs that recently the radio’s been full of signs that it’s gonna end and Satou says that they must do whatever they can to stop Nakamura from coming haha. They laugh that they should just stop him downstairs so he can’t come into the recording booth.

– They mention that they’d like to have Akagi Sena’s seiyuu Ise Mariya come in to guest, or Majima Junji, Sena’s brother’s seiyuu. A shame they didn’t get to :(

– Next episode…

Kana: It looks like next episode will be a Taketatsu Ayana birthday special!
Ayana: I want to have a lovey dovey time with Kana-chan!
Satou: Oh…?
Kana: Lovey-dovey time? But we can’t broadcast that publicly~!
Ayana: Ah really…? How sad…
*The three of them laugh*
Satou: Ah what is with you two?! How cute!
Ayana: That’s disappointing! Well I just want to do something fun!

Ayana: We won’t be ending on the next episode will we? Will we?! Don’t do that! I don’t want to celebrate my birthday and then find out that there won’t be anymore OreImo radio!
Satou: The staff is laughing really hard right now! What does it mean?!
Ayana: Don’t do it! Don’t!! Oh I know! For my birthday present I want a coupon that says the radio will continue!
Satou: What’s with that? Like a shoulder massage coupon except for the radio? *laughs*
Kana: They might just give it to you to make fun of you *laughs*.

Satou: How about a second season then!
Ayana: Ah yeah! I want a second season of OreImo for my birthday! …They all just looked away!
Satou: Yeah they definitely did!

The end of the radio is coming! D: But next episode is going to be fun~ A lot of people have probably heard about it already but it’s taking me forever to work up to it lol.
….Now what am I going to do with that episode OTL I can’t possibly transcribe the whole episode… Well, I’ll see when I get there.

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #09

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.30

Episode 9 of Ben-To’s radio, incidentally all the guests they’ve brought on so far are girls, in order they were: Yuuki Aoi, Kayano Ai, Aimi (OP singer), Katou Emiri and now Inoue Asebi’s voice Taketatsu Ayana. By the way the guy in the photo on the floor at the back is Shimono Hiro haha.

Shimono laments that every time they bring a guest on he always gets picked on lol.

Ayana: Hmm? What do you mean “gets picked on“?
Shimono: Don’t ask…
Ise: Well every time we bring a guest, well they of course talk about their character and all while they’re here but on top of that, when Shimono-san is here they… Well look at him, don’t you feel it as well?
Ayana: Ahh
Ise: This feeling to…
Shimono: Hold on, stop! What are you leading this into?!
Ayana: I know what you mean!
Shimono: You do?!
Ayana: I’ve thought it from when we first met each other! *laughs*
Shimono: Wait what?! That was a very long time ago now though??

Shimono: That was a REALLY long time ago when we first met!
Ayana: It must be several years ago now.
Shimono: Really, from when we first met you were thinking this?!
Ise: She knows!

– What’s it like playing Asebi?

Shimono: What’s it like as Asebi? Was it hard playing a character that’s sick all the time?
Ayana: Well at first she was sick but after that… She hasn’t been sick at all recently *laughs* So that part wasn’t too difficult.
Shimono: What were you thinking while you were playing Asebi? *laughs*
Ayana: *laughs* Well she’s a really happy kid so I was just thinking happy thoughts while voicing her!
Shimono: Yeah when she’s all “Youuuu-kuuuuun~~~!” I think “Ah this girl’s definitely a happy kid” *laughs* But then I wonder what else she thinks of.
Ise: Yeah my image of her is that she’s always laughing. There are times where she’s pretty much laughing for the whole recording aren’t there? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, and they’ve asked me to adlib a lot of her lines, there are parts in the script where it’s written”Keep on laughing from here
Shimono: And they pretty much leave it to you how you want to do it too.
Ayana: Yeah and during the recordings while everyone is saying out their lines I’m just at the back laughing on and on. *laughs*
Ise: And you’ve been out of breath at times! *laughs*
Shimono: Yeah! There’ve been times when you were so out of breath and you were like “*AhahaAHahAHhhaha* How much *ahahaha* longer am I *ahhaha* going to be *hahaha* laughing on for? *hahahah*”
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: Yeah I did say that one time didn’t I? *laughs*
Shimono: But yeah that must have been pretty tiring. Laughing that much must really exhaust your stomach muscles.
Ise: Yeah.
Ayana: But it was fun~
Shimono: Ah that’s great then.

