Sakura Ayane’s Love for Hanazawa Kana

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sakukanaWhat first got me interested in Sakura Ayane was when I heard she was a big fan of Hanazawa Kana (And I’d say big is an understatement now that I know how much of a fan she is!) and anyone who loves Hanazawa Kana is A-OK in my books :D I’m not sure how wide spread her love for Kana is but I’ve always wanted to write something about it!

I’ve gathered a few snippets for this post, the first one is from Moja-senpai & Sakura-kun. This was actually the first time I had heard Sakura on radio and was what instantly made me a fan of hers. The snippet was at the start of the radio show, instead of the two personalities doing a normal self-introduction the radio had a quiz: “The answer is Sakura/Moja!” where the question was information about the person asking the question, e.g. Sakura Ayane would ask something like: Q: “Which seiyuu is SUPER interested in yuri?” A: Sakura Ayane.
This was after Tone had said his quiz questions so it was Sakura’s turn.

Sakura: Which seiyuu is SERIOUSLY wishing for the day that her dog will start speaking with Hanazawa Kana’s voice??? *creepy laugh*
Tone: Err, your inner feelings are leaking out… *laughs*
*Sakura laughs even more creepily*
Tone: Your desires and delusions are coming out!
Sakura: *kukikikikiiii* (weird creepy laugh ahaha)
Tone: Kukikiki?? I’ve never heard a laugh like that before!
*Sakura laughs*
Tone: But what is this?
Sakura: The dog’s owner is a BIG FAN OF HANAZAWA KANA-CHAN!
*Tone laughs*
Tone: This is amazing *laughs* Your otaku scent is coming off really strongly. Especially in the way you talk about your interests.
*Sakura laughs*
Tone: So you mean something like your dog voiced by Hanazawa Kana-chan?
Sakura: Yup! The dog’s name is Chiko. It would be like Chiko (CV: Hanazawa Kana).
Tone: Like it’s barking would be like “Woof woof!” in Hanazawa’s voice?
Sakura: No! One day it’ll talk like a person to me in Hanazawa Kana’s voice!
Tone: Oh
Sakura: Like “Is it time to eat~?”
Tone: Huh?
Sakura: Or “Throw me the ball~”
Tone: …Eh?
Sakura: Or “Play with me~” THAT WOULD BE SO GOOD!!!! *crazy laugh*
Sakura: So which seiyuu do you think it is?!
Tone: …Well there’s really nothing else to say but… Sakura Ayane-san right?
Sakura: Yup! *Sings and plays with the “Correct” sound effect*
Tone: Calm down!!
*The two of them laugh*
Tone: Alright I understand that you really do love Hanazawa Kana now.
Sakura: Yup, the answer was Sakura Ayane but seriously Hanazawa Kana is my type of person!

I was so surprised when I found out that Sakura was only 17 at the time! AND HER LOVE FOR HANAZAWA KANA WAS AMAZING.

Moving on though, Sakura had actually sent a message to Kana’s Hitori de Dekiru Kana radio a couple of months before. Something amusing to note is that Sakura is known to act completely different around Kana, instead of that crazy cheery personality she normally has she’s a lot more subdued around Kana~

HitoKana used to have a Shuwatch corner (a Shuwatch is a little toy with buttons. The aim of the game is to press the buttons as fast as you can within a time limit). Kana had a high score of 181 and the radio sent the little toy around to other seiyuu/singers to have them challenge her score although no one had been able to beat her. Note that Sakura isn’t actually there talking to Kana, it’s a prerecorded message that Kana comments on while it’s being played.

Kana: So who will be on this corner today? And will they be able to beat my record? The person that the staff managed to grab this time is…
*Recording starts*
Sakura: Good afternoon! I’ll be taking the Shuwatch challenge today, I’m Sakura Ayane.
Kana: Ah! It’s Ayane-chan!
Sakura: I’ll be doing the challenge to see how long I can promote what I’m working on. This is the first time I’ve played with the Shuwatch so I’ll try my best to break Hanazawa-san’s record.
Kana: She’s really young! I think she’s 17 years old?
Sakura: I’ve always been listening in to Hitori de Dekiru Kana
Kana: Oh?? Really?!?
Sakura: When Teramoto Yukika-chan guested I was pretty envious of her! You’re a senpai that I admire~
Kana: She’s 17 years old! Ahh how cute!
Sakura: When I passed by you the other day at Bunka Housou (Where they record many radio shows) you waved at me, I’m not sure if you remember that…
Kana: I remember!
Sakura: But that made me really happy!
*Kana laughs*
Sakura: It made me want to try my best!
Kana: It made her want to try her best?? *laughs*
*Recording ends*

Kana: Well it looks like today’s challenger is Sakura Ayane! Hooray! She’s 17 years old! She’s cute! Cute! *laughs* It’s important so I made sure to say it twice! We were in OreImo together~ We’ve also eaten out together after OreImo’s recordings a couple of times. I’ve chatted with her a bit when we meet. She’s a really gentle and quiet girl~ [LOL] She’s got an atmosphere around her~ She’s a cute girl. But… She’s listening in to HitoKana! I never imagined there’d be a HitoKana listener in I’m Enterprise!(Sakura Ayane’s seiyuu agency) It makes me happy though! Is it okay with me doing that Kurage-chan corner… (…Basically a corner on the radio where Kana takes requests from listeners to act out crazy things lol)
There are actually students from A&G Academy watching today as well… Is it alright to do that corner in front of them? *laughs* I guess it’s okay! They should know that sometimes they’ll have to do stuff like this on radio! *laughs*
Well back to the Shuwatch, lets see how she goes!
*Recording plays again*

*Sakura does the Shuwatch challenge, it sounds like she’s going pretty fast*
Kana: Oh? I wonder how she’ll go! It sounds like she’s going really fast!
*Sakura yells near the end*
Kana: Eh?? What happened?? *laughs*
Sakura: The result is… 210! *laughs*
Kana: WHAAAAAT?!?!??!
Sakura: Wow! I didn’t really get it but I got this number! I’m pretty happy about that!
*Recording ends*
*Kana is speechless*
Kana: *laughs* Hey… Umm… Does that mean that this is the end of this corner?? *laughs* This is hilarious! Well it looks like my record has finally been broken! *laughs* I’m no master at all anymore! And she got 210! Wow! This is it! This is the wave of the next generation! *laughs* 17 year olds are amazing… Well the rankings are looking like this now…
Champion: Sakura Ayane – 210
#1: Hanazawa Kana – 181
#2: Ono Daisuke – 165
This corner… Should be handled by Sakura Ayane-chan now right? Oh? From this episode onward it’ll be changed to “Shuwatch-lover Hanazawa Kana’s path to defeating Sakura Ayane!” *laughs* We’ll still get new challengers but I’m going to be trying to defeat Sakura Ayane’s record as well. As long as I don’t defeat her record, Sakura Ayane’s name will stay in the corner’s name.

*Sakura has 210 seconds to promote herself… But runs out of things to say with 1 minute left to go….*
Sakura: Ummm there’s still a minute to go! What should I do?? I’ll talk about my love for Hanazawa Kana-san! *laughs* Firstly her voice is so charming! It might be impolite to say this but it’s really a warm and wonderful voice! On top of this she is so beautiful! She’s cute and such a pretty person! Just watching her warms and cheers me up~ Uhh there’s still 10 seconds! Umm… I’ll do my very best so I can have a main role with you one day, so if you see me please say hi! This is Sakura Ayane!
*Time runs out*
*Kana laughs*
Sakura: Rather than a self-promotion it ended as a confession *laughs* Sorry~
Kana: Ahh I was confessed to~ *laughs*
Sakura: But I really hope to meet you in a recording studio one day!
Kana: Me too!
*Recording ends*

Kana: I’ll have to do my best not to break her image of me… She’s listened to me on radio though… But it’s different to see it in person! If she saw me doing this crazy stuff that I do on radio her image of me would definitely change! I’ll have to protect it!

Fast forward a couple of years to Sakura’s birthday on January 29, 2013. One of the things Sakura’s radio with Yahagi Sayuri did to celebrate her birthday was by having a prerecorded message sent from a certain someone…
Note: Sakura calls Yahagi “Paisen” a flipped “Senpai”.

