Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #14

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.02.25

Will you have dinner? A bath? …Or maybe …Me?” The radio opens up with Ayana saying this line ahaha. It looks like she’ll be saying all these lovely lines to Kana throughout the episode as a birthday treat for her lol. You can hear Kana laughing in the background at the start :D

Ayana: “”Will you have dinner? A bath? …Or maybe …Me?” This is Taketatsu Ayana! *laughs and winces* What’s up with this opening script?!”
Kana: “YAYYY!! Of course I’ll have Taketatsu~! I won’t eat or bathe!”
Ayana: “Go bathe first!!”

– Ayana’s script has her sticking “-nyan~!” at the end a few of her sentences too lol.

– It looks like Kana wrote all the things she wanted Ayana to say and they inserted them in her script.

– They brought in a cake for Kana \o/

– Ayana bought Kana a set of bathing items for her birthday present such as shower gel and body wash.

Kana: “Whats with all these bathing items?? Are we gonna bathe together??”
Ayana: “Err… Well.. If you really want to… We could…”
Kana: “What?!? Really?!?”
Ayana: “Yeah”

– Ribbon wrapped Ayana!

Ayana: “”And it looks like.. For today… I could be your present… If you want””
Kana: *laughs*
Ayana: “Whats with this?! And the request had said ‘Please wrap a red ribbon around Ayana’!! HEY What kind of requests did you put in?!?!”

– Hold hands with me Kana!

Ayana: “”It’s sooo cold! …Kana-chan can I hold your hand?””
Kana: “I’LL HOLD YOUR HANDDDD!! So cuteeeee~ <3”

Kana says that this line wasn’t written by her and likes how the writer of the radio script knows what kind of lines she’d love to hear lol.

– Ayana winces that this is pretty embarassing for her, but says she’ll try her best for Kana’s birthday <3

– The writer of the radio show gave Kana a pair of mugs for her birthday :O

– Clumsy Ayana <3

Kana: “You’ve been pretty clumsy recently though”
Ayana: “…No I havent!”
Kana: “Like forgetting your valentines chocolates, dropping things, hitting your head on the microphone~ <3”
Ayana: “…That’s… That’s because my mind’s been full of you that I haven’t been paying attention!!”
Kana: “…What kind of reason is that? *softens up* Well if that’s so then that you can drop anything you like or hit anything you like then! <3″

– It looks like Ayana does a bit of cooking here and there but very rarely.

– Next lovely phrase <3

Ayana: “”Ka~na-chan~~!””
Kana: “Mm?”
Ayana: “”I just wanted to call your name~ <3”
Kana: “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Kana asks Ayana to repeat it for her lol

– Ayana says she wants to watch Kobato and Kana offers to lend it to her <3

– Ayana says she doesn’t know what Pokemon Cards are, to Kana’s absolute surprise. Wait, to everyone’s surprise really. How does she not know about Pokemon Cards?! Kana says she was really into Pokemon cards back when she was young.

– Hanazawa Kana > CCS + Sailor Moon.

Ayana: “”I love CardCaptor Sakura and and Sailor Moon… But I love Kana even more…!””
Kana: “Ohh I like this line! We should close the corner with this every episode!”

– Ayana x Kana

Ayana: “When I say these lines I get kinda nervous and my heart starts beating really fast… I wonder if this is what you call “love?” *laughs*

– Iguchi Yuka pops up in their conversation when they’re talking about imitations and they laugh that she’s moving towards being a comedian lol.

– Ayana says that Kana won’t hear things like this from her for at least another year when her birthday comes along again and Kana throws a tantrum saying she doesn’t want to wait that long to hear them again lol. She then laments that they’re gonna have to go back to the normal radio program after this episode.

The two of them laugh that the radio is supposed to be 30 minutes long but they’ve probably been talking for over an hour already. The broadcasted episode is 50 minutes but I’m pretty sure that it’s been edited down.
So much Ayana x Kana love <3

Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #3

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Name: いちばんうしろの無限大ラジ王
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.05.19

The three of them were using loli voices in the opening script akfdjadslfkjaadsfads sooo cuteasdkfjasdkfja

– Looks like all three of them watched the first episode of IchiUshi.

