Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #8

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Name: 聖痕のクェイサーラジオ! ミハイロフ学園放送部
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.26

The two of them start off the radio with “This is Seikon no Qwaser Radio where we’re all so crazy that half of our conversations get cut out!” I wish we could hear an unedited version hah.

– A listener sends in a mail asking how are they always so energetic on radio, maybe they’ve been drinking?

Hikasa: “We both act pretty crazy already so we don’t need to drink alcohol!”

They mention that they’re always like this when they’re together and whenever they go eat out they must trouble the staff there since they’re laughing so rowdily there hah.

– Birds of a feather….

Hikasa: The saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ really is true!
Aki: Ah you seem really confident about that? Why is that?
Hikasa: Everyone around me is weird!
Aki: Eh?
Hikasa: Everyone! Weird!
Aki: Wait!! *laughs* Is that including me?!
Hikasa: Of course!
Aki: Hey waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit a moment!!

Aki never really says much dirty material on radio normally but amusingly she does on occasion on QwaRaji lol.

I’m always so overwhelmed by how upbeat these two are on QwaRaji ahaha.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #7

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.19

Aki says that the radio is supposed to go for only 30 minutes but for some reason keeps getting longer and longer haha. Incidentally this episode is 58 minutes lol. Aki seems to be in a great mood this episode right off the bat :D

–  Receiving the 元気

Aki: “We’re here to energise everyone up and make them happy!”
Hikasa: “Yeah! Everyone! are you with us?!”
Aki: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Are you all getting happier with us!?”
Aki + Hikasa: “YEAH!! Everyone is!”
Aki: “…Though the only voices we can hear are us two haha”

– Eating snow

Hikasa: When I was a child I used to love eating snow all the time!
Aki: “Yeah same! I do it even now!”
Hikasa: “Ehh it’s really dirty you know?”
Aki: “ewghh what seriously?!”
Hikasa: “It’s on the same level as mud”
Lol if I remember correctly Kotobuki Minako also said something about loving to eat snow.

– The staff has taken their quotes to make sound effects out of their voices lol. Hikasa Sound Effect: “GEFUUUUUN!” Hikasa: “What in the world was that just now?”

– A listener sends in a mail saying that so much of their talk gets edited out and was wondering if they would do a live recording so people could hear what they talk about in full. Hikasa says that the stuff they talk about gets pretty dangerous so they were probably cut out for a good reason lol. I wonder exactly what does get cut out. Curses I say this all the time don’t I? OTL

– Aki says she relistened to their radio episode with Faylan as a guest haha.

– Activity where they have to think up lines that their characters will never say.

Aki: “‘Ahh… I bought one that’s too big for me…‘”
Hikasa: “…?”
Aki: “…”
Hikasa: “….Too big for her?”
Aki: “Remember back to that shopping episode in the underwear section”
Hikasa: “Ahh!! I see!”
Aki: “For Tomo there’ll be ones too small, but she’ll never get one that’s too big!”
Hikasa: “I see I see!”
Aki: “Well I won’t say what exactly is too big though!”
Hikasa: “Well it’s that isnt it? That, this, it!”
Aki: “Left and Right!”


– For Hikasa’s character, Hana

Hikasa: “‘Even if you do that to me… It doesn’t feel good at all!’
Aki: “Eh hasn’t she said that before?”
Hikasa: “Well she’s enjoying herself most of the time isn’t she?”

– Reflecting on what they could’ve improved on in the radio this episode

Hikasa(in english lol): “Today… Speak… Long”

Haha, she’s trying to say that they went overtime again I guess.

Aki: “Today… Me… No… Adlib? Bun… Super… Subetta

Well she’s trying to say she stuffed up in the adlib portion of the radio episode lol, but the “bun” and “subetta” are japanese for “portion” and “stuffed up/slipped” respectively hah.

QwaRaji is probably the most energetic, craziest, screaming-filled radio I’ve listened to lol.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #6

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.12

The two of them comment how long they went on for last episode. Judging by their conversations I’d have to guess that it went on for over 1 hour 30 minutes lol. QwaRaji was originally supposed to be a 30 minute radio as well I think. Haha. Aki says she listened to the radio at home and laughed at how long their pre-guest talk lasted, saying they should try and hurry it up.