Yahagi: Here’s the corner everyone’s been waiting for! Sakura Ayane’s holy birthday celebration! *Plops a birthday cake hat on Sakura*
*Yahagi explains the rules, basically Sakura rolls the dice and depending on the number that comes out she gets a different present. E.g. (I can’t remember exactly what number was what so this is just a made up example) if Sakura rolled the number 2, she’d get a birthday cake, rolling the number 2 multiple times gets her multiple cakes.*
Sakura: Umm, putting this hat aside… If I just have a cake and presents I’ll be fine…
Yahagi: Shut up you.
*Yahagi continues to explain that she can keep rolling the dice for more presents as much as time allows*
*Sakura tries to roll the dice a couple of times before finally landing on the number 6*
Sakura: 6!
Yahagi: Number 6! Your present is a message from THAT person!
Sakura: …That person? Who??
*Silent Snow, Hanazawa Kana’s song starts playing*
Sakura: Who…? *Realises who’s song it is* WAIT A MOMENT! THIS IS—!!
Aoi-chan: Sakura-san happy birthday!
(It’s not Hanazawa Kana, it’s Aoi-chan[pseudonym], one of the staff for the radio ahaha, Sakura’s reaction is priceless!)
Aoi-chan: You’re 19 years old? Ah you’re so young… Please come to me whenever you want to be more flashy about anything, you can only do it now at your age! I hope your last year as a teenager is a wonderful year~
*Recording ends*
Yahagi: Happy birthday!! *claps and cheers* So who was that message from?
Sakura: …A… A… Aoi-chan…
Yahagi: Yep that was Aoi-chan’s birthday message! Thank you very much!
Sakura: She was here just now!
Yahagi: The BGM was–
Sakura: Yeah the BGM!!!
Yahagi: Hanazawa Kana.
Sakura: It was!! Why!! WHYYY *cries*

– Sakura continues to roll the dice and then eventually hits number 6 again…

Sakura + Yahagi: Number 6!
Yahagi: A message from THAT person!
Sakura: Huh?? Again? Will it be the actual person this time??
*Recording plays*
Saitou-shan: Sakura-san happy birthday.
*The two of them laugh. The message is from Saitou-shan[pseudonym], another radio staff member known for rarely ever talking and when she does she speaks VERY softly*
Saitou-shan: You’re 19 years old now… Congratulations…
Sakura: I can’t hear her very well…
Saitou-shan: I look forward to seeing your work in the future, farewell then.
*The two of them laugh*
Yahagi: “Farewell then”?!?
Sakura: Chanco-san(The writer for the radio[pseudonym]) you wrote a script for her to read out didn’t you?! She just read it out didn’t she!
Yahagi: Yeah but having her speak THIS much is so rare! I don’t think she’ll ever speak this much ever again!
Sakura: I guess that’s true…
Yahagi: You better thank her for it!
Sakura: Thanks… *rolls the dice* Number 4, a present from Yahagi-san!
*Everyone laughs*(This is actually the third or fourth? time that she’s hit number 4, she’s pretty much run out of presents to give lol)
Yahagi: …Then as a present from me you can have that thing I prepared… The last one.
Sakura: Huh? What is it?
*Recording plays*
Sakura: …Paisen?
Kana: Yahagi Sayuri-san, Sakura Ayane-san and the listeners of the radio good afternoon, this is Hanazawa Kana!
Yahagi: Good afternoon!
Kana: Ayane-chan! Congratulations on your 19th birthday! Wow you’re still 19 years old! So young! How cute! *laughs*
*Sakura buries her face in her hat, Yahagi tells her to stop*
Kana: My biggest memory of Ayane-chan… If we’re talking about HitoKana it would be when she came on to that Shuwatch corner. She was really fast! She took the championship place from me *laughs* Also… You come to my live concerts don’t you Ayane-chan? You’re pretty much always there! *laughs* And now I’ve got some announcements to make… *laughs*
Yahagi: Self promotion time!
*Kana goes on to talk about the schedule of her lives and releases haha*

Kana: According to Yahagi-shi, the Ayane-chan I know is different to how you normally act!
*Sakura slaps Yahagi on the shoulder, how cute!*
Kana: I want to see that Ayane-chan for myself one day! Let’s talk! Yahagi-shi is always coming on to HitoKana but Ayane-chan you should come on sometime too! So with that happy birthday!
*Recording ends*
Yahagi: Thank you Kana. And so that was a birthday message from Hanazawa Kana! What’s wrong?
Sakura: That… I’ve always… Yeah!
*Everyone laughs*
Sakura: I’ve always wanted to see her again! I’ve always been listening to her songs in my iPhone! I was listening to it this morning! That person is saying my name!! *laughs* This is happiness!!! This is amazing! Amazing!! Thank you!
Yahagi: …Umm…
Sakura: I’m so glad I’m doing this radio with you! *laughs* Seriously!
Yahagi: Yeah… You’re creeping me out…

Sakura: I was so happy today!
Yahagi: So how was the birthday special?
Sakura: It was the best! IT WAS THE BEST
Yahagi: Which part was your favorite?
Sakura: Which… Part? …It… Was all good—
Yahagi: Yeah Kana’s message for sure.

I love how Sakura hasn’t mentioned that she’s been attending Kana’s lives but has been there enough times for Kana to notice <3

I’m glad I finally got around to making this post, I’ve been in love with Sakura’s radio shows so much and I’ve always felt kinda bad that I never wrote anything big about her. Her love for Hanazawa really is wonderful, it’s nice to see Hanazawa on the receiving end this time!

The two of them have been interacting with one another far more this year though, definitely keep an eye out for more love from these two! :D

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #136

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ひとかな130313webName: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Date: 2013.03.13

The episode after Ogura Yui’s guest appearance. I wasn’t planning to write anything on this episode but I couldn’t leave the part about Yui out :D

– Last episode’s aftermath…

Kana: We’ve got some messages about last week’s broadcast… *laughs* For some reason everyone’s saying the same thing in them.
Kana(Reading mail): “Hanazawa-san, last episode sure was something wasn’t it! Who would’ve thought that all the “Hanyajawa-shan” jingles would be played and with Hanazawa-san being completely all over Yui-chan, it was the best! But it looks like after the used flu mask thing Yui-chan couldn’t hide what she was thinking… Has there been any changes with how she’s been acting with you?” *Kana laughs*
Kana: And after that we’ve got another one…
Kana(Reading mail): “…Last week’s episode was fun to listen to! The writer left an amazingly terrible script for you to read, and with the bewildered Yui-chan’s reactions to the senpai that was all over her, I kinda felt sorry for her!”

Kana: And it’s not just these two as well! There’s so many like them! And apparently someone counted the times I said “Yui-chan” and it was 95 times *laughs* I wonder if she’s scared of me now…? I… Haven’t seen her since so I don’t really know…
What are you gonna do about this?! I’ve got ROKYUBU and everything coming up as well! Hey producer! *laughs* It’s because you played those jingles! The director’s in the wrong as well! What are you going to do about ruining my friendships!? “Call her on to guest again”? *laughs* It’s not that simple! What happens if something like that happens again?! “Apologise to her”? *laughs* Something like “I’ll apologise so please come to guest again!” *laughs*
She definitely won’t come… What should I do?! What if her agency has added me to some kind of black list! *laughs* something like “We will never allow Yui-chan to go to any radio that Hanazawa’s appearing in.” Nooo what should I do?!! *laughs*
Maybe even Yui-chan’s fans are mad at me too! They might be thinking “That person is terrible to Yui-chan”… Should I apologise? …I’m really sor– Wait, no! *laughs* This can’t be right! I’m not apologising! I haven’t done anything wrong!! That was close, I almost apologised! It’s normal! I was just doting on a kouhai! Nothing wrong with that is there! Right?!

Yeah there’s nothing wrong with scaring little Yui! Oh wait… orz
(But really, keep with it Kana-tan, yesss moar plzz)

– Igucchan or Kana-tan…

*Listener sends in a message about not being able to decide whether to buy the calendar featuring Hanazawa or the one with Iguchi Yuka*
Kana: …I see… Well it’s simple. Just go with who you like more! *laughs*
Staff: Ah then it’s Iguchi.
Kana: OI come on! Why?! That’s just your preference! Don’t just “Oh, that’s right!” me! *laughs* You’re HitoKana’s director aren’t you! That’s not the right thing to say! Well back to the topic, just go with who fits your preference! Which FACE you like more! *laughs* Do you get it?! Just make it clear!

But we should just make a joint calendar with me and Iguchi! An Osawa agency calendar! *laughs* That’d be great…

Osawa now has Hidaka Rina in there too!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #135 – YUI-CHAAAAAAAAAAN! – Part Two

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guest: Ogura Yui
Date: 2013.02.27

Continuation of HitoKana’s Ogura Yui guest episode. The radio has the two of them playing a little corner to determine how much of an M Hanazawa is. What happens is that Ogura reads out a line sent in by a listener of the radio for Hanazawa to listen(and react!) to.

