Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #2

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Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.25

Episode 2 of Last Exile’s radio. Kayano Ai is absent this time leaving Toyosaki Aki and Yuuki Aoi to host this episode.

– When mentioning Kayano, Aoi calls her “Kayano-san” but then cuts herself off with “Ai-chan” haha.

– Mid twenties.

Aki: I’m 25 years old right now but… I’ve always thought a 25 year old would be far more adultlike *laughs*
Aoi: Ehh really…? My image of 25 years old is still of a really mature person.
Aki: *Laughs* Before you know it you’ll be 25~

I agree OTL When I was a kid I’ve always seen the twenties as super adultlike and mature but… It’s not ahaha.

– Aoi’s height…

Aoi: I’m 145 cm–
Aki: Your height?
Aoi: Yeah.
Aki: Ahhh how cuuute~

– Swimming.

Aki: Can you swim?
Aoi: Mmm… I’m often mistaken for drowning but I can swim 25 metres!
Aki: *Laughs* Really?! That sounds pretty scary
*Aoi laughs*

Aki: Imagining Aoi-chan swimming gives me a really warm feeling~
Aoi: Like watching a elementary school kid swimming? *laughs*
Aki: No! Not like that! Just the image of you clattering around as hard as you can is cute~ Like watching a small animal!
Aoi: A small animal?!

I love how Aoi makes fun of how short and young she looks every now and again <3

– Aki used to attend a swimming school :O

– The two of them laughed that they were really excited about having a recording with the two of them alone :D

Now that I think about it the height difference between these two is around 25 cm lol. Reminds me of Railgun’s radio with Itou Kanae haha. I wonder who’ll be the hosts on the next episode :O They didn’t announce anything ahead of time so we’re gonna have to wait and see.

Ah while I’m looking at the radio’s webpage, I might as well translate their comment written there for this episode.
[Note: The two of them are using “Kartoffel” and “Luscinia” as farewell greetings lol.]

Fam’s Toyosaki Aki:
This episode has me and Ao-chan as the hosts of the show~
We’ll have Fam and Gise’s teamwork reiterated on radio… Right?
Either way it was a really fun and fluffy radio recording.
The next episode’s hosts are… For you to wait and see!! Kartoffel!!

Giselle’s Yuuki Aoi:
Aki-chan and I talked at length about our love for Fam,
And the two of us had a friendly and cozy chat together ♡
I wish we could’ve talked for longer~ ♪
Look forward to the next episode~ (*´ω`*)

P.S. Oh and about the poll on the right sidebar… I bet a lot of you are M but you’re just not admitting to it! D:< Ahaha.

Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #1

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Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kayano Ai, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.11

The first episode of the currently airing second season of “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing”‘s radio that just started a couple of days back. The three hosts for the radio are Gizelle’s CV Yuuki Aoi, Fam’s Toyosaki Aki and Milia’s Kayano Ai though it appears that the radio members may change with each episode :O They do mention something about there possibly being only two out of the three present in future episodes or bringing in a fourth person so it looks like the radio will continue to be centred around these three members rather changing the hosts out completely. Well it didn’t seem like they knew much about it themselves so we’ll see how it changes as it goes on.

– Nicknames! Aki still calls Aoi “Ao-chan” but Aoi has reverted to calling her “Toyosaki-san” which tickles Aki.

Aki: This is the first time the three of us has been on radio together!
Aoi: Yeah it is!
Kayano: I… Don’t think I’ve ever met you two on radio before at all.
Aki: I have with Ao-chan before!
Aoi: Yeah I’ve worked on radio with Toyosaki-san before!
Aki: That name, *laughs* “Toyosaki-san“, lets get close enough to get over that name! *laughs*
Aoi: *laughs* Yeah! I really want to!
Aki: Being called “Toyosaki-san” is different and nice in it’s own way but… Let’s get friendlier with one another!
Aoi + Kayano: Let’s make up nicknames for each other! What do people normally call you?
Aki: I get called Aki-chan a lot but I don’t mind making a new nickname just for this radio~
Aoi + Kayano: Then we’ll go with “Aki-chan” it’s sounds cute already!
Aki: Ahh.. You’re both too nice~
*The three of them laugh*

Kayano: For Ao-chan, we’re in the same agency and she’s actually my senpai there but she told me I can call her “Ao-chan” so that’s what I call her <3
*Aoi laughs embarrassedly*
Aki: Then “Ao-chan” it is!

