Nebula (Navel x Lantis Radio) #144

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Hosts: Gotou Yuuko, Ogihara Hideki
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu ( + Nishimata Aoi, who comes in later)
Date: 2008.04.15

Radio hosted by Gotou Yuuko and Ogihara Hideki. I wrote something about the history of the show and how long it’s been going for but Soup ate it up so I can’t be bothered to rewrite it. Apparently scrolling too far down the page gets rid of whatever you had up at the top. /rage

Basically, it’s a radio show that’s been airing since 2005.07.18 and it continues to this date. Oh and Ogihara Hideki voiced Rin’s friend Midoriba Itsuki in SHUFFLE!

The episode has them talking mostly about SHUFFLE!

– Sugita’s mum loves watching bishoujo anime lol, and really enjoyed SHUFFLE! hah. Sugita mentions that when she saw Kaede going all yandere she was all like “Whoa what happened to her??” Gotou then apologises to Sugita’s mom lol.

– They talk about how scary Kaede got, in particular her eyes. Gotou apologises lol.

– Gotou asks Nishimata what was her first impression of Sugita, and she replies “Err well.. He’s a wonderful person” What a stock standard reply lol.

They ask Sugita if he wants to come again next week on the show, and they pretty much organise it on air lol, that’s kinda rare, they often tell the guest to come again but it’s mostly decided before or after they’ve done airing the show.

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