Ueda Kana x Itou Kanae on Anitama Dot Com Standard Marunage #140

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Name: アニたまどっとコム standard まるなげ♪
Hosts: Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2010.06.08

Itou Kanae’s guest episode on Marunage from last year. This was one of the more amusing radio episodes I’ve heard for a while, I actually listened to this last year but relistening to it was still great fun <3. Kana x Kanae is wonderful <3

Ueda Kana has been a big fan of Kanae for quite a while, during the radio (and outside the radio) she has amusingly (and… probably a bit creepily lolol) fangirled over how adorable Kanae is as well as detailing where she’s seen her recently and it’s come to the point where the radio itself has a corner called “This week’s Kanae-chan!” where people send in information about what Kanae’s been up to for the two of them to read lol. This episode was a birthday celebration episode for Kana so they had a Kanae theme throughout it and as a pleasant surprise to Kana, Kanae comes in as a surprise guest for the later half of the radio to her delight <3.

– This was around the time she bought an iPad. This was the first time she’s bought from Apple, saying that she has a Windows machine at home and no iPhone. Shimizu on the other hand had just bought an iPhone recently though she laughs that she has no idea how to use it and has only had “staring contests” with it haha.

– The two of them talk about twitter, which Shimizu had just started using. They laugh that the Wolkenritter family from Nanoha is there with Sanada Asami and Yuzuki Ryouka, though they’re not sure if Zafira’s CV Kazuya Ichijou is there (he’s not IIRC). They mention Tamura Yukari as well :D

– Shimizu gave Kana strawberry short shorts, alluding to Ichigo 100%’s strawberry panties, for her birthday lol.– The episode has Kana doing a quiz on Itou Kanae :D

Shimizu: The more you answer correctly the more presents you’ll get! And they’ll all be presents related to Kanae as well!
Kana: Oh?! Will that be like a piece of clothing worn by Kanae?!
Shimizu: *laughs* They’ll be something that’s one of a kind in the world!
Kana: Really?!
Shimizu: It might be Kanae’s strawberry panties *laughs*
Kana: Strawberry panties on Kanae? …It fits her too well *laughs*

– Incidentally Kana has Kanae’s wikipedia page open on her iPad and is allowed to use it to answer questions lol. She laughs and exclaims that the answers to these type of questions wouldn’t be on the page though after hearing the questions haha. I’ve transcribed the 30 questions as well as (creepy(?)) quotes and reactions from Kana’s answers but… Err… It’s really long so bear with me, I’ll put it under a spoiler tag lol. The bold text indicates the answer that Kana chose and the red text indicates the correct answer when Kana gets it incorrect.

Show Quiz »

What does Kanae admire about Kana?
A. How elegant a person she is B. How feminine she is
Kana: “When I’m with Kanae I’m always fangirling over her… She wouldn’t think of me as elegant after that *laughs*”

What does she eat everyday?
A. Sweets/Snacks B. Rice
Kana: “Sweets would look good with her but… I’m going with rice. She looks like she eats rice balls often”

What type of uniform does Kanae think looks good on a school boy?
A. Blazer B. Traditional Japanese Boys Uniform/Gakuran
Kana: “She’d look good with a sailor uniform… So I’m going with the Gakuran… Anyway enough with the boy talk *laughs* Next question!”

What’s her favourite type of Pasta sauce?
A. Tomato type B. Cream type
Kana: “We went to eat at a pasta shop together once for Taishou Yakyuu Musume… But I think she ate curry then *laughs*. I’ll guess Tomato.”

If she could choose one other talent after acting which would she choose?
A. ESP B. Talent for writing and composing songs
Kana: “Songs! She just started singing after all! … Whaaat?! I’m wrong?!?!?”

What colour clothing does she own the most of?
A. White B. Light Blue
Kana: “I’ve never seen her wear light blue before!”

What’s her favourite riceball flavour?
A. Salmon B. Konbu Seaweed
Kana: “Salmon!”

If she was to compare Kana to an animal which animal would she say?
A. Black Panther B. Siamese Cat
Kana: “Ehh she’s compared me to an animal?? <3 Well she might think of me as a panther because I dote on her all the time *laughs*”

When she bathes where does she wash first?
A. Feet B. Hair
Kana: “Hair. Same as me~”

What does she consider a feast?
A. Kobe beef B. Sushi
Kana: “Sushi… Ehh Kobe beef?! Has she ever talked about it?”

What sport has she been interested in trying recently?
A. Snowboard B. Darts
Kana: “Darts… I think. It looks like it’s written on her wikipedia page that she said she wasn’t interested in skiing or snowboarding *laughs*”
Shimizu: “Ooh Wikipedia comes into use!”