Aoi: For Kayano I was initially thinking to call her something elder sisterly but with us as Aki-chan and Ao-chan we have to call her “Ai-chan
Aki: Oh right! We’re all A! AAA! Triple A!

– Amusingly Aoi mentions she calls Okamoto Nobuhiko “Anija/あにじゃ” an old and formal version of “elder brother” ahaha.

– When saying her character’s name, Aki yells out “FAMFANFAN!” in quick succession and the three of them laugh that her name is pretty weird.

– Fam Fan Fan is my…

Aoi: Fam is cool!
Aki: Yeah her personality is pretty cool!
Aoi: Right! She’s such an ikemen! [a handsome, popular with ladies type man] Though she’s a girl *laughs*
Kayano: Ao-chan’s great at this sort of subject~
*The three of them laugh*
Aki: That’s great! Lets talk about how ikemen Fam is! *laughs*
Aoi: I want her to be my husband!
Aki: My wife!

– The three of them admire and love their beloved “Sawashiro Miyuki-senpai”. Hyuuhyuu~ Miyukichi so popular ahaha.

– Talking about each other’s atmospheres.

Aki: Kayano’s got a really refined atmosphere!
Aoi: She really does!
Aki: The refinedness just flows out of her!
Aoi: Yeah!
Kayano: *laughs* I think that’s the first time I’ve been told that I reek of refinedness.
*The three of them laugh*
Kayano: Thanks~
Aki: You seem really feminine!

Aki: You’re the warm and fuzzy type!
Kayano: That’s definitely more of an Aki-chan trait though! *laughs*
Aoi: Definitely!

– Aoi’s goal…

Aoi: My goal is to… Be able to speak with the both of you more informally! [Note: Japanese has a formal and polite version it’s language called “keigo/けいご/敬語” which Aoi uses with the two of them]
Aki: You should just start speaking informally with us then! Lets achieve your goal today!
Aoi: Today?! Today! Okay I will fulfill that goal today. I will “do” it today! “I’ll” do it today! I’ll [Note: Aoi stumbles a bit and repeats herself awkwardly as she rearranges her sentences into the informal versions]
*The three of them laugh*

Aoi: You’re all my elders so I do it instinctively!
Kayano: Even though you’re our senpai we still dote on you *laughs* It’s because you’re cute! Aoi’s so cute~
Aki: So cute~
Kayano: So we do it reflexively~
*Aoi gets embarrassed*

Ah Aoi, as easily flustered when praised as ever~ <3
It’s interesting to note that Aoi’s been in the seiyuu industry for the longest out of the three despite being the youngest by about 4-5 years. Aoi made her seiyuu debut on 2003 when she was 11(though she didn’t specifically become too active as a seiyuu until after Kurenai on 2008/2009) while Aki debuted three years later on 2006 and Kayano started just last year on 2010.

– Aoi continued to stumble over her informal and formal language throughout the radio to the other two’s amusement <3

Aoi’s worked with Aki on radio before (along with Hikasa Youko) on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou but that was over a year and a half ago and it looks like the two of them haven’t spoken with one another much outside of work. On that note, Kayano, other than talking with Aoi a bit due to being in the same agency, also seems pretty new to the two of them. I might follow the radio a bit more since I’m curious to see Aoi being paired with Kayano or Aki so I’ll probably keep an eye on it. Oh and I’d love to see Tatiana’s CV Kitamura Eri come on to guest as well. When was the last time I’ve seen her with any of these three? :O Speaking of which, Aki and KitaEri were pretty close friends but I haven’t seen the two of them together since Kanamemo’s Hayane Hayaoki radio back in late 2009. Aoi as well is reasonably friendly with her from Sora no Woto + Madoka activities and events but I don’t think Kayano and KitaEri has had much contact with one another. Bring KitaEri on!