– Hikasa laughs at how weird it is to see panty shots with Junko’s fundoshi lol. Aki says it’s would be called “Funchira” rather than “Panchira” and they laugh that it sounds kinda dirty. “Fun” in japanese = poo lol.

– Aoi comments that this is the first time she’s moaned like that so much in anime and she was laughing at that while she watched ahah.

– A listener asks who do the three of them think is the most demon lord like in the recordings and the three of them unanimously agree on “Takahashi Chiaki” “Without needing to say a reason” ahaha.

– They laugh that during the recordings everyone is listening and laughing at whatever Chiaki is saying and how interesting and funny she is :D

– One of the corners have listeners sending in what they think are the evillest lines that can be said and one of them is “Now everyone, this person is going to do something amazingly funny! Watch them and be ready to laugh!” and the three of them wince saying that it happens often to them on events and radio ahahah. Hikasa in particular yells and emphasises the radio part. She’s probably thinking of Momonoki 5 and Nakamura Eriko ahahah.

– They bring in a bowl full of rice even more filled than the first episode lol. Aki’s eating it again ahaha.

– Aki makes a wonderful delicious reaction again lol. They let Hikasa and Aoi eat some of the rice this time though.

Hikasa says she sent a mail to her manager in the morning saying “Where are you? Everyone’s waiting on you!” for April Fools ahaha. Supposedly she got into quite a bit of trouble for that lol.

Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #2

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Name: いちばんうしろの無限大ラジ王
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.22

The three of them laugh at how much rice was given last episode. Yeahh it was pretty much a mountain of rice in a bowl really lol.

– Which character do you think you’re the most similar to:

Aki: “I’d say… Keena. Like the way she talks in her sleep. I’ve woken up because I’ve heard myself laughing in my sleep before.”
Hikasa + Aoi: “……Huh?”

Hikasa: “Hmm I have similarities to Junko but I’d say…. Hiroshi”
Aoi + Aki: “Ahh Hiroshi’s cute~”

– Aoi hears Hikasa call Aki “Akkyo” and tries to follow her by calling her “Akkyo” as well, but is slightly embarrassed and Aki explodes on Aoi saying how cute she was when she called her “Akkyo” with that tinge of embarrassment ahaha <3 Hikasa joins in and they start fawning over her lol.

– Aki encourages Aoi to call Hikasa “Yocchan” as well and they fawn over that as well ahaha.

– I… Think Aoi made a reference to Ganondorf… But I’m not sure lol. She said “Beef Stroganoff” reminds her of another certain demon king, though she refused to say who. Probably Ganondorf.

– When talking about what they want to happen next time they’re on radio, Aoi says that she wants to increase her craziness level lol.

Aki asks Aoi if she’s tired of working on radio with Hikasa and Aki since when the two of them go off on their own tangents she doesn’t quite follow lol. She says that she loves being with the two of them and how energetic they are so she doesn’t want to interrupt them when they’re going crazy lol. The two of them encourage her to join in on their antics when they’re in their own world :D. Speaking of which, timeline wise, this is about 2 months after the latest episode of QwaRaji I’ve listened to, these two are so wonderful <3.

…I’ve got a suspicion that they record two episodes of the radio in each session, especially since their clothing doesn’t change until two episodes after.

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #54

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Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.21

Sugita likens Hayami coming on the show to a girl coming into a boy’s highschool club room lol. I… Don’t think Hayami plays many games so she probably won’t be able to follow their game talk.

It looks like she owns a Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and a Gamecube though.

– Sugita tells Hayami that when he found out she was voicing the role of Hsien-ko/Lei-Lei from Marvel vs Capcom he thought he’d only play Lei-Lei, and the other guys in the booth laugh that Sugita’s being creepy. This is where they start a counter for the times Sugita’s acted creepy to Hayami lol.

– Sugita had said that he found out about her after hearing her voice a lot in a certain game. Well he doesn’t say the name outright but everyone knows it’s Love Plus lol.

