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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Fujita Saki
Date: 2010.09.03

Radio for WORKING!! hosted by Hirohashi Ryou(Yamada) and a different guest from the show every week or so. By the way, the name comes from “Yamada + Working!! = YamaKing!!”. I still see Mountain King, or Yamada King but whatever.

– Saki starts off with a Miku impression lol, saying “I’m actually not human, I’m a robot” in Miku mode :D

– Saki mentions that she couldn’t stop laughing while she listened to the drama CD for Working!! Hmm I think I’ll go grab it now…. :D

– Hirohashi notes that though she has a good memory for some small things, she’s terrible at remembering things when it counts. She mentions that she couldn’t ever remember her underclassmen’s faces and names, to which Saki tells her off for lol.

– They talk a bit about the Working!! event a couple of months back, sounded fun :D, though they said they couldn’t remember it too well now since it was a few months ago.

– Hirohashi: “You three [who were singing the OP: Kitamura Eri, Asumi Kana, Fujita Saki] were great, you should just form a unit!”

– Hirohashi remembers the onsen episode in Working!! and notes that there are a lot of onsen episodes in various anime lol. She then hints at the fanservice reason behind it ahaha.

– They start talking about how self-conscious Inami was about her flat chest, Saki then mentions that in the audio commentary for that scene, where she was with Asumi Kana, they were talking about the same thing.

Hirohashi then notes that although Poplar’s small, she has a large chest lol.

Hirohashi: Poplar’s small, height wise, I mean but… She’s got a… “Properly” developed chest.

Saki: Rather than properly developed, I’d say it’s enviously big.

It’s funny to hear these things from the seiyuu themself heh.

– When talking about their past part time jobs they’ve done, Saki says she worked at a gym while she was at Uni. She continued to work there throughout the years she was in Uni.

– Listener sends in a mail where a lady in a rental video shop on occasion exclaims to her self “What a terrible name…” while filing AV videos. Hirohashi replies by saying “Ah I think I know that feeling… They might as well put a better name for them!” lol. Well yeah, there are some terrible names out there for AV movies aren’t there lawl. Also the two of them were treading around this mail pretty lightly haha.

YAMAKING!! still continues to this day, with Kitamura Eri guesting on the latest episode, and Hikasa Youko on the previous episode, it seems pretty popular as well. Hirohashi is a fun radio host :)

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