BlazBlue Radio W #09

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2012.02.23

Episode 9 of BlazBlue W.

– Sugita mentions that he and Toshimichi Mori likes the Cirno Perfect Math Class song ahah. For those who don’t know it you can see it here:

– Kanako says “nyu” accidentally…

Sugita: Did you just say “nyu“??
Kanako: I didn’t! I did not!
Sugita: You did!
Kanako: Did not!
Toshimichi: You should just say “Nyu” back when he asks that!
Kanako: Huh??
Sugita: Did you just say it??
Kanako: Nope I didn’t~! …Nyu~!
*Awkward pause*
Imai: Ah he looks happy! This is the first time in a while that I’ve seen him so happy!
Sugita: I– I’m not that happ– Well if I said I wasn’t happy then that’d be bad wouldn’t it!
Imai: I guess so…
Imai + Kanako: Lets go to the next mail!
Sugita: Yeah while we’re in this awkward atmosphere.

– Sugita keeps doing an imitation of Isomura Tomomi lol, I’ve heard him using it in his own radio quite often as well, it seems like he likes that imitation right now haha.

Sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about in an episode lawl, not sure if that’s because I wasn’t listening though :S It was another fun episode of BluRaji though~ It looks like Morikubo Shoutaro is coming as a guest for the next episode.

BlazBlue Radio W #08

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Guest: Faylan
Date: 2012.02.09

This episode has Faylan on as a guest, the screen represents her as a yellow cat holding a microphone heh. Apparently it was from a picture she drew herself.

– Everyone is weird except for me!

Imai: The people in BlazBlue are all a bit weird in their own way aren’t they?
Sugita: Oh that includes you right?
Imai: *puts on a sweet voice* Eh? I’m normal~!
Sugita: WHAT A LIE!
Imai: I’m sorry!
*They all break out laughing*

Lol the way these two play around and yell at each other is so in sync~

– A listener sends in a message saying that the english title of “Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend” is too hard to read so they should make it easier to read… And Sugita jokes that they should make the title screen easier to read with Hiragana instead leading to this image lol. What is this ahaha, it’s like a game for preschoolers!

– Faylan says her favourite characters were Makoto and Bang. Makoto because she loves her tail and Bang because of his… Abs ahaha.

– Imai bathing with her brother!

Sugita: Have you ever entered the bathroom when your brother was bathing without knowing it?
Imai: We used to bathe together when we were children…
Kanako: Until when did you stop bathing together?
Imai: Around the second year of grade school?
Kanako: Ah that’s pretty early!
Imai: Yeah I think it was the earlier parts of grade school. But every year at new years eve I was always trying to get my whole family to bathe together but everyone refused… What am I talking about?! Why am I talking about this?! Who brought the conversation here?!
*They all laugh*

– You’re cute Imai!

Sugita: Ah you’re being cute again, why are you always doing that?
Imai: I’m not cute! Not cute at all! *hisses*
*Imai and Kanako laughs*
Sugita: Imai-san, it’s time to acknowledge it yourself. Imai-san, you are cute….
*Imai mumbles and fidgets*
Sugita: What is this?! You’re supposed to yell at me and tell me to shut up here!
*The two of them laugh*
Sugita: What was with that reaction?!
Imai: I was thinking about how I should react *laughs* But really as I get older it’s harder to react to that! When I was younger I’d be able to go “What are you on about!?” but now I have no idea how to reply to that *laughs* Even if I know it’s a joke it might be weird to say something like that so I really don’t know what’s the best way to reply to something like that!!
Kanako: But you are cute!
Faylan: You really are!
Imai: Hearing that from girls makes me really happy~
*They all laugh*
Faylan: You’re super cute!

Oh wow Sugita saying something like that to Imai made her so flustered, she was so panicky throughout this whole segment ahaha.

I’m so glad that there’s so much BlazBlue radio left to catch up on, I hope they keep on releasing more!

BlazBlue Radio W #07

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Guest: Nomizu Iori
Date: 2012.01.26

Nomizu Iori voices Serika for BlazBlue, a character that has only appeared in the novels and Drama CDs IIRC. I really didn’t expect they’d bring her on :O.

