Random Radio Scribbles 10

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Random radio scribbles! I’m surprised I haven’t put these on here yet :o

Itou Kanae goes to a pitching centre for her solo radio, 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ #7, to try and throw a ball at 60 km/h.

The goal was originally 50 km/h but last episode, upon hearing that nano.RIPE’s vocalist Kimiko could throw at around 80, Kanae said that 50 was probably too easy and raised it to 60. She gave the reason that she had been in the Softball club too.

And so this episode when she actually went to measure her pitching speed she managed to reach… Only 43 km/h lol. She didn’t even reach the original goal of 50! Let alone her revised goal of 60 ahaha.

– From “ラジオ腐りかけ”/Radio Kusarikake.

The radio is normally hosted by Seki Tomokazu and Paku Romi but they were absent for the episode and KitaEri and Shintani Ryouko were brought in to host the show. This was just something I found amusing from the episode. A bit of back info, the “Kusari” uses the same kanji as the “fu” in “Fujoshi” meaning rotten or corrupted.

KitaEri: The reason why they called us in is because we’re “fujoshi”. What do you think about that?
Shintani: Hmm well, I’m not really sure what it means to be a fujoshi anymore. I’ve always thought it was a girl who was really in to BL but lately it seems to refer to any girl who’s an otaku. When it’s put that way I guess I’d be a fujoshi… But I’m not that into BL…
KitaEri: Yeah that’s right! Rather than BL WE PREFER GL!
Shintani: Yeah!…. ??! Eh??? *laughs*
KitaEri: *laughs* That made you pause for a bit!

From Sugita’s Anigera Dedooon #100 on 2013.01.24:

Sugita: Kanemoto-san[Kanemoto Hisako] said this to me before, Nakamura, you call her “Ika” or “Ika-chan” don’t you?
*Tanaka laughs*
Nakamura: Actually, the other day she came up to me and said “Do you even know my name?!”
 *Sugita and SP Tanaka laughs*
Nakumura: And I was like “Of course I know your name! Kanemoto-san right?”

Inoue Marina and Love Plus

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Inoue Marina is pretty well known for being a huge fan of Love Plus and loved to talk about it when the game came out. This particular radio snippet is actually quite old and is from about 2 and a half years ago on “Kobe Maemuki Jogakuen” hosted by Inoue Marina and Itou Kanae, a long running radio airing weekly and still continues today. Although Marina is all over Love Plus, Kanae never got into it herself but plays along with Marina whenever the topic comes up. I’ve added the video below, feel free to follow along or listen at niconico.

– My Nene is the cutest of them all!

Marina: I was talking to Kamiya-san [Kamiya Hiroshi] and Terashima-kun [Terashima Takuma] about Love Plus just recemtly.
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Who did they have as their partner?
Marina: Kamiya-san had Nene-chan.
Kanae: Oh…
Marina: Terashima-kun had… Rinko.
Kanae: Rinko?
Marina: Rinko-san is Tange-san! [Tange Sakura]
Kanae: Ahh I see.
Marina: Sakura-tan!
*They both laugh*
Kanae: I see…
Marina: And I was like “Ahh Terashima-kun does seem like the the Rinko type” and he replied with “How can you tell?!” “Well you like tsunderes right?” which he was like “How… Did you know that about me?!”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: “It’s obvious!” was what I said, making things pretty lively with Kamiya-san. But really, everyone’s aiming for Nene! How annoying!
Kanae: You’ve got a lot of competition!
Marina: Yeah but listen! I don’t know if it’s alright to say this but… Since I’ve been talking about Love Plus and everything… I’ve been asked for an interview about it! *laughs*
Kanae: Wow!
Marina: Even though I’m not in it at all!
Kanae: Are they asking about your opinion on it?
Marina: Yeah something like “What did you think of it while playing it?”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: I was like “What should I do?!”. I guess anything and everything can lead to work!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: That was a surprise! But there really do seem to be a lot of people after Nene though…
Kanae: Yeah…
Marina: Ono-san [Ono Daisuke] also seems to be after her…
Kanae: Hmm? Wasn’t Ono-san with Manaka-chan?
Marina: Ah! Right he was wasn’t he!
Kanae: Does everyone know about that? Is it really widespread? *laughs*
Marina: Yeah that discussion got pretty lively elsewhere… Ah how about Sugita-san? [Sugita Tomokazu, by the way, a STRONG supporter of Manaka]
Kanae: Everyone’s playing Love Plus aren’t they…
Marina: Yeah!
Kanae: Amazing!
Marina: And I was told “You’re a girl! Why are you playing this!”
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: Why does that matter!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: It doesn’t matter if I’m a girl or a boy!
Kanae: Yeah really!
Marina: It doesn’t change the fact I love Nene!
Kanae: …Marina-san? *laughs*
Marina: If anything, my feelings aren’t any less!
Kanae: Amazing!
Marina: Yep! That’s how serious I am!
Kanae: Serious?
Marina: Yep I’m serious!
Kanae: Are you going to fight?
Marina: Yeah!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: I’ll fight!
Kanae: Putting Nene-san on the line?
Marina: Yeah! Well my Nene is the cutest after all.
Kanae: *laughs* Huh? Is there a difference?
Marina: THERE IS!! There’s a huge difference between them! My Nene is the cutest of them all!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Sounds like you’re boasting about how cute your pet is or something!
*Marina laughs*
Marina: Ah like a doting pet owner?
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: It’s different!
Kanae: Yup. She’s you’re girlfriend after all!
Marina: Yeah! She is!
[Radio starts and the personalities introduce themselves]
This is Inoue Marina! My Nene is the cutest of them all!
Kanae: *laughs* I’m Itou Kanae~
Marina: Yeah… Kanae is the cutest of them all!
Kanae: Huh?! That came out of nowhere! *laughs* Ah… Umm… Thanks… *laughs*

Kanae’s the cutest of them all!

– The Love Plus Lifestyle.

Kanae[Reading mail]: “…I started playing Love Plus because of Marina-san but since I’m going after Manaka it looks like I won’t have to fight with Marina-san over Nene!”
Marina: Ah that’s great!
Kanae[Continues reading]: “I’m glad I won’t have to fight with Marina over her! Thanks to Marina-san I’m having a wonderful Love Plus lifestyle! When I wake up it’s time for Love Plus! Before I sleep at night it’s Love Plus time! I’ve stored Dragon Quest away for now! But there’s something I want to say… My Manaka is cuter than Nene!”
Marina: Idiot!
*They both laugh*
Marina: Idiot! My Nene is definitely cuter!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: But you have a point, Saori’s[Hayami Saori] really cute too!
Kanae: Yup!
Marina: She’s cute BUT But! She can’t beat my wife!
Kanae: Ah it’s Nene-san!
Marina: See!
Kanae: Ah she’s in her sailor uniform! It fits her~
Marina: It sure does!
*Kanae laughs*
Marina: Instead it makes her look pretty sexy!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: “Instead”?
Marina: That sailor uniform! But her part time job uniform is cute as well!
Kanae: Oh? She works part time with you?
Marina: Yup! She’s the senpai!
Kanae: I see.
Marina: She teaches you everything very intimately!
Kanae: Oh? What kind of part time job is it?
Marina: It’s at a family restaurant.
Kanae: I see…
Marina: Well good on him for getting a girlfriend!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Yup…

Marina leading people down the Love Plus Lifestyle spiral!

