Moetan Listening Radio #7

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Hosts: Morinaga Rika, Tomatsu Haruka
Guest: Nomico (+ Patora?)
Date: 2007.08.17

Moetan Radio hosted by Morinaga Rika(Ruriko) and Tomatsu Haruka(Sumi). It’s a funny little radio in which they do a lot of corners that have a big english theme. It’s fun to hear the two seiyuu struggle with english <3

– Nomico is so cute on radio <3 Though I can’t say I like her song on Moetan, I thoroughly enjoy her doujin work (BAD APPLE!! <3)

– Nomico promotes her debut single under Lantis, “Skip”, which was the ending theme for Moetan.

– Nomico says she watches Moetan and her favourite character was Ink, but then switched to Tomacchan’s character, Sumi.

– Nomico leaves halfway through the show :( I was hoping she’d participate in the lovely Engrish corners but no such luck lol

– The corner that comes up is the one where they speak engl/rish :D

First english line is: “If I had a girl, I would name her Ink.”

– When asked if she’d prefer having a boy or a girl Tomacchan says she wants a boy and a girl, an elder brother and a little sister.

– Tomacchan: “If I had a boy I’d name him… Hie! ”

– Rika says that if she had a child she’d name him “Pochi”

Tomacchan: That’s a dog’s name! He’ll definitely get teased in school!

She then changed to Soichiro, named after a dog lol.

Rika: “If he asks why he was given that name I’d tell him that it was because I wanted him to grow strong… But it would really be that he was named after a dog haha! I’d never tell him that, I’d carry that secret to my grave!”

– Tomacchan struggles with the engrish lol. She was still a high schooler back then after all.

– Next line is “After this battle is over, I’m getting married”

For those who don’t recognise it, it’s a well known “Death Flag” line for a character to say. Tomacchan doesn’t realise this and she exclaims “Wow that’s so cool!” To which Rika replies: “Well it’s not so much a positive thing than a negative thing…” to Tomatsu’s surprise.

– They then start talking about death flags in media, Tomacchan seems really entertained by the subject, she laughs so hysterically when Rika also mentions other death flags such as “When a character doesn’t stand out starts to take a larger role in the story”, “When a character doesn’t talk much starts talking a lot, it’s about time for him to kick it”, “When an ero couple appears in a horror film, they’ll probably die”, etc.

– Next up is Easy Conversation. What’s interesting about this corner is that they bring a foreigner who doesn’t speak japanese and they have to communicate and explain otaku concepts to her in english only lol. It’s pretty hilarious.

– The theme of this episode is “BL” lol.

– Tomacchan is surprised to hear that there’s BL content in comiket hah.

– Rika says “There’s no such girl who hates BL” to which Haruka screams out “LIES!! Really?!! Really??” yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh your so wrooong Rikaaa.

Rika then says to Tomacchan “You don’t hate it right?” and she replies “Umm… Yeahhhh….” lolol

– They ask Patora if she knows what BL is. They describe it to her as

[Rika: “Well theres a boy, let’s say his name is A-kun, and a girl her name is Ink-chan. That’s a normal couple.”

Patora: “Okay.”

Rika: “Then there’s a boy, his name is A-kun, and a boy, his name is Ka-kun”

Patora: “….Homosexuals?”]

Rika then goes on to say that the term only applies to 2D. Patora then asks Rika “Do you like BL” and she replies “Yes I like BL” haha

– Rika then tries to explain what a fujoshi is, translating it into english as “Fu-girl”, she then gives up and passes the baton to poor Tomacchan to explain it to the confused Patora ahah.

– Tomacchan starts mixing gaijin accented japanese words into her english to try and get across what she’s trying to say ahaha. That’s not helping Tomacchan~

I’m laughing so much while listening to this. They give up soon after and so ends the corner.

I’ve forgotten how fun Moetan Radio was lol. It’s a shame that Nomico left without participating in the engrish corners but Tomacchan and Rika struggling was still as amusing as ever to listen to.

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