– Aki tells Hikasa that she’ll give her chocolates for Valentines day :D. Hikasa thanks her… And then says she’ll give her a sweet she has just on hand right there.
Aki: “Ehh what? You just happened to have that on you, you didn’t even prepare that for me… Well I love it anyways”
Hikasa: “I’ll look forward to getting something back for white day!”
Aki: “Ehh, fine I’ll get you something for white day then…”

– A listener sends in a mail asking what the two of them did during their schooldays at lunchtime.
Hikasa: “Well.. Even though I’m like this now… Back then I was a pretty dark and quiet person… I shut myself up in the library”
Aki: “What, wait a moment, no way!”
*Two of them laughs*
Hikasa: “It’s true! I was the on Library executive committee!”
Aki: “No way!! I thought you’d be in the cheering committee or something!”
Hikasa: “I ate my lunch in the library.”
Aki: “What’d you do there?”
Hikasa: “Well, read books. Borrow books. That’s pretty much how my lunch breaks went”
Apparently Hikasa was pretty crazy before high school as a kid during elementary school though.

– What about Aki?
Aki: “Well even though I said all that… During lunch breaks I stayed by myself and listened to my walkman”
Hikasa: “We’re pretty depressing aren’t we” *They both laugh* “This is sad!”
Amusingly enough the listener had sent in the mail asking for advice on how to socialise with the people around him more during lunchtime breaks. They laugh that they probably didn’t help him with that haha.
I love you both Hikasa and Akkyo~! <3

– Aki says she absolutely hates the taste of mustard. Hikasa in turn says she hates wasabi.

– A listener asks about what they think the character’s Souma would taste like. Lol is that sexual harassment? OTL. He then suggests that they could release an energy drink labeled as a character’s Souma and Aki says she thinks she had this conversation during one of the recordings with other seiyuu lol. She says she’d love to do a character advertisement for it ahaha.

– What would the character’s Souma taste like?
Aki: “Tomo’s would taste like… Mammy! (A fruit juice drink)”
Hikasa: “That’s really really sweet!” (considering Souma is supposed to be breast milk lol)

Hikasa: “What about Hana?”
Aki: “Er… Welll… Dr Pepper?”
Hikasa: “Wait what? Why?! That would be really shocking”
Aki: “Well you know how her character has like orange hair and all…”
Hikasa: “Yeah…”
Aki: “It just seems like… Pepper.”
Hikasa: “Hahaha what?!”

– They mention that they’re 30 minutes over at the 30 minute mark meaning that this episode has also been cut in half.

I’ve been thinking this for a while, with the way they play around with the ero aspects of the anime perhaps the girls actually love doing perverted anime ahaha.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #5

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Chihara Minori
Date: 2010.02.05

The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often in recordings. They also say that they can just talk and talk and talk and never stop lol. It’s nice to see them get along so well :D

– Apparently they’ve been catching the anime as it airs at the late hours of the night lol.

– Aki had a boy she liked in kindergarten and made chocolates with her mum to give to him on Valentines day, and after making it and bringing it, she never mustered the courage to give it to him during the day, then when the end of the day had come, she was waiting at the school gate and saw him pass through. She panicked and thought “This is my last chance to give it to him” and threw the chocolate at him ahaha.
Aki: “And that’s how my first love went.”
Hikasa: “What kind of tsundere girl kind of action is that??”

– The first thing Minori says is “Wow what an interesting radio this is!” she had come in 17 minutes into the recording so I guess she was listening for the whole time while the two of them went crazy haha.
Aki: “Ah thanks. Hearing that from Minorin-san makes me really happy *creepy laugh* heheheheheheh—”
Aki + Hikasa(joins in): “—Hehehehehehetehepero!”
Lol these two are so in sync.

– Minori comments that Aki’s hairstyle is more mature now, compared to before, which I’m guessing that she’s referring to when they had worked together on Minami-ke.