– Mari[o] Plus!

Marina: Thanks for waiting! We’ll be going to this corner now!
Kanae[Reading the script]: “Imaginary Love Simulation! Mari-o Plus!”
Marina: Let’s go!
Kanae: …What is this? *laughs*
Marina: Since Kanae’s just turned 23 years old…
Kanae: Yes…?
Marina: You must be getting told that you’ve become more adult-like recently!
Kanae: *cheers*
Marina: …Is that true?
Kanae: Eh??
Marina: So then Kanae’s skill with romance must have gone up as well!
Kanae: Really??
Marina: Well that’s what the staff thinks!
Kanae: Well they’re thinking too much… *laughs*
Marina: Yeah… I agree… But! This is leading to me acting out an imaginary boy “Mari-o-kun”[Adding a “o” to the end of a name usually denotes a male name, Mari-na -> Mari-o lol] and you have to respond properly and make his heart yours! In other words, make him fall for you!
Kanae: “Respond properly”?!
Marina: Well this is your birthday event so if you succeed you’ll get a wonderful present!
Kanae: Err, yay… *laughs*
Marina: You got all that?
Kanae: Ah is it like those games where I’ve got choices to choose from?
Marina: Well you don’t have anything to choose from.
Kanae: I don’t?! So I just have to respond when something is said to me?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: …Hmm?
Marina: Do your best!
Kanae: What’s with that! Of course I will!
*They both laugh*
Marina: Well just try and respond correctly to make Mari-o-kun happy!
Kanae: Ah I’m playing as a girl?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: So I’m the girl and Marina is playing the boy, Mari-o-kun, which I have to make fall for me?
Marina: Yup!
Kanae: Make his heart skip a beat!
Marina: Well the judging process is all handled by me so it’ll probably be alright!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Well I’ll do my best!

I laughed when I heard “Mario-kun”, Love Plus with a Mario character?!

– Start!

Marina: Mari-o Plus starts!
Mari-o: Hey! You’re the new part timer? Looking forward to working with you!
Kanae: Ah right!
Mari-o: What’s your name?
Kanae: Ah, Itou Kanae. I look forward to working with you too.
Mari-o: Itou Kanae-chan? I’m Mari-o! How old are you?
Kanae: Umm I’m 23 years old.
Mari-o: 23 years old huh! I’m 24 years old so we’re not that far apart!
Kanae: That’s true.
Mari-o: Well since we’re not that far apart in age let’s drop the polite talk! Okay?
Kanae: O-okay!
*They both laugh*
Mari-o: What’s with that! You’re so stiff! Lets try that again, okay??
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Ah! That’s the way! That’s a great smile! Rather than a part time senpai-kouhai relationship I’d prefer for us to be friends instead! Ah, transitional sound effect. [The script is telling Kanae to make the sound effect for a scene transition]
Kanae: Scene transition? “Kirankiran~”
Marina: Ah so when it says “Transitional sound effect” you need to make that sound.
Kanae: Ahh! O-Okay!
Mari-o: One more time!
Kanae: Okay! *laughs*
Mari-o: Good response! Itou-san… You’ve become pretty capable now! Let’s celebrate on your way home today!
Kanae: Oh really?
Mari-o: How about dinner!
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Then look forward to it!
Kanae: Okay!
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: “Kirankiran~”
Mari-o: The pasta here is pretty famous!
Kanae: Oh? Really?
Mari-o: Do you like pasta?
Kanae: Yup I like pasta!
Mari-o: There’s something I’d like to ask…
Kanae: Hmm?
Mari-o: From your point of view… What kind of person do I appear like to you?
Kanae: Ah that was sudden! Umm! *laughs* Umm well… You’re someone I can really rely on!
*Marina laughs*
Mari-o: Thanks! Did that make you nervous?
Kanae: *laughs* Yup!
Mari-o: Ah how honest! Sorry sorry! But you were just so cute when you’re like that so I couldn’t help myself!
Kanae: *Gets flustered* What is this!! Whaat the!? *laughs*
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: “Kiranshiran~”

– Q&A.

Mari-o: Itou-san!
Kanae: Err hi.
Mari-o: Are you going somewhere right now? Can I go with you?
Kanae: Umm okay. *laughs*
Mari-o: Itou-san are you bad at waking up early?
Kanae: I am!
Mari-o: I thought so, you looked sleepy!
Kanae: Yup, I’m sleepy~
Mari-o: What time do you sleep?
Kanae: Umm about 2 AM?
Mari-o: 2 AM huh? What time do you normally get home?
Kanae: I usually reach home at about… Umm… At about 11 o’ clock?
Mari-o: Hmm? What do you normally do during that time before you sleep?
Kanae: Umm, work *laughs*
Mari-o: Oh work? What kind of work?
Kanae: Umm reading books!
Mari-o: Books huh! What kind of books!
Kanae: *laughs* What kind of books?? Ones with lots of words in them! *laughs* [Kanae’s basically trying to say she’s reading through her scripts for her seiyuu work lol]
Mari-o: I see! You’re such a bookworm aren’t you!
*Kanae bursts out laughs*
Mari-o: What’s your favourite movie?
Kanae: My favourite movie? Well… Japanese movies?
Mari-o: Ah Japanese movies? Anything good?
Kanae: One that I’ve wanted to watch recently is “Nakumonka!”
Mari-o: Ah that one! With Sugao-san!
Kanae: Yeah!
Mari-o: That one sounds really interesting doesnt it! A movie that makes you laugh and cry is great isn’t it!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Then what’s your favourite animal?
Kanae: Eh? Favourite animal? I like cats!
Mari-o: Cats huh? Are you more of a cat person than a dog person?
Kanae: Yup!
Mari-o: Do you own any cats?
Kanae: Nope!
Mari-o: You don’t?!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Well then… Kanae-chan… What do you think about kissing?
Kanae: Huh what?! What do I think about it?! What?! *laughs*
Mari-o: What do you think about kissing!
Kanae: Umm that’s what lovers do with each other right?
Mari-o: Yup, and stop with the polite talk!
Kanae: Umm… Don’t ask me something like that!
*They both laugh*
Mari-o: Ah your troubled face is so cute!
*Kanae laughs*
Mari-o: Ah, I called you by your first name just now…
Kanae: Yeah.
Mari-o: Can I call you by your first name from now on?
Kanae: Okay!
Mari-o: Then what should I call you by? Just Kanae? Or Kanae-chan?
Kanae: Just Kanae is fine!
*Marina laughs*
Mari-o: Ah we’ve arrived already, then I’ll see you again at the part time job!
Kanae: Huh?
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: Arrived??
Marina: You were going somewhere remember?
Kanae: Ah right! *laughs* “tekatekan~!”[Transitional sound effect] *laughs*
Mari-o: Hey Kanae-chan!
Kanae: Yup?
Mari-o: Have you got some time after work?
Kanae: Yep I do!
Mari-o: Thanks, then I’ll wait for you at the back door after work!
Kanae: Huh? Ah, okay.
Marina: Transitional sound effect.
Kanae: Ah, “kirankiranshan~”
Mari-o: Hey… Do you remember when we first met?
Kanae: Umm…. Ah! Yep I remember! Umm, it was when I first started work here right? *laughs*
Mari-o: Yup!
Kanae: Yeah I remember!
Mari-o: From when I first met you I had always though you had such a cute smile. Can I stay by your side?
Kanae: …Huh?
Mari-o: I love you!
Kanae: Waah. *laughs* What? Ah… Umm thanks. Err umm… Thanks umm *laughs* Umm yeah… *laughs* I don’t know!! It’s so hot!! [KANAE SO CUTE ASKDAHJSDFASFD]
Mari-o: Is that a yes?
Kanae: …. Yes.
Mari-o: Yes?!
Kanae: …Yes.
Mari-o: Thanks Kanae-chan! It’s your birthday right?! So here, a present! Will you accept it?
Kanae: What is it? Okay. Thanks. What is it?
Marina: FINISH!!!!

