Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #6

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.23

– Kana comments that although she watches baseball on TV she doesn’t watch high school baseball.

– Aoi brags about how her dad goes to the gym and really works out lol.

– Aoi says that she talks about her dad often on her blog and she uses it like twitter, keeping her posts really short.

– Aoi says that she never really begged her parents to buy anything for her and was pretty satisfied with whatever she had. And she loved playing with her parents. How sweet <3

– Kana comments that Nonaka Ai’s voice was great for Iyashi-chan in the anime.

– Apparently Aoi has a squirrel at home as a pet. She talks about how she has it on her shoulder and Kana comments on how cute an image that is.

The radio is short and they’re mainly discussing statistics from surveys taken from different age gaps and comparing them so I kinda find it hard to write something lengthy.

Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #5

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.18

Hanazawa comments out of nowhere at the start how cute Aoi’s voice is, and Aoi gets all embarassed ahaha

– They read out a survey taken from their generation on what their childhood dream job was and rank #2 was “Seiyuu” lol, to their surprise.

– One of the corners have the two of them listing 3 colloquialisms and things that they think are important from their generation, Kana’s is normal, but Aoi’s has an internet meme in it ahaha. Kana laughs at how weird Aoi is when she explains her lingo and examples where she would use them ahaha.

This episode was really short =/

Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #4

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.09

When Shaolin gets mentioned Aoi doesn’t know what it is, asking if it’s a type of soccer lol OTL. She thought of that because of the movie Shaolin Soccer and they both liked that movie haha.

– Kana says that Aoi would look good in a Maiko(along the lines of a sorta female classical entertainer ) dress, but Aoi disagrees saying she’d look like a kid dressed up for a coming of age ceremony lol. Kana says that Aoi’s small and cute <3

– Apparently Aoi can’t eat mangoes :O. Kana in turn says she can’t eat “Sunagimo” some kind of chicken gizzard.

– Aoi mentioned that she’s pretended to be Sailor Jupiter while playing pretend Sailor Moon and Kana says she pretended to be Tuxedo mask lol. She wanted to be like Ami though :O.

– Kana talked about how the boys in her middle school were really into Yugioh, and while they were playing the girls stood off to the side and commented “Ah.. How childlike…” Aoi jokingly winces and says she played Yugioh too ahaha. She said that boys would yell to each other in class “OI YOU! IT’S TIME TO DUEL!”.

– Aoi says she played Yugioh throughout high school :D.

The radio seems to be planned in a way that has them doing a whole bunch of activities rather than holding conversations with each other. It’s amusing but they don’t really talk too much about themselves for most of it until the ending talk.

Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #3

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.02

Third episode!

Kana: “Ah it’s the third episode already, I think I’m getting used to this now.”
Aoi: “Getting used to the show, or getting used to me?”
Kana: “No, no. Well you’re okay Aoi.”
Aoi: “I’ve been told by people that they were pretty surprised by me when they first met me”
Kana: “Well it was kinda shocking at the start”

– Apparently Aoi likes to cook occasionally.

– Aoi says she’s been treated to a lot of meals ever since entering the seiyuu industry and she feels a bit guilty for it. They decide that they need to carry it on and treat their juniors in the future lol.

– Aoi’s never done any part-time work before.

They spent a majority of the episode doing a quiz with each other so I didn’t really write much for this episode =/

Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #2

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.03.26

The two of them wonder what Capoeira is lol. Aoi asks if it’s a pokemon ahahaha. They start saying “Capoeira!” like a pokemon call :D

– I… Don’t think Kana knows Venice is in Italy lol.

Aoi: “I want to go to Venice and go on a gondola tour! When I was talking about my graduation trip with my school mates I yelled out Venice… And they all looked at me funny”
Kana: “Eh? Why? You should just go if you want to”
Aoi: “Huh? …Venice is in Italy you know?”
Kana: “Ahh…”

– Aoi says she’s a big fan of Pokemon lol

– Ao’s sound effects

Aoi: “If I wanted to go out with my friends but I didn’t have my allowance given to me yet I’d be like *dadaan*”
Kana: “Huh? ‘dadaaan’?”
Aoi: “It’s supposed to be that classic shock horror sound effect *sings it properly*”
Kana: “Ah… I see… Whatever, go on”
Aoi: “Ahh! Don’t ignore it! Tease me for it! I love being teased~!”