– First line…

Yui(Reading out the script): “The way your hair is parted at the middle… Makes me want to flick your forehead.”
Kana: *laughs* Ahhhh! Yui-chaaaaan!! Flick my forehead!!
*Yui laughs*
*Weird sound effect plays*
Kana: What’s with that sound effect??
Yui: I like this line!
Kana: It’s nice! It’s cute!
Yui: Yeah while I was reading it I was thinking that it was pretty nice as well!
Kana: If it was Rina-chan doing this to Yui-chan it would be pretty nice.
Yui: Ah she’s done it to me before!
Kana: She has?!?!?
*They laugh*
Kana: Rina-chan! Ah, I didn’t mention this yet but Rina-chan’s come over to my agency, Osawa! Yay!
Yui: Ah that’s right! She’s part of the Osawa sisters now~
Kana: Yeah now there’s three of us in ROKYUBU *laughs* But having that done to you by her would be nice.
Yui: Yeah it was. She was like (Imitates Hidaka)”Oh you~!”, ah did I sound like her?
*They both laugh*
Kana: You did! You really did sound like her!
Yui: Yeah she was like “Oh you~!” and flicked me!
Kana: You two get along too well!
Yui: Yeah we might be bothering other people…
Kana: It’s a good thing though~
Yui: But I thought “Ah being flicked in the forehead is pretty nice~”
Kana: *laughs* After Rina-chan did it to you? I think it’s just because it was Rina-chan that did it!
Yui: No, well I like foreheads~
Kana: Well you can do it to me~
Yui: Eh?! I can’t! I can’t! Hanazawa-san’s fans will get mad at me!
Kana: “Ah.. Today I’ve got my hair parted in the middle…” *laughs*
Yui: Ehh??
Kana: Yui-chan…
Yui: …Yes?
Kana: What do you think of my… *laughs* mid parted hair?
Yui: ...*Pii~* *flicks her forehead lightly*
Kana: Ahhh!!
Yui: I can’t possibly do it seriously with you!
Kana: That’s right *laughs*
Yui: I can’t flick your forehead like that…!
Kana: And you were like *pii~* *laughs*
Yui: *laughs *pii~*
Kana: Thanks, it was good medicine!
Yui: …Med…icine?
Kana: Ah…
Yui: Medicine…?
Kana: Sorry, I got a little bit too excited *laughs*

Yui asking about the medicine comment sounded SO CUTE. She was like “...くす...り...? くすり...?” asdjfalkjfadklsjf;ljsajkfkla

– Second line!

Yui(Reading out the script): “Hanyajyawa-shan! Don’t touch my legs! Bad!”
Kana: Aaaaaaaah Yui-chan!
[Note: When Kana imitates Yui she always calls herself “Hanyajyawa-shan” trying to copy Yui’s style of talking]

Kana: This isn’t really that S.
Yui: Yeah it isn’t…

Kana: But it was good! Yui-chan you were great!
Yui: Ah… Really…? Thanks…
Kana: Alright lets go to the next one.
Yui: I’m really happy to read these though~
Kana:*laughs* Yui-chan! You can’t get happy over that!
Yui: Really?
Kana: Leave it at me being the only one enjoying this!
Yui: Okay!
*They both laugh*

This line had a weird sentence ender in Japanese that the two of them talked about… It’s kinda hard to detail in English orz.

– Third Line!

Yui(Reading out the script): “Hanazawa-san, close your eyes…”
Kana: Mm okay.
Yui(Reading out the script): “I’m not going to do anything.”
*Kana laughs*
*Yui laughs*
*They’re still laughing*
Kana: This is great!
Yui: Yeah this is wonderful!
Kana: Yeah!
Yui: I want this done to me as well! Hanazawa-san can you try it??
*They both laugh*
Kana: “Yui-chan, close your eyes…”
Kana: Mmmmmmmm!! I WANT TO KISS YOU!!
*They both break into laughter*
Kana: Ah sorry, that’s not how it’s supposed to go…
Yui: Aaah…
Kana: So cute…

Kana breaking out of the script was perfect :D

– Fourth line.

Yui(Reading out the script): “Hanazawa-san, your sense of fashion is kind of weird isnt it…”
*Kana bursts out laughing*
Yui(Reading out the script): “How have you lived through over twenty years like that…”
*Kana laughs harder*
Yui(Reading out the script): “I guess I’ve got no other choice other than to go clothes shopping with you…”
Kana: *still laughing* Yui-chaaa~nnnnnn~
Yui: *laughs* …This is pretty horrible *laughs*
Kana: Yeah this is just insulting me!
Yui:Insults“?? *laughs* It is! Is this alright??
Kana: *laughs* Well it’s okay.
Yui: No it isn’t!
Kana: Well my fans are… Oh but there are a lot that tell me that they love my fashion as well! But I’ve been asked “Why do you wear clothes like that” on occasion.
Yui: Ehh?? Why? I like your clothes~
Kana: Really??
Yui: Yup! I love them!
Kana: I love your clothing too~
Yui: Really? Ah right, today I’m wearing the piece you gave me!
Kana: Ahh! You are!!
Yui: The camisole you got me for my birthday!
Kana: I’m glad to see you wearing it!
Yui: I really like it!
Kana: Ahh white fits you so well… So cute~ Yay you’re wearing it! I’ll wear this as well! This t-shirt!
Yui: You will?! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* It wasn’t Yui-chan who got it was it? It was the writer!
Yui: Yup.

Yui: But maybe everyone wants you to wear something cuter!
Kana: Cuter??
Yui: Yup! like a flower bed!
Kana: *laughs* Yui-chan, it sounds like you’re making fun of me!
Yui: *laughs* I’m not!
Kana: You’re not?
Yui: But Hanazawa-san, you give off a feeling of flowers~
Kana: *laughs* That’s just from my name! [The Hana in Hanazawa means flower]
Yui: No, I want to see you with them as well!
Kana: Really??
Yui: Like a fluffy one piece dress~
Kana: Ah… Those make me feel really itchy…
*Yui laughs*
Kana: like “ughhh this isn’t meee”
Yui: But I think it’d work!
Kana: But those kind of clothes are nice to wear from time to time~

– More fashion talk~

Yui: I’ve been trying to change the type of clothes I wear lately…
Kana: Oh really? How?
Yui: I wonder if you’ve noticed?
Kana: Huh? Umm what could it be… You might’ve been looking more mature lately?
Yui: That’s it!
Kana: Wearing more blacks.
Yui: Yeah that’s it!
Kana: Oh?
Yui: Recently I’ve taken a liking to black and have been wearing more of it!
Kana: That makes you look more mature!
Yui: Really? I’ve noticed that black goes well with everything!
Kana: That’s right isn’t it, black’s really versatile~
Yui: And I’ve had people telling me things like “That’s rare to see you wearing black”
Kana: Yeah I can imagine that. For some reason… Lately I’ve been thinking “Ah I need to stop staring” when I see your legs…
Yui: Eh?? What does that mean??
Kana: I haven’t been looking at your legs much from guilt……
Yui: Ah…
Kana: But I think the black is good~
Yui: Really?
Kana: You’ll be in university soon right?
Yui: Yup after one more year… I’m slowly becoming an adult…
Kana: Yeah you are~! But black is good, keep with it~

As expected that Kana was able to guess straight away how Ogura’s changed her look lately, she really is watching her carefully!

– Next line!

Yui(Reading out the script): “Hanazawa-san, if you’ve got any foods you hate tell me!”
Kana: Ah, gizzard I guess?
Yui(Reading out the script): “Ah, then I’ll feed it to you by hand~”
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Yui-chan! I’ll eat it!
Yui: I don’t really know what a gizzard is…
Kana: Really? You’ve never had it at Yakitori?

Kana: Yui-chan you loved Ramune/lemonade right?
Yui: I did!
Kana: How about now?
Yui: Lately… I haven’t been able to drink any at all…
Kana: *laughs* Really??
*Yui laughs embarrassedly*
Kana: Why??
Yui: Well I still love it but… I’ve found a new love…
Kana: Oh? What is it?
Yui: What do you think it is? *laughs*
Kana: AHhhh I wonder!! *laughs* But I noticed something just now…
Yui: Eh? What was it??
Kana: Spicy Lotus Root Chips!
*Yui bursts out laughing*
Yui: It’s not that!
*Kana laughs*
Yui: But you’re right that I was eating that just earlier~
Kana: I remember you were downing those like crazy!
*Yui laughs*
Kana: I thought it was cute~ But what was your new love?
Yui: Ah, it’s throat candy.
Kana: Throat lozenges?

Yui: I’ve been eating a lot of those lately…
Kana: Ah but Yui-chan you can’t eat too many of those can you?
Yui: Yup that’s right… I’ve been told off many times by people about that… Like “What’s in your mouth! You can’t eat that!” by so many people!
Kana: *laughs* Really??
Yui: I’ve had to give up a lot of sweets because of it… They told me “If you keep on eating them… Your face is gonna grow big!”
*Kana bursts out laughing*
Kana: What’s with that?! It’s like something you say to a kid!
*Yui laughs*

Yui: But I’ve been forbidden to drink Ramune now…
Kana: Maybe they’ll stop your throat candies next.
Yui: Yeah…
Kana: Well they’re good for you though~
Yui: Yeah they are!

