What Kind of Panties Are You Wearing? (Singer Side)

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Direct continuation from http://ambiseiy.com/2012/09/24/what-kind-of-panties-are-you-wearing-seiyuu-side/, this time with the singers’ responses!

– Fifth call at around ~18:50.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Good evening~
??: Good evening~
Washizaki: Who is this~?
??: It’s monday’s host, Airi~ [Airi is a singer, official site at http://airi-hightone.net/index.html, most recently she sung the OP for Tari Tari]
Washizaki: Airi-chan?!
Airi: Congratulations!
Washizaki: It’s Airi-chan!
Airi: Yep! I’ve been watching the radio!
Washizaki: Really?? Airi-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Airi: …You’re gonna ask me that too?
Washizaki: Of course, I’m asking everyone!
Airi: Umm, well.
Washizaki: Hmm?
Airi: Black…
Washizaki: Black?
Airi: And sort of see through. *laughs*
Washizaki: Oi hold on, how mature! *laughs*
*Airi laughs harder*
Washizaki: What’re you doing?!
Washizaki: And of course you’re in your room right now on top of a fluffy sofa.
Airi: Yep yep
Washizaki: Wearing nothing but your panties right? While holding a wine glass?
Airi: Yep, that! *laughs*
Washizaki: I see. Well Airi-chan?
Airi: Yes yes?
Washizaki: Take it all off!
Airi: Ah, okay.
*They both burst out laughing*
Washizaki: Have you taken it off?
Airi: Yep I have.
Washizaki: Okay thanks! *laughs*
*Airi laughs*

Lol these two are going crazy just cause it’s audio only ahaha.

–  Seventh Call, ~26:20.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl!
??: Hello!
Washizaki: W..h..o?
??: Congratulations on your 100th episode! Yaay!
Washizaki: …Yaay…? Who are you??
??: *laughs* Kurosaki Maon! [Singer, sung the ED for High School of the Dead and Index II]
Washizaki: Ah Maon-chan!

Washizaki: Maon-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Maon: Ah I’m not… Ah the reception is bad here!
Washizaki: Everyone thus far has answered the question!
Maon: Eh? About their underwear?
Washizaki: Yep.
Maon: Ah well boxers then.
*Washizaki laughs*
Washizaki: Oi come on wear something sexier!
*Maon laughs*

Washizaki: You’ve become a lot more brighter and cheery recently! *laughs*
Maon: *laughs* I’ve been hearing that a lot recently, but really, I’ve always been cheery! I’ve always been a happy girl! Happy Happy Girl! [KitaEri!]
Washizaki: Happy Happy Girl! — Oi stop! *laughs*
*Maon laughs*

– Eighth call.

Washizaki: Hello!
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl~ Who is it~?
??: Washizaki-san, who do you think I am?
Washizaki: Ehh?
*?? laughs*
Washizaki: Who??
??: Hello~ Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: …Yeah… *Trying to figure out who it is*
??: Who am I??
Washizaki: …This must be…! …Azusa-chan? [Singer for Amagami, Moshidora, etc. etc.]
??: Correct!! Congratulations!
Washizaki: The way you said “Who am I?” made me think it couldn’t be anyone else but the Azusa-chan that smiles while she’s talking!
Azusa: *laughs* Ah I guess you got me!

Washizaki: There’s something I have to ask you Azusa-chan.
Azusa: Yes?
Washizaki: *laughs* What kind of panties are you wearing?
Azusa: Ehh?!
*They both laugh*
Azusa: That’s sexual harrassment! *laughs*
Washizaki: Wait no it’s not like that!
Azusa: Huh?
Washizaki: It’s part of the program! Didn’t you hear about it on Monday’s show?
Azusa: I didnt…?
Washizaki: That’s weird 2h—
Azusa: I’m not wearing any.
Washizaki: *laughs* EH!? Wait what?!
Azusa: It’s one of those things.
Washizaki: Huh??
Azusa: Not panties.
Washizaki: Not panties? What’s that?
Azusa: A Skort– [Skirt with shorts underneath]
Washizaki: Huh? Are you wearing straw? *laugh*
Azusa: I’m not! *laughs*
Washizaki: Is it a shell? Are you wearing a seashell? *laughs*
Azusa: No! *laughs* I’m not wearing anything that tropical!
Washizaki: I haven’t acted like this in front of you before so I’m really regretting this right now *laughs*
*Azusa laughs*
Washizaki: Sorry about this.
Azusa: Well it’s nice that we can’t see each other’s faces though.
Washizaki: Yeah it is isn’t it.