– Ayana mentions that she’s been wearing a white hat with attachable cat ears and Ise fangirls over how cute Ayana would look in them lol.

Their discussion about Ayana’s experience voicing Asebi was really interesting to me haha. Imagine laughing on and on for that long, on top of that she’s doing it at the back while everyone’s saying their lines, that’d be pretty surreal haha.
By the way Ayana and Shimono are from the same agency (I’m Enterprise) so the two of them have known each other for quite a long time now. Ayana entered the agency when she was… 16? (Was it? I can’t remember exactly so I might be off by a year or two) and probably met him around that time.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #20

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.05.27

The opening character drama has Kuroneko and Kirino talking about next episode’s guest, Tamura Manami (AKA. Satou Satomi is coming in as a guest next episode). It looks like Kirino doesn’t get along well with Manami haha.

– The love between these two are always at it’s strongest without a guest ahaha.

Ayana: It’s the 20th episode today!
Kana: That’s quite long now. We’ve become a lot closer since the first episode haven’t we?
Ayana: Yeah at the time I couldn’t even make eye contact with you! *laughs*
Kana: Oh really? That might be true thinking back on it.
Ayana: So I was talking while looking at the wall behind you! *laughs*
Kana: That’s a bit scary putting it that way *laughs* It’s like “Ayachi… Are you seeing something behind me?!”
Ayana: I was trying hard to look at you but then settling on the wall behind you.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I was a bit fidgety at the start too…
Ayana: Yeah at the start you weren’t someone who’d try and touch my thighs too *laughs*
Kana: That’s right *laughs* Something went wrong with me somewhere along the way.
Ayana: Yeah! And just now you asked me out of nowhere “Hey… Are you bare legged?!” and I was like “Does it really excite you that much?!”
Kana: It’s because you’re wearing a short skirt today to charm me!!
Ayana: “Charm you”?! *laughs* Why would you think that?!
Kana: …Oh so you weren’t trying to? :(
Ayana: Yeah!
Kana: Oh… That’s a disappointment…
Ayana: What’s with that high school male reaction?!
Kana: But since Ayachi’s baring her legs today I’ll be a a bit more excited than normal, prepare for it.
Ayana: What’s with that?!
*The two of the laugh*
Ayana: What are you trying to say?!
Kana: You know how you can get excited by bare legs?
Ayana: But you’re showing your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah but no one will get excited by my legs…
Ayana: What?! I will!
Kana: …Wait a moment *laughs*
*Ayana laughs*

– Ayachi’s on the front cover of the Seiyuu Grand Prix[Seigura] magazine!

Kana(Reading mail from a listener): “This was a while back but when Ayana had said that she hasn’t worn the sweet loli type clothing before Kana-chan screeched “SEIGURA-SAAAAN!!!” to get them to do a photoshoot of Ayana in loli clothing and this month’s Seigura has Ayana in loli clothing!”
Ayana: Yeah it has…
Kana: Ayachi you dressed up in loli clothing?!
Ayana: Yep!
Kana: Why didn’t you tell me?!
Ayana: Ehh? Err… Didn’t I tell you?
Kana: No you didn’t…

Kana: And you were on the front cover as well??
Ayana: Yeah.