Oh god Kanae’s embarrassed reactions were sooo adorableajsdhfadsjfhasdjf KANAEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hmm this started as a Marina x Love Plus post but it kinda turned into a Kanae-chan love post halfway through lol. Marina’s really talked about Love Plus over and over again though, perhaps for another post!

P.S. By the way, the last snippet on the video is Inoue Marina repeating “Kanae… You smell soo good.. sooo good Kanae….” ahaha.

Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #19

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2008.08.12

An old radio episode where Asumi Kana guested on Itou Kanae’s radio. These two are pretty close from Shugo Chara, which had been going on for over one year already at this time. By the way, the picture they’re holding between the two of them is a picture of Asumi drawn by Kanae haha.

– First impression of Kanae…

Asumi: From about one year ago… Hmm I wonder… It was the first time we met [in Shugo Chara]… So… Small!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: That was your first impression??
Asumi: Of course it had to be that! You’re so small!
Kanae: Ah… Sorry…
Asumi: So very small!
Kanae: Ah… Sorry… For being small…
Asumi: What was your height again?
Kanae: Eh?! You want me to say it here??!
Asumi: Ah, should I not have asked?
Kanae: It’s 147 cm… So what?!
Asumi: Yep, small!
*The two laugh*
Asumi: Definitely small!
Kanae: I… Guess so…
Asumi: I’m supposed to be the average height for a girl.
Kanae: How tall are you?
Asumi: 160 or 161, somewhere around that.
Kanae: Huh? Isn’t that kinda tall?
Asumi: Not at all! 160 is normal!

– Katou Nanae’s[Miki’s seiyuu from Shugo Chara] first impression of Kanae…

Asumi: You know how there was supposed to be an idol girl singing for the opening theme of Shugo Chara? She had thought that you were that idol girl when she saw you.
Kanae: Really??
Asumi: Yep.
Kanae: Ahh… I’m not an idol…
*Asumi laughs*
Kanae: Not an idol at all… I came from the countryside…
*The two laugh*

– Iguchi…

Kanae: I heard you can’t read Kanji very well…
Asumi: Where?! From who?!
Kanae: Iguchi Yuka-chan?
Asumi: OI OI!
*Kanae laughs*
Asumi: It’s all lies!
Kanae: She was lying?!?
Asumi: Treat whatever that girl says as false!
Kanae: Really?!
Asumi: What’s with that! Iguchi’s definitely DEFINITELY more Kanji illiterate than I am!!
*Kanae laughs*
Asumi: She doesn’t even know Japanese in the first place!
Kanae: Not even that?! Really???
Asumi: Yep, yep!

Oi oi Iguchi doesn’t even know Japanese? As expected Iguchi and Asumi are so close ahaha.

– Iguchi’s radio…

Asumi: I was actually called to guest on Iguchi’s radio as well.
Kanae: Ah really?
Asumi: She was always saying she wanted me to come but… The official guest invite came from here first.
Kanae: Ah… I should probably apologise to Iguchi for that…
Asumi: Nah, it’s okay! She probably just forgot about it while we were having fun together.
*The two of them laugh*
Kanae: Ah so you two were talking about having you come on as a guest.
Asumi: Yeah, and she probably forgot to tell the staff about it. *laughs*

 – It was Asumi’s birthday and the radio program prepared a gift for Kanae to give to her, which was a bathing set. On top of that Kanae prepared her own present for Asumi, which made Asumi really happy about. Ah Kanae how nice~ The present was a cushion with a cat on it.

– Saying good points about each other…

Asumi: You can go first.
Kanae: Well I’m always being helped out by Asumi-san!
Asumi: That’s not a good point.
Kanae: *laughs* Ah well.. Your eyes are big!
Asumi: That’s a good point?
Kanae: *laughs* I think it’s cute! It’s one of your charms!
Asumi: It’s not cute!!
Kanae: Huh? Why are you getting mad??
*The two laugh*
Asumi: It’s because I’m not used to being complimented…
Kanae: Ah I see… So you’re the type to snap back when being praised…

Asumi: Kanae-san’s good points… Let’s see… You’re small!
Kanae: …Eh? Wouldn’t this be harder to push as a good point…?

Asumi: It’s a wonderful thing to be small!
Kanae: …Er really…?
Asumi: Yep!
Kanae: …Okay….
Asumi: Can I end it here?
Kanae: …Okay then…
Asumi: *laughs* Don’t worry there are a plenty of good points about you!

Small is cute! Cute is JUSTICE!

I actually went to listen to this episode of ChoRaji Girls after reading about it here: http://marumichannel.tumblr.com/post/21415254837/kanae-chan-and-asumin-try-some-impressions-clip. It’s got a little snippet from the episode in there as well which I found hilarious and would love to write about but I left it out so you can see it at the blog itself ;). Anyone interested in radio show transcriptions should follow that blog as well!

Itou Kanae no Yume Kana? Radio #7

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Kimiko(nano.RIPE’s vocalist/guitarist)
Date: 2011.10.04

Itou Kanae’s new solo radio. The radio started on April, airs monthly on the 4th of every month and is one of only two radio shows that Kanae is currently regularing in. An interesting thing about the show is that other seiyuu and singers send in a prerecorded message and question for Kanae every episode, this episode had Nomizu Iori, Chihara Minori, Mieno Hitomi, Minami Kaori and Mizuki Nana send in their messages.