Art: Seiyuu 3D -> 2D Sketches

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I used to draw a bit a while back but for some reason I’ve kinda stopped sometime along this year. I managed to find some motivation to draw recently though due to a blog post on KoeNews about a forum thread where people drew 2D versions of seiyuu photos and I found it interesting enough to try it out myself. I first started with Itou KanaeBecause Kanae is a miracle of the universe <3. I found that drawing these were pretty fun to do and didn’t take much effort compared to a full drawing so I got pretty into it and drew a couple more.

I then went on to draw Taketatsu AyanaAmusingly, Ayana’s hair was pretty hard to draw, that wavy long hair looks great but takes some effort to get right :O Ayachi’s so pretty though~

I then drew Toyosaki Aki which should look familiar since I’ve used it as the background of the blog:Drawing her was really fun. This is actually not the first time I’ve drawn Aki and Aki has always been fun to draw since she’s got a wonderfully unique smile and her poses are adorable <3. I found this pose in particular so cute~

I then took a break from drawing for quite some time and then half-heartedly tried to draw Mimori Suzuko, which probably reflected in the sketch. Sorry Mimorin~!I have to say that I’m pretty enamored with Mimorin’s smile though (*´▽`*) It’s such a radiant, bright, cheerful, lovely, _______________ etc. etc. smile~ (*´Д`)
Err… That aside, I had quite some trouble with this drawing, one of them was getting the smile right D: Amusingly I had drawn many versions of her smile before I settled on this one, ranging from realistic, which just looked plain weird haha, to a simple anime “:D” smile. In the end I couldn’t quite get it down right so I settled with the one you see there.

These were pretty fun to draw~ I might draw a couple more later on, I’m looking at doing a Tomatsu Haruka one as well as a Hanazawa Kana sketch before finishing up.

Oh and, umm if anyone’s interested in seeing any other drawings I’ve got a Pixiv page at  m(_ _)m (Warning: It’s kinda NSFW lol)

Itou Kanae – “Do Reindeer Exist?”

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I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a while though I think many people already know about this. Either way it really is too amusing/adorable to leave be <3

Basically summarised into one sentence: Itou Kanae didn’t know reindeer existed in real life. Oh and alcohol was involved. Two sentences.

The whole thing started on Toaru Radio no Railgun, the radio for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun hosted by Itou Kanae and Toyosaki Aki from 2009.09.20 to 2010.04.30. The reindeer topic didn’t come up until near Christmas on episode 12, 2009.12.11 for which Aki was absent and substituted by Satou Rina. Rather than me explaining it, it’d be best if I transcribed the conversations behind it so the post may be a little long, though it still isn’t a complete transcript, it’s far longer than what I usually write up. Click the spoiler tags for the transcripts. For those interested in hearing the exchange you can hear it here:

Index’s radio had become pretty well-known for having alcohol served on occasion during it’s recordings but Railgun’s radio had not had alcohol served on the show until Satou Rina, one of Index’s radio hosts, came on to guest. The subject of reindeer came up when the audio drama between Saten and Misaka was played on the radio.

Click to show the audio drama transcript »

Saten: “Misaka-san”
Misaka: “Hmm?”
Saten: “Until when did you stop believing in Santa?”
Misaka: “Hmm at around the time I was 10 years old?”
Saten: “Whoa that’s pretty late! Then how about reindeer?”
Misaka: “Reindeer?”
Saten: “Yeah when did you stop believing in reindeer?”
Misaka: “Umm Saten-san, reindeer really do exist…”
Saten: “Huh? What? Reindeer are fictional creatures aren’t they? As if those flying creatures could exist!”
Misaka: “Uh well… How should I put this… Well let’s just get on to the announcements!”
Saten: “…okay…”
(The two of them announce news and releases regarding Index and Railgun)
Saten: “Umm, So Misaka-san… Reindeer don’t really exist right?”
Misaka: “Saten-san… You should have Uiharu-san take you to a zoo sometime.”
Saten: “Huh?”
(End of audio drama)

