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Stuff gathered from my Soup miniblog.

From Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n #17, 2011.01.24

A couple of weeks back Iguchi had randomly seen Asumi Kana in a clothing store, but Asumi had not yet noticed her. Iguchi then snuck up behind her and said “Ah! Are you Asumi Kana?? Can I have your autograph!?” lol.
Asumi was surprised at first and when she turned around she was kinda flustered, then saw it was Iguchi and was like “… Eh. Iguchi…” Ahahah I wish I could see that reaction :D
Incidentally, she’s also bumped into Toyosaki Aki randomly in a clothes store recently as well.
These random encounters usually happen right after work, so I guess it can happen often since they sometimes browse the stores near the studio right after a recording.

Speaking of seiyuu bumping into each other outside work…

I remember an early episode of Macross F Radio where Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakamura Yuuichi mentioned that randomly coming across another seiyuu outside work wasn’t that uncommon quoting a time recently (back when Macross Frontier had just started) where Nakamura was greeted by May’n at a train station, before he even knew her.

He was wondering who this random girl who was openly talking to him was till she noticed he didn’t recognise her, she then introduced herself as May’n and then he realised she was the singer for Sheryl.

Nakamura and Kamiya agreed that it happens rather often due to the work times and places they go to being reasonably similar for everyone in the business.

P.S. Nakamura(+Kamiya) was really surprised how easily May’n came up and spoke to him out of nowhere at the station, and admired her courage for being able to speak to someone she hadn’t met before when she randomly spotted them outside of work. May’n sounds like a wonderful person :D


Sugita and Nakamura about Love Plus from Sugita Tomokazu’s Anigera! Dedoooon #13

– Nakamura when he gets a bad end in Love Plus (where you end up with none of the girls)
Nakamura: “That damn girl, she looked at me with such loving eyes, how did I get a bad end!”

– Sugita explains how Love Plus works with real time events.
Nakamura: “Eh? Real time? So if I log on at 2 AM, I might find her sleeping with another man.”
Sugita: “As if that would happen!”
Nakamura: “No, well she’s a girl after all y’know, you don’t know for sure”
Lol Nakamura, that’s a wonderful view to hold right there OTL

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #20

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2008.8.22

An early episode of Iguchi’s old ChoRaji radio. Though that being said, this was episode 20, almost half a year after the show had started. Asumi was Iguchi’s 2nd guest on the show, her first being Washizaki Takeshi the episode before on #19. Even back then these two were really good friends already.

– Iguchi introduces Asumi as “My wife, Asumi Kana” lol

Iguchi loves talking about Asumi on radio, she tells her that she has talked about her in almost every episode, a habit that’s continued even till today on her new radio show.
Iguchi: “This ChoRaji Girls is half made by you!”
Asumi: “Oh well where’s my pay?”
Iguchi: “You’re not getting paid for it. It’s priceless™”

– Upon finding out that Asumi was from Fukuoka, Iguchi makes fun of the dialect and asks her to speak in it lol

– Apparently, Asumi did kendo for three years in middle school.

– Asumi says she used to hate her voice back in school. I’ve heard this a million times from other seiyuu, interestingly enough.

– Asumi said that she watched a lot of radio in school and listened in to seiyuu radio.

– Iguchi had decided that she wanted to be a seiyuu in middle school.

– Asumi tries to hijack the show and make herself the regular instead of Iguchi lol

– Iguchi tells Asumi to yell out “YES! ASUMISS!”, and she reluctantly complies but only if Iguchi says it with her. After saying “3, 2, 1” Iguchi doesn’t yell it out with her leaving Asumi saying it on her own lol. Asumi mumbles “Iguchi… I’m gonna get you back for that…” quietly while Iguchi ignores her and continues to read the mail lol.

– When asked what’s the hardest thing she’s finding with being a seiyuu, Asumi Kana says it’s the dances and dance choreography.

– Asumi is asked “What do you find cute about Iguchi” She replies “Iguchi is a pain to deal with.” lol. In return Iguchi says “Asumi’s a tyrant” about her.

They comment that this was the first time they’ve spoken in radio with the two of them alone. They’ve worked with each other on radio a couple of times before but they’ve always had 1 or more other people co-hosting with them. Speaking of which, they’ve recently started the monthly Tamayura Radio which is hosted by the two of them plus Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko for the first two episodes.

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #92

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2010.01.08

Episode that aired right after the New Years on the now finished ChoRaji Girls. Asumi’s guesting for her second time, the last time she guested was on the 20th episode on 2008.8.22. The two of them meet up outside work all the time and are really close with each other so their conversation sounds more like two high school girls playing with each other with all the jabs, boke and tsukkomi’ing that’s really fun to listen to =)

– Asumi comments that last time she was here there wasn’t any video.

– Iguchi tells Asumi that since there’s video Asumi is free to move(re:dance) around as much as she likes while she’s reading the mail lol.

– Iguchi is given one of those scratchy things (those lottery win money if what’s revealed on the card is a hit or not) and starts scratching it off while Asumi is talking to her, she then bursts out screeching “YESS I WIN” in the middle of Asumi’s conversation interrupting her, to Asumi’s annoyance. She only won 200 yen lol.

– Asumi says she plans to get married by 30, heh that’s in three years Asumi~

– Asumi says she slept under a kotatsu during New Years and Iguchi replies by saying she’s glad she didn’t catch a cold. She then followed it up with “But well you know the saying how idiots don’t catch colds!” ahaha, Asumi then responds by saying “Yeah that goes for you too” lol

– Asumi says she wants to concentrate more on improving her femininity because “Everyone’s pretty cute…” lol You’re plenty cute Asumi!

– They talk about how they spent Christmas together in a really flirty way ahaha.

– Iguchi explains how she’s not just a “seiyuu”, but a “seiyuu idol!” to Asumi, who’s just laughing ahahah.

– They start talking about Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu which had just started airing and Iguchi says “Ah I watched it!” Asumi replies “Ehh really?” turns out she was just lying about watching it lol.

– Iguchi and Asumi mentions that Tamagotchis were popular back in school but they couldn’t bring it to school else they’d be confiscated lol. That happened to my school too! D:

– Asumi says she’s never been to a class reunion before, though one time when she got an invite, her mum turned it down for her without her permission lol. Well she did live in Fukuoka then, and is living in Tokyo now I guess.

– When Iguchi thanks Asumi for coming as a guest for her second time she bows her head to the table and bangs it a couple of times, to Asumi and the staff’s alarm ahaha.

– They note that they meet up personally all the time but never get to meet up during work.

I haven’t heard Iguchi Yuka on radio ever since the Kamen no Mask Guy radio but she’s hilarious, and she really really gets along with Asumi. She’s a popular personality and I can see why lol.

Also, I kind of say this all the time, but seriously these two in particular are close friends. (But yeah I wouldn’t listen in to a radio with two hosts that don’t get along lol).

It’s a shame this was the last time Asumi appeared on the show to it’s end last month :( Let’s hope she comes to Iguchi’s new Muuuun Radio show :D

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