– Imai calls Sugita “Sugiko-chan” at the start, referencing a time recently when he crossdressed lol.

Sugita: Eh…? Sugiko-chan…?
Imai: *laughs* Sugiko-chan~ That was Sugiko-chan that I heard about wasn’t it?
Sugita: That was Mizuki Eri.
Imai: Ah is that so? Dear me! I thought it was Sugiko-chan!
*Kanako laughs*

Imai is poking fun at when Sugita crossdressed at Comiket a couple of weeks before this episode lol, here’s an image of it for those interested lol: The text at the bottom says “His eyes are lifeless…” by the way haha.

– Nomizu voicing a playable character.

Imai: Let’s ask Nomizu-san if she’d like to have Serika as a playable character!
Nomizu: I do! I haven’t really appeared much outside the drama CD, the drama CD and the novels are only one part and I’d really love to go “Ha!” and “Yah!!” as well!
Imai: Ah that’s right, “Yah” and “Hah!” there’s no fighting scenes in the drama CDs are there?

Imai: The recordings for a fighting game are really unique aren’t they?
*Sugita + Kanako agree*
Imai: You record a lot of those finishing lines and it’s also very taxing to your energy.

– If you could spend one day in the BlazBlue world who would you spend it with?

Nomizu: Well I love Arakune so I’d like to be with him~
Imai: What do you like about him??
Nomizu: I want to squish him~
Imai + Kanako: Squish him?!
Kanako: That’s something we haven’t heard before!

– Nomizu mentions that she hasn’t met Isomura Tomomi before and laughs that Sugita’s impression of her is gonna stick in her mind. Imai follows it up saying that Isomura is pretty much how Sugita portrayed her ahaha. Kanako refutes it though.

– Sugita mentions that he received a new years greeting card from Nomizu~

– Random trivia: Nomizu is a single child.

Nomizu didn’t really speak much throughout the radio lol, she probably had trouble mixing in with the extreme Sugita + Imai pair lol, even the co-host Kanako has trouble at times when these two go crazy haha. The next episode has Faylan guesting on the show :O I wonder how that’ll go.

BlazBlue Radio W #6

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2011.12.17

Once again Toshimichi Mori is present in the recording room though he doesn’t really speak much unless spoken to until the end.

– Sugita calls Kanako’s new album “Nazo Jam” due to how they both end with the same syllable, a reference to Akiko’s “mystery jam” from Kanon lol.

– Sugita talks about a time when he escorted a lost kid to their mum and the woman then told him “Ah… If that’s all you’re here for could you please leave already?” lol. That is haaarrsh OTL. He mentions that he passed the character audition that he took right after though as a positive point.

– When asked to rank the three characters in order of how well they’d fare at seducing the other sex out of Carl, Relius and Valkenhayn, Imai puts
1. Carl
2. Valkenhayn
3. Relius
Reasoning that Carl will definitely grow to be a handsome young man and he’d appeal to the shotacons out there lol… Kanako then reminds her that the question was who’d be the best at seducing and Sugita laughs that this isn’t supposed to be a ranking of “Who Imai would like to date” ahaha. Imai then admits that she likes Carl.

– Incidentally Sugita wrote:
1. Be-san
2. Sawashiro
3. Motomu-san
…In other words, the voice actors of each character lol, Be-san is Suwabe Junichi’s nickname.

– And lastly Kanako wrote:
1. Relius
2. Valkenhayn
3. Carl
This is exactly how I would’ve ranked them too.

– The net survey ended up with these results:
1. Valkenhayn
2. Relius
3. Carl

– On the other hand, they also took this survey at Shinjuku, asking the normal people there what they thought and ended up with these results:
1. Valkenhayn
2. Relius
3. Carl
It’s… Exactly the same lol.

The next episode is set to broadcast on January 26th, 2012 :O Yessss more BluRaji!