– After the call.

Washizaki: Who would’ve known that Azusa wasn’t wearing any underwear! And is wearing shells down there! How sexy!

– Ninth Call.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Ah! Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Hello!
??: 2hpappu~ [The show’s greeting]
Washizaki: 2hpappu~
??: Good work and congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you, who may this be?
??: It’s Tuesday’s personality, Ray~! [Singer for the NatsuMachi OP]
Washizaki: Ray-chan?!
Ray: Yes!
Washizaki: Really?! Ehh?? Why?
Ray: Huh? “Why”? I wonder why??
Washizaki: Eh?
Ray: Well just congratulating you on#100.
Washizaki: Eh? From Sapporo? [Ray is from, and still lives in, Sapporo, she flies to Tokyo for events and work]
Ray: Yep, I’m at home in Sapporo!

Ray: I’ve been having fun watching the radio with my family here!
Washizaki: You’ve been watching with your family there?! Ahh this is a bit hard to ask but…
Ray: *laughs* Yup!
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* You’re gonna ask me that too I see.
Washizaki: Yes well I’ve pretty much asked everyone so far.
Ray: That’s true, umm…  Err…. I’ll leave it to your imagination~
Washizaki: Ehhhh?! Colour! At least the colour! *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* Just the colour?? Umm pink. *laughs*
Washizaki: Pink!! Pink you say?? Thanks!
*Ray’s still laughing*
Ray: Yup~
Washizaki: I’m wearing black!
Ray: Yeah that’s right isn’t it.
*Washizaki laughs*
Ray: I think it’s cool~
*They both laugh*

Amusingly Washizaki ends the conversation with “Ahh I want to date her…”. I find it hilarous how he asked her right after she said she was watching with her family there ahaha, how awkward would that be orz.

What Kind of Panties Are You Wearing? (Seiyuu Side)

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This is from an A&G ARTIST ZONE 2h episode, #100 hosted by Washizaki Takeshi on 2012.09.07. 2h is a radio hosted at A&G radio station and works similarly to Lady Go in that there are 5 shows in a week with each day being hosted by a different host. In 2h’s case it’s hosted by singers rather than seiyuu.
Washizaki is a singer and personality affiliated with Atomic Monkey(Same agency as Seki Tomokazu and Sugita Tomokazu), and although he isn’t a seiyuu, he gets to know a lot of seiyuu through his personality work on radio with A&G’s network as well as the anime events he’s mc’d for.

What happened in this episode was that the staff connected Washizaki through the phone to various listeners throughout the radio so they could congratulate him on the 100th episode anniversary. Washizaki had no idea that there would be people he knew sprinkled in between the listeners that called in and amusingly they set a question that he had to ask all the people that called in which was “What kind of panties/underwear are you wearing?”.
There are normal listeners spread in between the phone calls with the people he knew but I didn’t write anything on them, also they were all guys which was why Washizaki pretty much exclaimed at the start that it was a girl with each phone call with the singers/seiyuu.

The post is really long since there’s a lot to include so I’ve split it to only include the Seiyuu in this post. I’ve included the video so if you can understand at least a bit of Japanese feel free to follow along above or watch it at NicoNico.

– First phone call.

Washizaki: Hello??
??: Hello! Good evening!
Washizaki: Good evening! Ah It’s a girl!
??: Washizaki Takeshi-san, congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you! Eh? Who are you?? I’m hearing a really cute voice!
??: Take-kun~
Washizaki: Could this be…?
??: It’s Yuuka Mama! [Nanri Yuuka’s nickname]
Washizaki: AAH!! Yuuka Mama! Hold on Nanri-san! This could be bad! There’s something I have to ask because of the radio show!
Nanri: Eh?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?? *laughs*
Nanri: *laughs* Don’t ask me that!
*They both laugh*

– Yuuka Mama Love!