Hikasa(reading from Minori’s profile): “The animal Minori is most similar to is a cat”
Aki: “Cat ears would fit her! <3”
Minori: *giggles*

– Talking about Minori’s character, the first thing Minori says:
Minori: “She gives out Souma!”
*The three of them break out laughing*
Ahaha they really love the whole Souma thing don’t they~

– The two of them ask Minori about her upcoming album, “Sing All Love” to her surprise. She asked to make sure if it was alright to talk about her own solo singing stuff on the radio heh.

– Aki praises Minori’s singing, and says that when she found out she would be singing the ending with her, Hikasa, Hirano and Ayumi she was really relieved, knowing that it would surely turn out alright. I love how free Aki is with her fangirling and love~ <3

– Minorin was only on for 10 minutes or so out of the 50 minute recording :(

– At the 30 minute part they comment that they’ve been talking for over one hour already. Wow just what did they cut out to halve the recording? It looks like it might’ve been a majority of Minori’s guesting time. Perhaps the Souma talk was just the tip of the iceberg of how much ero talk they did ahaha.

– The radio had been airing fortnightly before this point and switches to a weekly broadcast after this episode.

– Aki was talking about how Minori had left after bowing and thanking everyone for their work and closed the studio door behind her… But then the door soon opened again and she came in to pick up her bag since she forgot to bring it along ahaha. Aki loved how cute that was <3

Everytime I listen to QwaRaji after having not heard it for a while, the amount of craziness and yelling/screaming these two do always overwhelms me ahaha. It’s so great <3

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #4

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Faylan
Date: 2010.01.22

Once again the script has them referring to each other has Toyohiko and Geru lol. Aki seems really excited to have Faylan as a guest :D

– Hikasa kept stuffing up the reading of the latest episode of Seikon’s summary and the staff kept putting batsu noises in whenever she did it, putting her off even more so lol.

– Aki screams and confesses to her right off the bat when Faylan comes on ahaha

Faylan: “This radio seems really fun and lively!”
Aki + Hikasa: “Huh?”
Faylan: “It seems really fun!”
Aki: “:O I’m making that my ringtone!”

– Aki lays the love on her really thickly to which she’s really happy to hear ahaha.
Faylan: “I’m just a rookie singer so I’m really glad to hear it!”

Aki: “I’ve bookmarked her site! ….Am I creeping you out?”

– Looks like Faylan’s seen Seikon lol, her favourite character is Tomo. Lol I’m amused she’s seen Seikon.

– Aki comments that Faylan smells nice ahaha. Aki you’re definitely skirting the creepy boundary there.

Aki: “Did you enjoy your time on the show?”
Faylan: “I really enjoyed myself! I was energised by the two of you’s youth! I received a lot of Souma* from you two.”
Aki + Hikasa: “Yeah! Souma!! Suck it from us..!! …Ahh… errr welll ehh..(mumble)(mumble)
Aki: “If we keep going this might turn in to sexual harassment so I’m going to stop us here.”
Faylan: “Yeah lets stop here.”
(*For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities)

Aki: “Say someone you’d like to come on as a guest”
Hikasa: “…Er… Hirano Aya”
Aki: ?
Hikasa: “Because she’s really cute”
Aki: “Yeah she is really really really cute”
Hikasa: “Also Sasha’s seiyuu Sanpei Yuko”

– Once Faylan leaves, Aki says that she’s glad she stopped the souma thing with Faylan there, she was just about to burst out with the comment “But Faylan’s souma is so much better!” and said she would have definitely have regretted it afterwards ahaha.

– Chihara Minori as guest on next week’s episode!!!!!

I haven’t heard Akkyo in a while. I need to remedy this.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #3

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.01.08

The staff has it written on the radio opening script to introduce themselves as their middle school nicknames they spoke about last episode, Toyohiko and Geru for Aki and Hikasa respectively lol.
The anime series is about to begin airing on television.

– Hikasa laments that, being 24 years old, she’s gonna have to be the one giving out the end of year gifts rather than recieving them. Aki still recieved some this year :D.

– Talking about how they spend the New Years.
Aki: “How do you spend your New Years? Do you relax or are you active?”
Hikasa: “I laze around! I stay inside the kotatsu and never come out!”
Aki: “Same here!”