Amusingly Kanae is a HUGE fan of nano.RIPE and she was fangirling over Kimiko throughout the episode~ <3

– Question from Mizuki Nana. Note: Nana’s not actually there, it’s a prerecorded message in which you can hear Kanae reacting to as it plays:

Nana: About Autumn fashion! Are there any type of clothes that Kanae-chan would like to challenge yourself with and try on? I myself get to try on a lot of clothes I don’t usually wear when I dress up for my live concerts as well as photoshoots and events like that but the most memorable one would be…. A maid-type costume that was really cute!
Kanae: Ahh that would look great on her!
Nana: And it wasn’t like a normal maid costume too! The back and the shoulders were completely bare, it was a pretty daring costume *laughs*
Kanae: Oooh! That’s great!
Nana: I’d love for another opportunity for me to wear it to come again. Which brings me back to my question! What kind of clothes would Kanae-chan like to try on?
Kanae: Umm… About fashion… I… Really have no interest in it at all *laughs* How should I answer the question?! Umm… Well… *laughs* I really know nothing about all the brands and things like that… When I go shopping I don’t really have a shop in particular I go to, I just enter them randomly and browse around and if I find anything I like I just buy it *laughs* Umm how should I answer her?? Ah! But lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cute hats around! I’d love to try on a fluffy hat sometime!

– Kimiko and Kanae mention that though this is the first time they’ve talked on radio, they’ve spoken to each other often as well as met up on occasion to go eat :D

– Bonbori Festival!

Kanae: Oh! Good work at the Bonbori Festival! I had my own event at around that time but… I snuck into your live to watch~ *laughs*
Kimiko: *laughs* I know! I saw you from the stage~!
Kanae: I’ve been going to your lives quite a bit! I love your songs! I love them so much!
Kimiko: Thanks~

– The first time they met was over a year ago at a rehearsal. Kanae remembers that she was watching them with Noto Mamiko. Kimiko laughs that she remembers that as well, thinking at the time “Ah we’re being watched!”

– Kanae already had nano.RIPE’s songs on her iPod at the time and had shown Kimiko that their songs were in there.

– The radio had Kanae and Kimiko fish some water balloons out of a pool lol. After failing a couple of times the two of them reasoned that the staff must have made the balloons too heavy lol. They then held one and realised that… They’re actually really light ahaha. In the end they didn’t manage to fish any out except for one time where they cheated and used two strings instead of one, which is what you see in the above photo lol.

– Kanae commented that the pool was really cute <3

– Kanae laughs that her memories of baseball is composed of… Being unable to watch anime when they program gets extended on TV and cut into the other program’s broadcasts lol. Kimiko laughs and agrees.

– Kimiko played Baseball in elementary school and then Softball in High School. Amusingly her family was really into baseball, her dad was the manager for a team and her brother also played. She mentions that she can probably throw a ball at 80 km/h.

Kanae really fangirls over nano.RIPE and Kimiko throughout the whole episode lol. She apologizes at the end if she was too creepy haha. The two of them are pretty friendly though, Kimiko says that coming on to guest feels more like she visited Kanae to play rather than for work and they agree that it feels like the times when they go out together, except with microphones lol. Kimiko laughs that she wants to come on next episode, even if she’s not invited haha. I wonder if she’ll actually show up :O.

Art: Seiyuu 3D -> 2D Sketches

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I used to draw a bit a while back but for some reason I’ve kinda stopped sometime along this year. I managed to find some motivation to draw recently though due to a blog post on KoeNews about a forum thread where people drew 2D versions of seiyuu photos and I found it interesting enough to try it out myself. I first started with Itou KanaeBecause Kanae is a miracle of the universe <3. I found that drawing these were pretty fun to do and didn’t take much effort compared to a full drawing so I got pretty into it and drew a couple more.

I then went on to draw Taketatsu AyanaAmusingly, Ayana’s hair was pretty hard to draw, that wavy long hair looks great but takes some effort to get right :O Ayachi’s so pretty though~

I then drew Toyosaki Aki which should look familiar since I’ve used it as the background of the blog:Drawing her was really fun. This is actually not the first time I’ve drawn Aki and Aki has always been fun to draw since she’s got a wonderfully unique smile and her poses are adorable <3. I found this pose in particular so cute~

I then took a break from drawing for quite some time and then half-heartedly tried to draw Mimori Suzuko, which probably reflected in the sketch. Sorry Mimorin~!I have to say that I’m pretty enamored with Mimorin’s smile though (*´▽`*) It’s such a radiant, bright, cheerful, lovely, _______________ etc. etc. smile~ (*´Д`)
Err… That aside, I had quite some trouble with this drawing, one of them was getting the smile right D: Amusingly I had drawn many versions of her smile before I settled on this one, ranging from realistic, which just looked plain weird haha, to a simple anime “:D” smile. In the end I couldn’t quite get it down right so I settled with the one you see there.

These were pretty fun to draw~ I might draw a couple more later on, I’m looking at doing a Tomatsu Haruka one as well as a Hanazawa Kana sketch before finishing up.

Oh and, umm if anyone’s interested in seeing any other drawings I’ve got a Pixiv page at http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=255867  m(_ _)m (Warning: It’s kinda NSFW lol)

Ueda Kana x Itou Kanae on Anitama Dot Com Standard Marunage #140

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Name: アニたまどっとコム standard まるなげ♪
Hosts: Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2010.06.08

Itou Kanae’s guest episode on Marunage from last year. This was one of the more amusing radio episodes I’ve heard for a while, I actually listened to this last year but relistening to it was still great fun <3. Kana x Kanae is wonderful <3

Ueda Kana has been a big fan of Kanae for quite a while, during the radio (and outside the radio) she has amusingly (and… probably a bit creepily lolol) fangirled over how adorable Kanae is as well as detailing where she’s seen her recently and it’s come to the point where the radio itself has a corner called “This week’s Kanae-chan!” where people send in information about what Kanae’s been up to for the two of them to read lol. This episode was a birthday celebration episode for Kana so they had a Kanae theme throughout it and as a pleasant surprise to Kana, Kanae comes in as a surprise guest for the later half of the radio to her delight <3.

– This was around the time she bought an iPad. This was the first time she’s bought from Apple, saying that she has a Windows machine at home and no iPhone. Shimizu on the other hand had just bought an iPhone recently though she laughs that she has no idea how to use it and has only had “staring contests” with it haha.