Washizaki: It doesn’t look like we have much time left so I have to hang up now.
Nanri: Okay!
Washizaki: Nanri-san?
Nanri: Yes?
Washizaki: I love you!
Nanri: *Bursts out laughing* Mama loves you too~
Washizaki: Oi oi! What?? Just family love??
*They both laugh*
Washizaki: Thanks Nanri-san!
Nanri: Thank you! Come to my live concert!
Washizaki: I will! I’ll check my times!
Nanri: And lets go eat out to celebrate!
Washizaki: Oh! Did you hear that everyone?! Thanks!
*Nanri laughs*

– After the call.

Washizaki: What was that?? You’re not supposed to do something like this on the very first phone call!

Washizaki: Ah I actually asked her what kind of panties she was wearing, although she didn’t answer *laughs* I wanted her to answer that at the very least *laughs*

– Second Phone call.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello!
Washizaki: Oh? A girl! Hi!
??: Hi! Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you! Hmm?? …Hello?
??: Hello?
Washizaki: I’ve heard this voice before!
??: I wonder where?
Washizaki: Okay, I won’t ask who you are but…
??: Yes?
Washizaki: What do you think of Uryocchi’s[Shiraishi Ryoko] marriage? *laughs* [Nonaka Ai and Shiraishi Ryoko are pretty close lol, in other words his guess is spot on]
*They both start laughing*
??: You already know! *laughs* Good evening, it’s Nonaka Ai!
Washizaki: Nonaka-san!
Nonaka: I’m really happy about Uryocchi’s marriage!

Washizaki: Nonaka-san?
Nonaka: Yes?
Washizaki: There’s this rule that I have to follow and all…
Nonaka: Yes?
Washizaki: …What kind of panties are you wearing?
Nonaka: Huh?!?
*Washizaki bursts out laughing*
*Nonaka starts laughing*
Washizaki: I have to ask whoever I’m on the phone with what kind of panties they’re wearing! Everyone thus far has answered! [LOL Washizaki you liar!]
Nonaka: Ehh? Really?!
Washizaki: Yep really!

*Nonaka laughs*
Washizaki: Sorry but could you answer it?
Nonaka: I wonder what kind of panties I’m wearing right now? *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Nonaka: This is really embarrassing and I’m in the Aoni office [Aoni Production, the agency she’s affiliated with] right now!
Washizaki: Ah you’re gonna need to check won’t you!
Nonaka: Yeah so I’ll just leave it to everyone’s imagination!
Washizaki: Ah okay, then message me the answer after!
Nonaka: Ah okay—Eh? I don’t want to do that too! *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*

Ai-pon so cute!

– Third call!