BlazBlue Radio W #5

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2011.12.01

No guest for this episode but Imai’s back to host the radio! Imai watched the previous episode of BluRaji where she was absent and laughed that she saw one of the tags on the video was “Inai Asami” instead of “Imai” with “inai” meaning “absent” haha. By the way, Toshimichi Mori, the producer for BlazBlue, is also present there in the recording room though he didn’t talk much unless asked a question or to chip in some further information about BlazBlue.

– Imai laughs that Sugita’s smirking expression when he grabbed her hand at the previous BluRaji event was burned into her mind ahaha.

Sugita: I was silent throughout the whole hand grabbing thing. I was probably enjoying myself.
Imai: …Really… When I glanced at you during this you had this really happy looking creepy smirk on your face! I’ve had that image burned in my mind and I can’t forget it! I was seeing it in my dreams for the next few days!
Sugita: In your dreams?! That’s one nightmare!
Imai: It was like a nightmare! *laughs*

– Imai mentions that she’s been getting a lot of mail from fans saying that her character, Tsubaki, has become much weaker with the latest version of BlazBlue and she asks Toshimichi Mori if that’s true lol. He denies it but… The comments say otherwise ahaha.

– Sugita says that he was speaking with an animator the other day and he was told “To be an animator you have to love drawing?! No way! You have to draw LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT” lol. Animators… Sounds painful OTL

– One of the corners have the three of them acting out a situation where their character embarrassedly gives out their email address to a person they like. On top of that they have to adlib their dialogue in character haha. First was Kanako’s turn as Noel.

Kanako(Noel): “Umm… I like you a lot… Umm this is my email address! Would you swap addresses with me??”
Sugita: Oh you added her friends’ names into her email address.
Kanako: Yeah you know how you add people’s names that you like as your email address!
Imai: Umm hold on for a moment…
Kanako: Hmm?
Imai: “thubak“…?
Kanako: AHH!! AAH!
Imai: You’re forgetting the “i”!! AND YOUR TSUBAKI’S “TSU” HAS AN “H” INSTEAD! *laughs*
Sugita: *laughs* That’s two mistakes!
Kanako: I’ll fix it!
Imai: Thubaki?! Thubaku?! *laughs*
Sugita: Tubakuu!

– Next is Imai as Tsubaki.

Imai(Tsubaki): “Eh? Ji-Jin-sama, you’d like my email address? …Umm… I don’t have a cellphone. Nope, not at all. AH! Jin-sama! *he grabs her cellphone* Umm… Well… My email address is… Sorry…”

– And finally Sugita’s turn as Ragna.

Sugita(Ragna): “Email address? JUST HAND OVER YOUR MESSAGE IN PERSON …Is what I’d like to say but since I don’t own a cell phone I grabbed one from over there. It’s address is “””
*The other two snicker in laughter*

By the way, the cell phone Sugita’s talking about is SP Tanaka’s, his radio assistant in his solo radio Anigera Dedooon lol. SP Tanaka is a known fan of Rinko from Love Plus and is a pretty creepy person in general haha. Imai thinks Sugita’s talking about himself at first but Sugita corrects her saying that his [Love Plus]girlfriend is Manaka not Rinko and she apologises ahaha.

– Sugita makes fun of Imai’s laugh saying that she laughs like an old woman lol.

There wasn’t any announcement of a next episode so it looks like we’re back to waiting in limbo for another episode :( [EDIT: That’s what I get for writing this at 2 AM OTL, the next episode was actually announced to be on the same day as the release of Continuum Shift Extend on December the 17th \o/ Hooray!]

BlazBlue Radio W #4

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ueda Kana
Date: 2011.11.17

Episode four of BluRaji Wide! Imai’s not present at this recording so they bring Ueda Kana as a replacement :O She actually feels like one of the hosts rather than a guest in this episode.

– Sugita mentions that Imai is probably dancing and cooking right now so… Is she at some Im@s related job?

– Sugita says he got to play with the Playstation Vita. What’s interesting is that he mentioned that he did it on a show with Nakamura meaning… Tokyo Encount! The next couple of episodes should be coming soon!

– The three mention that they haven’t seen each other since the BB Event at TGS on August.

