Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #160

January 28th, 2013 § 3 comments


Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Seto Asami
Date: 2012.08.25

Nana’s M no Sekai with Seto Asami coming on to guest. The two of them are in the same agency and it looks like they’re rather close, Nana looks to have taken care of Seto quite a bit during her first few recording sessions on Hourou Musuko.

– Seto’s debut role…

Nana: We first co-appeared together on Hourou Musuko~
Seto: Yup~ That was my debut role! I was really cluelesss about anything and everything but Nana-san helped me out so much!
Nana: No no you were wonderful then!
Seto: No not at all!
Nana: You were around 17 years old at the time right?
Seto: Yes.
Nana: You were a high schooler and you attended the recordings in your school uniform! I was like “Wow!” when I saw you!
*They both laugh*
Nana: It reminded me of when I first started! I was around 17 years old at the time as well and attended in my school uniform as well so it really felt like I couldn’t leave you be!

– Passing out on a daily basis…

Nana: I often just pass out–
Seto: Pass out?!?! Ah you mean like after a concert?
Nana: Yeah something like that. But every day.
Seto: That’s amazing…
Nana: Well I always stay up till the very limit and I’m not very good at conserving energy—
Seto: That’s so cool!
Nana: *laughs* Not at all, it’s like I’m a little kid or something! Or an animal
*They both laugh*
Nana: After going crazy I just bam, and pass out.
*Seto laughs*
Seto: I’ll try my best to work hard to pass out every day!
*They both laugh*

The two of them have a pretty nice senpai-kouhai relationship~ Nana’s a really nice senpai!

I’m on quite a Seto Asami streak right now lol, I actually got really into Setomin a while ago but that post kinda fizzled out when Ambiseiy itself pretty much fizzled out haha orz.

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§ 3 Responses to Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #160"

  • r3 says:

    Is passing out like that a good thing? I keep doing it at school and people are starting to think I’m narcoleptic.

    ALSO HI AMBI ILU. ( ╹ ◡ ╹)ノ ~♥

  • Mazryonh says:

    I have to wonder if there’s something in Nana Mizuki’s contract that keeps her from voicing eroge or being in shows with a high fanservice quotient like Seikon no Qwaser. It’d be understandable since she is probably the most famous female seiyuu around (thanks to her singing career). It’s nice that she’s still nice to her “kouhais” (which would be almost any female seiyuu, barring those who have had more years in the industry).

    One thing I’d LOVE to see would be for Leaf/Aquaplus to get Nana Mizuki and Madoka Yonezawa together on a radio show focussing on the White Album VN series, because both of them were lead singers for the White Album VN games. Both of them even sang the same two songs, Powder Snow and Sound of Destiny. You should check out how they compare with those two songs. I’m sure the two of them would sound great together if they sang a duet for Powder Snow (like Nana Mizuki and Aya Hirano did for the White Album anime).

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