Ahh poor Yui being forbidden from eating certain foods~

– Next Line

Yui(Reading out the script): “Hanazawa-san, have you caught a cold?”
Kana: Ahh I might have…
Yui(Reading out the script): “Do you need a flu mask?”
Kana: Oh! Yes please!
Yui(Reading out the script): I’ve only got a used one though.”
*Kana gasps*
Kana: …Yui-chan…
*Yui laughs*
Kana: A used flu mask? …You’re giving it to me??!
Yui: …Eh? Does this make you happy…?
Kana: Yes!
Yui: …Huh?!?!
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Really?!?! No way!!
Kana: *laughs* Yui-chan!
Yui: Uwaa!
Kana: Well you see…
Yui: Mmm?
Kana: It depends on who’s it is!
Yui: …Huh? B-But it’s… Used?
Kana: Yup! That’s good!
*They both laugh*
Kana: Yui-chan… When we finish here you won’t change the way you treat me will you?
Yui: It’s okay… *laughs* …I know about all your other nice points~
*They both laugh*
Kana: Ahh you’re so nice~
Yui: But a flu mask…? I’m pretty worried about that in terms of hygiene though…
Kana: Well this will pretty much never happen though!
Yui: Never! You’d probably hate me instead!
Kana: No, no way!

Ahaha poor Yui couldn’t let this one go by without questioning it. Sharing flu masks is crazy though!

– Next Line!

Kana(Reading out the script): “Is that ice cream?? Let me try some!”
Yui(Reading out the script): “Here you go. Lick it off the lid.”
Kana: Aaaaaah~ Yui-chan!
*Yui laughs*
Kana: If something like that happened in real life I’d probably be like “What are you saying Yui-chan?!” but then in the bathroon…
Yui: Bathroom?!?!
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Bathroom???
Kana: I’d be like “Ah… Yui-chan that’s so great~!”, moaning.
Kana: Ah she’s getting scared…! *laughs*
*Yui laughs*
Yui: Hanazawa…san…. Uuuu…
Kana: *laughs* Ah I made her cry!
*They both laugh*
Kana: I made her cry! *laughs* I’m joking! I’m just joking!
Yui: Ah sorry…

Lol Kana you’re treading dangerous territory, poor Yui’s reaching her limit!

– Next Line!

Kana(Reading out the script): “Yui-chan!! Let me touch your thighs!”
Yui(Reading out the script): “Is this the mouth of the person saying that?!!”
Kana(Reading out the script): “Ueheheh sowwy~!”
Yui(Reading out the script): “I’ll take my time to punish you properly afterwards~”
Kana: *laughs* Yui-chan!
*Yui laughs*
Kana: Ah that’s cute, it’s like something from an anime.
Yui: That’s right, it happens quite often in anime.
Kana: Yeah events like that.
Yui: But I really like Hanazawa-san’s *uuu* face!
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Do you know what I mean?
Kana: Not really, what face??
Yui: You do it from time to time!
Kana: Huh??
Yui: That “uu~nn!” expression!
Kana: Eh?
Yui: You normally do it when… Well… Like in recordings when I go to you with “Hanazawa-san~!” and you go “Uuu~n~!”
*They both laugh*
Kana: Thats…
Yui: You know what I mean right?
Kana: Yeah! That’s something from the joy I get from meeting you.
Yui: I really love that expression!
Kana: That’s great! Then we’re mutually in love then! *laughs*
Yui: ……I guess so.

Kana: Ahhh It’s hot!
Yui: Yeah it is~ That was interesting~
Kana: It was fun! We’re not doing this corner again on the radio huh… Sure was a fun corner though…

And so ends the corner, Hanazawa scared poor Yui quite a few times here haha.

– Another jingle! Once again each line is a different sound bite strung together by the staff. This jingle might sound familiar…

Narration: Recently…
Kana: I was thinking “Oh? Yui-chan are your legs bare…?” and went up to her and touched her *laughs*
Kana: Yui-chan! You can’t wear stockings!
Kana: When I blew her a kiss she went “Mmnnn *chu*” right back at me!
Narration: We’re starting to see some dangerous signs…
Kana: *laughs* What have I made a high schooler do for me??
Narration: Stop the sexual harassment.

*Jingle ends*
Kana: While that jingle was playing… Yui-chan was saying “Ah! I remember that happening!”
*They both laugh*
Yui: I remembered those things happening! And my legs are bared today as well~
Kana: I was going to ask about that… I was taking a peek at it every now and again.
*Yui laughs*
Yui: Ah so you were wondering about it, I thought so!
Kana: You’re wearing knee-high socks today aren’t you Yui-chan!!
Yui: I am!
Kana: So cute… And your legs are bared even though it’s so cold today!
Yui: No, it’s okay~
Kana: Thanks~
Yui: I’m used to it~
Kana: “Used to it”!? *laughs*

– Ending talk…

Kana: Today we had Ogura Yui come over but… *laughs* Were you alright?
Yui: I was okay~ I had fun~
Kana: Really??
Yui: Yup, it was your birthday after all.
Kana: Ah that’s right, I forgot!
Yui: *laughs* I knew you did!
Kana: I completely forgot!
Yui: I was glad that I was able to say happy birthday to you~
Kana: Thanks~
Yui: Well… *laughs* There were a lot of jingles and….
*Kana laughs*
Yui: There was something I was curious about… You were imitating me in some of those jingles weren’t you?
Kana: Yup.
Yui: Am I… Really like that?
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Well whenever we see each other you’re very subdued aren’t you Yui-chan?
Yui: Mmmm…
Kana: Like (imitates Yui)”Hanyajyawa-shan~”
*They both laugh*
Kana: It’s not a clear “Hanazawa-san” it’s “Hanyajyawa-shan~”
*Yui laughs harder*
Yui: That might be true! I do get very mellow though~
Kana: Yeah and that might be the cause~
Yui: I see…
Kana: But it’s not for sure! It might just be me being weird and thinking it! *laughs* But I get that image.
Yui: Ah…
Kana: It’s so cute though~
Yui: Really? But I’m glad to have seen so many new sides of Hanazawa-san today~
Kana: *laughs* That can’t be good! Maybe I shouldn’t have shown you all that, we have more ROKYUBU coming up as well.
Yui: We do!

Kana: We’ll be able to meet up often again!
Yui: I’m so happy about that~!
Kana: Me too~
Yui: I’m so glad that we’ll be able to meet every week again!
Kana: Me too! And we’ll be meeting up with all five of us as well!
Yui: Yeah, with the atmosphere that the group has~
Kana: Yeah that fun and energetic feeling~
Yui: I really love that~

Amusingly Kana mentions that she had thought that the radio would be ending soon with Ogura coming in to guest but it looks like it’s got no sign of stopping \o/
I actually thought that Hanazawa was going to be more settled down and reserved with Yui coming on but she was still all over her without holding back, probably changing Yui’s image of her forever ahaha. Well I bet with all those jingles being played she probably didn’t need to worry about holding her love back~

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #135 – YUI-CHAAAAAAAAAAN!

March 5th, 2013 § 11 comments § permalink

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guest: Ogura Yui
Date: 2013.02.27

HitoKana birthday special guesting Ogura Yui, I haven’t written anything on HitoKana in a while but I couldn’t miss this episode! Last year was Hikasa and the year before that was Taketatsu, HitoKana’s been having some wonderful birthday episodes lately! Oh wow it’s really been 2 years since the Ayachi episode?!
I should probably give some background information about HitoKana’s audio clip “jingles”. During the recording the radio separates it’s segments by playing clips recorded from previous episodes of the radio, usually Hanazawa’s more memorable moments e.g. Kana spontaneously creating and singing her chicken song. Amusingly this audio clip can also be heard by the people in the radio booth which has gotten Kana some hilarious reactions when guests come in. Recently though the radio has been playing all sorts of Ogura Yui love jingles…

– First jingle!

*Radio starts with the jingle, keep in mind that each line is a separate sound bite snipped together by the staff*
Kana: It’s okay everyone, you don’t need to be so worried!
Kana (Imitating Ogura Yui): “Hanazawa-san… I’ve always loved you~”
Kana: Let’s stop the sexual harassment.
Kana (Imitating Ogura Yui): “Please bathe with me!” *laughs* I WIIIIILL!!!
*Radio goes back to the recording*
Kana: Oi, don’t just start the radio like that… *laughs* Well whatever! it’s been played already so there’s no helping it.