– Sugita laughs that when he grabbed Imai’s hand at the BlazBlue event he had actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand and was surprised when she shrieked ahaha. He says he was actually shocked by how repulsed Imai acted lol. Poor Sugita ;_;

Sugita: When I grabbed her hand, I actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand.
*The other two laugh*
Sugita: And then Imai let out this terrified shriek…
*The other two laugh harder*
Sugita: And so I realised how much she really is repulsed by me….
Kanako: It’s your fault for sexually harassing her at a public event!
Kana: Well if she blushed and got embarrassed that would be pretty awkward though *laughs*
Sugita: That’s true, that’d be worse, I’ll leave it at that and she just did the right reaction.

Sugita! If Imai really hated you she wouldn’t react in that way at all! In fact it’s proof of how much she does like you! >:D

– Sugita does an imitation of Isomura Tomomi and Ueda laughs that it’s really similar haha.

– When talking about how similar Ueda Kana and Kondou Kanako’s first names are they start talking about how there are heaps of seiyuu with “Kana” in their name as well. Yeah I’ve been thinking this as well. Just off the top of my head there’s these two, then Kanae, Hanazawa, Asumi and Yukana. :O Kana mentions that there are a lot “Yui”s as well. Kanako laughs that she should change her name to Konaka and Sugita jokes that it sounds like Konata from Lucky Star.

– Oh? Kanako’s releasing an album? :O

– The two of them pressure Kanako to wear Noel’s battle costume, rather than her uniform that she wore at the event, which she embarrassedly refuses. Lol yeahhh Kondou’s battle costume is a no sleeve and no back shirt lol.

– Sugita mentions the name of the cosplayer that wore Kondou’s battle costume at the event as an “Ushijima-san” Err… Would that be a certain Ushijima-san that I’m thinking of? Lol.
[EDIT: After poking around a bit, it appears that she was present at the event so most likely it was her lol.)
[P.S. FWIW I’m not usually someone who knows much about cosplayers(or ero cosplayers for that matter lol) but due to some circumstances I learnt about this person lol. Don’t ask OTL]

It looks like they’ve decided to do a next episode of BluRaji W already :O I’m glad that it’s an actual radio show series now instead of one off specials \o/

BlazBlue Radio Wide #3 ~TGS 2011 Special~

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Lol @ Sugita's face

Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW 第3回 ~TGS2011ぶるらじW公開録音すぺしゃる~」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Ueda Kana (+ Faylan as another special guest to come sing the theme song)
Event Date: 2011.09.21
Broacast Date: 2011.10.13

This episode is actually recorded from the event held at the Tokyo Game Show 2011 on September last month. As you can tell from the picture above, the four girls, Isomura, Kana, Kanako and Imai cosplayed as their characters for the event. Sounds like a fun event :D

– Sugita comments that the people in the audience in cosplay there look amazing :D

– Apparently Toshimichi Mori(The produce for BlazBlue) drew that picture on Kakihara’s t-shirt :O

– They have them split into two groups, the radio hosts and the guests, to play a game where each group had to guess who would be the top three characters in a survey to the audience. The first survey question was “Who would you like to take with you to the Tokyo Game Show?”

– Kakihara started dancing while they were writing their answers lol

– Guest Team’s answers:
3. Kokonoe
2. Makoto
1. Sugita
Lol Kakihara was the one who wrote Sugita’s name in ahaha.

– Host Team’s answers:
3. Valkenhayn
2. Kokonoe
1. Makoto

– The survey’s results:
3. Noel
2. Ragna
1. Makoto

– Second question was “Who would do the best in a school’s culture festival’s activities?

– Guest Team:
3. Jin
2. Bang
1. Makoto

– Host Team:
3. Taokaka
2. Noel
1. Arakune

– Results:
3. Tager
2. Kokonoe
1. Bang

– At this point the only team that had scored points were the host team making it 1:0. They then had the two teams choose the person who they joke  “We don’t need in our team!” and trade them with the other person. Sugita chose poor Kanako with her squealing “Waah I’m the unwanted child ;_;” while Kana chose to get rid of Kakihara lol. This makes the two new teams as
Sugita, Imai, Kakihara
Kana, Kanako, Isomura
Imai laughs that in the end she’s the one who suffers since the girls get to talk with one another on their own team while she’s stuck with the boys on this side, Sugita laughs and tries to make things difficult for her by saying some vulgar things to her ahaha.