Ayana: It’s… Got me in sweet loli type clothing smiling faintly as it’s front cover image.
Kana: Ayachi, you’re amazing! You’re not even promoting anything in particular and you got the front cover!
Ayana: Yeah I didn’t even have to promote anything!
Kana: But seriously, having Ayachi on the front cover would make everyone buy it!
Ayana: Really…? I was thinking… You know how my face is on the cover of magazine right?
Kana: Yep.
Ayana: Then wouldn’t it be my fault if their sales dropped?! What should I do?!
Kana: It’ll definitely be alright. Everyone will be licking the front cover!
Ayana: …. ….That in itself is… *laughs*
Kana: That’s probably not too good. *laughs*
Ayana: It won’t happen, everyone’s not like Kana-chan after all!
Kana: Yeah everyone’s different to me!
Ayana: Everyone’s a gentleman! They’re refined ladies and gentlemen! They wouldn’t do that!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Yeah sorry for saying that everyone.

LOL Kana’s saying she would lick the magazine photo if it was Ayana?! OTL

– Doujinshi, BL and yuri…

Kana: A friend of mine showed me a One Piece doujinshi before… *laughs*
Ayana: Hmm? How was it?
Kana: It was… Amazing *laughs*
Ayana: In what way?
Kana: Well… Sanji and Zoro were… like… Waahhhh! *laughs* [AKA. R18 BL doujinshi lol]
*Ayana bursts out laughing*
Ayana: It was THAT type of doujinshi?!
*The two of them keep laughing*
Kana: And I was like “AAHHHH!” and closed it shut.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Saying “My Sanji!! What is happening to my Sanji?!”
Ayana: That’s pretty crazy!

Ayana: And I bet there are some made by people who wants to see the coupling of Kuroneko and Kirino as well!
Kana: Yeah I bet there are!
*Ayana gasps*
Kana: I want to see some OreImo doujinshi now~
Ayana: Yeah but… They’ll probably be pretty crazy.
Kana: Crazy?
Ayana: Yeah… Like the type that makes you go “UWAAAHH” like the doujinshi you saw.
Kana: Huh?! Something like Kyousuke with Akagi?! *laughs* [LOL]
Ayana: *laughs* Yeah. Or something more Yuri~
Kana: Ah I see.
Ayana: With girls going… “Yaay!”
Kana: If it was yuri I’d be probably able to read it.
Ayana: Ah really??
Kana: Yeah probably.

Ayana: This one time I had the chance to do some work with a yuri theme and I bought the manga to take a look at what it was like. At the time I didn’t really know anything about yuri and when I read it in my room it was… A crazy sight *laughs* It was really crazy! I was like “UWAAHH!” and closed it instantly and shut it away at the deepest part of my bookshelf. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* You hid it away?

Ahh so Kana’s open to yuri~ >:D
I’m not exactly sure which Yuri manga Ayana’s referring to here. My guess would be at Love DNA XX possibly? The time frame certainly fits for it’s drama CD but I… Don’t think it was explicit enough to make her react like that though? Maybe it was haha.
Or perhaps she bought YuriHime Wildrose instead of the normal Yurihime lol, who knows.

– Kana laughs that she’s sat next to someone on the train with a bag with one of her characters she’s voiced on the front. Amusingly he didn’t notice her.

– Ayana laughs that as she was walking to the recording studio she saw Kana in front of her and somehow she lost sight of her. Kana then came from behind and touched her shoulder to greet her lol. Ayana was really shocked and laughed that she should’ve called out to her first instead of randomly just grabbing her from behind without saying anything ahaha.

– Ayana laments that she hasn’t seen any of Kana’s event cosplays outside of Kuroneko’s at the OreImo event. Ayana also mentions that she hasn’t cosplayed for an anime event before. If I recall correctly, I don’t think she’s ever cosplayed at an anime event until Yuruyuri’s where she cosplayed as Mirakurun, about 4 months after this episode.

– The two of them joke about putting a photobook out, at first just laughing at the idea of Ayana putting out a cosplay photobook but then Ayana pulls Kana in and says she’d do it if Kana joins her for an AyaKana photobook. They really should make it happen! >:D

– Ayana x Kana!