– The two of them talk about twitter, which Shimizu had just started using. They laugh that the Wolkenritter family from Nanoha is there with Sanada Asami and Yuzuki Ryouka, though they’re not sure if Zafira’s CV Kazuya Ichijou is there (he’s not IIRC). They mention Tamura Yukari as well :D

– Shimizu gave Kana strawberry short shorts, alluding to Ichigo 100%’s strawberry panties, for her birthday lol.– The episode has Kana doing a quiz on Itou Kanae :D

Shimizu: The more you answer correctly the more presents you’ll get! And they’ll all be presents related to Kanae as well!
Kana: Oh?! Will that be like a piece of clothing worn by Kanae?!
Shimizu: *laughs* They’ll be something that’s one of a kind in the world!
Kana: Really?!
Shimizu: It might be Kanae’s strawberry panties *laughs*
Kana: Strawberry panties on Kanae? …It fits her too well *laughs*

– Incidentally Kana has Kanae’s wikipedia page open on her iPad and is allowed to use it to answer questions lol. She laughs and exclaims that the answers to these type of questions wouldn’t be on the page though after hearing the questions haha. I’ve transcribed the 30 questions as well as (creepy(?)) quotes and reactions from Kana’s answers but… Err… It’s really long so bear with me, I’ll put it under a spoiler tag lol. The bold text indicates the answer that Kana chose and the red text indicates the correct answer when Kana gets it incorrect.

Show Quiz »

What does Kanae admire about Kana?
A. How elegant a person she is B. How feminine she is
Kana: “When I’m with Kanae I’m always fangirling over her… She wouldn’t think of me as elegant after that *laughs*”

What does she eat everyday?
A. Sweets/Snacks B. Rice
Kana: “Sweets would look good with her but… I’m going with rice. She looks like she eats rice balls often”

What type of uniform does Kanae think looks good on a school boy?
A. Blazer B. Traditional Japanese Boys Uniform/Gakuran
Kana: “She’d look good with a sailor uniform… So I’m going with the Gakuran… Anyway enough with the boy talk *laughs* Next question!”

What’s her favourite type of Pasta sauce?
A. Tomato type B. Cream type
Kana: “We went to eat at a pasta shop together once for Taishou Yakyuu Musume… But I think she ate curry then *laughs*. I’ll guess Tomato.”

If she could choose one other talent after acting which would she choose?
A. ESP B. Talent for writing and composing songs
Kana: “Songs! She just started singing after all! … Whaaat?! I’m wrong?!?!?”

What colour clothing does she own the most of?
A. White B. Light Blue
Kana: “I’ve never seen her wear light blue before!”

What’s her favourite riceball flavour?
A. Salmon B. Konbu Seaweed
Kana: “Salmon!”

If she was to compare Kana to an animal which animal would she say?
A. Black Panther B. Siamese Cat
Kana: “Ehh she’s compared me to an animal?? <3 Well she might think of me as a panther because I dote on her all the time *laughs*”

When she bathes where does she wash first?
A. Feet B. Hair
Kana: “Hair. Same as me~”

What does she consider a feast?
A. Kobe beef B. Sushi
Kana: “Sushi… Ehh Kobe beef?! Has she ever talked about it?”

What sport has she been interested in trying recently?
A. Snowboard B. Darts
Kana: “Darts… I think. It looks like it’s written on her wikipedia page that she said she wasn’t interested in skiing or snowboarding *laughs*”
Shimizu: “Ooh Wikipedia comes into use!”

What’s her favourite day of the week?
A. Tuesday B. Thursday
Kana: “Eh? …What day is her ChoRaji Girls on again? …It’s on.. Tuesday! I’ll go with Tuesday.”
Shimizu: “How you reached your answer was pretty amazing *laughs*”

What did she write as her strong point?
A. Positive attitude B. How serious she is
Kana: “Positive attitude. She’s got that radio show called “Maemuki Jogakuen”(lit. Positive Outlook Girls School) after all”

At this point Kana earns her first prize of “A sticker that Kanae herself has touched” as well as a teru teru bouzu that Kanae made. Kana cheers in happiness over the prizes and Shimizu laughs that how could she be happy with these petty “prizes” lol.

What did she write as her weak point?
A. Her small height B. She gets depressed easily after being criticised
Kana: “I’ll go with B. …Ehhhh? Her height?! But that’s the cute thing about her!!”

What’s her current favorite musician?
A. B’z B. N’s
Kana: “N’s *laughs* Let me dream for a bit. (N’s is a seiyuu unit comprising of Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori, Satou Rina, Noto Mamiko and Gotou Mai)
…YAYY!! I’m so glad I gave her the CD then *laughs*

What would she like to try working part time as?
A. Disneyland’s staff B. Maid
Kana: “Hmm did she like Disney? I’ll go with that.”

If she was reborn what would she like to come back as?
A. Bug B. Human
Kana: “…Huh? Err I’ll go with Human…”

What’s her goal for the remaining half of this year(2010)?
A. Reach 160 cm B. Lose 3 kilos from dieting
Kana: “160 cm? That won’t happen… I’ll go with the diet… Ehh it’s her height?! That’s impossible she won’t grow anymore! *laughs*”

If there were time machines around would she ride on one?
A. Yes B. No
Kana: “A, I’ll go with yes. …Ehh she wouldn’t? I see she’s not the adventurous type… That’s a shame… She wont go adventuring with me then I guess.”

What underwear does she think would look good on Ueda Kana?
A. Wine Red B. Deep Blue
Kana: “*cheers* …Wine red? *laughs* Deep blue? I don’t usually wear deep blue *laughs* I’ll go with that.”

What is one thing Kanae is proud of?
A. She has a good washing machine at home B. She owns a good bran container.
Kana: “I seem to remember her saying that her washing machine broke recently… I’ll choose the washing machine”
Shimizu: “That’s a good memory you have there to remember something like that”
Kana: “Once she says something once I’ll never forget it. Never”
Shimizu: “…That’s pretty scary *laughs* Kana, you’re becoming scarier and scarier as we go through more questions”

What’s the first thing she does in the morning?
A. Shower B. Stretches
Kana: “Hmm I wonder if she’s the type to shower in the morning? Stretches…? She doesn’t seem like she’s that flexible though… I’ll go with shower… …Yay! I knew it was a shower!”

What has she recently been worrying about?
A. If she should buy a sofa B. If should she buy an iPad
Kana: Ehh Kanae with an iPad? But no one’s been using an iPad in the recordings and stuff. I’ll go with the sofa.

From this point on Shimizu announces that she doesn’t know the answers to the questions from here on… So they call up Kanae on the phone and have her scoring the questions! Kana goes ecstatic upon finding this out.

What’s her favourite topping to put on shaved ice?
A. Lemon B. Strawberry
Kana: “Ehhh Lemon? Reminds me of someone I don’t want to remember *laughs* Strawberry strawberry! Strawberry would be good! If it was lemon she’d be the same as Natchan!” (Kuwatani Natsuko lol. The three of them are really good friends but they like to poke fun at Kuwatani from time to time)

With this question correct Kana gets another present from Kanae being an autographed item lol, to her delight :D

Which club activity was she most passionately involved in?
A. Drama club B. Softball club
Kana: “I know she was in the softball club, so wouldn’t it be that?”
Kanae: “…Sorry! It was the drama club!”