– The next game they played was a game where the teams had to put their hands in a box and feel what was inside it and guess at what it is.

– For Sugita’s team the box held a plastic golden card, a Mahjong tile and an Arakune cushion.

– All three of them are to put their hand in the box at the same time and…

Sugita: Ah.. this soft and warm hand.. Must be Imai’s hand~!
Imai: I think you’ve got that wrong…

It turns out it was Kakihara’s hand and they were fondling one another’s hand for a while ahaha.

Kakihara: Ah… This hand… Such a warm feeling… This is my first time…

– Sugita then reached out and grabbed Imai’s hand and she screeched “KYAA STOP DON’T TOUCH ME!” LOL Sugita continues to grope her hand and she keeps on screeching and screaming for him to stop ahahaha. “I’LL GET MY AGENCY TO SUE YOU”

– Imai then tried to pass the card she was holding to Kakihara but Sugita blocked them and stopped the pass lol. The both of them screamed at him “OI YOU! STOP GETTING IN OUR WAY!” ahaha.

– In the end they couldn’t find the third object lol. Imai guessed “Cushion” but they asked her for more details, she then reasoned that it should be Arakune and got it right \o/.

– Kakihara guessed the golden card right as well, leaving Sugita who didn’t even find the third object lol. Yeah he’s done for haha.

– Next was the guest team’s turn with the three items being a SNES game cartridge, Kinnikuman soldier rubber eraser and a fish sausage lol.

– Kana guessed kinda right, though she was a bit lost deciding between it being Kinnikuman and Ultraman. In the end they didn’t let her score because she had to guess the “Soldier” part as well haha, that’s harshh.

– Isomura guessed right with the game cartridge and they made Isomura guess the game as well.

– Kanako guessed right with the “Fish sausage” lol.

– In the end Sugita’s team won by one point and the prize to Sugita’s team for winning was:
Imai: Arakune Cushion
Sugita: Noel Dakimakura (lol)
Kakihara: Jin Dakimakura (LOL)

– Apparently this is Sugita’s 5th dakimakura haha.

Ahh more BlazBlue radio~ I want moar! I laughed so hard at the part when Sugita was fondling Imai’s hand while she screamed ahaha.

BlazBlue Radio Wide #2

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Terasoma Masaki
Date: 2011.06.23

New episode of BluRaji guesting Jubei’s CV Terasoma Masaki \o/

– Sugita mentioned that he met Imai a while back in a Mcdonalds store :O Sugita didn’t say anything to her and just sat down behind her while she was playing on her DS and when she got up to leave she noticed there was a guy staring at her behind her and she awkwardly tried not to make contact with him lol. She then took a look again and realised it was Sugita and told him that she had to go in a tired sounding voice and left lol. Supposedly she had just come from an event so she was pretty tired out. Imai commented that to see him there staring and grinning behind her made her think there was a prank being played on her or something haha.

– Apparently Sugita’s a pretty big fan of Terasoma and his characters :O

– Sugita mentions that he sleeps with a Jubei plushie and a Chiyo-papa plushie from Azumanga lol.

– A new corner has them doing tongue twisters :O The one they did was one of Tsubaki’s lines with Imai going first lol

Imai – Stuffed up once on her third time and took 19.09 seconds
Kanako – Stuffed up multiple times starting from the first time lol. She took 19.07 seconds
Terasoma – Didn’t really stuff up but kinda misread a word all three times. He took 16:08 seconds.
Sugita – Did it really well! …But stuffed up once on the second time lol. Sugita took 15.09 seconds.

Sugita won in the end \o/ Apparently he’s getting a pretty grand prize for winning :O

– The survey they’re looking at for this episode is:

+ Which character would you like to go to the beach with?

1. Makoto (Imai: “Everyone’s choosing based on their bodies aren’t they…”)
2. Noel
3. Platina

+ Who would you want as your homeroom teacher.