Kana: Let’s get to the guest! Come in please!
Yui: Ahh~~ Hanazawa-san~~!
Kana: Yaay! Yui-chan!!
Yui: Happy birthday!
Kana: Thanks!!
Yui: I brought some cake!
Kana: Wow there’s so much to choose from! Thank you! I’m so happy!
Yui: Thank you for calling me onto the radio~
Kana: I’m glad you’re here!

Apparently she’s wearing a weird T-Shirt with “どM” on it, meaning super M in the S & M personality traits sense, given to her by the writer of the radio, Sakamoto.

– What’s that around your neck…?

Kana: There’s something I’ve been wondering about… What’s that around your neck Yui-chan? A ribbon?
Yui: Ah yes it’s a ribbon. I heard something about it being something Hanazawa-san wanted? *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Could you explain it to me?
Kana: *laughs* Well, yeah. I was asked what I wanted as a birthday present and I didn’t really want anything material so, as a joke, I said “Ogura Yui-chan with a ribbon around her!”
*They both laugh*
Kana: Something like “I’m your birthday present!”, that’d make me really happy! *laughs*
Yui: Ah then, I’m your birthday present~
Kana: AHHH!! That’s it!
*Yui laughs*
Yui: But I got an actual present for you!
Kana: Really?? Thanks!
Yui: I was going to give it to you today but… I forgot to bring it!
Kana: You forgot it?? *laughs*
Yui: Sorry, I’m really sorry!
Kana: It’s alright~
Yui: Ah I’ll.. Give it to the staff sometime to hand over to you!
Kana: No, no! Let’s meet up!
Yui: Okay! Sorry for forgetting to bring it…
Kana: But I’m already happy as it is so don’t worry about it!
Yui: Really?
Kana: Yup thanks!

Kana: But how long are you going to wear that t-shirt for?
Yui: Should I take it off?
Kana: Yeah lets… Have you take it off— Ah this is sounding kinda weird!
*They both laugh*
Kana: This conversation isn’t coming out right! Well, please take off your shirt! *laughs*
Yui: Okay~ Then…
*They both laugh*
Kana: AHHH Yui-chan!!
Yui: Well it’s hot here so I want to take it off as well.
Kana: Yeah it is!

Yui: Well then… Here I go.
*Kana laughs*
Yui: For some reason this feels weird! *laughs*
Kana: Sorry… But it’s alright for me to watch right?! Why can’t I look!?
*They both laugh*
Kana: This is normal! My face is red *laughs* Ah, you can take off the ribbon as well.
Yui: Oh, okay.
Kana: Okay, she’s turned back to the normal Yui-chan.
Yui: Sorry about that~ I’ll leave the t-shirt here…
Kana: It’s okay for me to wear this right? It’s like we’re exchanging uniforms to wear~!
*They both laugh*
Kana: It’s okay right?
Yui: Please wear it~

Lol things turned a bit weird with the whole “take off your clothes” line there! You can see the ribbon around Yui on the photo and I’m guessing Hanazawa is wearing the t-shirt.

– Mail from a listener…

Kana*Reading out mail*: “I have a question for Ogura Yui-chan!”
Yui: Yes?
Kana*Reading out mail*: “Yui-chan, you’ve probably met Kana-chan at work quite often now, when she caresses your thighs–” *Kana and Yui laugh* “do you want her to stop doing it? Yui-chan, even if it’s hard to say it I think you can say it now! The adults here will protect you!”
*They both laugh*
Kana*Reading out mail*: “Well that’s everything, look after yourself and good luck with work~”
Yui: Hmm…
Kana: So it says…
Yui: Ehh…
Kana: But you’re not against it right!?
Yui: But really… Seriously… I’m not against it at all~
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Not at all~
Kana: Really?
Yui: Yup!
Kana: It’s okay?
Yui: I don’t know why but… It’s okay…
Kana: Really??
Yui: I’m all prepared to have you do it~
Kana: *laughs* “Prepared”?!?!
Yui: I’m not against it at all~!
Kana: Then it’s okay! Even if I caress you or rub your head!
Yui: Yup~ Ah but when we’re working, you’re like an onee-san and you’re really nice to me~
*Kana laughs*
Yui: But I was really surprised by that earlier! That jingle thing!
Kana: *laughs* About that… I told them I didn’t want it to be played while you were here but… I wonder why they still played it.
*They both laugh*
Kana: With ROKYUBU and all that we’ve actually seen each other quite a bit so when I talk about you I always end up talking about how cute you are!
*Yui bursts out laughing*
Yui: Why??
Kana: Then after a while it just kept escalating and now it went somewhere strange *laughs*
Yui: Really?
Kana: Sorry about that…
Yui: No, I’m actually happy~
Kana: I’ve heard that your fans at handshake events and stuff like that–
Yui: Yeah!
Kana: They’ve been telling you about me, that you should be careful of me. *laughs*
Yui: They have! It surprised me, I’ve always wondered why.
Kana: Well after hearing that jingle you probably understand the reason now though.
*They both laugh*
Yui: Yeah a bit~ *laughs*
Kana: A bit *laughs*

Lol at the fans telling Ogura to keep an eye out for Hanazawa, well I’m not surprised with what she’s been saying on the radio ;)

– Date me Yui!

Kana*Reading out mail*: “I’ve got something I want to ask you, you admire and love Hanazawa-san–“
Yui: Yup I love her!
Kana: *laughs* *Continues reading*”If Hanazawa-san was a boy would you want to date her? Or rather, would you date her?”
*Yui laughs*
Kana*Reading out mail*: “This might be something Hanazawa-san might really want to know so please tell her!”
Yui: Okay~
Kana: Mmm… If I was a boy? That’s kinda weird to start with….
Yui: Yeah…
Kana: Well?
Yui: If Hanazawa-san was a boy? Ummm…
*They both laugh*
Yui: But…
Kana: She’s so troubled by it!
*They both laugh*
Yui: But I would really want to go out with her!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Ah thanks…
Yui: I really do love you Hanazawa-san!
*Kana starts laughing*
Yui: Umm really! From when I started voice acting I was with Hanazawa-san a lot~
Kana: Ah yeah right, I wonder if everyone remembers? It was Kaicho wa Maid-sama and… A .Hack OVA.
Yui: Yup~
Kana: At that time Yui-chan you were a middle school student!
Yui: Yeah a second year middle school student!
Kana: Yeah….
Yui: And from that time you helped me so much~ You taught me so many things~
Kana: No, not at all~
Yui: You were always so nice to me~ I’ve really always thought that I wanted to become an onee-san like you~
Kana: Ah! This is it!! I’m glad to be alive!! *laughs*
Yui: But really!! I haven’t thought if you were a boy before but…
*Kana laughs*
Yui: But if you were a boy, I would’ve fallen for you~
Kana: Ahhh…. This is the best birthday present ever…
*They both laugh*
Kana: But really, I want Yui-chan at my home!
Yui: Ahh…? Really?
Kana: You’re so cute!
Yui: I just need to be at your house?
Kana: Yeah, I’ll be healed by having you there~
Yui: Ehh?
Kana: In recordings and stuff I act like an onee-san to you but… I’m always thinking “So cute… So cute…”
Yui: Ah, that kind smile you always have for me is something I really love~
Kana: Are you sure that smile isn’t creepy? *laughs*
Yui: Not at all!
Kana: Ah it’s okay then.
Yui: It’s okay~
Kana: Okay well that ends our lovey dovey conversation~
*They both laugh*

Uwaah the atmosphere turned really pink there!

– Second jingle!

*Radio is playing back the audio jingle with Kana reading an imaginary script by her*
Kana: “I’m home! Ah it’s 11 o’ clock already… I’ll take a bath and get to bed…”
*Doorbell rings*
Kana: “Ehh? Who could it be at this time?”
*Door opens*
Kana(Imitating Yui): “Umm…!”
Kana: “Oh it’s Yui-chan! What are you doing here this late?”
Kana(Imitating Yui): “Umm! Hanazawa-san! I actually came here to ask you for a favor…! Could you… Let me stay over tonight?”
Kana: “Eh?! Seriously?!”
Kana: Or something like that *laughs*
Narration: Please keep an eye out for the continuation of Hanazawa-sensei’s work.