What’s her favourite day of the week?
A. Tuesday B. Thursday
Kana: “Eh? …What day is her ChoRaji Girls on again? …It’s on.. Tuesday! I’ll go with Tuesday.”
Shimizu: “How you reached your answer was pretty amazing *laughs*”

What did she write as her strong point?
A. Positive attitude B. How serious she is
Kana: “Positive attitude. She’s got that radio show called “Maemuki Jogakuen”(lit. Positive Outlook Girls School) after all”

At this point Kana earns her first prize of “A sticker that Kanae herself has touched” as well as a teru teru bouzu that Kanae made. Kana cheers in happiness over the prizes and Shimizu laughs that how could she be happy with these petty “prizes” lol.

What did she write as her weak point?
A. Her small height B. She gets depressed easily after being criticised
Kana: “I’ll go with B. …Ehhhh? Her height?! But that’s the cute thing about her!!”

What’s her current favorite musician?
A. B’z B. N’s
Kana: “N’s *laughs* Let me dream for a bit. (N’s is a seiyuu unit comprising of Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori, Satou Rina, Noto Mamiko and Gotou Mai)
…YAYY!! I’m so glad I gave her the CD then *laughs*

What would she like to try working part time as?
A. Disneyland’s staff B. Maid
Kana: “Hmm did she like Disney? I’ll go with that.”

If she was reborn what would she like to come back as?
A. Bug B. Human
Kana: “…Huh? Err I’ll go with Human…”

What’s her goal for the remaining half of this year(2010)?
A. Reach 160 cm B. Lose 3 kilos from dieting
Kana: “160 cm? That won’t happen… I’ll go with the diet… Ehh it’s her height?! That’s impossible she won’t grow anymore! *laughs*”

If there were time machines around would she ride on one?
A. Yes B. No
Kana: “A, I’ll go with yes. …Ehh she wouldn’t? I see she’s not the adventurous type… That’s a shame… She wont go adventuring with me then I guess.”

What underwear does she think would look good on Ueda Kana?
A. Wine Red B. Deep Blue
Kana: “*cheers* …Wine red? *laughs* Deep blue? I don’t usually wear deep blue *laughs* I’ll go with that.”

What is one thing Kanae is proud of?
A. She has a good washing machine at home B. She owns a good bran container.
Kana: “I seem to remember her saying that her washing machine broke recently… I’ll choose the washing machine”
Shimizu: “That’s a good memory you have there to remember something like that”
Kana: “Once she says something once I’ll never forget it. Never”
Shimizu: “…That’s pretty scary *laughs* Kana, you’re becoming scarier and scarier as we go through more questions”

What’s the first thing she does in the morning?
A. Shower B. Stretches
Kana: “Hmm I wonder if she’s the type to shower in the morning? Stretches…? She doesn’t seem like she’s that flexible though… I’ll go with shower… …Yay! I knew it was a shower!”

What has she recently been worrying about?
A. If she should buy a sofa B. If should she buy an iPad
Kana: Ehh Kanae with an iPad? But no one’s been using an iPad in the recordings and stuff. I’ll go with the sofa.

From this point on Shimizu announces that she doesn’t know the answers to the questions from here on… So they call up Kanae on the phone and have her scoring the questions! Kana goes ecstatic upon finding this out.

What’s her favourite topping to put on shaved ice?
A. Lemon B. Strawberry
Kana: “Ehhh Lemon? Reminds me of someone I don’t want to remember *laughs* Strawberry strawberry! Strawberry would be good! If it was lemon she’d be the same as Natchan!” (Kuwatani Natsuko lol. The three of them are really good friends but they like to poke fun at Kuwatani from time to time)

With this question correct Kana gets another present from Kanae being an autographed item lol, to her delight :D

Which club activity was she most passionately involved in?
A. Drama club B. Softball club
Kana: “I know she was in the softball club, so wouldn’t it be that?”
Kanae: “…Sorry! It was the drama club!”

If she was to go on a trip with Ueda Kana, just the two of them, where would she want to go?
A. Kyoto B. Nagano
Kana: “Oooh! Is that an invite to go on one? *laughs* Don’t mind me…. I’ll go with Kyoto. Kanae comes from Nagano doesn’t she?”

Shimizu hints that Kana’s going to get another present soon and goes to another question.

What’s her favourite fruit?
A. Melon B. Mango
Kana: “Mango I think?”
Shimizu: “Then lets have Kanae answer the question! Kanae come in!”
*Kanae enters the radio booth*
Kana: Whaaat?! She’s here?! Wow! Hello!

Ahaha what a nice surprise for Kana <3 Kana gets so happy to see her and fawns over how adorable she is and when she settles in they continue the quiz.