If she was to go on a trip with Ueda Kana, just the two of them, where would she want to go?
A. Kyoto B. Nagano
Kana: “Oooh! Is that an invite to go on one? *laughs* Don’t mind me…. I’ll go with Kyoto. Kanae comes from Nagano doesn’t she?”

Shimizu hints that Kana’s going to get another present soon and goes to another question.

What’s her favourite fruit?
A. Melon B. Mango
Kana: “Mango I think?”
Shimizu: “Then lets have Kanae answer the question! Kanae come in!”
*Kanae enters the radio booth*
Kana: Whaaat?! She’s here?! Wow! Hello!

Ahaha what a nice surprise for Kana <3 Kana gets so happy to see her and fawns over how adorable she is and when she settles in they continue the quiz.

If you were to compare yourself to a cooking dish, what would you choose?
A. Omelette Rice B. Meat and Potato Stew
Kana: “I’d love to eat that~ *to Kanae* Which one do you prefer?”
Shimizu: “Then that’d pretty much be the answer!”
Kana: “I’ll go with the stew~”
Shimizu: “Reaally?? Are you sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Really really sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Then lets hear the answer from Kanae”
Kanae: “…Its the Omelette Rice”
Kana: “Awww…”
Shimizu: “I told you! But you didn’t listen!”
Kana: “It’s because you looked like you were lying *laughs*”
Kanae: “I chose it because I love Omelette Rice~”
Kana: “Really? I just happen to know a really good place that has them!”
Shimizu: “*laughs* You just subtlely asked her out didn’t you”
Kanae: “Okay! Let’s go there sometime! *laughs*”

What do you like to drink right after taking a bath?
A. Orange Juice B. Water
Kana: “Give me a hint~”
Kanae: “Eh? A hint? Umm… I want something… Refreshing”

What is the colour of Kanae’s curtains in her room?
A. Green B. Light Pink
Shimizu: “Have you been to Kanae’s place before?”
Kana: “No I havent…”

Kana: “Hmm green? *to Kanae* What kind of green? Like a dark green?”
Kanae: … *Kanae gets flustered that she’s being asked a question she can’t answer lol*
Kana: I’m guessing it’s green with that reaction! *laughs*
Shimizu: *laughs* I wish I could take a photo of that reaction! She looked at me to save her and I wanted to hug her!
Lol and so Kana gets it right with green ahaha.

And that ends the quiz. With the amount of questions she got right Kana gets her last present. The “right” to take a photo of the two of them together which you can see below haha.

– The questions are all personal things to do with Kanae that aren’t written on fact pages like Wikipedia so Shimizu laughs that Kana answering all these questions about Kanae correctly is pretty creepy ahaha.

– Kana asks Kanae why she wrote deep blue as underwear that fits Kana lol. She says it was just the first colour that comes to mind when she thinks of her image.

– Kanae said that when she answered the questions they weren’t multiple choice, to their surprise and delight upon finding out that her writing “N’s” as her favourite musician was by her own will <3

– When asked about the siamese cat animal comparison question Kanae answers that when she thinks of Kana as an animal she has an image of her as a mature cat. On the other hand she says that Shimizu has the image of a squirrel in her mind, to the two of them’s surprise.

– When Kana sees Kanae’s writing she gushes over her handwriting “Ahh look at that handwriting it’s so feminine~” and Shimizu laughs that Kana’s being really creepy ahaha.

Kana fawned over how cute Kanae is throughout the radio, with Shimizu reminding her how creepy she’s being in front of Kanae on occasion ahaha. Kanae seemed kinda nervous from all the praise and doting <3

Wow writing out the quiz took up a lot of space hah.

Itou Kanae – “Do Reindeer Exist?”

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I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a while though I think many people already know about this. Either way it really is too amusing/adorable to leave be <3

Basically summarised into one sentence: Itou Kanae didn’t know reindeer existed in real life. Oh and alcohol was involved. Two sentences.

The whole thing started on Toaru Radio no Railgun, the radio for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun hosted by Itou Kanae and Toyosaki Aki from 2009.09.20 to 2010.04.30. The reindeer topic didn’t come up until near Christmas on episode 12, 2009.12.11 for which Aki was absent and substituted by Satou Rina. Rather than me explaining it, it’d be best if I transcribed the conversations behind it so the post may be a little long, though it still isn’t a complete transcript, it’s far longer than what I usually write up. Click the spoiler tags for the transcripts. For those interested in hearing the exchange you can hear it here:

Index’s radio had become pretty well-known for having alcohol served on occasion during it’s recordings but Railgun’s radio had not had alcohol served on the show until Satou Rina, one of Index’s radio hosts, came on to guest. The subject of reindeer came up when the audio drama between Saten and Misaka was played on the radio.

Click to show the audio drama transcript »

Saten: “Misaka-san”
Misaka: “Hmm?”
Saten: “Until when did you stop believing in Santa?”
Misaka: “Hmm at around the time I was 10 years old?”
Saten: “Whoa that’s pretty late! Then how about reindeer?”
Misaka: “Reindeer?”
Saten: “Yeah when did you stop believing in reindeer?”
Misaka: “Umm Saten-san, reindeer really do exist…”
Saten: “Huh? What? Reindeer are fictional creatures aren’t they? As if those flying creatures could exist!”
Misaka: “Uh well… How should I put this… Well let’s just get on to the announcements!”
Saten: “…okay…”
(The two of them announce news and releases regarding Index and Railgun)
Saten: “Umm, So Misaka-san… Reindeer don’t really exist right?”
Misaka: “Saten-san… You should have Uiharu-san take you to a zoo sometime.”
Saten: “Huh?”
(End of audio drama)

Though the audio drama was recorded before the radio had started, this was played near the end of the radio and when the show returned to the radio you could tell Kanae’s kinda tipsy/drunk from the wine they had been drinking during the radio. She continues to fumble over the announcements while reading them while Satou seems to be unaffected by the alcohol. After stumbling around a bit Kanae blames her lack of concentration on the audio drama that was just played saying that she was still thinking about it.