Kana: Sorry for having you listen to that weird jingle.
*They both laugh*
Yui: That was a surprise…
Kana: Ever since meeting you… My imagination has been getting really strong! It was something like having you stay over at my place and I had to make up the lines and everything.
Yui: I remember you telling me about this though.
Kana: Ah right! Yeah I told you that we were doing something like that so if you had time we were thinking it’d be great if we could get you to read some lines for us~ Ah but meeting with you like this already makes me happy~
Yui: I’m happy too~
*Kana laughs*
Yui: Seeing a new side of Hanazawa-san.
Kana: Well you’d be fine with not seeing this side of me though.
*They both laugh*

– Kaori-chan…

Kana: By the way, which are you Yui-chan? Are you an S or an M?
Yui: Umm well I don’t really know…
Kana: You seem like you’re both.
Yui: Yeah I’ve been told that often…
Kana: When we’re just talking you seem pretty normal though.
Yui: Yeah I’ve been told that I’m pretty half-hearted in that way.
Kana: “Half-hearted”?! What’s with those choice of words??
*They both laugh*
Yui: I don’t really know yet…
Kana: Maybe you’re the type to change depending on who you’re with?
Yui: Ah that could be true.
Kana: When you’re with [Ishihara]Kaori-chan what are you like?
Yui: Ah when I’m with Kaori-chan?
Kana: Yeah are you an S or an M with her?
Yui: Well… We’re both really air-headed[Note: Or “boke” if you prefer!] so…
*Kana laughs*
Yui: We’ve got a problem where we’ve got no one to play the sensible[Note: tsukkomi] role with us…
Kana: Ah I’ve actually been seeing Kaori-chan quite a bit recently.
Yui: Yeah that’s right.
Kana: Kaori-chan is kinda… Well I was thinking “Ah this girl is a little… Funny isn’t she?” *laughs*
Yui: *laughs* Yeah she is!

Yui: There are times when we’re talking together and what we’re saying isn’t matching up at all and people tell us that our conversations are pretty strange!
Kana: *laughs* Not matching up?? Is that okay on radio?! You’re doing one together here arent you?!
Yui: Yup we kinda just overcome it by being hyper!

– Rina-chan!

Kana: Just a while ago I was told to act S on radio but I couldn’t do it at all.
Yui: Ah! Yeah Hanazawa-san you don’t seem to be the S type at all!
Kana: Yeah that’s right isnt it… Within ROKYUBU the only person who’s an S would be [Hidaka]Rina-chan!
*They both laugh*
Yui: That’s true!
Kana: Rina-chan’s definitely an S isn’t she!
Yui: She is!
Kana: *laughs* Why do you sound so happy about it??
Yui: Ah well it’s just that she’s said so much to me so I’ve been happy about it~

I seem to remember Iguchi playing with and teasing Hidaka but I guess she really is an S after all :o

Oh god I’m only 20 minutes into the episode and the post is this long, I… think I’m gonna have to stop here and cover the rest in another post. See you in part two!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #118

July 21st, 2012 § 3 comments § permalink

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.07.04

Last fortnight’s HitoKana episode. HitoKana #119 just came out now that I look at the date :o

– Categories of girls…

Kana[Reading mail from a listener]: “Hello Hanazawa Kana-san, I’m always having fun listening to HitoKana! A while back you said “You all love big chests dont you!?” to the staff but I think that’s not quite right!” *Kana laughs in amusement* Yeah right, as if I’m wrong! *Continues reading* “One day I was discussing this with my friends at a restaurant” What are you discussing at a restaurant?! *laughs**continues reading* “We all named our favorite female characters and split them into categories. Us men don’t just like girls with a big chest! We talked about how there were sub-categories to do with chest size.

First there was 1. Girls with a big chest that have pride in their size. 2. Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it. 3. Girls with a flat chest and isn’t happy about it. 4. Girls that have confidence in being flat chested. My preference is definitely at number 3. Girls who are concerned about that are wonderful!” *laughs*

Mmm… Can I stop reading here?? *laughs* This is just weird! I mean, he’s mentioning Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko! As girls who’s concerned about their small chest size! *laughs* What?! I’m not concerned about it! AT ALL! *laughs* YOU ALL HAVEN’T SEEN AN INKLING OF MY CHEST!! *Starts screaming desperately* IT’S NOT SMALL!! WHAT?! …You’re all just making a fool of me! This is weird! And what are you all discussing in a family restaurant in the first place?!

By the way Sakamoto-san[The writer for HitoKana, he’s at the same recording table as her throughout the recording though he doesn’t speak, or at least not directly through a microphone, he often communicates with Kana during the recording] what’s your preference? *laughs* Which category do you prefer? Two? Which one was that again? *reads* “Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it.” *laughs* Ehhh…. That’s the most perverted one of them all! Eww how creepy! *laughs*

LOL Kana screaming about her chest size didn’t sound anything but desperation to me ahaha ;)

– Why does Kana like Ogura Yui?

Kana: Well we’ve been together since ROKYUBU! Actually I’ve known her from even before ROKYUBU, we’ve worked together before that. But really, Yui-chan… How do I say this? She’s so focused on her work, she’s really serious about it. She’s really got herself together, just watching her makes you think “Ahh what a wonderful girl~”. And then at the same time she has that face and that body! You can’t feel anything but healing magic from her! You really don’t get tired of watching her~ Or talking with her~ …And that is why… I want her. *Bursts out laughing*

I laughed so much when I heard her finish with “I want her” out of the blue ahaha. Oi Hanazawa you’re approaching dangerous territory!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #115

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.05.23

I like writing about HitoKana <3

– Hair styles….

Kana: I can’t decide on a hair style… I’ve had a bob cut since forever but… I haven’t been to a salon in a while and it’s grown so long that it’s become like a shaggy dog… I can’t decide… Maybe I should go all out and get a super short cut?? What does everyone think?

Well I’ve had a bob cut since forever but now it’s like a… pudding. *laughs* What should I do? What would be a good hair style? I think I asked something like this before. I’ve had my hair at this length for quite some time now, but the stylists recently have been telling me that my hair’s hard to style and that it’s at a rather half-hearted place right now. I then joked with wondering if I could cut it super short and they all shook their heads at me. *laughs* Well I’ve got this round face! It would make it stand out! *laughs* Well it’s a new style though. I was wondering what hair styles I could try that would still hide that part of my face… Please send suggestions to the radio!

A super short cut!? Well she’s joking about that though ;)

– Iguchi’s ‘Pubic exercise routine’….

Kana[Reading mail from a listener]: “Recently Iguchi Yuka-san had spoke on a certain radio about a ‘pubic exercise routine'” Huh? ‘Pubic exercise routine’? It’s written with the shame/恥 kanji and the bone/骨 kanji? [Kana doesn’t recognise the meaning of it lol] *Continues reading* “The ‘Pubic exercise routine’ might sound suspicious but if you work on this you’ll be able to have a great body as well! Why don’t you try this out with Iguchi?”

Iguchi really has been slimming down hasn’t she?! Right?! You can tell just by looking at her! She’s has! I’ll have her teach me this routine then! …I have no idea where this ‘Pubic’ thing is though *laughs* What is it? *talks to the staff for a bit* Huh? Which bone is that? HUH?! It’s the crotch?! That part?? …I see… Err… Well it looks like it’s not something you do in front of people I guess… Wait, why did Yuka-chan do this on radio?! *laughs* Stop it!! Someone from our agency go stop her! *laughs* I guess I’ll ask her about it next time I see her…

Iguchi showing this ‘Pubic exercise routine’ was on her Muun radio by the way and it was hilarious when it happened lol, Muun is a video radio as well so the scene was… Well, amazing ahaha orz. I’m amused how Kana had no idea what chikotsu/恥骨/pubic meant though and she was all for asking Iguchi about it until she was told it’s meaning ahaha. Here is what it looked like during Iguchi’s radio lol.

– Campione TV Series Recording…

Kana: About Campione, the recordings have already started but… Kitamura Eri-chan and Hikasa Youko are… Well… They’re noisy *laughs* I shouldn’t have said that *laughs* They’re lively! Yup, very lively *laughs* And then there’s me within it. It’s fun, especially during the break times~ Well we’re the same age so that’s how it should be~ And we’re always talking about dieting! Hiyocchi says she’s gained weight! Then me and KitaEri yelled that she’s being silly *laughs* “You’re no where close to saying something like that! How much do you think we’re trying to reduce our weight by dieting!?” We yelled at her like that *laughs* But really, Eri-chan has slimmed down so much! Everyone has! So I’ve been thinking that it should be alright to have a couple that’s gained some weight… *laughs* Well that’s how we are, girls are always thinking about dieting. *laughs*

It’s nice to hear these three livening it up at the Campione recordings, I’d love to hear the three of them together~

– Continuation from the Ogura Yui incident

Kana: You know how I told Yui-chan to not wear stockings, now whenever she’s with me she doesn’t have any stockings on *laughs* One time she came up to me and said “Ah, today I’ve got my legs bared~” And I was just like “Ah really? *caresses her*” *laughs* And then the people around me got mad at me! *laughs* They were like “Oi what are you doing to her?!” *laughs* “Stop the sexual harassment!” But it’s because I’m a girl that it’s alright! Their manager doesn’t seem to mind too! It’s okay! You all don’t need to worry about me! *laughs*

I’ve been wondering how that situation had been going with Ogura Yui recently, looks like the two of them are still going at it ahaha. I’m so amused by how Kana starts caressing Yui’s legs in that situation without a second thought though ahaha.