– Hayami had come to know Sugita from Nakamura first, upon hearing this Sugita winces and wonders what he told her about him lol.

– They mention that the first time they’ve worked together was in a recent Tales game. It looks like they’re talking about the upcoming Tales of Xillia game. He then mentions that they met after in the MM! recordings, meaning… Xillia had recorded it’s lines over a year before it’s release :O

– Sugita says that when he was talking to Yuuki Aoi one time, she mentioned Hayami and how she’s the same age as her but Hayami’s so mature and calm :O. She also added “Which is completely different from you Sugita! *smirk*” to Sugita lol. Aoi~ Looks like these two have become pretty friendly with one another :O

– Sugita comments that Aoi’s been taunting him ever since she’s realised that he can’t bring himself to get angry at young people, he mentions the first time that happened she hid behind Nakamura[Yuuichi] and stuck her tongue out at him ahahah.

– Sugita’s nickname for Aoi is “Kodomo Sensei” lol.

– Hayami says she hasn’t had the chance to actually talk to Aoi properly.

– Hayami was in the announcement broadcasting club in middle school and the “Go Home”(AKA. Did not join a club) club in high school. She laughs that there was another nickname for it in her school which was “GHQ”, an abbreviation for “Go Home Quickly”.

– Sugita tells her she’s cute for being bad at sports and the like lol, and up the creepy counter goes!

– Sugita says that he’d love to join a broadcasting club with her in it~ <3 OTL

– Sugita found MM really funny, and the two of them remember a time in the recordings when Yonaga Tsubasa voiced a girl for the background noises lol. Yeahhh with that voice, I guess I can see that happening ahaha.

– Sugita comments that everyone at the recordings were amazed at Fukuyama Jun’s work as Tarou in MM. I agreeeeeee he was amazing as Tarou :D

– Sugita asks Hayami what was it like voicing for OreImo at the same time as MM and Hayami replies saying that it was really weird and she mentioned Taketatsu Ayana as well.

– When Sugita saw Ayase explode on OreImo he says he was pretty scared of her lol.

– Hayami’s a fan of CardCaptor Sakura and she requests that Sakamoto Maaya’s Platina be played on the radio <3

– Sugita asks Hayami out of nowhere if her room is neat or messy, which earns him another creepy point ahaha. He tries to explain himself saying that if her room’s clean that’s wonderful, and if it’s messy then that’s a cute side of her… Which doesn’t help his situation lol.

– Sugita’s spoken about how his mum likes watching bishoujo anime before when he was talking about Shuffle, and he mentions it again on the show, except he talks about her watching OreImo and MM ahaha. Hayami adds that her mum has also been watching MM lol, not only that, her mum recognised Sugita’s voice when she heard him on MM ahaha.

– Sugita thanks Hayami over and over again for coming on to guest, and she says she really enjoyed her time on the show :D

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I really like how well Hayami can hold a conversation and she does great here with all these gaming obsessed older men ahaha. Although she still can’t follow too deeply when they start their gaming rants she continued to seem really interested and responsive throughout the show <3

Also, now that I think about it, I remember one time on Tokyo Encount over a year ago when Sugita heard Hayami’s voice on Love Plus he murmured “Ahh that’s a nice voice~”. I think she might be the youngest seiyuu I’ve seen him fanboy and go creepy over lol.

P.S. The creepy counter went up to 8 or so lol.

MoshiDoRadio #04

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.04.11

The opening script has Hikasa introducing herself as “The mood maker of your heart of happiness!” They laugh at it but Kana says she should write that on her profile because it fits her so well <3

Hikasa: “Err well I wouldn’t be able to come to any serious jobs would I?”
Kana: “*laughs* That’s true”
Hikasa: “They’d be like ‘I wonder what this ‘mood maker of your heart of happiness’ is going to come here and do?'”