Though the audio drama was recorded before the radio had started, this was played near the end of the radio and when the show returned to the radio you could tell Kanae’s kinda tipsy/drunk from the wine they had been drinking during the radio. She continues to fumble over the announcements while reading them while Satou seems to be unaffected by the alcohol. After stumbling around a bit Kanae blames her lack of concentration on the audio drama that was just played saying that she was still thinking about it.

Click to show the Satou Rina and Itou Kanae reindeer radio transcript(It’s long!) »

(Kanae stumbles while reading the announcements)
Satou: It’s the wine!
Kanae: Ahh~ I’m getting light headed~~
Satou: Oh well! It’s adorable! It’s good!
Kanae: Well, but that audio drama that was just played about reindeer existing has really been on my mind.
Satou: …Huh?? …Eh??
Kanae: Eh? Are reindeer… Real?
Satou + Staff: They exist. They’re real. Real. Exist.
Kanae: Huh?! Reindeer are real?!?
(At this point Kanae sounds really shocked, and Satou reacts with surprise as well)
Satou: Eh?? What? Wait, what?! This is suddenly heading in a really interesting direction!
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: Lets rephrase this. Do you think they’re real? Or fictional?
Kanae: Huh?
Satou: …Does Kanae happen to be someone who thinks that reindeer are real?
Kanae: …The flying things right?
Satou: …Reindeer are… Well…
Kanae: What are those ones in the forest? Deer?
Satou: Reindeer[as well] are in forests.
Kanae: They also go in forests?! *laughs*
Satou: “They ‘also‘ go in forests”?! *laughs* This is getting really interesting!
*Satou and Kanae laughs*
Satou: Wait, wait! Let me clear this, they don’t fly!
Kanae: Huh?
Satou: They don’t have wings after all.
Kanae: Eh?
Satou: What made you think they flew?
Kanae: Umm…
Satou: Oh, Santa?
Kanae: Yeah, is it Santa’s magic?
Satou: Or Santa himself is flying *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Eh?! Reindeer are… Those deer like things with horns and stuff right?
Satou: Yeah.
Kanae: But deer… Are real right? And reindeer… Are they real?
Satou: They exist! Just not the ones that fly.
Kanae: …Have I seen one before??
Satou: I… Don’t know the answer to that one *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: I don’t really have that kind of knowledge, perhaps you have, perhaps not!
Kanae: Umm I’ve got a question!
Satou: What is it?
Kanae: Those ones in the mountains… Are they reindeer?
Satou: The ones in the mountains? They’re… Deer. Oh? Is that an image of a reindeer?
(Staff hands them a picture of a reindeer)
Kanae: Eh? Who is this?
Satou: “Who“?? Well it’s a reindeer…
Kanae: Huh the nose… Aren’t reindeer noses like a clown’s? All red and stuff?
*Satou gasps, Kanae laughs*
Satou: ….[Toyosaki] Aki-chan! Come back!
Kanae: A reindeer’s grave– I mean nose (Kanae accidently says “haka” which means grave instead of “hana” which means nose)
Satou: Grave?! Don’t kill the reindeer off!! *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: Wait is this the effect of the wine? Or is this just how Kanae is normally?
Kanae: Don’t reindeer have noses that shine and stuff? Whats the difference between a deer and a reindeer? Is it how one flies and one doesn’t? *laughs*
Satou: Err…
(Satou then tries to move the radio on and ignores Kanae to read the ending announcements. They then get some information from the staff about the differences between reindeer and deer)
Kanae(reading out loud): “…A reindeer is a type of deer…
Satou: A type of deer.
Kanae: What?! So it IS a deer!!
Satou: *laughs* Whats with that “What a disappointment!” reaction!
Kanae: Then the flying ones! Where did the flying ones come from?
Satou: They don’t fly! They just don’t fly!
Kanae: Then where’d that come from?