The blog has been pretty barren lately but… The main reason to that is that I’ve pretty much become accustomed to listening to radio while doing something else nowadays, rather than setting time to write something about an episode. We’ll see how it goes but either way updates are probably gonna become pretty sparse.
m(_ _)m

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #111

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.03.28

Kana has Taketatsu Ayana’s photobook there with her and she points out a couple of pictures which were her favourites lol. She mentions that it’s apparently selling like crazy and congratulates her :D

– Kana mentions that she’s gonna be given Taketatsu Ayana’s photobook by Ayana herself.

– Hong Kong’s reaction to Hanazawa Kana. Kana went to Hong Kong as a guest for an event recently which is what she’s referring to here.

Kana: The people in Hong Kong were really receptive to me coming! It was amazing! You know, there was a girl who was like *Screetches in a bad japanese accent lol*“HA-NA-ZA-WA-SAN I LUVVV YOUUUU” to me! *laughs* She said it right in front of me to my face! *laughs* On the way to the stage I had to go through a lot of people, it was crazy! By the way they were cheering and screaming it made me think “Am I some kind of Hollywood actress or something?!?”! Wow…  It made me think that they really do show their appreciation different than here. It made me really happy but… It made me laugh *laughs* I was really surprised. Thank you all the people in Hong Kong and also the people who came from Japan to Hong Kong at the event. *laughs*

– Lol Kana laments that she didn’t have a chance to go sight seeing at all on the trip to Hong Kong, she arrived at the airport at night, took a taxi to the hotel, slept, then went to the Event hall and then it was straight back to the airport with a taxi lol. The Yuruyuri girls were on the same flight as her so she guesses that they had the same experience as well haha.

– Listener asks if Kana has a thigh fetish…

Kana: I guess I might have a thigh fetish? If you noticed before when I was talking about Taketatsu Ayana’s photobook I did point out a picture due to her thighs. Well it was different from the first picture I chose though, the first one had something to do with her chest area I think *laughs*. But if I were to say then I guess I would say that I have a thigh fetish. *laughs* Plump legs and thin legs are both fine with me too! *laughs* I think they’re good~ *laughs* What am I talking about?? If I were to say this stuff to YuiKaori their manager would kill me! *laughs* I need to be careful! And the HitoKana staff! You need to be careful too! Err, when I say something dangerous like that you need to edit it out!
Staff: You’re gonna get arrested!
Kana: *laughs* Yeah, you need to watch over what I say!

– What’s made her heart skip a beat recently…

Kana: What’s made my heart skip a beat recently was when… Ogura Yui-chan and my eyes met and… I blew her a kiss and she went *mmnnnn chu!* and blew a kiss right back at me! *laughs*
Staff: What are you doing?!
Kana: *laughs* Eh? But our eyes met during the break! While there was nothing else happening *laughs* It was so cute~! I let out a screech when it happened and startled the person next to me, Yuuki Aoi-chan. *laughs*

Lol what are you doing Kana?! Sounds like she’s having a lot of fun~ :D

– Being presented with three different girls to kiss…

Kana: I can’t choose between them! Ahh so cute~ They’re different types of girls aren’t they! Ayachi is an adoring and loving girl, Yui-chan is like a small animal, cute and always trying her best! That type of girl! And Tomatsu’s the type of girl that you can let down your guard around! Ahh which would I choose….

Kana’s personal harem lol what a wonderful dilemma orz.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #110

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.03.14

The latest HitoKana episode~ I really need to get around to catching up on the other radio shows lol.

– Birthday celebration with Tomatsu Haruka.

Kana: I forgot to say this but, I finally celebrated my birthday with Tomatsu Haruka! Yay how wonderful~ We finally managed to match up some free time within our schedules! *laughs* We just talked on forever! We haven’t really had the chance to relax and talk with one another for the longest time. We’ve been in contact though but…

We’ve known each other since Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. [About 4 years ago now] It’s a great thing to remain friends with someone for so long~ We can talk about anything with each other. I hope we can celebrate with just the two of us again next year.

– Kana playing a character in Sket Dance.

Kana: I’ll be talking about work for a bit but… Sket Dance! It’s been revealed that I’ll be voicing Saaya in Sket Dance! That will be in April I think? On it’s second year of airing I’ll be appearing.

Before playing her role I went to read the manga in a manga cafe and I was really close to laughing out loud while reading it. I wonder what it is about it, it’s that kind of laugh you can only get from reading a Jump manga! *laughs* What is it about it… Like how they’re saying something really stupid but it’s really funny! Well it’s the sort of stuff that makes you chuckle before you know it. Holding back my laughter while reading it was pretty hard.

I’m playing Saaya-chan and her characteristics… How do you say this… She’s got big breasts! She’s got twintails! She’s a little sister! And lastly she’s a tsundere! Well she’s a tsundere, but she’s a girl with all these cute characteristics packed into her. I haven’t really had the chance to voice many tsunderes. *laughs* I was thinking that if there really was a tsundere in real life she’d be a handful! *laughs* Yelling out like that all the time must get pretty tiring. Well that’s me voicing what you could say is my first tsundere role, please watch it~

– The ROKYUBU live DVD/BluRay.

Kana: The ROKYUBU live was… Recorded wasn’t it… *laughs* Well the reality of it just hit me. *laughs* I haven’t seen it so I don’t know much about it! Yeah… Ahhh! How terrifying! What should I do?! Well it was a good memory… *laughs* Well it has been recorded so when I’m 30 years old or so I can think “Ah… I sure was young at this time” *laughs* While I watch it. *laughs*. Yeah… Uwaah… It really is gonna be on DVD… I want to watch it with everyone together some time.

Ahaha poor Kana is always so embarrassed when she sees her live performances~ How adorable <3

– Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori sends in a prerecorded message to Kana during the radio… This portion was at the end of that message.

Ogura Yui: Hanazawa-san! Um just as we promised last time, the next time I see you I’ll have my legs bared!
*Kana laughs loudly*
Ishihara Kaori: What’s with that?! *laughs* Umm it’s always Yui-chan with Hanazawa-san! I also want to see Hanazawa-san!
*They bid farewell and the recording ends*
*Kana is still laughing wildly from the message lol*

Kana: I’m seriously thinking of listening in to YuiKaori’s radio now *laughs* What’s with this feeling of happiness?! What is this?! I’ve had this grin on me for so long that my lips have chapped! *laughs* Ahh! They’re so cute! What is this! This is how an idol should be!

Umm well Yui-chan said something that’s probably of interest there *laughs* About that, in the Aquarion anime Yui-chan is appearing there as Yunoha. At the recording I was thinking “Hmm? Yui-chan are you barelegged today?” and I went up to her and touched her legs *laughs* I’m not being weird! *laughs* And then she was like “Ah… Sorry I’m wearing stockings today…” *laughs*

Well it was really cold! It was a really cold day that day! It was snowing! And then I was like “Yui-chan! You can’t be wearing stockings!”, a bit of my inner passion came out there and she replied with “Okay! If Hanazawa-san puts it that way I’ll always have my legs bare whenever I am to meet with you!” *laughs* Ah… What have I made a high school girl do for me?? *laughs* I was regretting that… Oh but then again I completely forgot about it until she mentioned it *laughs* But now everytime I see her she’ll be keeping me in mind and not be wearing anything over her legs for me… How wonderful is that! *laughs* It really gives off that feeling of fetishism doesn’t it! *laughs* I’m not being weird! *laughs* Ahh how cute~

Ahh Kana as affectionate to girls as ever ahaha. How wonderful~ …But what are you making a high school girl do for you?! Forcing her to not cover up her legs around you?! Lol.

I’ve been really loving HitoKana recently…. And by recently I actually mean the past year or so lol.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #109

March 14th, 2012 § 7 comments § permalink

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Date: 2011.02.29

I’m really behind with a lot of radio shows ever since flying off to Japan but I did at least manage to keep up to date with HitoKana <3

– Kana hearing about Taketatsu Ayana’s new photobook name on her Hitori de Dekiru Kana #109.

Kana: *Reading mail from a listener* “…Taketatsu Ayana’s new photobook called “AYANA” is about to be released–“ *gasp* Hold on a moment… “Ayana” in the english alphabet?!? *laughs hysterically* WHAT? Seriously?! Could this be a rip off of “KANA“? *laughs* Stop it Taketatsu!

*Goes back to reading the mail* “…It’s obvious that she’s keeping your title in mind with the name, in opposition you should release a second photobook! Please have the producer for that photo book be Hiyocchi–“ No way! It’ll turn into something terrible!

