Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #115

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Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Koshimizu Ami

This episode’s guest is Koshimizu Ami.

– I never realised Kanae and Ami were the same age. I always thought Ami was years older D:

– Kanae had a shopping sticker stuck on her clothing, without her knowing, at the start which Ami peeled off. It then went back on to Kanae on her arm, and then onto the table.

– Kanae pressed the panic bell accidentally while doing hand gestures, to which the Kimi ni Todoke OP song played on queue ahaha.

– I still don’t get whats with the “Yurusenai” stuff thats around Koshimizu Ami.

– Ami was promoting her new unit with Sanpei Yuuko, Plafyini(?)

– The beginning had alot of talk about Plafyini and their new single. Kinda boring really lol.

– Ami forced Kanae to read a mail with a “nya” at the end of each sentence hah. And then “daisuki nya”

– When Ami first saw Kanae she though “Small! Omochikaeri small!”

Perhaps if I enjoyed the “Sexual harassment(lol)” corner more I would’ve been more entertained lol.

Toaru Radio no Railgun #32

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae
Guests: Satou Rina, Arai Satomi

Final episode of Radio Railgun ;_;. Guests for this episode are Arai Satomi and Satou Rina.

– Itou Kanae and Toyosaki Aki’s child voice was great before, but it’s getting better with each episode lol, so cute <3

– They each had to imitate a certain part of each character hah.

Toyosaki Aki: Kuroko’s right twintail

[I’m the right twintail- desu no]

Itou Kanae: Uiharu’s flower hair accessory

Arai Satomi: Misaka’s railgun coin.

[..I’m coin number 47… She sure shoots alot… They won’t ever come back…]

Satou Rina: Saten’s bat she used in the last episode.

And so ends one of my favourite radio shows. I’ll miss you ;_;

Toaru Radio no Railgun #29

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae

– Listener sends in mail about passing his tests, and asks for congratulations from their characters. I love it when Seiyuu switch into character <3

– They played Uiharu’s Character song. It’s not too bad really. Then again Misaka’s one was pretty good too. Kuroko’s was kinda… off though lololol.

Three more episodes to go till the finish ;_;

Toaru Radio no Railgun #28

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae

Aki’s doing the sound effects of this episode, *popon!* *wan!*



– Uiharu in Aki’s hometown accent! “スカートめくらんといて~!”

– Kanae-chan hates wasabi.

[Kanae: I… hate wasabi

Aki: …that’s childish… *pupupu*

Kanae: Thats horrible ;_;

Kanae: What about mustard! You hate mustard!

Aki: Thats COMPLETELY different!


Kanae is cute sdjkaflsdkf

– Apparently Kanae and Aki provided their voices for the mass children saying “Kiyama-sensei”.

I love Radio Railgun, Itou Kanae x Toyosaki Aki is such a great combination. <3

Toaru Radio no Railgun #27

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Itou Kanae

– Aki loved the scene near the end of Railgun where Misaka calls for Kuroko and she teleports in to send her the chunk of metal to railgun away at Therestina. She got really heated up talking about it lol (banging the table in excitement).

– Kanae on the other hand liked the scene where the children woke up to Kiyama-sensei.

– Discussion about how living alone can get pretty lonely:

Ahaha Toyosaki Aki plays Tomodachi Collection, when she’s lonely.

[ Itou Kanae: “Wait, you just have a conversation with them and… they’re not real…?”

Toyosaki Aki: “You just gave me a really sad look” ]

[ Toyosaki Aki: “Something like having a prop of Uiharu and talking to it. As Toyosaki Aki”

Itou Kanae: “…eh?”

Toyosaki Aki: “Then living alone becomes pretty lively!”

Itou Kanae: “…” ]

I love you Aki <3 <3

– Aki uses her adult voice, and goes even lower :O I can barely recognise her when she does it hah

– Aki sings a bit of ‘Dear My Friends’ ahaha

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