Lol OTL. Also I have no idea how to say the sound effect that she says. If you’ve played Peggle before it’s the sound effect of the Spooky Ball… That probably doesn’t help does it? OTL.

– Apparently Aoi’s dad is some kind of manager or head director or something. The details were censored out :O.

– Aoi talked about how much she loved her dad and how cool he was a couple of times throughout the episode lol.

Oh they’re celebrating Aoi’s 18th birthday on the show :O. Her birthday is on the 27th of March. Kana comments how steady she is as a person at 18, saying she was really spacey at 18 ahaha. Yeahhh If you’ve seen Kana at 18 the difference compared to her now is huuuge lol.

Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #0 & #1

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.03.19

Radio for the web anime Yutori-chan hosted by Yuuki Aoi and Hanazawa Kana. The name means something along the lines of “Don’t get annoyed by this radio too~”. Episode 0 is a brief 10 minute broadcast with Aoi alone describing the corners and the radio show. Aoi says she was really nervous since she’s doing this on her own, I’m not surprised though, I think this may be the first time she’s done solo radio work.

– Aoi was in the art club during school. She says she loves drawing, and we all know how great she is at it :D

– Apparently episode 0 was recorded just before episode 1, with Kana watching her outside the studio lol

———End of episode 0———

– Aoi had just graduated from high school it seems.

– The two of them mention that they were lots of adlibbing done during the recording of Yutori-chan :O

– Apparently Kana has learnt Aikido :O

Aoi: “That’s really cool!”
Kana: “Yeah, but I wasn’t any good at it, the teacher told me that I should just run away”

– Kana was in the Computer Studies club in middle school :O She said she did absolutely nothing though lol. The biggest thing she did there was learn Microsoft Word.

– Kana’s script has her saying “nyannyan” and Yuuki tells her to repeat it.

Aoi: “This is kinda off topic, but could you say ‘nyan nyan’ one more time?”
Kana: “…nyannyan”
Aoi: “Thats moe. Okay you can continue now”
Kana: “What’s with this conversation…?”

– Aoi says she knows how to program :O Though she’s doubtful that it’ll come into use as a seiyuu lol.

– Aoi tries to pull Kana into gaming haha.

– Kana is allergic to cats and dogs :O

– Kana’s favourite animal is a turtle.

– “Ao-chan you’re a funny person!”

Kana: “Aoi, you’re a pretty funny person!”
Aoi: “Huh? Am I pitiful? *laughs*
Kana: “Eh? I didn’t say pitiful! *laughs* Yeah, funny!”

– Aoi says she’s a hikikomori, she spends all her free time at home drawing, gaming or on the computer lol.

– Aoi says she really, REALLY loves her work as a seiyuu, and Kana agrees saying that work is fun :D

Aoi: “And I’m much younger than everyone else, everyone spoils me and treats me really nicely!*laughs a lot*
Kana*laughs a lot as well*

– Aoi comments that she’s a boke type, and she really loves Kana’s tsukkomis.

Aoi: “We actually make a pretty good combination don’t we?”
Kana: “Yeah we’re pretty in sync”
Aoi: “I’m the type of person who just keeps rolling with the bokes, so your tsukkomis are really great!”
Kana: “Oh, It’s alright for me to tsukkomi?”
Aoi: “Yeah! Be as sharp as you want! In fact I’d be happier if you did!”
Kana: “…You’re quite M aren’t you?”

This is really reminding me of the conversations between Hikasa and Kana lol.

As always the atmosphere was kinda weird at the start since it’s the first time these two have properly had time to talk to one another but they warmed up to each other pretty quickly :D. I’m still really interested in Aoi and her radio work. I love her more with each time I hear her, and her otakuness is wonderful <3. I really enjoyed this episode actually, I might go through the whole thirteen episodes but I’m really overloaded with radio shows right now OTL I haven’t even seen a single IchiUshi radio episode in months lol. We’ll see how it goes.

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