Ayana: But Kana-chan’s really cute!
Kana: Really…?
Ayana: Yeah seriously, I’ve thought a lot of times in my head “Kana-chan’s really cute *huehehe~*” though I never say it out loud.
Kana: Ehh? Say it out loud!
Ayana: You know that time when we went out to lunch together.
Kana: Yeah.
Ayana: We were sitting next to each other at the time and talking with one another and when Kana-chan peered up at me you were REALLY cute~! Looking at me with those big and round eyes~!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: What’s with that?! You should of said something to me!
Ayana: I was thinking of that but we were talking about other things so I couldn’t bring myself to say it!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I see…
Ayana: So I just left with “See you later!” with that in my mind. *laughs* Thinking “Kana-chan really is cute~”.
Kana: Ahh… So there was a chance for me like that and I just missed it…

Ayana: And on top of that you were in short shorts at the time! The type that shows your thighs! And you weren’t wearing anything to cover your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah *laughs*
Ayana: I was trying to look for an opportunity to touch you! *laughs* I was trying hard to find the right timing!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Since we were sitting next to each other I could’ve touched you but I was too embarrassed to do it!!
*The two of them break in to laughter*
Kana: Ayachi you’re actually a bit of a chicken in that regard aren’t you? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, it was like being a high school boy where I was imagining touching a girl but not being able to do it in reality *laughs*
Kana: I see… That’s pretty bad for me, that means I’m already passed that point and become a perverted old man since I do it rather than just think about it *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah when we met one time at a studio you just called “Good morning!” and hugged me!
Kana: Yeah I did…
Ayana: I was really surprised by that… But also really happy~ I was like “Huh? Kana-chan??” *laughs*

Oh wow these two ahaha. The two of them closed up the conversation saying that they were getting embarrassed by the talk ahaha.

– Kana jokes that all these guests coming on the show probably means that the show is going to come to an end soon and Ayana wails that she doesn’t want it to end and that they should do a second season. I AGREEEE!!!
Little does Kana know that her joke is the truth and the radio has only got a couple more episodes till the end ;_;

Kana: I mean, think about it. All these guest coming all of a sudden is weird!
Ayana: Nooo! Noooo! I don’t want it to end!
Kana: And the DVDs and BluRays are about to finish releasing…
Ayana: ….Aww…. What about a second season?! Where’s the second season?!
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: Uuuuuu ;_;
Kana: What should we do?
Ayana: I don’t need pay!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Yeah we just want to see it continue!
Ayana: I don’t need pay! As long as I can be with Kana-chan I’ll be happy!
Kana: *laughs* Wanna come be my wife?!
Ayana: Okay~!
Kana: What’s is this! *laughs*
*The two of them laugh*

– Kana jokes that if Nakamura comes then it’ll really be the end. Oh Kana you’re so right ahaha.

– Ayana laughs that if it really does end she’ll record the radio with just the two of them at the computer and upload it to her website ahahah.

I really enjoyed this episode <3 The two of them were wonderful :D

But putting that aside…

This post REALLY ended up longer than it should be OTL There were too many parts of the radio I wanted to write about lol. I think I’m gonna need to talk about post formatting sometime soon…

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #19

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Nabatame Hitomi
Date: 2011.05.13

This episode has Saori Bajiina’s voice Nabatame Hitomi coming in as a guest. Just like every other time they bring in a guest they have Nabatame draw her character. You can see it on the right of the title image. On top of the the left circle is Ayana’s drawing and Kana’s is the crazy one on the bottom lol.

– More loving lines from Ayana!

Ayana: “Hey… Can I come over to your place to play sometime?”
Kana: Ooh, okay!
Ayana: “Then I’ll bring my pajamas as well!”
*Kana splutters and coughs*

Kana(To Nabatame): Sorry for the weird atmosphere *laughs* it’s like a tradition sort of thing for the radio.
Nabatame: Ah I see…
Kana: It’s something to please me~
Ayana: Something to make her heart skip a beat!

