Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #101

June 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Fukuen Misato
Date: 2011.06.18

Hmm… Hosted by Mizuki Nana and guesting Fukuen Misato…. Yeahhh this is pretty much just another episode of Smile Gang lol. The BGM changes to Smile Gang’s upbeat music when Misato comes in as well lol.

– Nana named her top six places she’d like to be proposed to:

1. The beach
2. A castle
3. A mountain
4. A wonderful restaurant
5. Boyfriend’s place
6. In the car

I’m amused by the dirty minded reactions to when she said “In the car”. Wait now that I think about it the whole list could be taken that way…? Oh wait except for the restaurant lololol OTL

– Misato tells Nana off for not inviting her to come on as a guest for that event she had a while back where she invited friends to come on the show lol. I was actually thinking about that too. Oh and it looks like Nakamura didn’t guest in the end as well now that I look back at it :O

Nana says that she didn’t invite her because it’d pretty much just be Smile Gang and not M no Sekai lol. Yeah she’s so right though. M no Sekai normally has a calm and relaxed atmosphere but as soon as Misato steps in they both start going into Smile Gang’s overdrive mode lol.

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