Click to show the Satou Rina and Itou Kanae reindeer radio transcript(It’s long!) »

(Kanae stumbles while reading the announcements)
Satou: It’s the wine!
Kanae: Ahh~ I’m getting light headed~~
Satou: Oh well! It’s adorable! It’s good!
Kanae: Well, but that audio drama that was just played about reindeer existing has really been on my mind.
Satou: …Huh?? …Eh??
Kanae: Eh? Are reindeer… Real?
Satou + Staff: They exist. They’re real. Real. Exist.
Kanae: Huh?! Reindeer are real?!?
(At this point Kanae sounds really shocked, and Satou reacts with surprise as well)
Satou: Eh?? What? Wait, what?! This is suddenly heading in a really interesting direction!
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: Lets rephrase this. Do you think they’re real? Or fictional?
Kanae: Huh?
Satou: …Does Kanae happen to be someone who thinks that reindeer are real?
Kanae: …The flying things right?
Satou: …Reindeer are… Well…
Kanae: What are those ones in the forest? Deer?
Satou: Reindeer[as well] are in forests.
Kanae: They also go in forests?! *laughs*
Satou: “They ‘also‘ go in forests”?! *laughs* This is getting really interesting!
*Satou and Kanae laughs*
Satou: Wait, wait! Let me clear this, they don’t fly!
Kanae: Huh?
Satou: They don’t have wings after all.
Kanae: Eh?
Satou: What made you think they flew?
Kanae: Umm…
Satou: Oh, Santa?
Kanae: Yeah, is it Santa’s magic?
Satou: Or Santa himself is flying *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: Eh?! Reindeer are… Those deer like things with horns and stuff right?
Satou: Yeah.
Kanae: But deer… Are real right? And reindeer… Are they real?
Satou: They exist! Just not the ones that fly.
Kanae: …Have I seen one before??
Satou: I… Don’t know the answer to that one *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: I don’t really have that kind of knowledge, perhaps you have, perhaps not!
Kanae: Umm I’ve got a question!
Satou: What is it?
Kanae: Those ones in the mountains… Are they reindeer?
Satou: The ones in the mountains? They’re… Deer. Oh? Is that an image of a reindeer?
(Staff hands them a picture of a reindeer)
Kanae: Eh? Who is this?
Satou: “Who“?? Well it’s a reindeer…
Kanae: Huh the nose… Aren’t reindeer noses like a clown’s? All red and stuff?
*Satou gasps, Kanae laughs*
Satou: ….[Toyosaki] Aki-chan! Come back!
Kanae: A reindeer’s grave– I mean nose (Kanae accidently says “haka” which means grave instead of “hana” which means nose)
Satou: Grave?! Don’t kill the reindeer off!! *laughs*
*Kanae laughs*
Satou: Wait is this the effect of the wine? Or is this just how Kanae is normally?
Kanae: Don’t reindeer have noses that shine and stuff? Whats the difference between a deer and a reindeer? Is it how one flies and one doesn’t? *laughs*
Satou: Err…
(Satou then tries to move the radio on and ignores Kanae to read the ending announcements. They then get some information from the staff about the differences between reindeer and deer)
Kanae(reading out loud): “…A reindeer is a type of deer…
Satou: A type of deer.
Kanae: What?! So it IS a deer!!
Satou: *laughs* Whats with that “What a disappointment!” reaction!
Kanae: Then the flying ones! Where did the flying ones come from?
Satou: They don’t fly! They just don’t fly!
Kanae: Then where’d that come from?

Kanae: Aren’t reindeer like pegasus? Wait pegasus… Exist? No they aren’t real! *laughs*
Satou: Pegasus don’t exist!
Kanae: And reindeer do?
Satou: They do.

Kanae: So they do exist…?
Satou: You thought they didn’t?
Kanae: Yeah… The flying ones. Flying deer. The flying deer were the reindeer was what I thought.
Satou: Well they don’t fly. *laughs*
Kanae: Eh? Eh?
Satou: I’ll keep saying this over and over again! Reindeer don’t fly!
Kanae: When do they start flying then? *laughs*
Satou: They never fly! Is this the wine speaking??
Kanae: *laughs* What are the advantages of reindeer??
Satou: “Advantages“?!? *laughs*

Satou finishes with “This was really fun! I want to come guest again. We can drink wine again as well!”. This radio episode ends here but on Railgun’s next episode Aki comes back and it looks like she’s heard about the whole reindeer thing…

Click to show the Toyosaki Aki and Itou Kanae radio transcript »

Kanae(Reading mail from a listener)“…And have you two ever found out something unexpected about one another before?
Aki: Yep! I have! I have!

Aki: I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times!
Kanae: …Really?
Aki: Yep!
Kanae: That many?
Aki: Well the first thing I want to say is… Well Kanae…
*Kanae starts giggling nervously*
Kanae: What is it…? You’re starting scare me… *laughs*
Aki: Umm well, despite your appearance and impression… You lack quite a bit of general knowledge.
Kanae: …Well I can’t do anything about that!
Aki: Umm I just want to yell this out. ALL THE REINDEER IN THE WORLD CRIED!!
*Kanae laughs*
Aki: Kanae! Reindeer exist!!
Kanae: But you know how reindeer was in that song and stuff!
Aki: Yeah rabbits were also in that song!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: And their noses were red!
Aki: Yeah and that part is fiction.

Aki: Reindeer are like my favourite animals! Or one of my favourites. It’d be a contender for top place though!
Kanae: Eh? Do you like real reindeer?
Aki: Yeah… If they weren’t real why would I?
Kanae: Maybe something like a reindeer character with a blue nose?
Kanae’s referencing Tony Tony Chopper, the reindeer from One Piece who Aki is a fan of.

Aki tells Kanae off for not knowing that her favourite animal existed. Incidentally they bring wine on to the radio for this episode after this point and Kanae gets tipsy really quickly. She continues to stumble over her words and break into fits of giggling during the show <3

Outside Railgun’s radio, the whole reindeer thing gets referenced again in the new Index radio for it’s second season when the two hosts, Satou Rina and Iguchi Yuka, were asked to act like Aki and Kanae. Upon hearing this the first thing Iguchi said was “Do reindeer exist?!” in an imitation of Kanae. I’m guessing she listened to the radio herself since she imitated how Kanae spoke when she asked the question haha.

Another recent incident was on Payo Payo with Takahashi Mikako when Kanae came on to guest and Mikako asked Kanae about it. Kanae embarrassedly explained the reindeer thing to her and Mikako had the same reaction of “Huh? You didn’t know they existed?!”.

Including these times, Kanae’s reindeer incident continues to pop up from time to time, the other time I can think of is when Aki had referenced it in one of her blog posts around last Christmas.

…I really miss Railgun’s radio :(

Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #69

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guests: Toyosaki Aki, Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2009.07.28

An old ChoRaji Girls radio episode guesting Kotobuki Minako and Toyosaki Aki from around 2 years ago. Kanae sticks yellow stars around the studio from a suggestion to make her two guests happy and they love it :D. Aki comments that the stars really fit Kanae and Minako laughs that she thought the stars were always set up for Kanae’s radio to give it fantasy kinda feeling lol. The two of them promote Sphere and their new single Super Noisy Nova. Oh and if I recall correctly Minako would still be in high school at this time.