Kanae: Aren’t reindeer like pegasus? Wait pegasus… Exist? No they aren’t real! *laughs*
Satou: Pegasus don’t exist!
Kanae: And reindeer do?
Satou: They do.

Kanae: So they do exist…?
Satou: You thought they didn’t?
Kanae: Yeah… The flying ones. Flying deer. The flying deer were the reindeer was what I thought.
Satou: Well they don’t fly. *laughs*
Kanae: Eh? Eh?
Satou: I’ll keep saying this over and over again! Reindeer don’t fly!
Kanae: When do they start flying then? *laughs*
Satou: They never fly! Is this the wine speaking??
Kanae: *laughs* What are the advantages of reindeer??
Satou: “Advantages“?!? *laughs*

Satou finishes with “This was really fun! I want to come guest again. We can drink wine again as well!”. This radio episode ends here but on Railgun’s next episode Aki comes back and it looks like she’s heard about the whole reindeer thing…

Click to show the Toyosaki Aki and Itou Kanae radio transcript »

Kanae(Reading mail from a listener)“…And have you two ever found out something unexpected about one another before?
Aki: Yep! I have! I have!

Aki: I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times!
Kanae: …Really?
Aki: Yep!
Kanae: That many?
Aki: Well the first thing I want to say is… Well Kanae…
*Kanae starts giggling nervously*
Kanae: What is it…? You’re starting scare me… *laughs*
Aki: Umm well, despite your appearance and impression… You lack quite a bit of general knowledge.
Kanae: …Well I can’t do anything about that!
Aki: Umm I just want to yell this out. ALL THE REINDEER IN THE WORLD CRIED!!
*Kanae laughs*
Aki: Kanae! Reindeer exist!!
Kanae: But you know how reindeer was in that song and stuff!
Aki: Yeah rabbits were also in that song!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: And their noses were red!
Aki: Yeah and that part is fiction.

Aki: Reindeer are like my favourite animals! Or one of my favourites. It’d be a contender for top place though!
Kanae: Eh? Do you like real reindeer?
Aki: Yeah… If they weren’t real why would I?
Kanae: Maybe something like a reindeer character with a blue nose?
Kanae’s referencing Tony Tony Chopper, the reindeer from One Piece who Aki is a fan of.

Aki tells Kanae off for not knowing that her favourite animal existed. Incidentally they bring wine on to the radio for this episode after this point and Kanae gets tipsy really quickly. She continues to stumble over her words and break into fits of giggling during the show <3

Outside Railgun’s radio, the whole reindeer thing gets referenced again in the new Index radio for it’s second season when the two hosts, Satou Rina and Iguchi Yuka, were asked to act like Aki and Kanae. Upon hearing this the first thing Iguchi said was “Do reindeer exist?!” in an imitation of Kanae. I’m guessing she listened to the radio herself since she imitated how Kanae spoke when she asked the question haha.

Another recent incident was on Payo Payo with Takahashi Mikako when Kanae came on to guest and Mikako asked Kanae about it. Kanae embarrassedly explained the reindeer thing to her and Mikako had the same reaction of “Huh? You didn’t know they existed?!”.

Including these times, Kanae’s reindeer incident continues to pop up from time to time, the other time I can think of is when Aki had referenced it in one of her blog posts around last Christmas.

…I really miss Railgun’s radio :(

Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #69

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guests: Toyosaki Aki, Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2009.07.28

An old ChoRaji Girls radio episode guesting Kotobuki Minako and Toyosaki Aki from around 2 years ago. Kanae sticks yellow stars around the studio from a suggestion to make her two guests happy and they love it :D. Aki comments that the stars really fit Kanae and Minako laughs that she thought the stars were always set up for Kanae’s radio to give it fantasy kinda feeling lol. The two of them promote Sphere and their new single Super Noisy Nova. Oh and if I recall correctly Minako would still be in high school at this time.