– Apparently Nabatame collects hand towels.

– Nabatame has played Tokimeki Memorial before, the first one in particular :O Amusingly Ayana knows about and has played the game herself lol. Ayana’s really knowledgeable about this stuff haha.

– Bust size troubles lol.

Ayana(reading mail from a listener): “My school is having an overnight school trip and it looks like everyone’s going to have to enter the onsen together… But even though I’m in the 2nd grade of Middle school I don’t have a big chest at all! Almost everyone in my grade is wearing a bra except for me! I really don’t want to enter the onsen with everyone with this kind of body… What should I do?! If you know any ways to increase your breast size please tell me! I’m seriously troubled by this!”

Ayana: It’s written here that from information given by Nakahara Mai it looks like Nabatame has increased her bust size to a D.
*Nabatame laughs*
Ayana: What’s this?!
Nabatame: Why’d the information come from Mai-chan? *laughs* Well last year I made a goal to become a D cup and I put a lot of thought into it and I ended up with talking to myself to increase my bust size.
Kana: Talking to yourself?!
Nabatame: Saying stuff like “You’re a D cup!” to myself throughout the year *laughs*
Ayana: And with that you became a D cup?!
Nabatame: Yeah *laughs* It’s like that power of words sorta thing! So after saying that for a year I measured my size again I had grown! I was over D at that point!
Kana + Ayana: Wow that’s amazing!
Nabatame: And then I said that my dreams had come true on radio with Mai-chan… Then after that we laughed about how we probably shouldn’t have talked about something like that on radio *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah *laughs*
Kana: I guess you were too happy about it to not say anything about it *laughs*
Ayana: Huh, so just speaking to yourself can do that? Saying “You’re a D cup…”?
Kana: I’ll try that… *laughs*
Ayana: Huh?!
Nabatame: You’re fine though! You’re plenty big!
Kana: Rather than that—
Nabatame + Kana: THAT GIRL IS BIG! *towards Ayana LOL*
*Ayana laughs*
Nabatame: That girl had a bit of her chest showing through her shirt just before! It was really concerning me!
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: It was concerning me too so I went to fix it!! D:<
Nabatame: You needing to fix it irritates me even more!
Kana: Seriously!
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: But it opens on it’s own and you can see in between the shirt! Between the buttons!
Nabatame + Kana: How nice…
Nabatame: I wish I could say something like that too…
*Ayana laughs*

Ayana: Well size isn’t everything!
Kana: Yeah and that’s coming from you…
*The two of them laugh*
Nabatame: But yeah entering the public bath as a girl around the middle school era can be pretty troubling…
Ayana + Kana: Yeah…
Nabatame: I was absolutely flat at around the sixth grade of elementary school…
Kana: Really?
Ayana: Everyone in elementary school is the same aren’t they?!
Nabatame: No! There are girls that have breasts! There are even 4th grade girls with some!
Ayana: Really…?
Nabatame: And when I was seeing other girls like that around that time I was thinking “Ah that’s what it’s like to be a girl…” And I had no chest as well as being short so I was thinking “Huh… Maybe I’m actually a boy…” *laughs*
Kana: What’s with that!? *laughs*

Kana: But they’ll grow eventually.
Ayana: Yep! They’ll grow!