– This is the first time Minako and Kanae’s been on radio together though they’ve met multiple times in recordings and other occasions. Aki chirps in that she’s always with Kanae in recordings and Kanae agrees that they’re always together :D

– Super Noisy Nova was recorded with them all together rather than individually :O

– Kanae laughs that the scene in the PV where they’re all swirling in a cup looks really fun and the two of them joke that they should take her to have a ride in it :D – They teach Kanae a bit of the dance and Aki pronounces Kanae as the 5th member of Sphere ahaha.

– They fawn over how cute Kanae is while she struggles with learning the dance hand signs aksfjlkjadsfkasjd I’m also dying hereaasdkfjadslfjk. They play the music in the background while they dance to it <3

– The three of them talk about how fun the ManiMani recordings are :O

– Aki says that the most wonderful part about the ManiMani event where they sung in a planetarium was the part where Kanae cried :D. Poor Kanae was embarrassed about it <3

– One of Kanae’s corners have them being quizzed on general knowledge. This episode has the questions taken from the ones Kanae didn’t know from the beginning of the show.

The first was “What does BLT stand for?” Kanae’s the host of the quiz so she knows the answer now, but the other two look pretty confident and she despairs that it’s probably an easy one, though she didn’t know the answer lol.

In the end Aki answered correctly with “Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato” and Minako answered… “Barbeque Royal Toast” ahaha.

– One of the questions was “Write ‘Guitar’ in english”… The same question that Aki and Kanae did last time Aki came as a guest :O What a coincidence.

Minako says she has confidence in her answer this time and… Answers “Guiter” which is wrong ahaha. Aki gets it right this time \o/ She laughs that she wrote it as ‘guiter’ last time to Minako.

– In the end Aki gets all of them correct while Minako answers 2/5 correct.

– Minako calls Kanae “Itou-san” once during the radio. This… Might be the first time I’ve heard Kanae being called Itou-san… It’s kinda weird lol. Kanae points it out as well haha.

– Kanae mentions the ED she sung for Taishou Yakyuu Musume, ‘Yume Miru Kokoro’ and Minako exclaims out of nowhere that she loves the song, surprising Kanae :D I love that song so much too… Even though I kinda dislike Kanae’s singing in her other songs D:

Kanae is so adorableajsdfhajkdsfhladsjhkf how can she be so cuteeahdsjklfahldsfkhasldfjhasdjf

Bonbori Radio Hanairo Housoukyoku #1

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Name: ぼんぼりラジオ 花いろ放送局
Hosts: Noto Mamiko, Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.04.08

Radio for the currently airing anime, Hanasaku Iroha hosted by Ohana’s Itou Kanae and Tomoe’s Noto Mamiko. They comment that although this is the first time they’ve done radio work together, they’ve worked in many other anime recordings together before.

– Kanae’s image of Noto

Kanae: “The image I have of Noto as a person is like an angel!”
Noto: “Ehhhhh?!”
Kanae: “You seem really ‘floaty’ so I was thinking that this radio would turn out pretty relaxed”

– The two of them are made to adlib a character introduction as their characters on the spot, and they’re really not in character, which they laugh about.

– Kanae comments that she’s the same height as Ohana at 147 cm. Noto says how cute that is, and that at the recording studio there’s a smaller microphone to use, though it’s only slightly shorter.

– Noto says that she’s swum around in the hot springs when no one’s around before, Kanae says she doesn’t know if she would since she’s never had the chance to be alone in a hot spring.

– One of the listeners gets them to whisper really softly into the microphone. Ahhhh happinessssss for my earssss.

– Noto’s hometown is Kanazawa, the setting of Hanasaku Iroha :D. Kanae remembers hearing Noto talking about the town during the trip there for an event.

Everyone fawns over how cute Kanae is when they’re with her on radio, and Noto is no exception <3 Kanae you so adorable~ <3

Oh and Omigawa Chiaki looks to be guesting on the next episode… Eh… Well regardless of what I think of Omigawa’s voice acting ability, she’s not too boring on radio I guess. I still hate her voice acting though. Really. Like, so, so much.

Mikako@PayoPayo #495

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.02.03

This is Kanae’s first time on PayoPayo. The episode aired a few days ago on Thursday. As soon as Kanae comes in with “PayoPayo!” Mikako’s all over how cute she is~ Kanae’s so cutesdklfaklffdsfasdfdg

– Mikako herself had asked Kanae’s manager from Aoni Production if she could come on to the show :O

– The first time the two of them met was in the Birdy the Mighty Decode recording. Kanae was really new to voice acting back then and Mikako was surprised at how calm she looked, though Kanae says she was just so nervous she just stayed quiet and still.

– Mikako’s first thought when she saw her was “Wow she’s small” lol

– Kanae’s first impression of Mikako was “Wow she’s got a cute voice”
Mikako: “Ah I’m really happy that you said that. It’s like when someone who has a cute voice calls your voice cute it’s even better <3″

– A listener sends in a mail brings up Kanae’s “Do reindeers exist?” spectacle she had on Railgun Radio and she winces lol. I bet she gets so much attention about that lol.

– When she’s explaining why she thought Reindeers were fiction says she took the flying Christmas Reindeers literally and thought they flew so they were like Pegasus, or Unicorns. She then says “Oh wait… Are Unicorns real?” LOL
Kanae: “Wait are Unicorns real?”
Mikako: “Of course not! Uhh Kanae? Are you really living on Earth?”
Kanae: “Oh..? But there are animals with a horn on their head right?”
Mikako: “Yeah big ones and stuff like that”
Kanae: “…Wait… And those ones exist?”
Ahh Kanae~ <3

– Kanae found out about Seiyuu in middle school, she had really loved an anime back then and listened in to it’s radio show and thought “Ah I’d really like to join them”. She loved how friendly and how much fun they seemed to be having <3. The anime she loved was “Hunter X Hunter” so… that makes the two seiyuu she listened to Gon’s Takeuchi Junko and Killua’s Mitsuhashi Kanako.
After graduating she entered a seiyuu school, studied for two years and auditioned for Aoni and was accepted. She had not entered Aoni’s own seiyuu college “Aoni Juku”. Incidentally Mikako was the same that she didn’t enter her agency through it’s own college as well.

– Kanae’s debut role was Amu in Shugo Chara almost 5 years ago now.

– Kanae’s never given chocolates for Valentines day but she’s swapped non-handmade chocolates with her girl schoolfriends before.

I like how much they spoke about how Kanae entered the seiyuu industry here. I guess they did the same with Hanazawa Kana though, you could really learn a lot about the seiyuu and how they came into being a seiyuu from listening to their first time guesting on PayoPayo :O

Ahh I miss listening to Kanaeeeee~. Her ChoRaji has ended so the only radio she’s doing right now is MaeJou with Inoue Marina… She’s still as adorable as eversasdfjkasdkfh

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