1. Tager
2. Jubei
3. Ragna

+ Who would you like to cheer you up when you’re feeling depressed?

1. Makoto
2. Ragna
3. Taokaka

+ Who’s homemade cooking would you like to eat?

1. Noel
2. Valkenhayn
3. Ragna

+ Who’s room would you like to see the most?

1. Jin
2. Noel
3. Platinum

– Sugita jokes that everytime he thinks of Platina he gets a headache, saying the best ways to kill Sugita is to either take him to the beach or to have him interact with Yuuki Aoi lol.

– Terasoma says he’s pretty good at cooking :O

I wonder if BluRaji will keep on going :D …And now I really want Yuuki Aoi to come guest lol. Come on staff get her to come on!

BlazBlue Radio Wide ~Special~

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Guest: Matsuura Chie
Date: 2011.03.31

A new BluRaji special released to promote the new PSP and 3DS release of BlazBlue. The video has been changed to a wide screen format of 16:9 which is where the “Wide” in its name cames from.

– They comment that now it’s on a wide screen they won’t have to be so cramped when a guest comes on heh.

– Listener: “I went to the Guilty Gear x BlazBlue music live, the music was great as well as the band and Koyama’s[Tsuyoshi]… Nipples”

Sugita: “Ah so he did take off his shirt!”
Imai: “Ahh he took off his shirt…”

I think Kanako is mumbling something about how he didnt quite take off his shirt but it looks like something did happen though she doesn’t go into it. I wonder what happened lol. It looks like she was there with Koyama but the other two weren’t.

– They did a survey to the fans with a set of questions and spoke about the results there :O

Click to Show(It’s loooong) »

– Character you want as a brother/sister:

1. Ragna
2. Makoto
3. Tsubaki
4. Noel
5. Jin
6. Platinum
7. Bang
8. Tager
9. Carl
10. Caelica
11. Nu
12. Litchi

– Character you’d want as a pet (Sugita: “Ehheheh is this really alright~” lol)

1. Jubei
2. Taokaka
3. Arakune
4. Makoto
5. Platinum
6. Noel
7. Valkenhayn
8. Rachel
9. Tager
10. Lambda
11.  Hakumen
12. Torakaka

– Character you’d want to raise as a child

1. Platinum
2. Noel
3. Lambda
4. Nu
5. Taokaka
6. Carl
7. Makoto
8. Tsubaki
9. Rachel
10. Myu
11. Caelica
12. Jin

– Character who would be annoying to date (I think?)

1. Rachel
2. Jin
3. Noel (Sugita: “She seems like she’ll randomly come up with some annoying poem”)
4. Hazama
5. Terumi
6. Kokonoe
7. Bang
8. Platinum
9. Tsubaki
10. Arakune
11. Taokaka
12. Relius

– Character who seems like they would have the craziest sleeptalk

1. Bang
2. Jin (Sugita: “Ahh~!! Nii-san!! HEAHHHH”)
3. Taokaka
4. Ragna
5. Tager
6. Noel
7. Arakune
8. Hakumen
9. Platinum
10. Terumi
11. Makoto
12. Hazama

– Character you would like to share a room with.

1. Makoto
2. Tsubaki
3. Noel
4. Ragna
5. Valkenhayn
6. Litchi
7. Jubei
8. Tager
9. Hazama
10. Platinum
11. Rachel
12. Hakumen

– Character who would seem to be a good parent

1. Tager (Everyone: “Ehhhh? Tager?!” Sugita: “Well he looks like that but he’s unexpectedly kind”)
2. Ragna
3. Litchi
4. Tsubaki
5. Jubei
6. Bang
7. Valkenhayn
8. Caelica
9. Hakumen
10. Makoto
11. Noel
12. Rachel

– Messiest character

1. Ragna
2. Kokonoe
3. Noel
4. Taokaka
5. Makoto
6. Rachel
7. Hazama
8. Arakume
9. Platinum
10. Terumi
11. Bang
12. Litchi