– This is the first time Minako and Kanae’s been on radio together though they’ve met multiple times in recordings and other occasions. Aki chirps in that she’s always with Kanae in recordings and Kanae agrees that they’re always together :D

– Super Noisy Nova was recorded with them all together rather than individually :O

– Kanae laughs that the scene in the PV where they’re all swirling in a cup looks really fun and the two of them joke that they should take her to have a ride in it :D – They teach Kanae a bit of the dance and Aki pronounces Kanae as the 5th member of Sphere ahaha.

– They fawn over how cute Kanae is while she struggles with learning the dance hand signs aksfjlkjadsfkasjd I’m also dying hereaasdkfjadslfjk. They play the music in the background while they dance to it <3

– The three of them talk about how fun the ManiMani recordings are :O

– Aki says that the most wonderful part about the ManiMani event where they sung in a planetarium was the part where Kanae cried :D. Poor Kanae was embarrassed about it <3

– One of Kanae’s corners have them being quizzed on general knowledge. This episode has the questions taken from the ones Kanae didn’t know from the beginning of the show.

The first was “What does BLT stand for?” Kanae’s the host of the quiz so she knows the answer now, but the other two look pretty confident and she despairs that it’s probably an easy one, though she didn’t know the answer lol.

In the end Aki answered correctly with “Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato” and Minako answered… “Barbeque Royal Toast” ahaha.

– One of the questions was “Write ‘Guitar’ in english”… The same question that Aki and Kanae did last time Aki came as a guest :O What a coincidence.

Minako says she has confidence in her answer this time and… Answers “Guiter” which is wrong ahaha. Aki gets it right this time \o/ She laughs that she wrote it as ‘guiter’ last time to Minako.

– In the end Aki gets all of them correct while Minako answers 2/5 correct.

– Minako calls Kanae “Itou-san” once during the radio. This… Might be the first time I’ve heard Kanae being called Itou-san… It’s kinda weird lol. Kanae points it out as well haha.

– Kanae mentions the ED she sung for Taishou Yakyuu Musume, ‘Yume Miru Kokoro’ and Minako exclaims out of nowhere that she loves the song, surprising Kanae :D I love that song so much too… Even though I kinda dislike Kanae’s singing in her other songs D:

Kanae is so adorableajsdfhajkdsfhladsjhkf how can she be so cuteeahdsjklfahldsfkhasldfjhasdjf

Random Radio Scribbles 7

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Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio #66 on 2011.07.07.

– Aki talking about her new photobook.

“Even though I’ve been doing this kind of work for a while now I’m… Still not used to having pictures taken of me *laughs* It’s still a bit scary!
The idea of having photoshoots still embarrasses me a bit…”
– Aki talking about Manyuu Hiken and Qwaser.

“I’m also appearing in that new anime with [Kotobuki]Mina-chan as the main character, Manyuu Hiken. Manyuu is wonderful like Seikon no Qwaser *laughs* The recordings are so fun, just like the Seikon no Qwaser recordings! We’ve had moments where we’re all laughing so hard! It’s a pretty fun anime~ Oh and by the way it’s directed by the same Qwaser director, Kaneko Hiraku. “

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #92 2011.07.06 talk on the drunk Taketatsu Ayana episode on OreImo Radio <3

“I haven’t been drinking much recently… I’m on a diet after all and alcohol really does make you fat doesn’t it?

…But I like girls who are drunk. *laughs* I like cute girls that are drunk!
Yeah… Just the other day I was with Taketatsu Ayana… And she… Well I had also drunk a bit, but she was drinking too. She was REALLY cute. It was pretty potent. She was all like “KAnaaa-chan~~!” And I was like ” (*´Д`)ハァハァ” *laughs* Yeah I like cute drunk girls! But that aside, when I drink everything just seems more fun.”

More Kana x Ayana love <3 I laughed so hard listening to that episode of OreImo Radio ahaha.