If you were to compare yourself to a cooking dish, what would you choose?
A. Omelette Rice B. Meat and Potato Stew
Kana: “I’d love to eat that~ *to Kanae* Which one do you prefer?”
Shimizu: “Then that’d pretty much be the answer!”
Kana: “I’ll go with the stew~”
Shimizu: “Reaally?? Are you sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Really really sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Then lets hear the answer from Kanae”
Kanae: “…Its the Omelette Rice”
Kana: “Awww…”
Shimizu: “I told you! But you didn’t listen!”
Kana: “It’s because you looked like you were lying *laughs*”
Kanae: “I chose it because I love Omelette Rice~”
Kana: “Really? I just happen to know a really good place that has them!”
Shimizu: “*laughs* You just subtlely asked her out didn’t you”
Kanae: “Okay! Let’s go there sometime! *laughs*”

What do you like to drink right after taking a bath?
A. Orange Juice B. Water
Kana: “Give me a hint~”
Kanae: “Eh? A hint? Umm… I want something… Refreshing”

What is the colour of Kanae’s curtains in her room?
A. Green B. Light Pink
Shimizu: “Have you been to Kanae’s place before?”
Kana: “No I havent…”

Kana: “Hmm green? *to Kanae* What kind of green? Like a dark green?”
Kanae: … *Kanae gets flustered that she’s being asked a question she can’t answer lol*
Kana: I’m guessing it’s green with that reaction! *laughs*
Shimizu: *laughs* I wish I could take a photo of that reaction! She looked at me to save her and I wanted to hug her!
Lol and so Kana gets it right with green ahaha.

And that ends the quiz. With the amount of questions she got right Kana gets her last present. The “right” to take a photo of the two of them together which you can see below haha.

– The questions are all personal things to do with Kanae that aren’t written on fact pages like Wikipedia so Shimizu laughs that Kana answering all these questions about Kanae correctly is pretty creepy ahaha.

– Kana asks Kanae why she wrote deep blue as underwear that fits Kana lol. She says it was just the first colour that comes to mind when she thinks of her image.

– Kanae said that when she answered the questions they weren’t multiple choice, to their surprise and delight upon finding out that her writing “N’s” as her favourite musician was by her own will <3

– When asked about the siamese cat animal comparison question Kanae answers that when she thinks of Kana as an animal she has an image of her as a mature cat. On the other hand she says that Shimizu has the image of a squirrel in her mind, to the two of them’s surprise.

– When Kana sees Kanae’s writing she gushes over her handwriting “Ahh look at that handwriting it’s so feminine~” and Shimizu laughs that Kana’s being really creepy ahaha.

Kana fawned over how cute Kanae is throughout the radio, with Shimizu reminding her how creepy she’s being in front of Kanae on occasion ahaha. Kanae seemed kinda nervous from all the praise and doting <3

Wow writing out the quiz took up a lot of space hah.

Random Radio Scribbles 9

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Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori talking about the picture of Itou Kanae that was sent to her on twitter by Inoue Marina for her birthday on Marunage.

The two of them were talking about what surprises they’ve been having recently.

Kana: Ah speaking of surprises! Just the other day, oh this has something to do with Kanae by the way, on my birthday Marina sent me a birthday picture! I was like “Good Job Marina!” Kanae was holding a paper board with “Happy Birthday” written on it and Marina took the picture and sent it to me. It was sooo cute~
Kaori: Ah, this was on twitter wasn’t it?
Kana: Yeah yeah
Kaori: Yeah I saw that. I was thinking “Ah Kana’s gotta be ecstatic from this” when I saw it
Kana: Yeah I was.
Kaori: Well that was nice wasn’t it?
Kana: I still have the picture. It’s open on screen on my iPad.
*Kaori laughs*
Kaori: …I saw a glance of it just before…
Kana: …Did you see it?
Kaori: *laughs* I saw it.
Kana: Ahh how embarrassing… *laughs*
Kaori: *laughs* I was thinking “Ah it’s that picture…”
Kana: That was a wonderful surprise <3

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Marunage recently. It’s such a fun radio <3

YuruYuri Radio YuriYurararaYuruYuri Housoushitsu #7 on 2011.08.13 hosted by Okubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Tsuda Minami, Otsubo Yuka. Guesting Taketatsu Ayana.

It’s kinda weird to see Ayana as a big senpai hah. The other four seem to be fans of her and fuss over her like kouhais <3

– The four of them were really happy with having Ayana as a guest :O They fangirled over her throughout the episode heh.

– Mikami Shiori also seems to be a fan of yuri :D

– Ayana laughs that the recording was really weird in that Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice was really cool but Ganbo’s appearance was really… Well, strange lol. She remembered smirking at this together with Yuuki Aoi throughout the recording :D

– I remember saying some time ago that Rumi’s voice reminded me of Ayana’s voice and hearing them together like this really strengthens that opinion :O

– Ayana says she loves yanderes lol. Craaazy.

– When describing the main characters, they laugh and describe Akari as an “atmosphere character” lol.


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LOL Ueda Kana uses Darth Vader’s theme as a ringtone specifically for when the agency calls her. Shimizu Kaori responds by going “Err… Kana-chan do you hate your job? (lol)”

Incidentally she uses the beginning bit of Nonaka Ai’s Cheer Ru-Ga! (「チアルーガ!」) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-dWAkcydRc (Chacha aapu!) as her normal ringtone, for calls from her hometown she uses the CSI theme, due to her loving CSI and everytime she goes home she watches recorded episodes. For Kaori she uses a black old fashioned phone lol.

Marunage is a riot <3

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