– The two of them want to go see the sakura bloom, and decide they should go during a broadcast sometime. Seems like there’s a school nearby the recording studio too :O. They also mention that they want to do another live audience event outdoors, in summer or something. Kana wonders if the radio will still be going then :O

– When talking about who they’d like to call on to guest, Hikasa mentioned that Kakihara Tetsuya had said that he’d like to come on, but Kana rejects the idea immediately :O. Hikasa asks why and she says that she doesn’t know what to talk to him about lol. Kana says she’s interested in hearing how chaotic the conversations between Hikasa and Kakihara would be.

– Hikasa says that although she can talk to him and he’s an interesting person and she likes him, supposedly there’s something about him she doesn’t like (lol poor Kakky), mentioning that she’s kinda scared of him, and Kana says that she can see that, since she’s noticed Hikasa has seemed a bit intimidated by him at times. She makes it clear that she still likes him as a person though lol. In the end, it seems like both of them don’t wan’t Kakihara to come guest haha.

– They comment that Asanuma Shintaro had also said he had wanted to come, and the two of them talk about how interesting and nice he is as a person so they’d be happy to have him come on. Speaking of which, Asanuma came to guest on Kana’s solo radio show in her latest episode as well.

– It looks like it might be pretty likely that he’ll come on to guest, they start organising it between the two of them with Hikasa telling Kana to ask him since they’re with the same agency and Kana responding that she knows his manager and can ask him.

– Hikasa keeps commenting on Kana’s front forehead bangs, to Kana’s annoyance, ever since she heard Kakihara comment on it to her and she tells everyone to look at them in the radio photo, to which Kana tells everyone not to. This is why she’s hiding them with her hands in the photo lol.

Kana: “I think it’s wonderful how you’re always so cheerful and bright no matter when and where you are Hiyocchi!”
Hikasa: “Really?? I’ll say a good point I like about you too!”
Kana: “…What is it?”
Hikasa: “How your forehead bangs are almost at your eye height! *Bursts out laughing*
Kana: “*Laughs along* SHUT UP ABOUT THAT!!

– The two of them talk briefly about Hikasa’s appearance on Azusa’s Yume Note CM. Kana hadn’t seen it and she said she’d really love to see it. Apparently the pitching machine could only be set to pitch at 130 km/h and she couldn’t hit it at all haha. For the actual CM you can see her just barely hitting it off in random directions lol. Incidentally here’s the CM:

video platform video management video solutions video player

– While talking about bentou/lunchboxes, the two of them comment that barely any seiyuu bring in their own homemade bentou/lunchboxes to eat.

– The two of them find that they both have a fetish for suits and glasses lol. Hikasa then goes on to say that she loves the image of when they finish work and are at home that they loosen their tie. That gesture. Kana adds that she’d love to loosen it for them <3

– Apparently Hikasa hasn’t tried Thai curry before.

– Looks like the male cast members of Moshidora had a drinking party without the two of them, and they were complaining about how they weren’t invited haha.

– Listeners keep sending in mail talking about how “Angelic” Kana is, which is material from Angel Beats with Kana voicing the character “Tenshi[Angel]“. Upon hearing this Hikasa says “What about me! What about me??” Kana thinks about it for a moment and Hikasa herself intercedes with “Devil” lol

If they’re broadcasting each episode of the anime daily for 10 days starting from April 25th… I wonder how much longer the radio will go on for? :O


Random Radio Scribbles 3

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More stuff from my Soup.

Momonoki 5

– Nakamura Eriko groping Hikasa Youko on radio from Momonoki 5 (hosted by the two of them) on Hikasa’s birthday, 16th of July 2010.