YuruYuri Radio YuriYurararaYuruYuri Housoushitsu #2 on 2011.07.08 hosted by Okubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Tsuda Minami, Otsubo Yuka.

– Rumi laughs that the staff’s face when they presented the name of the radio was pretty mean since it’s a long and hard to say name for them lol. Look at that name, Yurararararararasjkldjdlafjkadslfjaklds

– It looks like Rumi is a fan of Yuri :D

Everytime I hear Rumi’s voice I keep thinking how similar she sounds to Taketatsu Ayana and Fujita Saki. And speaking of Fujita Saki, she’s coming on to guest on the next episode it seems :O

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #8

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Name: 聖痕のクェイサーラジオ! ミハイロフ学園放送部
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.26

The two of them start off the radio with “This is Seikon no Qwaser Radio where we’re all so crazy that half of our conversations get cut out!” I wish we could hear an unedited version hah.

– A listener sends in a mail asking how are they always so energetic on radio, maybe they’ve been drinking?

Hikasa: “We both act pretty crazy already so we don’t need to drink alcohol!”

They mention that they’re always like this when they’re together and whenever they go eat out they must trouble the staff there since they’re laughing so rowdily there hah.

– Birds of a feather….

Hikasa: The saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ really is true!
Aki: Ah you seem really confident about that? Why is that?
Hikasa: Everyone around me is weird!
Aki: Eh?
Hikasa: Everyone! Weird!
Aki: Wait!! *laughs* Is that including me?!
Hikasa: Of course!
Aki: Hey waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit a moment!!

Aki never really says much dirty material on radio normally but amusingly she does on occasion on QwaRaji lol.

I’m always so overwhelmed by how upbeat these two are on QwaRaji ahaha.

Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #3

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Name: いちばんうしろの無限大ラジ王
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.05.19

The three of them were using loli voices in the opening script akfdjadslfkjaadsfads sooo cuteasdkfjasdkfja

– Looks like all three of them watched the first episode of IchiUshi.

– Hikasa laughs at how weird it is to see panty shots with Junko’s fundoshi lol. Aki says it’s would be called “Funchira” rather than “Panchira” and they laugh that it sounds kinda dirty. “Fun” in japanese = poo lol.

– Aoi comments that this is the first time she’s moaned like that so much in anime and she was laughing at that while she watched ahah.

– A listener asks who do the three of them think is the most demon lord like in the recordings and the three of them unanimously agree on “Takahashi Chiaki” “Without needing to say a reason” ahaha.

– They laugh that during the recordings everyone is listening and laughing at whatever Chiaki is saying and how interesting and funny she is :D

– One of the corners have listeners sending in what they think are the evillest lines that can be said and one of them is “Now everyone, this person is going to do something amazingly funny! Watch them and be ready to laugh!” and the three of them wince saying that it happens often to them on events and radio ahahah. Hikasa in particular yells and emphasises the radio part. She’s probably thinking of Momonoki 5 and Nakamura Eriko ahahah.

– They bring in a bowl full of rice even more filled than the first episode lol. Aki’s eating it again ahaha.

– Aki makes a wonderful delicious reaction again lol. They let Hikasa and Aoi eat some of the rice this time though.

Hikasa says she sent a mail to her manager in the morning saying “Where are you? Everyone’s waiting on you!” for April Fools ahaha. Supposedly she got into quite a bit of trouble for that lol.

Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #2

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Name: いちばんうしろの無限大ラジ王
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.22

The three of them laugh at how much rice was given last episode. Yeahh it was pretty much a mountain of rice in a bowl really lol.

– Which character do you think you’re the most similar to:

Aki: “I’d say… Keena. Like the way she talks in her sleep. I’ve woken up because I’ve heard myself laughing in my sleep before.”
Hikasa + Aoi: “……Huh?”

Hikasa: “Hmm I have similarities to Junko but I’d say…. Hiroshi”
Aoi + Aki: “Ahh Hiroshi’s cute~”

– Aoi hears Hikasa call Aki “Akkyo” and tries to follow her by calling her “Akkyo” as well, but is slightly embarrassed and Aki explodes on Aoi saying how cute she was when she called her “Akkyo” with that tinge of embarrassment ahaha <3 Hikasa joins in and they start fawning over her lol.