Ayana: But closing up, as long as the shape is nice then it doesn’t matter about size!
Kana: *laughs* Really?
Ayana: Yeah! And you know how they say big busted people have their own problems to worry about!
Kana: Yeah I guess so…
Ayana: Yep so you shouldn’t worry about your bust size too much!
Kana: Are you saying that to me?? It feels like you’re saying it to me!!
Ayana: Jiiii~ [Japanese sound effect of staring lol]
Kana: Uh okay then…
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I’ll do my best…

This was a really long conversation but I found it too hilarious to exclude ahaha. Ayana’s chest really is big isn’t it? Lol OTL. I love how she seems to shy away from showing it or talking about it though~ <3

I’ve missed this feeling, I haven’t written anything about OreImo Radio for a while now have I? :O It’s still as wonderful as ever though <3


TamayuRadio ~hitotose~ #1

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Name:  たまゆらじお〜hitotose〜
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Gibu Yuuko, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Guest: Satou Junichi (Director of Tamayura)
Date: 2011.07.14

Radio for the new Tamayura anime TV series. Each episode of the radio, just like the previous radio for it’s OVA, changes the host combination with each episode. Other than the first episode, which has all four, the following episodes has a different combination of two seiyuu on each episode. The ones so far are: Ayana + Asumi, Iguchi + Gibu and Ayana + Iguchi… I’m pretty much just waiting until they match Asumi and Iguchi together :D Three combinations down, three more to go! The next episode has a 1/3 chance to match these two together :D. Though with that said, it’s not really that random, judging from the pattern it’s probably going to be Asumi + Gibu next episode and then after that should be Ayachi + Gibu finishing off with Iguchi x Asumi.
I wasn’t actually planning to write anything about this episode but… Asumi’s present to Iguchi was too wonderful to let pass <3. It’s… Probably too long to be included in a radio scribble post so I’ve put it in it’s own post.

– The four of them, Iguchi Yuka herself, Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko celebrated Iguchi Yuka’s birthday on this episode . Each of them gave her a present but Asumi Kana’s present to Iguchi was… A ring lol.

Asumi: Here. Present. (Note: Asumi is speaking in a weird way, probably because she’s embarrassed~ Ahaha <3)
Iguchi: Eh?
Asumi: Birthday present. I went to a lot of places to look for your present!
Iguchi: *pretends to be shocked*…Asumi-san is giving me a birthday present…?
Asumi: Oi! You’re making it sound like I never give you a present for your birthday!
Iguchi: *laughs* That Asumi Kana-san is giving ME a present!
*Opens the present*
Iguchi: It’s a ring! A ring!
Ayana+Gibu: M-M-Marriage?! IS THIS A PROPOSAL?!
Iguchi: Ah I need to say something for this special moment… Can I have a moment please?
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Wait what—
Ayana+Gibu: Speech! Speech!
Iguchi: I wish for our happiness together. Both of us are still inexperienced but…
Asumi: …Yeah
Iguchi: But both of us, Asumi Kana and Iguchi Yuka—
Asumi: Huh? Who’s marrying you?
Iguchi: *mock surprise* Eh?!

Ahaha, they finally let Asumi explain herself at this point, though amusingly Asumi gets embarrassed as she explains it and her speech starts messy and gets messier and messier as she goes on to which they poke fun of her for. Err it’s hard to translate to english but yeah she did repeat herself and stumble over her sentences while she was explaining herself haha.

Asumi: Iguchi was… She was wearing this… This accessory a while ago…. Iguchi was wearing an accessory and that thing… I saw it… I saw it in a store—
Ayana+Gibu: We can’t understand you! Speak clearer!
Iguchi: She’s so cute!
Asumi: …And so I saw it and I thought it was cute when I found it there… and there was that ‘thing on the finger’ version of it… A ring version of that accessory… Which I found there… So I settled with that one…
Iguchi: Thank you~ It’s cute~
Asumi: …So I bought it as your present….
Iguchi: Asumi’s so cute~

Ahh Asumin you so tsundere~ <3
P.S. Translating and writing Asumi’s explanation was so…. OTL

– On a different note, amusingly the four of them talked to SatoJun about AKB48, though he doesn’t know much about them. They then brought an image of all of it’s members to him and asked him who he liked the best out of them from just their looks lol… This is kinda weird haha.
He then joked about bringing the girl he chose to voice act on Tamayura lol, to which the other four were like “Uwaah the power of being the director!”.

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