Washizaki: Hel–lo!
??: Umm! Hello!
Washizaki: Ah it’s a girl! Who is it??
??: Umm! Err~*Super nervous* Congratulations on your 100th episode!!
Washizaki: Oh! Thanks!
??: Umm, it’s Uesaka Sumire!
Washizaki: Ahh! Uesaka-san!
Uesaka: Yes!
Washizaki: Hmm? Uesaka-san??
Uesaka: Umm, h-hi!
Washizaki: Hi! What?
Uesaka: E-eh? I wonder what??
Washizaki: I wonder! Uesaka-san! Umm… Don’t hate me for this but…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: Well, this… Is a rule that is part of the radio…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Uesaka: Err umm it’s not time for that right now!
Washizaki: It’s not??
Uesaka: Umm, I-I’m really n-nervous about the phone call right now! *laughs*
Washizaki: Ah don’t worry about the phone, what kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Uesaka: Ehh? What? Umm… Ah… Washizaki-san…
Washizaki: Yes?
Uesaka: You know, Washizaki-san…
Washizaki: Yes?
Uesaka: I’ve always admired you!!
*Washizaki laughs*
Uesaka: And well, it turns out you’re this low a person? *laughs* Is that so?!
Washizaki: Wait stop! It’s not like that! We have Wacoal sponsoring the show [LOL Wacoal is a Japanese women’s lingerie company, Washizaki you liar!] so I have to ask it! *laughs*
Uesaka: That’s weird! Wacoal wouldn’t be doing that! Don’t lie!
*Washizaki laughs harder*
Uesaka: Umm!!! Hey!!
Washizaki: Don’t get so worked up! *laughs*
Uesaka: O-okay!
Washizaki: Thanks though! This was out of nowhere wasn’t it?
Uesaka: Yeah, I don’t use my phone often and I don’t really get it and it’s difficult and everything oh and congratulations!
Washizaki: You don’t talk to your friends often right? [He’s basically making fun of her lol]
Uesaka: …Mm?!
*Washizaki laughs*
Washizaki: Well, Uesaka-san…
Uesaka: Yes?
Washizaki: You don’t call your friends to talk often right?
Uesaka: Ahh… I don’t have that much experience with that… But it’s not like that!! I’m 20 years old after all! I want to stop that too!
Washizaki: Yeah you’re an adult now!
Uesaka: Yeah I can drink alcohol now too!
Washizaki: Yeah that’s right! You drink reaaaallly strong Vodka! *laughs*
Uesaka: Yeah Vodka! Well Vodka is really delicious!
Washizaki: Yeah you can drink it can’t you!
Uesaka: You don’t drink much Vodka?
Washizaki: Not really.

Uesaka was stuttering throughout the call and her being so nervous on the phone was so adorable lol, her reaction to the question was hilarious too ahaha.

– Fourth call.

Washizaki: Hello?
Washizaki: Whoa, right from the start!
??: Hi, it’s Komatsu Mikakooo!
Washizaki: Komatsu-san! How’s your lower lip?
Komatsu: Ah it was my upper lip! It’s all good!
Washizaki: You smashed it against a microphone right?
Komatsu: *laughs* Yeah! At a concert, but that aside, congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thanks!
Komatsu: Incidentally, Lady Go[Radio show that Komatsu hosts on A&G] just hit it’s 100th episode the other day too.
Washizaki: Oh congratulations!
Komatsu: It’s about the same time!
Washizaki: Yeah, oh and by the way I saw you at Anisama Live!
Komatsu: Ahh, ohh thank you!
Washizaki: You were really cool!
Komatsu: Ah! Waaawwawa *sound of her getting flustered lol*
Washizaki: Wawawa! *laughs*
Komatsu: Awawawa! I was making weird faces… Ah it’s going to be recorded… Ahh Oh noo….
Washizaki: Not at all!
Komatsu: Ahh nooo, but thank youuu.

– Sumipe[Uesaka Sumire] and Vodka…

Komatsu: Sumipe really likes Vodka right?
Washizaki: Yeah?
Komatsu: When she drinks her eyes get really scary!
Washizaki: Eh?
Komatsu: So when you go drink Vodka with her, be wary of it!
Washizaki: Oh you’ve drunk Vodka together before?
Komatsu: Yeah like when we’ve gone out together with everyone from Lady Go[Uesaka is also part of the Lady Go radio show]
Washizaki: Ah that’s great!
Komatsu: She orders Vodka on her own like it’s normal! *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Komatsu: With a scary face! *laughs*
Washizaki: How about you Captain? How are you with alcohol?
Komatsu: The Captain is… Very weak so she becomes the sipping captain *laughs*
Washizaki: A Captain that only licks her alcohol??
Komatsu: She takes her alcohol slowly!