Eriko: I have a present for you! Do you want it?
Hikasa: No.
Eriko: Eh?
Hikasa: Thanks, but no thanks.
Eriko: Oh you’ll take it? Thank you so very much!!
Hikasa: I can’t get through to her…
Eriko: …Hmm? …Hmm? The key.. I lost the key?
Hikasa: What?
Eriko: Sorry I prepared a present for you, but I seem to have lost the key to the box holding the present.
Hikasa: Thats great!
Eriko: I think I must have dropped it around here…
*Goes to Hikasa*
Hikasa: …Huh? …Save me! Save me! I’m being violated! No! *hii hii* Stop it! You… You sexually harrassing demonic bastard! You… You perverted lez bastard!
Eriko: I can’t find it… I guess it should be down below then?
Hikasa: …Below? …SAVE ME!! She’s trying to flip my skirt! She’s trying to flip my skirt! …You… You pervert! …Nakamura… They’ll catch you… They’ll catch you for this…!
Eriko: Ah it should be somewhere here.
Hikasa: Stopstopstopstopstopit THOSE ARE BREASTS
Eriko: Ah sorry, sorry, there wasn’t anything there so I didn’t notice… (LOL)
Maybe around your ear?
Hikasa: Stopstopstop save meee! Ah that tickles~ that tickles…That’s the inside of my ear!
Eriko: Ah I see.
Hikasa: Save me! You sexually harrassing devil bastard!
Eriko: I can’t seem to find it… Hmm?
Hikasa: Save mee… You…
Eriko: Ah I found it! Found it!!
Hikasa: …I’m going to kill you…
Eriko: Well now that we’ve found it it’s time to open up that present!
Hikasa: …What was with that little act…

Incidentally, the present was a keychain with “N.E” on it, Nakamura Eriko’s initials lol, which Hikasa threw back at Eriko ahaha.

My god Momonoki 5 is crazy lol.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #84

– Hanazawa Kana talking about that new Roukyuubu seiyuu unit she’s in

Kana: “Yeah I’ve just become part of a singing unit and its… pretty amazing. We were in a completely white dress. And our legs were really, really showing.
I mean there’s me, Hikasa Youko, Iguchi Yuka, Ogura Yui and Hidaka Rina. Isn’t that just a really interesting combination? *laughs* And it’s us three[Iguchi, Hikasa, Kana] mashed inbetween the 15 and 16 year olds. How weird is that?”

Yeah even she finds the unit amusing ahaha.

Also on a random note, it seems like Kana has seen, and is a fan of Azumanga Daioh! :D

Toaru Radio no Index #12

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Noto Mamiko
Date: 2008.12.05

They’re drinking the same alcohol as last episode lol

– It looks like Iguchi’s got a high tolerance for alcohol :O

– The script has Noto introducing herself as “Hello, this is your Noto Mamiko” and the other two are like “YAYY!! My Noto Mamiko?? MY NOTO MAMIKO???” ahaha

– Noto says she’s gotten teary from reading some scripts but says there was one in particular that had her crying really heavily. She didn’t say it’s name though… WAS IT CLANNAD? WAS IT. I STILL GET TEARY JUST THINKING ABOUT CLANNADKASDJFSKADLJASLDFJK ;_;

– Iguchi mentions a time from an anime she’s worked in where there’s a love triangle and it really touched her. Was it True Tears I wonder?

I’m not sure why I didn’t write much for this episode, I found it really hilarious too. It seemed like the alcohol was having a stronger effect on them this episode lol, with the three of them continuously denying that they were drunk whenever they did something strange haha.

Toaru Radio no Index #11

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Noto Mamiko
Date: 2008.11.28

The two of them introduced the alcohol they were drinking for this episode far more enthusiastically than they talked about their guest lol. Incidentally the alcohol they’re drinking is the same one SatoRina drank with Kanae on Railgun Radio, the one that got her tipsy after a couple of sips lol. Noto is the first female guest of Index Radio, at it’s 11th episode, and also it’s first in studio guest, the last guest was Atsushi Abe in a live audience recording.

– Noto found Himegami difficult to play. she was told not to put much expression into her character, but then was told to put a little more. Noto had spoken with the director a few times to ask if she was on track with Himegami.

– SatoRina noted that she had never been in the recordings with Noto since Misaka and Himegami hasn’t appeared together before :O

– Noto says she’s worked as a shrine maiden part time before a long time ago :O She says that the clothing was pretty difficult to wear, it was particularly problematic when needing to go to the toilet.