*Continues reading* “Keep on doing your best, farewell” Thank you. That’s amazing. Ayachi’s photobook is called “AYANA” *laughs* Uwaah and I just met with her today. I didn’t get to tease her about it *laughs* That’s interesting!

But seriously, photobooks are difficult, thinking up what kind of name to use as the title. I guess having your name in the english alphabet is a safe choice though. But it’ll be different to my photobook. Seeing a different side of Ayachi. It’ll definitely be cute. Cute. I bet she’ll be wearing a swimsuit! I want to see that…

I was so amused upon hearing that Ayana’s photobook was named “AYANA” as well. I guess it’s not uncommon now that I think about it though, Tomatsu Haruka’s first photobook was called “HARUKAS” as well wasn’t it heh.

– Listener sends in mail talking about always wanting to stay up at night but never wanting to wake up in the morning.

Kana: I know what you mean… There’s not enough time at night! I wonder why you’re able to stay awake doing nothing important at night?? *laughs* Even though you have to get up early the next morning! *laughs* I wonder why… You’re pretty much able to stay up forever! *laughs* Forever! Staying near the heater, watching TV. Maybe it’s the TV’s fault! You just keep watching it… Late night programs sure are interesting aren’t they? *laughs* And then the mornings! They’re so cold and that makes it hard to get up! But I’d say I’m actually more of a morning person than most. If I set an alarm clock I’ll normally get up. But I know that feeling of not wanting to get up because it’s so cold. Twenty four hours in a day seriously isn’t enough time!

I know the feeling orz.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #108

March 4th, 2012 § 15 comments § permalink

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.02.15

Hanazawa Kana’s birthday episode of HitoKana! Last year they had Taketatsu Ayana come on and this year it’s… Hikasa Youko!! Interestingly this episode was recorded live, which is a first for HitoKana IIRC. Kana laughs that everyone will hear the parts that are usually cut out :D

– Lol Kana was talking to a substitute writer in the room the whole time for about 15 minutes, explaining that the usual writer being absent for the time. Kana described the substitute writer as “a woman with long hair holding an iPad” and she stayed silent and just communicated to Kana through writing and I was wondering why she was talking to the writer a lot more than usual and… It turns out that it was Hikasa all the time long ahaha. It all makes sense now, I rewinded back to relisten to the whole segment with the thought in mind that it was Hikasa ahaha. Ah… She dropped so many hints and I only realised it near the end OTL.

Kana: Our normal writer is back and with that, good job substitute writer! You can talk now!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: I was called in to guest and then what is this substitute writer thing?! I was just told about it right before we started! Seriously! I never realised not being able to talk would be so stressful!
Kana: You can talk as much as you want now.
Hikasa: I will! A-I-U-E-O-A-I-U-E-O-A-I-U-E-O—
Kana: *laughs* Calm down!!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: And so with that, here’s our guest! Hikasa Youko!

– Apparently RADIO IS has the same writer as HitoKana :O

–  Being silent is suffering.

Kana: How was it like being a writer?
Hikasa: Really stressful.
*They both laugh*
Kana: But you know how there are comedians who become writers right?
Hikasa: I’m not a comedian!! Seriously, as a seiyuu… I realised that I really do love to talk, thank you everyone!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: It made me realise how grateful I am to be a seiyuu, lets increase my workload! I’m counting on you Bunka Housou! [The name of the radio station hosting HitoKana, as well as a whole heap of other seiyuu and music artist radio shows.]
Kana: Ah right! Digistar has ended already hasn’t it? *laughs*
Hikasa: Shut up! They changed personalities! *laughs*
Kana: Huh? Really?? It’s still going?

Lol yeah Digistar still continues but with different personalities, Ikeda Yuuko and Hioka Natsumi. I’m guessing the reason they replaced them was due to how big Oogame Asuka and Hikasa are now as seiyuu, especially since Digistar needed them to be there for three hours.

– The reason why they brought Hikasa on to guest was due to Kana naming her as the person she’s become the closest with in this year <3

Hikasa: Really??
Kana: Yup. I’ve really been in your care from ROKYUBU.
Hikasa: No, no! I have as well! *laughs*
Kana: What’s with that laugh *laughs*
Hikasa: But this last year I’ve really been meeting up with you a lot~
Kana: Yeah~

– Hidaka Rina, Hikasa’s successor!

Kana: We’ve been talking with one another a lot recently in Inuboku SS.
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: Along with Rina-chan.
Hikasa: From a highschool girl’s point of view, a 26 year old must seem like an old woman… Which is what we talked about *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* We did talk about that.
Hikasa: And somehow it lead into me seeming like a talkative crappy old hag. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* That’s some bad language!
Hikasa: It is!
Kana: Inuboku recordings are always filled with bad language aren’t they *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* It really is!
Kana: And within all that, Hidaka Rina-chan is the pure one who refutes the old hag thing.
Hikasa: Saying *high voice* “Not at all! You’re not one at all!”
Kana: And she’s slowly becoming like you as well.
Hikasa: Yeah she’s my successor after all!
*They both laugh*
Kana: How weird is that!
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: She’s starting to tsukkomi at all sorts of things now.
Hikasa: Yeah… Rina-chan… That girl is a capable one.
Kana: And she’s starting to fangirl over girls as well!
Hikasa: Yeah she is! She’s following us three… Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko and Iguchi Yuka. She’s starting to get infected. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* She is! This is bad! And Ogura Yui-chan is the only one who’s like a character from another dimension *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*

I’ve actually been hearing about Hidaka working towards being like Hikasa’s cheery and humorous personality from around when ROKYUBU first started and it somehow became said along the way that she was gonna try and be her successor lol.

– The first time Kana met Hikasa was in Sketchbook ~Full Colors~ :O That was over four years ago. Kana mentions that she was 19 at the time and that it was Hikasa’s main character debut role. It looks like they’ve gone out to eat together at the time along with Shimono Hiro :O

– Hikasa’s birthday present to Kana.

Hikasa: This year the staff told me to ready a proper birthday present for you.
Kana: Really?? What is it??
Hikasa: When I received the offer to come guest they also told me to buy you something and they’ll pay for it. They wanted me to do something about your sense of fashion!
Kana: OI!!
Hikasa: They seriously said that!
Kana: Really?
Hikasa: Yup! So they were like “Hikasa-san, with your wonderful sense of fashion—“
Hikasa: “We’re being serious”
Kana: So you’ll be improving my sense of fashion?
Hikasa: Yup! So with that, the concept of this present is “Clothes I want Hanazawa Kana to wear, produced by Hikasa Youko”!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: You know how your clothes are always weird…
Kana: They were horrible to me today! They called the colour I’m wearing “The colour of raw meat”!
*The two of them laugh*
Hikasa: Salmon Pink!

Hikasa: So today is farewell to that Hanazawa-san!
Kana: Ehh….
Hikasa: You won’t ever be called out for wearing plain fashion with what I’ll give you!
Kana: Yeah Hiyocchi you’ve got a good sense of fashion don’t you?
Hikasa: Yup! So with that! Hanazawa Kana-san! Please put this on! *laughs* Chain mail! [LOL]
Kana: … *SCREAMS* WHAT IS THIS?!!! *laughs* WHAAT IS THISSS?!!! It’s nothing but spangles!!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Really?! This?! Wait I have to show this to everyone! How should I describe it?!

Hikasa: Well I bought this thinking that it looked like chain mail but in the seiyuu industry, the only person who could wear this would be Takahashi Chiaki-san. *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Kana: With that description, everyone should understand what this thing is like!

Hikasa: So lets have you change into it!
Kana: *laughs* THIS?! SERIOUSLY?!

Hikasa gives Kana another present, a top that she thought would fit Kana’s sense of fashion and Kana loved it, though Hikasa continued to laugh at how weird it is. Kana then agrees to wear the chain mail underneath the top she was given which results in…. This ahaha.Amusingly the file name of the image is the original name put on it by the radio staff, “変身!!” which translates to “TRANSFORMATION!!”. Incidentally, the file name for the other image from the blog at the top is “着る機会、あるかな~??” which translates to “Will there be a chance to wear it sometime I wonder~??”.

– The two of them laugh that Hikasa wore spangled clothing as well for one of her ROKYUBU concert costumes lol. Hikasa murmurs “Lets pretend that never happened” when she remembers it ahaha.

Ahh the Hanazawa + Hikasa combination is as great as ever <3 I really wish there was more of these two on radio!
…Well I still have MoshidoRadio to work through so there’s still that :D
But I really loved this episode <3.

Also, I’m amused that when Hikasa came on to Toyosaki Aki’s radio for her birthday, Aki also named her as the seiyuu she’s become the closest with, I love how Hikasa becomes so close with so many people <3. I… Think I’ve said this before…?

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