– Character a school uniform would look the best on

1. Jin
2. Noel
3. Tsubaki
4. Ragna
5. Carl
6. Hazama
7. Platinum
8. Caelica
9. Tager
10. Rachel
11. Lambda
12. Hakumen

– Character who seems the least human

1. Hazama
2. Terumi
3. Bang
4. Arakune
5. Jubei
6. Valkenhayn
7. Taokaka
8. Tager
9. Ragna
10. Rachel
11. Makoto
12. Noel

– Sugita makes a Kanon reference :D

– I want moar BluRaji D:

Sugita: “It’s been a while but how did everyone find doing BluRaji again?”
Imai: “Yeah it’s been a long time since we’ve met but it doesn’t feel like it at all”
Kanako: “Yeah it feels like BluRaji’s still continuing”

Imai + Sugita: “Yeah I want to do this again, as a special or anything”


Zoku BlazBlue Radio #13

December 11th, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

Hosts: Imai Asami, Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Toshimichi Mori (BlazBlue’s producer. He comes on for a couple of minutes only), + Yuuki Aoi’s prerecorded message
Date: 2010.11.11

The final episode of Zoku BlazBlue Radio right when BlazBlue Continuum Shift II is released in arcades in Japan. I was hoping they’d keep the show alive to continue promoting until CSII was released on console but it doesn’t seem that way :( I’ll miss you BluRaji~ ;_;

– Imai starts talking about her elder brother and Sugita teases her about it, saying this is the cutest he’s seen her act lol.

– A listener sends in a message from England in perfect japanese but Sugita reads part of it out in an english accent lol.

– Sugita sounds like he’s in a good mood.

– When the Ao no Chikara’s corner BGM starts Sugita says “Ah Excel Saga’s starting” Lol he’s commented before that it sounded like Excel Sage and I agree :D

– Mori joins in for the Ao no Chikara corner since it requires four people :O

– This episode’s theme for Ao no Chikara is “Astral Heat for Christmas”

– Mori and Sugita tells Imai that they bought her new album, to which she goes all dere and thanks them lol. Sugita mentions he also bought the Otome Zakura DVD.

– Sugita made a reference to TM Revolution’s “Burning X’mas”

– Mori calls Ueda Kana “Kana-sama” <3

– Sugita says he calls Myu-12 “Ketsudomu”(butt+domu[from Kanako’s nickname ‘Kondomu” since she voices her as well]) due to how much her butt shows in art lol. For Makoto he calls her “Rumble” referencing the slightly ero fighting game “Rumble Roses” which involves scantily clad girls wrestling with each other lol.

– Wow the new character looks really out of place, definitely more of an Arcana Heart character D:

– Sugita said he had trouble talking with Yuuki Aoi since he couldn’t joking scold her or say anything dirty to her as he sees her as a child lol. When Imai suggests that the staff did it on purpose to trouble him he says “That’s not right! You can’t use children as shields!”

– Yuuki Aoi sends in an audio message to the radio \o/

– Yuuki says she loves playing fighting games but hasn’t played BlazBlue before.

– I’ve never heard Yuuki on radio before but wow she was cute (and interesting) here. Hmm I might start looking up some of her radio work… *Looks at Ichiban Ushiro Daimaoh radio with Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko and Yuuki Aoi*)

– Imai was surprised to find out that Yuuki was in University, saying that if she had said she was 10 she would believe her lol. Imai says that she was often mistaken for an elementary school student when she was 19 lol.

– Sugita asks if you can take off Platinum’s clothes in the game lol.

– Sugita uses a Rozen Maiden theme for his ringtone lol

– A revival of an old corner! Moshimo no BlazBlue’s theme was “What would you do if your mobile phone rings while you’re playing BB CSII”
Imai – IGNORE IT!!
Kanako – Scream for her mum to pick it up lol
Imai: “Wait you’re playing this at the arcade right…? And you have your mum with you?”
Kanako: “I’ll summon her”
Imai: “…Summon her?”
Kanako: “Summon”
Sugita – Use the mobile phone’s vibration to pull off an amazing move by putting them on the buttons LOL

Not sure if they’re leading to another season but who knows, they gave a hint of it but they might have just been joking/trolling, we’ll have to see but for now… Bye bye BluRaji, I’ll miss you~ ;_;

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