– Aki encourages Aoi to call Hikasa “Yocchan” as well and they fawn over that as well ahaha.

– I… Think Aoi made a reference to Ganondorf… But I’m not sure lol. She said “Beef Stroganoff” reminds her of another certain demon king, though she refused to say who. Probably Ganondorf.

– When talking about what they want to happen next time they’re on radio, Aoi says that she wants to increase her craziness level lol.

Aki asks Aoi if she’s tired of working on radio with Hikasa and Aki since when the two of them go off on their own tangents she doesn’t quite follow lol. She says that she loves being with the two of them and how energetic they are so she doesn’t want to interrupt them when they’re going crazy lol. The two of them encourage her to join in on their antics when they’re in their own world :D. Speaking of which, timeline wise, this is about 2 months after the latest episode of QwaRaji I’ve listened to, these two are so wonderful <3.

…I’ve got a suspicion that they record two episodes of the radio in each session, especially since their clothing doesn’t change until two episodes after.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #7

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.19

Aki says that the radio is supposed to go for only 30 minutes but for some reason keeps getting longer and longer haha. Incidentally this episode is 58 minutes lol. Aki seems to be in a great mood this episode right off the bat :D

–  Receiving the 元気

Aki: “We’re here to energise everyone up and make them happy!”
Hikasa: “Yeah! Everyone! are you with us?!”
Aki: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Are you all getting happier with us!?”
Aki + Hikasa: “YEAH!! Everyone is!”
Aki: “…Though the only voices we can hear are us two haha”

– Eating snow

Hikasa: When I was a child I used to love eating snow all the time!
Aki: “Yeah same! I do it even now!”
Hikasa: “Ehh it’s really dirty you know?”
Aki: “ewghh what seriously?!”
Hikasa: “It’s on the same level as mud”
Lol if I remember correctly Kotobuki Minako also said something about loving to eat snow.

– The staff has taken their quotes to make sound effects out of their voices lol. Hikasa Sound Effect: “GEFUUUUUN!” Hikasa: “What in the world was that just now?”

– A listener sends in a mail saying that so much of their talk gets edited out and was wondering if they would do a live recording so people could hear what they talk about in full. Hikasa says that the stuff they talk about gets pretty dangerous so they were probably cut out for a good reason lol. I wonder exactly what does get cut out. Curses I say this all the time don’t I? OTL

– Aki says she relistened to their radio episode with Faylan as a guest haha.

– Activity where they have to think up lines that their characters will never say.

Aki: “‘Ahh… I bought one that’s too big for me…‘”
Hikasa: “…?”
Aki: “…”
Hikasa: “….Too big for her?”
Aki: “Remember back to that shopping episode in the underwear section”
Hikasa: “Ahh!! I see!”
Aki: “For Tomo there’ll be ones too small, but she’ll never get one that’s too big!”
Hikasa: “I see I see!”
Aki: “Well I won’t say what exactly is too big though!”
Hikasa: “Well it’s that isnt it? That, this, it!”
Aki: “Left and Right!”


– For Hikasa’s character, Hana

Hikasa: “‘Even if you do that to me… It doesn’t feel good at all!’
Aki: “Eh hasn’t she said that before?”
Hikasa: “Well she’s enjoying herself most of the time isn’t she?”

– Reflecting on what they could’ve improved on in the radio this episode

Hikasa(in english lol): “Today… Speak… Long”

Haha, she’s trying to say that they went overtime again I guess.

Aki: “Today… Me… No… Adlib? Bun… Super… Subetta

Well she’s trying to say she stuffed up in the adlib portion of the radio episode lol, but the “bun” and “subetta” are japanese for “portion” and “stuffed up/slipped” respectively hah.

QwaRaji is probably the most energetic, craziest, screaming-filled radio I’ve listened to lol.

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