Hikasa: “I hear some people go overseas, or Okinawa or something like that”
Aki: “Ah that sounds great…”
Hikasa: “Yeah what the hell, overseas!? Going overseas?!”
Sorry Hikasa, I used to go overseas at the end of the year too OTL

– A listener sends in a mail talking about him loving how in sync the two of them are, to which they break into a fit of giggles lol.

– Hikasa talks about when she attended her first audition, she was really nervous and when it was her turn to stand at the microphone she had brought her pen in one hand along with the script in the other. While she was all hyped up and had her turn at the microphone, subconsciously she was clicking the pen in her hand over and over throughout the recording without realising, and then the staff told her “Umm sorry, but could you stop clicking the pen”, to her embarrassment lol. Ah that’s so cute Hiyochhi~ <3
Incidentally she passed that audition lol \o/

– At the end of the show the two of them were surprised that they’ve been talking for about an hour <3

The staff add sound effects such as correct/incorrect SEs and halt the BGM as well as adding echoes among other things while the show is being recorded and the two of them can hear the effect, which is not totally uncommon but still pretty interesting particularly when they react to the sound effects, bgm changes and especially when the staff adds echo when the two aren’t expecting it lol.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #2

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2009.12.18

Hikasa’s so crazy, I’ve been loving her work so much recently :D

– Aki first found out about her co-hosting the radio with Hikasa when her manager told her “I’ve got news you’d be happy to hear” and she was overjoyed to find it out, saying she was dancing in happiness :D

– Hikasa found out when Aki told her, while smirking the whole time like she couldn’t wait to let her know. Apparently she didn’t find out from her manager first because he wanted to surprise her with the news lol.

– Aki was overflowing with compliments for Faylan again this episode :D

– Hikasa mispronounces the ED “Passionate Squall” as “Hassionail(Hasshioneiru?) Squall” ahahah

– When Hikasa asks how Aki’s feeling about the radio show, Aki say’s “It’s… Tiring, in a good way” Well the two of them are screaming and getting so carried away during the show so I’m not surprised.

Also I didn’t mention it last time, but the radio aired fortnightly till it’s end on it’s 21st episode in mid June, right about when the final episode of the anime had aired. The show has only had two seiyuu guests on the show, actually probably three since Yousei Teikoku’s vocalist is Itsuki Yui. Other than Yousei Teikoku and Faylan, Kawasumi Ayako and Chihara Minori has come on the show(<3). Also, I love the staff for gathering these two for the radio on their own accord :D

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #1

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2009.12.04

“Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club” abbreviated as “QwaRaji” hosted by Yamanobe Tomo’s Toyosaki Aki and Katsuragi Hana’s Hikasa Youko. I haven’t actually seen the anime(lol). The radio started a month or so before the broadcast of the anime had begun.

– At the start Hikasa says she’s nervous, which Aki rebukes calling her a liar :D

– Aki says she’s met Faylan, the singer of Seikon’s OP, before while Hikasa hasnt. Aki described her as “A really nice person, though she’s so cool when she’s singing, when I met her in person she was so polite, she was really wonderful <3” They wonder if they could get to come guest on the show. Incidentally they eventually do get her to come on to the show on the fourth episode :D

– Hikasa comments that though she calls Aki “Akkyo”, no one else calls her Akkyo. This also applies to Aki calling Hikasa “Yocchan” though no one else calls her that, which they find amusing. They say they can’t remember when Hikasa started calling Aki “Akkyo” nor why, but they remember Aki calling her Yoko-chan until switching to Yocchan when they became closer friends.

– During Middle school Hikasa’s nickname was “Geru” lol, upon hearing this Aki asks “…This was a nickname given to you by ‘friends’ right?” Ahah

– When talking about similarities between them and their characters, they agree that both Aki and her character Tomo loves to hum a lot.

– I loved how the two of them danced around the ero aspect of the anime :D
Aki: “The anime is a little ero” ; Yeah I wouldn’t say a little D:

Aki: “Everyone should watch the anime, and see all the impactful scenes, the ones I’m sure that will leave a mark in your heart and mind!”
Hikasa: “Yeah, for all you adults only though!”

Aki has implied it before on her Okaeri Radio, but Hikasa seems to be her closest friend in the seiyuu world and she’s really relaxed here, both of them spiral out of control on this radio and it makes for a really fun listen :D

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