– When asking Noto if she has any special abilities for one of the corners, the two of them mention that Iguchi can find people really easily and SatoRina says she can sit in the traditional seiza position forever :O

– Noto’s “special ability” is “Being able to treat anywhere as her home” saying that she can relax anywhere as if it’s her own room.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his special ability of how he’s able to make goosebumps on his skin at will, and even make it appear on certain places only. Wow that’s sooo creepy ahaha. They laugh about wanting to see it in person, or even in a photo lol. They ended up naming the ability “Dokodemo Chicken” Dokodemo” meaning “Wherever” and “chicken” taken from the japanese word for goosebumps.

I think they got a bit tipsy near the end lol.

Bonbori Radio Hanairo Housoukyoku #1

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Name: ぼんぼりラジオ 花いろ放送局
Hosts: Noto Mamiko, Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.04.08

Radio for the currently airing anime, Hanasaku Iroha hosted by Ohana’s Itou Kanae and Tomoe’s Noto Mamiko. They comment that although this is the first time they’ve done radio work together, they’ve worked in many other anime recordings together before.

– Kanae’s image of Noto

Kanae: “The image I have of Noto as a person is like an angel!”
Noto: “Ehhhhh?!”
Kanae: “You seem really ‘floaty’ so I was thinking that this radio would turn out pretty relaxed”

– The two of them are made to adlib a character introduction as their characters on the spot, and they’re really not in character, which they laugh about.

– Kanae comments that she’s the same height as Ohana at 147 cm. Noto says how cute that is, and that at the recording studio there’s a smaller microphone to use, though it’s only slightly shorter.

– Noto says that she’s swum around in the hot springs when no one’s around before, Kanae says she doesn’t know if she would since she’s never had the chance to be alone in a hot spring.

– One of the listeners gets them to whisper really softly into the microphone. Ahhhh happinessssss for my earssss.

– Noto’s hometown is Kanazawa, the setting of Hanasaku Iroha :D. Kanae remembers hearing Noto talking about the town during the trip there for an event.

Everyone fawns over how cute Kanae is when they’re with her on radio, and Noto is no exception <3 Kanae you so adorable~ <3

Oh and Omigawa Chiaki looks to be guesting on the next episode… Eh… Well regardless of what I think of Omigawa’s voice acting ability, she’s not too boring on radio I guess. I still hate her voice acting though. Really. Like, so, so much.

Sora no ManiMani★Housoushitsu #1

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Name: 宙のまにまに★放送室
Hosts: Hayami Saori, Itou Kanae
Date: 2009.06.03

Sora no ManiMani★Broadcasting Room radio for the 2009 anime Sora no ManiMani. Hayami is 18 years old at the time and Kanae is 22, making it a 4 year difference between them. Hmm… Don’t mind me, I’m just having trouble imagining someone younger than Kanae (lol) They comment that this is the first time they’ve done radio work together.

– Kanae asks if Hayami’s from Tokyo and upon finding it out asks if she sees many stars from the city. Hayami says she doesn’t see that many stars but the bright ones like the stars in Orion’s constellation can still be seen easily. Kanae’s come from Nagano and says that when she came to Tokyo she noticed that the stars were much less visible.

– That’s not a star Hayamin~

Kanae: “There are stars that twinkle heaps aren’t there?”
Hayami: “Yeah and sometimes there are red twinkly ones too”
Kanae: “Wait, what?”
Hayami: “It blinks red on and off and stuff”
*staff talking in the background*
Hayami: “What? That’s a plane?? *laughs*
Kanae: “A plane?? *laughs* But don’t they move fast? Yours didn’t?”
Hayami: “It… Didn’t”
Kanae: “Wouldn’t that be a UFO or something?”

Lol whaaaat am I listening to?!

– Kanae had no idea that stars were burning OTL

– Kanae misreads Mahjong as Majin lol

– Kanae’s favourite scene in the first episode of Sora no ManiMani was when Mihoshi was throwing stars off the roof when she was first introduced.

– Hayami wonders who was the character who thought up the idea of throwing paper stars from the roof, and Kanae says it was obviously Mihoshi lol. Of course, who else could it be Hayamin~?

I’ve missed Itou Kanae and all her adorableness <3.

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