– And so the question…

Washizaki: Oh sorry Komatsu-san, there’s something I have to ask.
Komatsu: Yes?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Komatsu: Eh? Panties?!
Washizaki: Yes panties!
Komatsu: Panties??
Washizaki: Yep!
Komatsu: What kind of panties?? Ah underwear right??
Washizaki: Yes! Your underwear!
Komatsu: Ahh… Right now?
Washizaki: Yep right now!
Komatsu: Ahh lets see… Can I check now? [LOL]
Washizaki: Please do!
*Komatsu laughs*
Washizaki: And so right now the captain is checking her underwear!
Komatsu: I’ve checked!
Washizaki: And so, what kind of panties were they
Komatsu: Ehh, they were boxers.
*They both laugh*
Washizaki: Oi where’s the sex appeal?!
Komatsu: Yeah, sorry for not being sexy at all *laughs*
Washizaki: Yeah!
Komatsu: My mum’s always worried about that and keeps sending me underwear *laughs*
*Washizaki laughs*
Komatsu: Sorry for having no sex appeal.
Washizaki: Well Captain, you’ll be getting older from now.
Komatsu: Yeah I’m going to have to become more adult like~
Washizaki: You’ll be turning into a Captain filled to the brim with sex appeal, I look forward to that.
Komatsu: Really?? Then give me some sexy underwear.
Washizaki: *laughs* Roger that!
*Komatsu laughs*

Man, Mikakoshi is so cool!

– Skipping ahead to the sixth call at ~22:38

Washizaki: Hello!!
??: Iguchi Yuka-san, I love you!
Washizaki: Who are you?!
??: Ah, hello! It’s Mikami Shiori!
Washizaki: Ah right, Mikami!
*Mikami laughs*[LOL at Mikashii’s laugh!]
Mikami: I’m outside right now and I was a little bit embarrassed saying that! There’re people looking at me!
Washizaki: You’re outside?
Mikami: Yep I’m outside! On standby waiting on you!
Washizaki: Umm Mikami?
Mikami: Yup?
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?
Mikami: Huh?!
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing?
Mikami: Eh? Oh… *starts singing* Jelly~Fish panties~~ In the sky~~ [I’m guessing this is a kid’s song? Character song? Something like that lol {EDIT: It’s Akari’s character song!}]
Washizaki: *laughs* Jellyfish panties?? So they’re see through?
Mikami: Yeah! Something like that!
Washizaki: Ah so you’re wearing panties like that? I see I see.
*Mikami laughs*
Mikami: Everyone around me is looking at me weird again *laughs*

Mikashii’s laugh was crazy!

– Revenge?

Mikami: So Washizaki-san, what colour underwear are you wearing?! Huh? What kind of underwear?? What kind?!
Washizaki: Today I’m wearing black!
Mikami: …Ah… Okay… Thank you.
Washizaki: Oi! Ask me more about it! You’re the one who asked in the first place!
*They both laugh*
Mikami: Huh?

Amusingly Komatsu was the only one who answered honestly(?) ahaha. If people are still interested I’ll get around to writing something on the singer’s responses as well. [Edit: Singer section continued here: http://ambiseiy.com/2012/09/26/what-kind-of-panties-are-you-wearing-singer-side/]

YuiKaori & April Fools

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This was from when Ogura Yui guested on the Denpa Kenkyuusha livestream hosted by May’n and Washizaki Takeshi on the 29th of June. They were asking her a heap of quick questions and this was one of them…

– Tell us about a time you lied about something petty.

Ogura: Well, this has something to do with YuiKaori. On April Fools day we told the staff that the two of us had started dating each other. *laughs* 
*May’n and Washizaki laughs* 
Washizaki: What’s with that!?
May’n: That’s pretty funny though!

Washizaki: So what was the staff’s reaction like?
Ogura: They seriously believed us!
May’n + Washizaki: Whaat?!
Washizaki: Are they all idiots?!
Ogura: Not at all! But they had a serious discussion with us about it! Our manager was deciding how to handle the situation and stuff like that! We have a radio show and we do things like holding hands while looking into each others eyes after all.
*They all laugh*
Washizaki: Well it’s not rare to see you two holding hands together though.
May’n: Yeah you two are so close with one another!
Ogura: Yup!
Washizaki: You would believe something like that.
Ogura: Yeah and we’ve always been suspected of dating each other for some time now too!
Washizaki: …You have?
Ogura: Yup!

Haha these two seem like they’re having fun.

…They’ve been suspected of dating one another?

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